Our Rigged Society

Is it possible for Tom Brady to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into the Super Bowl?

No, it’s not, not in an honest game.

In one year, it’s not possible for a new quarterback, let alone a 40 year old man, to come in and in one year take them to the Super Bowl.

I don’t care how talented Tom Brady is.

Getting to the Super Bowl would require all the right players playing all the right schemes – together.

The players would have to get to know Brady and Brady would have to get to know the players.

Furthermore, Brady would have to acclimate himself to a new stadium which contains new sites, new sounds, new smells.

One of the reasons why newly traded players have so much difficulty in performing during their first year with their new team is because they must acclimate to the new environment.

This new environment throws off the brain. It produces background noise much as a pebble thrown into a pool will cause ripples.

Imagine your brain as the film in a portrait camera. The cleaner the film is, the better the picture you’ll take.

If I put ripples in the film, what kind of picture will I get it. It will appear distorted.

It’s the same principle with a player when he goes to a new city.

It’s not just the sports venue that is different.

It’s all the new people he has to meet. It’s the new house he has to buy. It’s the new way that he goes to work. It’s the new supermarket he has to shop at. It’s the million and one new hassles he has to deal with. He’s in a new city. His wife and kids may be in another city. His whole former life is in another city

All of these experiences produce ripples in the peace and tranquility of his brain.

Everything’s new.

And this will affect his performance.

It will take time for these ripples to settle down and smooth out.

This acclamation doesn’t take place in a day or week or a month.

It often takes an entire year.

You can see this in almost every sport.

It’s very much akin to your first day at school when you were a little kid.

Do you remember that experience? You came home and had an incredible headache.

Well, apparently this doesn’t apply to Tom Brady.

That it doesn’t apply to Tom Brady should make us think that something is amiss.

Am I saying that Tom Brady is rigging the game or that he is dishonest?

Not at all.

There are 1,000,001 ways to fix the game.

And let’s face it, there’s just too much money in professional football to be made for the game to be honest anymore.

When you consider the number of people in the world who will bet on professional football in these playoffs, the amount of money runs into the billions.

Are we really to believe that corruption exists everywhere in the world but not in the NFL?

Only a Pollyanna would believe such.

Throughout the 1940s and 50s the mob in New York City controlled boxing. They rigged every single match.

It’s the same with the NFL.

Not only can the game be fixed by outsiders, it can be fixed by NFL insiders as well if they feel that certain teams will get them bigger ratings and more advertising money.

That a 40-year-old man can come into a team in one year and go to the Super Bowl defies belief.

It’s not possible.

The game is rigged.


Archer Crosley

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Our Stupid Fascist Sports Leagues

One of the more laughable news items is when professional athletes are excluded from participating upon testing positive for COVID-19.

It’s extremely unlikely that a quarterback or receiver is going to contract COVID-19 out in the middle of the playing field from another player, then sit down on the 50 yard line and eat a cheeseburger.

COVID-19, like most of the respiratory illnesses is not spread primarily by air droplets alone.

In order for COVID-19 to spread, a person must cough on their hands, shake hands with (or transmit by fomite to) another person after which that person must pick up food that they plan to put in their mouth without washing their hands first.

That is how COVID-19 is spread.

COVID-19 is extremely unlikely to spread by respiratory droplets alone. The infectious dose is too low when dispersed in the air, and the lower respiratory epithelium has too many defenses.

So is it likely that an NFL player will sit down in the middle of a game and eat a cheeseburger without washing his hands first?

Is this likely to occur on an NFL playing field?


So then why is the NFL excluding players who test positive for COVID-19?

Partly out of ignorance, and partly to institute fascism within the United States.

What do you expect from you listen to a knucklehead like Anthony Fauci?

Your NFL is a giant corrupt corporation that is a puppet of Corporate America.

They do what Corporate America tells them to do.

The NFL’s job is to sell fear so that the elites can usher in their worker’s paradise.

Shameless Roger Goodell leads the way.

It’s bad enough that NFL quarterbacks make $40 million a year; they want more.

And they will help Corporate America get more of your money, power and dignity.

This is why idiotic NFL commentators wear a face mask when they’re standing in the middle of the field all by themselves.

They’re selling fear.

They’re selling stupidity.

They’re selling serfdom.

Smile, enjoy their product, then walk away.

Refuse to buy into their idiocy.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

NFL Purity

Is the NFL rigged?


Can I prove it?  Not with the evidence you would like to see.  

So let’s try another approach.

Does it seem likely that there would be corruption in every area of endeavor in the United States and the world but not in the National Football League?

Not to me.

We have cheaters in government. We have cheaters in healthcare.   We have cheaters on Wall Street.  

We have cheaters everywhere – except for the NFL. 

Everybody there is pure.

Nobody is susceptible to the mob’s influence.

Billions of dollars are spent on gambling, and the mob has never once tried to influence the game?

No one has ever been caught or exposed?  

Okay, maybe a few.

Billions of dollars are spent on advertising, and the NFL has never once tried to influence which teams go to the Super Bowl for fear of losing advertising dollars should a couple of clunkers make it?

 Do you believe that?

I suppose you could make the argument that integrity in the NFL is so important that they make sure it is squeaky clean.


What about the Super Bowl between San Francisco and Baltimore in New Orleans a few years ago.  Baltimore was running away with the game early in the third quarter; and then suddenly the lights went out.

Actually, they didn’t go out. I had a friend who was at the game, and he said you could still see.  

So why wasn’t the game continued?

We have had plenty of games played in the fog and blinding snow where visibility was less.  What gives?

