The Chauvin Verdict

Thirty years ago Rodney King was beaten up by a bunch of Los Angeles cops with billy clubs.

Politicians jumped up and down and demanded justice.

The cops went to jail, and what happened?


Thirty years later Derek Chauvin pressed his knee upon George Floyd’s neck and head prompting riots and subsequent demands for justice.

They got it.

Derek Chauvin will head to jail for 22 years.

And what will happen?


No substantive reforms will come out of George Floyd’s death.

No reforms will come because the elites desire no reforms to come.

Our elites sell salves, potions and snake oil, not substantive repair.

As Porfirio Diaz once said: A dog with a bone neither bites nor barks.

Thus the dog bone.

The Chauvin verdict, like the King verdict is a dog bone that the elites have thrown to the black community.

See here, now, we are striving to be a fair society. Here is proof!

Alas, there are no structural reforms forthcoming

There are no remedies to fix the system.

What the black community has been offered is a payoff, a bribe if you will.

Here, take this verdict and be happy.

That is precisely what our elites think of the black community.

They think of them as dogs.

They think that way because our elites are bigots and racists.

Their goal is to keep black folk down as long as they possibly can.

If things are to change in the black community, real jobs with real pay and real opportunities must be presented.

When people and families have meaningful jobs that pay real money, the social ills of society evaporate.

Gone overnight, like a vapor, is drug abuse, crime, delinquency, vandalism, truancy, child abuse, spousal abuse, murder, burglary, armed robbery, abortion, teen pregnancy, fatherless homes, rape, gang violence and poor academic standing.

Well-paying jobs are the magic potion that fixes all ills.

Meaningful well-paying jobs are the elixir of life.

Ah, but if such jobs are presented, then the corporate prison racket would end.

If such jobs are presented, then the corporate welfare racket would end.

And that, Corporate America cannot have.

Thus the dog bone.

The dog bone absolutely ensures that we will have another celebrated death in the black community at the hands of the police thirty years hence.

I personally guarantee it.

Matters will only worsen in the black community because of this verdict.

Rather than bring jobs into the black community, which is a snap to do, this verdict will be used by the elites to continue the narrative that we Americans are white supremacists in a nation infected with systemic racism.

This narrative will be ingrained into the minds of black Americans.

We can see this occurring as we speak.

Just the other day, a young black athlete, Gwen Berry, refused to respect the flag and national anthem after winning a bronze medal at the US Track and Field trials for the Olympic games.

Her actions will serve to further polarize the nation between black and white.

I don’t blame Gwen Berry anymore than I blame Colin Kaepernick. She is young and cannot possibly understand fully the plight of Black America over the past 50 to 70 years.

Nevertheless, the poor black folk who live in the inner city will hear this message and become more isolated from the American community at large.

Their collective psyche will brim with rage even greater. Increasingly, they will be left out of any future American prosperity, if that is possible for anyone living under the rule of Corporate America.

That is precisely what Corporate America desires.

Gwen Berry has been misled.

As will many other Americans be misled.

Gwen Berry’s enemy is not White America, but Corporate America.

By disrespecting the American flag and anthem, she gives Corporate America precisely what it wants.

She transforms herself into yet another tool, like Colin Kaepernick, that Corporate America uses to foist the narrative on Americans, but particularly black Americans, that we are a racist nation.

It’s a message with a purpose – transform Black America into a permanent underclass that can feed and sustain the corporate prison racket and and the corporate welfare plantation for another one hundred years.

The Chauvin verdict achieves the same aim.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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