The Cleveland Serfs

Tom Hanks has recently narrated a video announcing the new name of the Cleveland Indians.

The new name of the team will be the Cleveland Guardians.

It’s another victory for Orwellian political correctness.


Where does that name come from? Is it named after an insurance company? I’ve never heard anyone outside Cleveland associate the word “Guardians” with Cleveland.

If they had, it wouldn’t be necessary to explain it to the rest of us.

Apparently though, Guardians refers to four monumental statues which adorn the Hope Memorial Bridge in Cleveland. These giant statues represent the Guardians of Traffic.

You have got to be kidding me. You are replacing a name which honors Native Americans with a name that honors abstract promoters of traffic safety?

That, my friend, is weak. And it is an insult.

I’ve got a better idea.

Why don’t we rename the team the Cleveland Cowards? Or better yet, the Cleveland Cocksuckers.

How about the Cleveland Genuflectors?

Wouldn’t that name be more appropriate?

Tom Hanks states that it’s now time to move forward.

To what?

To the politically correct world that Tom’s employers in the Empire desire?

What world is that?

Are we allowed in on that decision?

Apparently not.

What Hanks fundamentally does not understand is that the decision to move forward is not his alone.

Nor is it the decision of the opinion makers and the elites in the Empire who he shills for.

Hanks happily buys into the nation that we are a racist nation; the problem with that notion is that many of us don’t agree.

Do we count? Do our thoughts count?

We don’t see the term “Indians” as racist.

There are many terms which refer to native Americans in America. Some of our cities, like Sioux Falls, are named for Native Americans.

Are those names racist? Should they be taken down?

How about the Cuyahoga River which flows through Cleveland?

The term “Indian”is an accepted anthropological and sociological term. While the term may be technically inaccurate, it is nevertheless an acceptable term that is used to describe Native Americans.

One reason for that most likely is that the term Native Americans is clumsier to use when writing prose.

There is nothing racist about it.

The only racism that was conducted against Native Americans in our country was conducted by the powers that be, the antecedents of the empire builders that Hanks represents.

Average Americans did not make and then break treaties with the Native Americans. Those breaking of treaties came from the monied elite.

Indeed, it was the people in power, people like William Tecumseh (there is irony for you) Sherman, he of the Northern Army, who called for the extermination of the Indians.

Discrimination and extermination did not come from regular people. In fact, it was regular people who mingled with the Indians and intermarried with them.

That’s one of the reasons why so many native Americans today look like Europeans.

That’s probably why Elizabeth Warren claimed to be of Indian heritage.

That intermingling and marriage is a testament to the non-racist attitude that our ancestors possessed.

Does that matter to Tom Hanks?

No, it doesn’t matter to him at all.

It doesn’t matter to him because he and the elitist pigs he shills for couldn’t care less about the rights of Native Americans.

They never have.

What Hanks cares about, what his puppet masters care about, is power.

That is what the name change of the Cleveland Indians is all about. It’s a power game.

The claims of racism against Native Americans are bogus. Hanks and his buddies had to scour the countryside to find a Native American who was truly offended.

But they found that one Native American, didn’t they?

Of course they did.

They found him because what’s important here is that they extend their power over us.

That’s what it’s all about.


It’s another way for the guys on top to put their foot on our face and grind it into the turf, to let us know that they are in charge and we are not.

Fuck Tom Hanks.

Fuck the powers that be.

What sheer arrogance on their part that they would presume to sit around a table and make decisions for us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Chauvin Verdict

Thirty years ago Rodney King was beaten up by a bunch of Los Angeles cops with billy clubs.

Politicians jumped up and down and demanded justice.

The cops went to jail, and what happened?


Thirty years later Derek Chauvin pressed his knee upon George Floyd’s neck and head prompting riots and subsequent demands for justice.

They got it.

Derek Chauvin will head to jail for 22 years.

And what will happen?


No substantive reforms will come out of George Floyd’s death.

No reforms will come because the elites desire no reforms to come.

Our elites sell salves, potions and snake oil, not substantive repair.

As Porfirio Diaz once said: A dog with a bone neither bites nor barks.

Thus the dog bone.

The Chauvin verdict, like the King verdict is a dog bone that the elites have thrown to the black community.

See here, now, we are striving to be a fair society. Here is proof!

Alas, there are no structural reforms forthcoming

There are no remedies to fix the system.

What the black community has been offered is a payoff, a bribe if you will.

Here, take this verdict and be happy.

That is precisely what our elites think of the black community.

They think of them as dogs.

They think that way because our elites are bigots and racists.

Their goal is to keep black folk down as long as they possibly can.

If things are to change in the black community, real jobs with real pay and real opportunities must be presented.

When people and families have meaningful jobs that pay real money, the social ills of society evaporate.

Gone overnight, like a vapor, is drug abuse, crime, delinquency, vandalism, truancy, child abuse, spousal abuse, murder, burglary, armed robbery, abortion, teen pregnancy, fatherless homes, rape, gang violence and poor academic standing.

Well-paying jobs are the magic potion that fixes all ills.

Meaningful well-paying jobs are the elixir of life.

