Quit While You’re Ahead, Charlie

It doesn’t seem like Charles Munger, the billionaire, is smart enough to go away.

Now you would think that someone who is a billionaire would be smart enough to walk away while he’s ahead, especially when he’s 98 years old.

But he’s not.

Since he’s not, we should take advantage of the opportunity that he’s giving us.

Charles Munger says a lot of stupid things.

His most recent stupid statement is that much of the criticism of billionaires is driven by envy.

I can’t speak for everyone else; I’m sure there are a few people who criticize him because they are jealous.

Speaking for myself though, I’m not angry with Charles Munger because he has more money than I do.

I don’t have any problem with people having a few more bucks than me.

My beef with Charles Munger and many other billionaires is that they contribute so little in proportion to the exaggerated wealth they possess.

They say a lot of stupid things, and they do a lot of stupid things.

Moreover they made their billions by taking advantage of the system in order to steal wealth from regular Americans.

They did it with the aid of their Ivy League chums. Munger of course is Harvard scum. His partner Warren Buffett is Wharton School scum.

Their wealth is built upon the backs and stolen wealth of regular people.

Munger’s generation and a good piece of my generation are particularly culpable.

These modern day robber barons destroyed the America that was, the America that gave the American dream to many Americans.

He and his kind – people like Mitt Romney, Carl Icahn, the motherfuckers at Bain Capital, and his pig-shit friend Warren Buffett, helped along by other Ivy League scum-meisters like Michael Milken at Drexel Burnham Lambert – were able to buy up small regional businesses, American institutions, businesses that provided security and well-paying jobs, including retirement packages for many Americans.

They shut down those businesses, sold the parts and inventory, then shipped the jobs off to China where they could reap a fortune off cheap labor.

This is how these motherfuckers got so rich.

The big losers were the American people.

The highway robbery of these billionaires caused many people to turn to the government for assistance in healthcare and housing. This in turn jacked up our taxes.

Do you see all the homeless people out there? Many of these people had well-paying jobs or came from families whose parents had well-paying jobs before these billionaires took them away.

When the breadwinner’s well-paying job was taken away, all sorts of social ills arose. There was increased drug use, increased divorce, and increased crime.

Do you see all the students with crushing student loan debt? In the old days their parents had the money to pay for their college education. When those well-paying jobs were taken away those students had to resort to government loans. Because the government was loaning money so freely the schools jacked up the cost of the tuition in order to build useless buildings that profited those same billionaires who built those buildings.

These billionaires set into motion on steroids this idea that there was an indispensable class of investor-leaders who are entitled to make huge profits.

This was helped along by the media that they own and control that continually praised them as the best in the brightest because they attended schools like Harvard and the Wharton School.

Accordingly they awarded themselves huge salaries, huge compensation packages, and huge golden parachutes.

Their Iy League chums in Congress sat back and did nothing as these billionaires consolidated one industry after another into unworkable monopolies.

We became a totalitarian state run by corporations and crony capitalists.

The apotheosis of this greed was Marissa Mayer of Yahoo who was given $264 million as a retirement package for doing an average job for five years.

What have these hundred-millionaires and billionaires given back?

The underlying idea behind awarding them so much money is that they as smart people are going to do even more wonderful things for society.

So where’s the beef?

What have they produced besides fancy yachts?

I’m waiting.

What has Charles Munger produced other than his silly statements?

Well, he trashes cryptocurrency on a regular basis. That’s a starter.

How does that benefit us?

Cryptocurrency was invented as a response to the runaway fiat currency that was printed up in order to benefit crooks like Munger and Buffett.

Thanks to Charles Munger, cryptocurrency is unable to advance anywhere.

Isn’t it strange that we have rampant inflation everywhere, but not in cryptocurrency.

How is this possible?

It’s possible because Charles Munger and his kind keep trashing it.

They understand it as the threat that it is to their kleptocracy.

It’s been quite a run for Charles Munger and Warren Buffett, and it’s high time that it ended.

Do I think that because I’m envious?

No, I’m not envious of Charles Munger.

I’m angry.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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