Tax the Metaverse Into Oblivion

How do we defeat the metaverse?

In a prior column, I articulated that the metaverse is a bad idea.

So how do we defeat it knowing full well that the Harvard cabal will move heaven and earth to prosecute its enactment?

It’s already happening.

The usual Harvard sycophants, the corporations, are already buying up what is known as metaverse real estate.

If you own the real estate, you can then sell advertising space on that real estate. The idea is that people will come to these particular parts of the metaverse to buy things, or do things.

That corporations and people are moving in this direction, that the media is talking about metaverse real estate, is an indication that the Harvard cabal has decided that the metaverse is going to happen.

And it will happen unless people choose to reject it.

I’ve already argued as to why it should be rejected; now I would like to put forth a methodology on how it can be rejected.

It’s not complicated. And it can be done at the local level.

Tax it.

And tax it out of existence.

All of it.

Tax it to the moon and back.

To permit one iota of it is to permit access to the slippery slope toward doom.

Taxation is the key.

If we can tax cigarettes out of existence, we can certainly tax the metaverse into oblivion.

Of course Harvard will send its foot soldiers out to counter these measures.

Harvard has a lot of money and a lot of willing dupes. They will do their best to obfuscate the issue, set up bogus arguments, and reassure the citizens.

They will pay off many of your leaders with perks.

This is how the game is played in the Harvard Universe.

It’s going to be tougher than ever to convince your politicians as time goes by. This is because of Michael Bloomberg‘s Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. This is a program that Michael Bloomberg set up at Harvard in order to indoctrinate the mayors of small cities.

And it will happen in spades.

Your leaders, intoxicated with the idea of sitting with the cool kids in the cafeteria, will sell your children down the river.

They will run up to Harvard to beg for the dog biscuits; then they will return to your small city and destroy it.

I understand that I am asking you to fight an uphill battle, but it is an uphill battle worth fighting.

The metaverse will enslave and ultimately destroy us.

The psychological harm to our soul will be creepily devastating.

You see, in the metaverse your brain will become tied to your avatar’s experience, and this fantasy world known as the metaverse will control and manipulate your mind in ways that are not possible in the real world.

A seemingly innocuous exercise such as paying a light bill within the metaverse will be akin to taking that first hit of cocaine or methamphetamine.

You’ll go back for more until you’re addicted, and that is when they will own you.

You won’t survive as a freethinking man or woman.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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