Head for the Exits

So what do you all think of Jon Gruden and his recent email crisis?

You know, of course, that he’s suing the NFL.

Good. I’m glad he’s suing the NFL.

I hope he sues them into bankruptcy.

And if I were Randy Moss, Keyshawn Johnson or any of the other broadcasters who are currently trashing Jon Gruden, I would think twice.

Jon Gruden contributed immensely to the NFL as a coach and as a broadcaster.

He helped popularize the sport, and this is the thanks they give him?

As I say, if I were Randy Moss, or Key J, I would think very carefully about continuing my association with the NFL.

I couldn’t care less about Gruden’s racial slurs and the pain he caused to his onion-skinned afflicted.

Everyone is a sinner.

Forgiveness is more important than retribution.

The larger issue is privacy.

Roger Goodell has instituted and created a climate of fear and retribution within the NFL.

The punishment meted out by the NFL is uneven and selective.

Jon Gruden is a scapegoat.

Clearly, Jon Gruden is the target of a malicious, vindictive campaign by Roger Goodell against Jon Gruden and Jon Gruden only.

It seems as if Roger “Joe Stalin” Goodell and the NFL used the Washington Football Club as a pretext to go after Jon Gruden.

How unseemly is that?

Even though our Bill of Rights forbids only the government, not private corporations, from unreasonable search and seizure, there is a tradition in the United States of privacy.

We generally respect people’s private conversations.

Apparently this respect does not accrue to Jon Gruden.

It should.

How many of us would want our private conversations held open for the public to peruse?

Not too many of us.

Well, if the NFL and Roger Goodell can stick it to Jon Gruden, they can and will stick it to anyone.

Which is why I say, if I were Randy Moss or any of the other broadcasters who are trashing Jon Gruden, I would quickly head for the exits.

You do not want to be a part of this enterprise.

Any enterprise that treats its officers, and Jon Gruden was an officer, in this manner, is no enterprise that is worth being a member of.

Hasta la vista, baby.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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