Ah, but if such jobs are presented, then the corporate prison racket would end.

If such jobs are presented, then the corporate welfare racket would end.

And that, Corporate America cannot have.

Thus the dog bone.

The dog bone absolutely ensures that we will have another celebrated death in the black community at the hands of the police thirty years hence.

I personally guarantee it.

Matters will only worsen in the black community because of this verdict.

Rather than bring jobs into the black community, which is a snap to do, this verdict will be used by the elites to continue the narrative that we Americans are white supremacists in a nation infected with systemic racism.

This narrative will be ingrained into the minds of black Americans.

We can see this occurring as we speak.

Just the other day, a young black athlete, Gwen Berry, refused to respect the flag and national anthem after winning a bronze medal at the US Track and Field trials for the Olympic games.

Her actions will serve to further polarize the nation between black and white.

I don’t blame Gwen Berry anymore than I blame Colin Kaepernick. She is young and cannot possibly understand fully the plight of Black America over the past 50 to 70 years.

Nevertheless, the poor black folk who live in the inner city will hear this message and become more isolated from the American community at large.

Their collective psyche will brim with rage even greater. Increasingly, they will be left out of any future American prosperity, if that is possible for anyone living under the rule of Corporate America.

That is precisely what Corporate America desires.

Gwen Berry has been misled.

As will many other Americans be misled.

Gwen Berry’s enemy is not White America, but Corporate America.

By disrespecting the American flag and anthem, she gives Corporate America precisely what it wants.

She transforms herself into yet another tool, like Colin Kaepernick, that Corporate America uses to foist the narrative on Americans, but particularly black Americans, that we are a racist nation.

It’s a message with a purpose – transform Black America into a permanent underclass that can feed and sustain the corporate prison racket and and the corporate welfare plantation for another one hundred years.

The Chauvin verdict achieves the same aim.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Juneteenth Hurts Black Folk

The problem with Juneteenth is that it contributes to the narrative that we are a white supremacist nation.

Every year on June 19th, the bigots from the political class, both Republicans and Democrats, will stand up and keep racial divisiveness alive. They will continue to promote the myth that we are a racist nation.

The Great Healer, Barack Obama, the Deity, will descend from the heavens, or from his multimillion dollar fortress in Martha’s Vineyard, to deliver a speech of racial divisiveness.

This relentless programming will affect black youth. Many talented black youth will now be programmed into believing that they have no chance in a white society.

Many will give up because they believe this narrative.

Yet this narrative could not be more untrue.

The results are all around you.

White people have had no problem cheering on and supporting black stars and athletes such as Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, Eddie Murphy, Morgan Freeman, Don Lemon, Sidney Poitier, Whitney Houston, Richard Pryor, and Muhammad Ali.

The list is endless.

When I was younger, I was a minority in the area that I was living in – even though I’m white. I was thinking of starting a pediatric practice there. I asked an older doctor if he thought that me being a “minority” would be a problem. This doctor gave me the best piece of advice of my career.

He told me that it wouldn’t make any difference at all. He said that people don’t care what a doctor’s skin color or ethnicity is. The only thing patients desire is a doctor who listens to them and diligently attends to their needs in a friendly, respectful manner.

Boy, was he ever right.

And he was right not just about my particular case but about all fields of endeavor.

Just think about it.

What do you care about in butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker? Or a carpenter, a painter, or a plumber?

The only thing you care about is whether that person is going to listen to you and fulfill your needs diligently.

And that’s the way it should be. And that’s the way it is.

Oprah Winfrey‘s success proves that.

LeBron James’s popularity proves that.

Unfortunately many young black youth will be programmed to not believe that. Many black youth will give up and say: “The deck is stacked against me.” They won’t even try.

And that is the whole point of Juneteenth. The whole point of Juneteenth is to break the back of the black community. That is exactly what the Corporate Party which controls both Democrats and Republicans wants.

They want the black community to fail.

They want the black community to fail because they need prisoners for their corporate prison racket.

They also need an impoverished black community that will require the massive bureaucracy of welfare benefits.

The Corporate Party needs to keep its welfare plantation racket going.

Rather than celebrating a day which reminds everyone of slavery, our elites would be much better off by recognizing a black American who offered a positive role model for black youth.

One such a man was Booker T. Washington.

Here is what Booker T. Washington had to say over 100 years ago:

“Let there be in a community a Negro who by virtue of his superior knowledge of the chemistry of the soil, his acquaintance with the most improved tools and best breeds of stock, can raise 50 bushels of corn to the acre while his white neighbor only raises 30, and the white man will come to the black man to learn.”


“In Tuskegee a Negro mechanic manufactures the best tinware, the best harness, the best boots and shoes, and it is common to see his store crowded with white customers from all over the county. His word or note goes as far as that of the whitest man.”

Of course, the bigots from Corporate America, and the bigots who run the Democratic and Republican parties would prefer that black youth never hear the words of Booker T. Washington.

Instead they give black youth Juneteenth.

This is a mistake.

It’s a mistake because their track record, the track record of Corporate America, suggests that it is. Everything these bigots have done over the past 100 years has hurt the black community.