Was it because the NFL saw angry advertisers  asking for a rebate if the game became a blowout early causing many viewers to walk away?

Do you really believe the story of the generator blowing out? 

When have you ever seen that happen?

Do you think it’s possible that the NFL triggered that generator to go down as part of a contingency plan in case one team ran away with the game early on?

Or is it all just some coincidence?

As it turns out, the delay in the game caused a marked reversal in the fortunes of the 49ers who came back to make it a close game.

How convenient for the NFL.

Also convenient for the NFL is the dominance of the Patriots over the past fifteen years.  Leagues tend to get more notice and interest when there is a dominant player or team. You either love them or hate them.

Is the NFL enabling the Patriots?  

Are the Patriots cheaters?

Is the NFL rigged?

Have we reached a point in our society of the New World Order where money is so important that we will corrupt even a sporting event to get it.

I don’t know, and I can’t prove it.

I only know one thing:  I shouldn’t even have to consider it.



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One thing in particular has been bothering me for the past two decades – the New England Patriots.

Like many other people, I suspect that they are cheating; but like many people, I can’t prove it.

I can cite Mr. O’Leary’s book, Spygate: The Untold Story, in which he wonderfully makes a case against the Patriots, but I myself can not point to anything that is conclusive proof that they are cheating.

In many respects, accusing the Patriots of cheating is much like accusing the CIA of murdering JFK.  There is an abundance of information that points toward it, but there is no videotape or letter indicating complicity.

This drives me crazy, and it compels me to ask:  How can I know?  What can I show that has not already been elucidated?

Should I conclude that there is nothing there?

How is it fair for me to point to statistical analyses when I have never been a big fan of statistical analysis?

Is it fair to that infer that the Patriots might be cheating because no Belichick coach has ever accomplished anything in the NFL?

Not really.  It’s interesting to note, but perhaps Belichick has a blind spot when it comes to picking assistants.  Maybe Belichick is so talented he can use losers as assistants.

How about the Patriots near unbeatable home record which no other team comes close to achieving.  Is that proof?  Again, it’s nice to know, but it does not prove anything.  Perhaps the Patriots really are that talented.

The videotaping of other teams known as Spygate?  The partially deflated balls known as Deflategate?  Again, these don’t seem to be big enough or conclusive enough to point to a conviction.

So maybe there is nothing there.

But then I ask, how is it possible for Belichick to grab the right players year after year to fit into his scheme?  How can this be done when NFL teams repopulate principally through the draft and a limited free agency where good players are looking for the big bucks?

How do the Patriots pull through their injuries year after year when other teams are hindered vastly by injuries?

Instead of asking what the Patriots might be doing wrong, maybe I should be asking what they are doing right.

What are they doing right?

Well here is what doesn’t matter:

Injuries don’t matter.  The weather doesn’t matter.  The supporting players don’t matter.  The assistant coaches don’t matter.  The fans don’t matter.

What is consistently there on the team is the owner, Robert Kraft; Bill Belichick, the coach; Ernie Adams, Belichick’s buddy, and Tom Brady, the quarterback.

They matter.

Oh yeah, half the season the stadium matters but to a lesser degree.

Two of the people who matter aren’t even on the field.

Is it possible for four men to win so much and play in so many Super Bowls?

What magic secret do they possess?

What bond do they have that makes for so much success?

What will future technology reveal?

Will future technology show them to be genius educators and motivators who were uniquely endowed to make superstars out of mortal men?

If that were the case, why are the men, the recipients of such genius, not able to transmit these skills to other people?

What is this mystical offensive and defensive strategy that can escape the view of millions of watching humans not to mention thousands upon thousands of cameras?

Back in the early 1980s, before the human genome was mapped, doctors, researchers and geneticists suspected a genetic basis for certain diseases.  They couldn’t prove it, but they certainly suspected it.

Time and technology proved them correct.

Of course, that was legitimate science.

For the case of the Patriots, we might need a man like Houdini, who was adept at picking out frauds.




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Winning as a Team

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In the game of football and life itself, there’s always a tendency and desire to blame a defeat on a specific individual or event.

We human beings love accountability especially when we lose.

Plus, we sure don’t want to be the fall guy.

Which is when the flour hits the fan, everyone starts running for the hills leaving the patsy holding the bag.

Take the Chicago Bears loss to the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.

I am sure that many Chicago fans are blaming the field-goal kicker, Cody Parkey, for missing that field goal at the end of the game.

But it wasn’t Cody Parkey‘s fault as football really is a team sport whether you win or lose.

It is the team’s responsibility to overcome all forces external and internal that are threatening the success of the team.

External forces would include the other team, the referees, the weather, bad luck.

Internal forces would include your own lack of will, stupid mistakes, illness, injuries and poor play.

Great teams understand this.

Great teams do not cry and point fingers at other people.

Great teams do not blame the refs for gypping them out of a victory.

Great teams do not hang people out to dry.

Great teams do not scapegoat.

Great teams do not lament how unlucky they are.

Great teams do not whine about the weather.

Great teams do not blame their losses on injuries.

All successful teams learn to rise above their problems, but they do it not just because they do it, but because they choose to do it.

Is the choice to do so that comes first. And this choice exists in every successful team effort.

And it matters not whether we are talking about football, a small company, a large corporation or the nation itself.

Teams win as a team, and teams lose as a team, unless, of course, they are not a team.

Then they really lose.

And badly.

Then they begin to play as a collection of individuals accidentally  finding themselves together on a playing field.

The poor teammate  thinks about himself as an individual and what is in it for him.

The superior teammate thinks less about himself and more about overcoming the obstacles placed before the team.

John Kennedy said this in so many words: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”




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