The Malignancy

We’ve talked before about the malignancy of Harvard and how it has overtaken the United States of America.

The frustrating thing is that the death of America is not complete, and yet there is little that we can do to stop this malignancy.

The malignancy is of the mind.

The people of the United States believe, and want to believe, that pedigre is important.

It’s not.

Yet there are millions upon millions of people who have bought into the notion that because someone comes from a particular school, that person is more intelligent and more qualified to lead.

It is for this reason that civil discussion is impossible in the United States of America.

Do you hear me?

It’s not possible to have a rational discussion over political affairs.

The people have been heavily propagandized into believing that the “Harvard” graduate is a living God who can do no wrong.

It’s going to get worse thanks to Michael Bloomberg‘s Bloomberg Harvard City Initiative.

Soon, a huge majority of your leaders will have bought into the Harvard plan.

What this represents is a complete hijacking of the United States where one particular school (or system of schools) decides your fate.

Soon, silly policies will be initiated nationwide.

These policies will be goofy to the max.

They already are goofy.

If you want to know why your grandchildren will not be able to use their own cars, look no further than the Harvard malignancy that is gripping the United States of America.

Citizens of America, you are being duped.

I don’t care what the political persuasion of the political candidate is, if he or she comes from Harvard or the Ivy League you cannot vote for this individual.

Do not listen to one word that comes out of his or her mouth. This individual owes his bones to the Harvard machine, and he or she will sell you down the river.

I’ve searched high and low for a solution, and I have not found one.

I’m a loser.

Was it possible to defeat the malignancy that overtook Rome?

The Romans didn’t find it.

I wrote a book entitled Defeating Caligula.

In this book I recommended that the only course of action for freedom loving people to undertake was to hide and keep the embers of freedom alive.

I want to believe that I’m wrong.

I still search for the magic bullet.

I search for the monoclonal antibodies that will destroy Harvard University.

Let me review what has not worked.

Open Sesame statements have not worked. I’m not going to say anything or find any words that are going to convince you that what I say is so.

Additionally, I am not going to say anything or find any words that are going to suddenly change the mind of the Harvard graduates who have been indoctrinated.

The Harvard graduates are just as indoctrinated as is the rest of the population.

If words have no value, are actions any stronger?

The Internet was supposed to liberate us. It seems now that the Internet and its successor, the Metaverse, will be used to confine us.

Actions may soon be impossible.

Harvard and the government it has co-opted have placed a police surveillance net upon us that would make Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin drool.

We can take comfort in that God will not abandon us.

We can take comfort in that both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler failed.

But it would be nice if we could forestall Harvard’s death grip upon the nation.

So if words and actions are not available to us, what is available?

How can we prevent the carnage and bloodbath that are certain to ensue?

Our enemies are on hyperdrive. They will do anything to win.

Yes, a malignancy is a self-defeating disease. This is true. A malignancy dies when the healthy tissue exists no more.

But we don’t want to die. And a lot will die if Harvard is not stopped.

I pray to the Lord. I read the 23rd Psalm. I read the 27th Psalm.

These passages comfort me.

My mother loved the 23rd Psalm.

She had no problem being one of the little people.

Maybe she was wiser than I.

Maybe she understood acutely that there is no shame in being one of the anonymous people who are not talked about.

Maybe she understood that the little people, like little ants, can never be defeated.

Little people go underground.

They survive, and arise again when the elites have murdered themselves into oblivion.

The problem is that the malignancy can take centuries if not thousands of years to die out.

We’d like to help it along.

Don’t you agree that we should?

Shouldn’t we jettison these Harvard motherfuckers to the waste heap of history?

Haven’t they earned it?

After all, they did trash the beautiful republic the Founding Fathers gifted us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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