They’ve either killed, deported or marginalized any black leader who had anything worthwhile to say to black youth.

They marginalized Booker T Washington; they killed Malcolm X; they deported Marcus Garvey; they’ve turned Martin Luther King into an advertising vehicle.

Meanwhile, they outsourced jobs, ran drugs into the black community through their CIA, created a corporate prison racket, and supported Black Lives Matter which offers black youth a lifetime of Marxism that will only worsen life in the black community.

Just look at the murder rate in Chicago. Look at the devastation within the black community.

That is why black athletes were kneeling before the national anthem, to draw attention to the devastation in the black community.

Of course, their anger was misdirected. It wasn’t the American people who were conducting systemic racism against black people, nor was it the ideals of our country that are embodied in the national anthem and our flag that was hurting the black community.

Yes, there is systemic racism in the United States, but it’s not coming from regular white Americans. It’s coming from Corporate America.

It’s Corporate America that has damaged the black community.

Corporate America harms black people.

Corporate America exploits black people.

Corporate America segregates black people.

Juneteenth is just another plank in Corporate America’s program.

Men like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X would see right through Juneteenth, the holiday. I imagine that they would remind black folk that black people are totally capable of taking care of themselves, that they don’t need anyone giving them a holiday to succeed, and that their strength lies within themselves.

Which is true.

MLK would remind black folk that people who focus on rage and recrimination are doing themselves no favors.

Here in this quote, MLK reveals his practicality: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Racism for a Reason

Why do we suddenly see this effort to depict Americans as racist?

The effort is coming about because Corporate America desires to shift the blame away from itself. It was Corporate America that destroyed the black community. It was Corporate America that shipped well-paying jobs overseas. It is Corporate America that runs a corporate prison racket.

First let’s define Corporate America. Corporate America is more than just the Fortune 500 companies. Corporate America involves all the major corporations, Ivy League schools, think tanks, new Ivy League schools, associations, foundations, NGOs, governments, sports leagues, media outlets, and any other large concern in the nation and the world.

If you don’t despise Harvard University by now, you should. Harvard University is the main force in fueling Corporate America’s rise to power. That’s why Harvard exists.

Harvard University does not exist to train people to work at McDonalds, the railroad, or the Bakken oil play.

Harvard University exists to train the officers of Corporate America. Now, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you will work for Corporate America when you leave Harvard; you are totally free to do what you want. But it is unlikely that you will do so after attending Harvard. And that is because Harvard spends an enormous amount of energy indoctrinating you into the halls of power while you are there. When you attend Harvard, you will meet so-called important people in all walks of life. You will meet the rich. You will meet the Supreme Court justices. You will meet famous actors and top CEOs. You will meet the heads of hedge funds and venture capital firms. You will meet and go to school with the children of wealthy people. Along the way you will become indoctrinated.

It’s a cult, and they are looking for a few good men and women.

Now, this in itself is not a reason to despise Harvard University.

Why you should despise Harvard University occurred before many of you were born.

The United States in the early part of the 20th century was largely decentralized in terms of power. Regional businesses ran the show. Family businesses ran the show. Yes, there were national corporations at the time, but these national corporations were really large regional businesses. Ford Motor Company was a regional business that became extremely large. America had not reached the point at which national titans, headquartered in NY, had become emotionally and physically distanced from their workers.

Consequently these large regional businesses, which sent products all over the United States, were run by men who took care of their workers. They lived near their workers, and they possessed a sense of noblesse oblige. Remember, Henry Ford was a mechanic who made it big. He was a regular guy.

As the years progressed and companies like Ford got bigger, there became a need for more professional management. This is where Harvard University and the Ivy League come in. There was a need to train people in modern methods of finance, accounting, advertising, and marketing. In time, the Ivy League became the principal training ground for Corporate America.

As long as the new titans of Corporate America supplied by Harvard University displayed that sense of noblesse oblige and took care of the workers, there would be no problem.

A line worker at GM in the 1970s could make $75,000 a year in today’s money. That was enough money to buy a small house, send the kids to college, and keep the family together on the straight and narrow path to a better life.

What happened was that the new titans of Corporate America, people like Michael Milken and Mitt Romney, did not feel that sense of noblesse oblige. Instead, they looked upon the American worker with contempt. They viewed these workers as ignorant union goons, not worthy of their lofty Ivy League presence. Consequently they had no qualms about outsourcing jobs or helping others to outsource jobs.

So what they did was this. They bought up these regional businesses through their hedge funds and holding companies, laid off the workers, shipped the jobs out to China where they could pay 1/25th of the labor cost, and sold the existing machinery and buildings to the highest bidder.

By doing so they were able to increase the profit margin of the company.

While they were screwing the American worker, they were also screwing the American investor. Here’s how they did it. They took control of the board room and began to award themselves hundreds of thousands if not millions of stock shares and stock options for doing nothing save their regular job. This diluted shareholder value.

Dividends were for suckers. The concept of a growth stock came into being. This was abetted by business shows on emerging cable outlets whose giddy hosts whooped it up on every stock market high.

The Dow Jones average became a national obsession. You couldn’t even watch a wrestling match without the Dow flickering on the screen below.

