Mike Pagan

The big pagan, Mike Pompeo, was back in Israel the other day spouting his nonsense.

How this guy ever finished first in his class at West Point is beyond me.

Ignore this man.

You can still recognize Israel while understanding that Palestine was colonized by the West.

Indeed it was.

In fact, that’s what Palestine was called – Palestine.

When people went on vacations, they went to Palestine. The postcards sent from Palestine had Palestine printed upon them.

In the early 1900s after oil was systematically pumped out of the ground with greater ease, the United States and Great Britain desired a beachhead in the Middle East so as to control the Suez Canal and the oil assets that were plentiful there.

The Jews’ desire for a homeland was appropriated in order to justify the colonization.

Informing people that you are moving in to steal the loot isn’t a good selling point.

Thus the state of Israel.

Israel exists primarily for the monied elite; it does not exist for the Jews.

Pompeo isn’t smart enough to not lie.

He’ll say anything to defend colonization. He’s happy to be an attack dog against the critics of Israel.

Israel is a vital part of the American empire.

Pompeo claims that Israel is not an apartheid state. Perhaps not in the cosmetic sense. One can always point to Arabs being permitted to serve in the Knesset as an example of a fair state, but in reality there is a culture of hatred toward Arabs bred into the population by the government. Plus, the state of Israel has created an open air prison within the Gaza Strip which punishes the Arabs who live there. Israel maintains firm control over the resources that may enter the Gaza Strip. Israel controls the food, the water and the electricity in the Gaza Strip.

The West Bank is slightly more tolerable, but in the West Bank Palestinians must deal with intimidating Israeli soldiers every day of the week.

Palestinians and Israelis live in two different worlds.

Israelis live in upscale suburban neighborhoods while Palestinians live in bombed out grottos.

To keep the good times going for Jews, not Arabs, Pompeo calls for increased expansion of Israeli settlements. Never mind the legal agreements that were signed.

If you aren’t going to obey agreements, then what’s the whole point of negotiation in the first place? That’s one of the reasons why the Palestinians rebel. They’ve come to see that agreements don’t mean anything. Of course they don’t. The American Indians figured that out a century and a half ago.

Pompeo also believes that Judea and Samaria were given to the Jews by God.

What about the cavemen?

What about their God?

And where is is written that the land belongs to the Jews? The Torah?

Oh, I see. A neutral source.

How about the Palestinians who have been living there for the past 2,000 years?

Didn’t God care about them?

Did they have a book? Was it written down? No? Who says it has to be written down? Suppose they believed it but never wrote it down.

And where did the Palestinians come from anyway?

Isn’t it likely that many of them were local Jews who were looking for a different religion and so converted to Islam?

Wasn’t there a mixing of religions back in the day? Weren’t Jews, Christians and Muslims exchanging ideas and traditions with each other?

Pompeo claims to be a Christian, but he is not.

No true Christian would agree to be the head of the CIA which systematically lies and plays dirty tricks on citizens of the world as well as Americans.

Mike Pompeo is an agent of the empire.

Truth means nothing to him.

He worships the god of power and money.

He’s a pagan.

Israel, far from being a Jewish state, is as far away from Judaism as the United States is from Christianity.

Pompeo defends Israel not because it is Jewish but because it is pagan.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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