Why All Harvard Graduates are Complicit

Why are all the Harvard graduates complicit?

I was at a friends house just a month ago, and he said to me: Well, they can’t all be bad.

And I said to him what I’m saying to you now: Well, maybe so, but they are all complicit.

Here is how.

They all derive benefit from the name brand called Harvard University.

They all move up the ladder and receive special consideration because they came from Harvard University – whether they know it or not.

The vast majority of the people in the United States, and the world, have been programmed to believe in the supremacy of the Harvard graduate.

And because the people do, because they’ve been programmed by the cult, they, the Harvard graduates, receive special consideration.

Perhaps someday one of them will take a spot away from you.

They get all the plum positions.

They get a seat in the first class cabin.

You’re stuck in coach.

Since they derive these benefits by virtue of their association with Harvard University, which is tantamount to honor by association, it’s only fair that they receive the downside when Harvard is shown to do bad things.

It works very much like Nazi Germany.

In Nazi Germany there were Nazis who did not kill Jews.

People from all walks of life joined the Nazi party.

They all weren’t military personnel.

There were carpenters, painters, lawyers, doctors, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers.

The Nazis were viewed with respect in 1930s Germany.

They were the heroes who were bringing Germany back from the financial abyss.

They got a first class seat in the cabin.

They got to sit in the best seats.

Many of these Nazis were good people who never hurt a fly. They may have been in administrative positions far away from where the Jews were being killed.

Plus, many of them still had their day jobs as butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers, which they performed admirably.

Maybe they did suspect that something was going on, but for all they knew that was far away from where they were.

Maybe they didn’t want to know what was going on.

The important thing is that they were getting a first class seat in the cabin.

They were revered by the German people.

Sure, the American people hated the Nazis, but the German people did not hate the Nazis.

These “good” Nazis contributed substantively to the Nazi reign of terror simply by their presence.

Many Germans went along with Hitler’s program precisely because they knew local Nazis in their community who were pillars of the community.

“Look, here now, Helmut is a good doctor. He’s also a member of the Party. The Party is reinvigorating Germany.”

The Nazi regime was able to commit its crimes because of the cover that the good Nazis provided, inadvertently or not.

Moreover these Nazis generally shared a pernicious doctrine central to the Nazi party – that Aryans were intellectually superior to Jews, Gypsies and other undesirables.

So it is with Harvard University.

The good Harvard graduate wants to look the other way when the crimes of Harvard are pointed out.

Perhaps the Harvard graduate denies the crimes of Harvard university.

Or he or she feebly remarks that the good outweighs the bad within the context that Harvard is a force that does good for the world.

But the crimes are there.

And like the Nazi who bought into the fantasy if his or her intellectual superiority to the Jew, the Harvard graduate generally buys into the bullshit that he or she is intellectually superior to the rest of us.

The “scientific “standardized tests that the Empire issues, that exploit specific skills of the Harvard graduate, “prove” it – much as the phrenology maps proved the superiority of the Aryan mind.

The “good” Harvard graduate is therefore complicit.

Does that mean that we’re going to put the good Harvard graduates in jail? No. Does that mean we’re going to kill them? No.

But they are part of the cult that permits these bad apples to get hold of our government and corrupt it for the benefit of themselves and the detriment of everyone else.

And for that, they have to be held accountable.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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