When the profit margins increased as they could only do when you pay 1/25th of the normal labor costs to Chinese workers, the CEO and his henchmen’s stock value rose which then transformed them into billionaires.

That’s how Mitt “Harvard” Romney got rich. That’s how Carl “Princeton” Icahn got rich. That’s how Michael “Wharton School” Milken got rich. They facilitated this process.

That’s why Oliver Stone made the movie Wall Street. Gordon Gekko is a representation of the Ivy League scum that raped America.

Not only did these Ivy Leaguers, like Lee “Princeton” Iacocca, rape America through stock options and stock shares, they awarded themselves fantastic salaries and severance packages.

This has continued to this day. Only a few years ago Marissa Mayer was awarded $264 million in her severance package for doing an average job at Yahoo.

This is the apotheosis of greed.

This greed has wreaked havoc on the American family. With that nice $75,000 per year salary gone, blue-collar families experienced extreme financial distress. This manifested itself in divorce, psychological problems, increased drug use, increased crime, suicide, spousal abuse, child abuse, and all sorts of other social ills.

The black community was hit particularly hard. Much of the devastation that you see in the black community has come about because of outsourcing of jobs.

In addition to outsourcing jobs, Corporate America made the decision to get into the prison business. This was very lucrative for them. Plus, they needed something to replace those factories that they had shipped overseas. The black community must have seemed ideal to them. And so they made sure that there would be plenty of black prisoners for their corporate prison racket. One way to ensure that was to destabilize the black community with drugs. In the early 1980s, Corporate America‘s thug agency, the CIA, ran drugs into the black community in Los Angeles. We know this because Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News told us what they were doing in his Dark Alliance series.

This is why you see utter devastation in the black community. It has nothing to do with racism on the part of your average white guy. It was Corporate America that destroyed the black community. It is Corporate America that conducts racism against black people.

It’s Corporate America that hires the race hustlers to effectively herd many black folk into nonproductive fits of rage and frustration.

It’s Corporate America that is financing Black Lives Matter.

Corporate America wants black people to burn down their neighborhoods.

Your average white guy in Paducah can’t afford to be a racist. He’s moved well beyond Bull Connor of the 1950s. That guy in his small shop needs all the good help he can get. He couldn’t care less if a person is black, yellow, red, or polkadot.

He also doesn’t care who his purchasers are. He’ll take all the business he can get.

The real discrimination is coming from Corporate America. You hear people complain about this all the time on television. You see it in the NFL where opportunities are denied to black people when it comes to hiring coaches and general managers.

You can also see it when the NFL disciplines its players. If you are Ben Roethlisberger whoring it up in a bar, you get a slap on the wrist. If you are Tom Brady throwing deflated footballs, you get a slap on the wrist. If you are Peyton Manning hiding behind your wife’s skirt as she orders human growth hormone and steroids, you get a slap on the wrist. But if you are Adrian Peterson and you discipline your child a little too severely, you get a year suspension. If you are Pac-Man Jones and someone else shoots someone in a bar while you are there, you get a year suspension. If you are Pac-Man Jones and you rain money in a bar, the media has a cow.

Critical race theory is nothing more than Corporate America’s attempt to deflect attention away from them while injuring you.

Critical race theory came out of Harvard University. In time Harvard University embraced it. They found a way to use it against the people they hate the most, you.

That’s why you should hate Harvard.

Harvard rapes the black man. Harvard rapes the white man.

There is no escaping it. All roads lead to Harvard.

By depicting you as racist, Harvard and Corporate America will place you on the defensive and enable reparations to take place.

These reparations will not benefit the black man or the black community.

The prime beneficiaries will be Corporate America who will stand by to administer the reparations program and take their cut of the reparations pie. Corporate America will fleece the black community of their newly gotten gain.

The rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer.

Rage will increase in the black community egged on by Corporate America. Riots will become the norm.

White people will resent the reparations, and the race hustlers in the black community will say that the reparations are not enough.

Racial divisiveness will broaden after which Corporate America’s lackey politicians will again state that America is a racist nation thus completing the circle.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Elites and Black Folk

It is the intention of our elites to thoroughly destroy the black community.

There can be no question about it now.

A good clue to this can be seen in the incident between Jonathan Pentland and a black man who was walking through his neighborhood in South Carolina.

Mr. Pentland, a muscular man, a white man, an Army sergeant, confronted a black man who he felt did not belong there.

He pushed the black man and told him to get out of the neighborhood. Whether the black man lived in the neighborhood or not, I do not know.

Of course Mr. Pentland was not afraid for himself as he was a rather large man. He was frightened, no doubt, about what he perceived might happen to his wife or his kids if he were not there.

The purpose of this article is to illustrate that Mr. Pentland was frightened out of his wits at what he perceived the black man represented.

This is what the current civil rights movement has produced.

It has produced utter fear of black people.

When white people watch the riots in Minneapolis or Kenosha, they develop a morbid fear of black people.

These white people then make an internal decision to stay away from black folk.

They associate violence with black people.

This is why white people at Starbucks call the cops when a black man walks into the coffee shop.

