Baker Mayfield

Is Baker Mayfield a lousy quarterback?

I don’t think so.

I think he’s a good quarterback.

I think he’s good enough to win a Super Bowl.

Let me ask you a question: Is Baker Mayfield worse than Nickie Foles?

How about Carson Wentz?

It’s important to ask these questions because both of these quarterbacks were trashed last season.

Moreover, both of these quarterbacks won a Super Bowl.

In fact, there are plenty of quarterbacks of Baker Mayfield‘s caliber who have won Super Bowls.

You don’t have to be Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees to win a Super Bowl.

You can be a good quarterback and win a Super Bowl.

The Cleveland Brown’s fans should STFU and be thankful that they have Baker Mayfield.

Let’s not forget that he’s playing hurt.

Let’s also not forget that he’s playing in the toughest division in the NFL.

There isn’t one lousy team in the Brown’s division.

The Ravens lead the division at 7-3. The Browns are in last place at 6-5.

OMG! Call out the fire department.

Newsflash: The other teams want to win also.

It’s not their job to lay down and die before Baker Mayfield. They’re going to go all out to beat him and the Browns.

So let’s give the guy a break.

Let’s also not hold it against him because he flips off the media.

He’s a young guy.

Those of us who are older forget what we were like when we were young.

We’re old now.

We don’t even blink now when someone trashes us.

But we were much different forty years ago.

Speaking for myself, I was ten times worse than Baker Mayfield at his current age.

If Baker Mayfield has a chip on his shoulder, I had a fucking sequoia.

I still do.

So I am willing to give Baker Mayfield a chance.

I don’t think Cleveland should trade him at all.

I think they should nurture him and allow him to grow.

That’s one of the big problems in the NFL.

Teams no longer want to give quarterbacks the time to grow. They give them a window of three years (maybe) and then throw them under the bus if they’re not the second coming of Aaron Rodgers

At the same time though, I think the Browns should give Case Keenum more playing time.

I think the days are gone when you can afford to have one quarterback play every minute of every game.

I think teams need better redundancy at the quarterback position. They need two good quarterbacks in case one of them goes down.

It’s not workable to sit a quarterback for the entire season and then ask him to come in and play when the primary quarterback gets hurt.

This should not be interpreted as an indictment of Baker Mayfield.

He’s a good quarterback who should be part of the final solution in delivering a Super Bowl to Cleveland.

The media of course will interpret this as a benching.

So be it.

The media is a front runner and has no use for anything short of what they perceive to be perfection.

Baker Mayfield isn’t the first quarterback who has had to walk into the wilderness, and he won’t be the last.

He’s a good quarterback, as was Kurt Warner, as was Jim Plunkett.

Let’s not forget that the football elites had given up on those two guys. And they proved the football elites wrong.

Baker Mayfield can do the same.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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