This is why white cops stop black people when they walk through a white neighborhood.

This is why white people keep moving further away from the city.

This phenomenon is not lost on our elites.

Our elites are not stupid people, but they are bigots.

Our elites hate black people. If they liked black people they never would’ve outsourced jobs in the first place.

If they liked black people they would see that well-paying jobs are the most important thing for the survival of their community.

But they don’t like black people.

They only like black people as a source of prisoners for their corporate prison racket.

They only like black people as purchasers of the drugs that the elites fail to interdict.

They only like black people as slaves on their welfare plantations.

This is why our elites and their corporate benefactors are all behind Black Lives Matter.

This is why our elites have promoted Al Sharpton all these years.

This is why our elites promote race hustlers.

Our elites want to destroy the black community, and they understand that race hustling will segregate and decimate the black community.

Our elites understand that when black folk are focused on rage, they aren’t focused on education and building a business.

This misery, this poverty in the black community can be eliminated in one generation.

This fear that white people have of black people can be eliminated in one generation.

This racial strife can be washed away in one generation.

It begins with well-paying jobs.

With well-paying jobs, black people can prosper economically.

With well-paying jobs, looting goes away.

With well-paying jobs, drug use evaporates.

With well-paying jobs the corporate prison racket dissolves.

With well-paying jobs crime and gang life gets decimated.

As all these social ills go away, the negative perceptions of black people in the minds of whites becomes a thing of the past.

Positive perceptions will arise.

No longer will blacks be racially profiled.

No longer will black people be told to get the hell out of the neighborhood.

This the elites do not want.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

George Floyd’s Death

How did George Floyd die?

Well, if you watch mainstream media they want you to choose between his medical condition and the compression on his neck.

If you watch Fox News it’s the former, and if you watch CNN it’s the latter.

How about both?

Our macho culture dictates that it can’t be both.

But what if it is?

If you watch George Floyd while he is in Cup Foods prior to his arrest, he is moving around as if he is as high as a kite.

This is consistent with the methamphetamines that were found in his system.

Fentanyl was found also.

Fentanyl will cause respiratory depression which can contribute to hypoxia and hypercapnia, and ultimately acidosis.

This acidosis then increases the likelihood of an arrhythmia.

Methamphetamine, also in his system, prolongs the QT interval in his heart cells.

The prolongation of the QT interval in the heart permits renegade muscle cells to fire off and cause ventricular tachycardia, a fatal arrhythmia.

This is most likely what killed George Floyd.

George Floyd had 75% narrowing in one coronary artery, and 90% narrowing in another. Essentially, he was a dead man walking. It was only a matter of time.

His heart was enlarged; he had high blood pressure; and he was on drugs.

Now, it is certainly true that hypoxia and acidosis can aggravate that situation.

While the officers knee does not appear to be compressing the carotid artery or the trachea, it is certainly possible that his body weight hampered George Floyd’s breathing to the point where he was suffering a relative hypoxia and elevation of carbon dioxide in this blood. This would obviously contribute to an acidosis which would make George Floyd more prone to suffering an arrhythmia.

How much compression on the chest did George Floyd suffer?

More than he would have suffered had he been sat up against the car.

The question then becomes, would George Floyd have died of an arrhythmia had he been sitting up against the car?

It’s always possible, but the answer is probably not.

Can we then say that Derek Chauvin contributed to the death of George Floyd?


Would a prudent officer have acted differently?

Well, there were three other officers on the scene, and none of them stopped Dereck Chauvin.

How about the police chief’s testimony?

Police chiefs are usually political individuals, and this police chief is no different. Indeed, he was quick to fire the other officers the day after George Floyd died. This suggests that this police chief is politically motivated.

He takes his orders from the woke crowd who are now trying to intimidate and influence the legal proceedings with the threat of more rioting.

How about Detective Zimmerman’s testimony? As the defense counsel pointed out, Detective Zimmerman has been out of the loop from day-to-day policing for a long time. I think it’s safe to say that the streets are a little tougher than they were back in the day.

How about the other police officers who are testifying against Derek Chauvin? It’s clear from their testimony that they have been conditioned (through fear of rioting and consequences to the city) to testify against Derek Chauvin. It seems unlikely then to get an honest evaluation from any officer on the Minneapolis police force. One has to wonder if they have been threatened in an unspoken manner with loss of promotion or loss of job if they testify in Derek Chauvin’s behalf.

How about another officer in another locality? Would they have acted in the same manner given the same circumstances?


Why probably?

1. Officers can’t predict the future.

2. George Floyd was incredibly strong.

3. The officer’s adrenaline would be juiced up.

Armchair quarterbacks always have all the answers, but as Clausewitz noted in his treatise on war, there’s something about a bullet zinging by your head that gives war a whole new meaning.

Another consideration, given that the left in the United States believes that we are a racist culture, is that the officers would be racist.

Given that, any other officer, white or black, would’ve acted precisely in accordance with how Derick Chauvin reacted.

Of course, this does not make the officer’s actions correct, just in line with how other officers would react and have reacted.

Given all that, it seems clear that Derek Chauvin’s actions were the straw that broke the camel’s back. Since he had no prior knowledge of George Floyd’s medical condition, he can hardly be convicted of murder in any degree. A manslaughter conviction would be similarly shaky if you accept the belief that his actions contributed to his death by no more than 10 to 15%, despite the opinions of doctors who can not support their claims that Derek Chauvin’s actions were the cause of death.

How so, doctor? Do you have a machine that can tell us with definitive authority that what you say is so?


If we view death as a sum of events and stipulate that so many points attributed to those events when cumulatively surpassing a threshold constitutes death then we can develop a model for assigning blame.

Let us stipulate that 95 points out of 100 equals death. Then what is the assignation of points to each factor contributing to George Floyd’s death. Of course our assignation of points is somewhat arbitrary but still based upon reality.

Coronary Artery Disease: 75 points

Drug Use: 15 points

Hostile Crowd: 2 points

Officer: 8 points

Is the assignment of these point values fair?

For sure we know that coronary artery disease and drug use contribute to death significantly, much more so than an officer (approximately 150 pounds with equipment) leaning on the back of the neck and back. In fact, the points given to the officer’s actions may be more than generous, for if leaning on the back of the neck were inherently dangerous the policies never would have been instituted in the first place.

As a matter of fact positional asphyxia represents less than 1% of all police related deaths.

Still a synergistic effect does exist, and so assigning 8 points may indeed be fair.

Of course, all of this is irrelevant.

I would be very surprised if the officer was exonerated of manslaughter.

The jurors do not live in a vacuum, and there is no escaping the fact that they have been subjected to the “certainty” that all hell will break loose if Derek Chauvin goes free.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Racist Observations?

Recently, a Georgetown law professor made the comment that many black students were at the bottom of her class.

She stated that this was driving her crazy.

Not surprisingly, the “woke but not really” crowd had her fired.

Did this professor make a racist comment?

Or did she merely state an observation?

If I looked at a large group of basketball players and then said: “Gee, it doesn’t look like the white basketball players can jump very high. It seems like they’re always at the bottom when it comes to jumping ability,” is that a racist comment?

Or am I merely stating an observation?

This professor’s observation no more makes her a racist than my observation makes me a racist. All we are doing is stating an observation.

This professor’s observation makes no comment at all upon the general ability or biological ability of black people. In fact, one might argue that her not stating her observation hurts black people.

We can never remediate an issue unless we can make observations and have the courage to state them.

There might be any number of legitimate reasons why black people are at the bottom of her class; and those reasons may have nothing to do with innate intellectual ability of black folk.

As it so happens, I do not believe that there is any intellectual disparity between white people and black people.

Proceeding forward then, what might some of those reasons be. I’ll make up a few.

1. Maybe the brighter black kids saw through Georgetown as a racist school and decided to go somewhere else.

2. Maybe Georgetown, being a politically correct university, went overboard to demonstrate to the world how diverse they are and started offering generous law scholarships to black youth who may have been only remotely interested in law.

3. People who have parents in the same field generally do better in professional schools. They do better because their parents can give them their own life experience as a guide. Perhaps the black students who attend Georgetown don’t have parents who are lawyers.

As you can see, there may be any number of non-racist reasons why black youth may have not been performing in her class.

Teachers and administrators need to be able to state those observations so that they can ask questions as to why those observations might be so.

Intimidating professors into not making uncomfortable statements doesn’t help anyone.

Unfortunately, generations of Americans are now being taught that making an observation upon racial disparities is an act of racism or discrimination.

That teaching is wrong.

Because that teaching is wrong, because so many young Americans now believe that, they will be afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked in order to fix things.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Critical Race Theory

What is critical race theory, where does it come from, and what does it really mean?

It’s important to ask these questions, because race has become such an important issue in our society today.

It needn’t be an important issue, but it has been made an important issue by the professors at Harvard University.

First, it is a fact that critical race theory came out of Harvard University, as most bad ideas do.

Derrick Bell, Patricia Williams, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, Mari Matsuda are all products of Harvard University. Camara Phyllis Jones Is a product of Harvard crony, Stanford University.

Harvard is especially adept at promoting false fronts in order to disguise its own criminality in producing a society that is hell bent on destroying the black community.

Why critical race theorists at Harvard refuse to look at their own institution, which has populated Corporate America and the Central Intelligence Agency, which in turn have done great damage to the black community, is not surprising but still beyond my comprehension.

My initial recommendation to these professors would be to abandon critical race theory and instead attack Harvard University itself for being the prime promulgator of a Corporate America which works against black people.

Since that is not likely to be the case, let us proceed forward with an explanation of critical race theory.

First, the word critical comes about because black professors began to criticize the established methodology of thinking with regard to racial disparity within the United States.

These professors felt that the traditional liberal approaches to correcting racial disparity were not working.

Some of these approaches included the concepts of color blindness, affirmative-action, role modeling and meritocracy.

Forget about following the lead of successful black businessmen. Forget about Booker T. Washington. Those people are clearly Uncle Toms.

These “enlightened” professors feel that there is an inherent structural bias against the black man not only with regard to the legal structure within the United States, and its organizations, but within people themselves as far as their assumptions about black people.

The thinking goes that if we can change the laws within the country and its organizations, that if we can change peoples assumptions and attitudes about black people, then we can change the outcome within the black community.

This thinking has expanded throughout society, courtesy of Harvard University and its extensive power and influence within the United States. This is why you see critical race theory being played out in your local school system and within your major institutions within the United States of America.

This is why you now see white children being programmed within the school system to disabuse themselves of white privilege. This is why you see many people of color talking about their experiences of racism on television and internet commercials.

This is why you see the rise of Black Lives Matter as a political organization.

Corporate America is 100% behind Black Lives Matter. Harvard University is 100% behind Corporate America. This is not in dispute.

Harvard’s influence is why you see the tearing down of statues within the inner city, the tearing down of statues of Confederate War generals, and the tearing down of the statues of Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses Grant.

This is why you see the effort to rename the military bases that are named after Confederate War generals.

This is why country music singers must now apologize if there is a Confederate flag in the background of their music video.

The idea is that if we can tear down the heroes of the white people, we can take the strut out of the white people. If we can take the strut out of the white people, we can take out their sense of white privilege. If we can take away white privilege, we can improve the lot for people within the black community.

That is the thinking.

The goal of this is to make life better for black people within the black community.

What we are seeing in America today is a different approach than what was taken when I was a young man.

When I was a young man the approach was to engage in affirmative action, which was a quite different approach. This approach is now pooh-poohed by Harvard.

Affirmative action focuses on elevating the black man; critical race theory focuses on taking down the white man.

Harvard has decided that white supremacy is the problem. Harvard has decided that the black community is hurting because of overt and covert white supremacy.

In a nutshell that is what is going on. That is why you see all these efforts to persuade your children that they are white supremacists.

This is also why you see an effort to gain reparations. Reparations are nothing more than an effort to redistribute wealth from the white community to the black community so as to even the playing field.

White people, according to the reparations crowd, stole money from the black people when they enslaved them. That money must now be returned.

Defunding of the police is also a byproduct of critical race theory. If we can defund the police, then less black people will be arrested. If less black people are arrested, then less black people will go to prison. If less black people go to prison, then white people will not look upon blacks so negatively. Plus, in not being warehoused in prison, black people will have greater self-esteem.

Underpinning all of this is the concept of race equity. Race equity is discussed much now within Corporate America. It has a lot of jargon, a lot of talk, but no clear focus other than to close the racial gap. That may be the point. Race equity is the broad bridge between critical race theory and the various measures that are now being underaken by Black Lives Matter and Corporate America. Critical race theory begets raise equity, and race equity begets diversity training, storytelling of racism, tearing down of statues, reparations, riots, defunding of the police, and so forth.

Now, here is the essential question: Will this work? This is the only question that counts. Will these efforts work?

Or will they make matters worse for the black community?

I believe they will make matters worse for the black community.

Why do I think this?

Primarily because Harvard University has traditionally been a bigoted, racist, university posing as a friend to the black man.

I do not believe that Harvard University is a friend to the black man, nor do I believe that Harvard University has ever been a friend to the black man.

Harvard University is a bigot, run by bigots, financed by bigots, within the most bigoted area of the country.

Everything you see in the media about the nobility of Harvard and Boston, Massachusetts is a lie.

Harvard is a Boston Baked Bigot.

Harvard hurts the black man today just as it hurt the black man in the past.

It was Harvard University that propped up the phony baloney house negro (the words of Marcus Garvey), WEB DuBois, as its spokesman for the black people. What did WEB DuBois do? He focused the black man on rage and protest. And what was the result?

The black man turned away from productivity and focused on grievance. The black man turned away from the message of Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey.

It was Harvard University that helped spearhead the wrong type of affirmative action. The right kind of affirmative action would have given blacks opportunities not at the expense of the deserving white man.

The right kind of affirmative action would have created extra spots for the black man.

It was obvious to any thinking man back in the 1970s that affirmative action as it was being practiced would produce backlash. It is obvious to any thinking man today that it produces a backlash. That is why Harvard University was recently sued for its affirmative action policies.

This wrong type of affirmative action policy, which Harvard clings to, has caused resentment within the white community toward black people. This has hurt black people, and Harvard knows it.

Second, when you focus on rage in your life, when you focus on tearing other people down in order to elevate yourself, you do not succeed in elevating yourself. You only succeed in descending into a vortex of despair and hurt.

Critical race theory and the byproduct of critical race theory will only serve to lower the white community, which is the goal of Harvard University. Harvard University is no friend to anyone. Harvard University’s allegiance is to money, power, domination, and paganism. Harvard is an elitist anti-Democratic, ant-American institution whose fondness is for the feudalism of the past.

The black community’s best friends are regular white people who want nothing to do with Harvard University and its leaders and its elitism.

If that regular middle class white community is harmed, the black community will lose a vital friend in fighting the real foe – Harvard University.

Third, critical race theory ignores the impact of Corporate America on the destruction of the black community. There is systemic racism in the United States, but it is not coming from your average white man who lives way out in the sticks who may have never met one black person in his life.

Systemic racism is coming from Corporate America and its thug agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, which has created a crony-capitalist, marxo-fascist culture within the inner city which has disempowered black people. The CIA imported drugs within the black community which gave gangs financial power to further destroy the black community through vice, drugs and protection rackets.

The wealthy thug-elite from Corporate America continue to support this marxo-fascist, race-hustling structure within the black community which takes power away from individual black-owned businesses. This marxo-fascist culture creates despair, which then leads to riots, which then leads to looting and burning of black businesses thus making the community inviable and then ultimately dependent upon a Harvard-controlled Corporate America.

This then leads to increased criminality, which then feeds into the corporate prison system.

White people out in the sticks see this and then develop a negative impression of black people.

This negative impression of black people is not inherent within white people’s minds. A child is not born into racism. A child learns racism from what the child is exposed to. As long as white children are exposed to black people looting businesses, burning down black neighborhoods, and being herded off into prisons, they will develop a negative impression of black people.

You will never program this negative impression out of a child’s mind as long as these conditions exist within the inner city.

Consequently, it is impossible to effect reform within the black community unless you change the marxo-fascist economic paradigm that exists within that inner city.

That economic paradigm is being promulgated by Harvard University which which populates Corporate America.

Corporate America destroyed the black community.

Harvard University trains the officers of Corporate America.

It is not surprising that critical race theory came out of Harvard University.

This is yet another attempt by Harvard University to distract attention from itself.

It is clear now to me, and I hope to you, that Harvard is a bigoted institution whose goal is to destroy the black community.

If the black community is to thrive, Harvard University must be ignored and removed from power.

Harvard’s existence must be eliminated from the history of mankind.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey is a name that you don’t hear much about anymore.

Your elites don’t want people, white and black, to know who he was.

Had his views won out, there would be no decimation of the black community within the inner city. There would be no drug problems. There would be no “George Floyd” riots. There would be no massive incarceration of black youth.

Your elites have systematically eliminated any black leader who had anything valuable to offer the black community.

Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican immigrant who was very popular in the early part of the 20th century. He had millions of followers.

He took an economic approach to black emancipation.

It is not surprising that the mother of Malcolm X was a follower of Marcus Garvey.

In many respects Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X were preaching the same message.

Both Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X spoke the three words that frightens the bigoted power establishment: black self-sufficiency.

Both figures knew of course that their enemy was not only the white man, but the black man appointed by the white man.

And both men were not afraid to call out their enemies within the black community as Uncle Toms.

You can watch videos on YouTube today were Malcolm X warns black people about the black man appointed by the white man to represent the black man.

Likewise, Marcus Garvey had his enemy in WEB DuBois who he referred to as a house negro, only Marcus Garvey didn’t use the word negro.

Well, we all know what happens when you go up against the power establishment. They don’t like being embarrassed, and they don’t like being called out for the racists and evil tricksters that they are.

So, Marcus Garvey was deported and Malcolm X was assassinated. When Garvey was deported, the views of WEB DuBois, a Harvard dandy, won out, and the black community was nudged toward achieving equality not through economic means and taking care of themselves first, but through legal means, protests and agitation.

In a nutshell, Marcus Garvey wanted to trade off agitation and full rights (blacks being allowed to gain professional status, etc.) for blacks attaining vocational skills.

He wanted to begin a corporation, owned by blacks, run by blacks, employing blacks, to do for blacks what the white man wouldn’t do.

His was a grassroots, non-Marxist approach.

This was the way to go for the black community.

Had the black community moved down this pathway, their economic position would have been unassailable. It would not have been possible to outsource black jobs overseas in the 80s and 90s. With this economic power, the next generation of blacks would have attained full rights.

The message of Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X was not too much different than that of Booker T. Washington, another black man who you hardly hear anything about today.

And for good reason. The bigoted power establishment has no desire whatsoever for black or white people to hear this message.

Here is what Booker T. Washington had to say:

“There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

And …

“Character, not circumstance, makes the person.”

And …

“Brains, property, and character for the Negro will settle the question of civil rights …”

And …

Let there be in a community a Negro who by virtue of his superior knowledge of the chemistry of the soil, his acquaintance with the most improved tools and best breeds of stock, can raise fifty bushels of corn to the acre while his white neighbor only raises thirty, and the white man will come to the black man to learn.”

So why do our elites systematically eliminate black leaders who desire to help the black community achieve self sufficiency and economic prosperity?

Why do our elites foment riots within the black community which destroy and burn down black businesses?

Because our elites are sick people who get off on power and domination. Our elites are not like us, and the sooner we are rid of them, the better off we will all be.

Yes, there is systemic racism in the United States, and it is coming from our elites and the thug agency they control, the Central Intelligence Agency.

Why don’t Americans know this? Because they don’t want to know. They have active cognitive dissonance. They are happy to have our elites smile, lie and tell fairy tales so that they the people can continue to live happily within their Walt Disney dreamworld.

Americans don’t know any history, and they don’t care to learn any history. I dare say you won’t find one person out of one hundred who knows who Marcus Garvey was.

But shouldn’t they?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved