Tell Me Again

Tell me again why it wasn’t possible for the United States to work with Vladimir Putin.

He was clearly the smartest guy in the room.

One only needed to watch him handle a press conference to see that this was so.

The man can speak multiple languages, and he doesn’t need a Teleprompter to give an answer.

Our presidents can barely babble their own name in English with the aid of a Teleprompter.

So why wouldn’t we work with him?

Why would we want to make him an enemy?

He does a better job for sticking up for the rights of his own people than our leaders do.

We could use a guy like that on our side.

Maybe that’s why our leaders made an enemy of him.

They don’t want anybody looking out for the welfare and benefit of Americans.

Plus our leaders want to make sure that there is plenty of justification for the military industrial complex.

If they have Vladimir Putin as an enemy, why that’s all the more reason to build ships and bases all over the world.

What’s wrong with that you ask?

What’s wrong with that is that you don’t benefit.

The citizens of empire don’t get wealthier; they become poorer.

The people who get rich are the people at the top.

The sun never set on the British empire, and it never rose upon the slums of London.

As the British empire was growing, regular British people couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

The immigration rates into the United States were humongous.

During the 1800s, America was not an international empire builder.

Thank God.

Consequently, people could generally keep the fruits of their labors.

Unfortunately our leaders, the Harvard Cabal, cozied up to the British and adopted their bad habits.

One of those bad habits is the necessity of tear-assing all over the world so as to exploit other people.

Yes, there is something wrong with our leaders.

They are physically and mentally ill.

They aren’t satisfied with making a little bit of money.

Their greed gene is always on; their compassion gene is always off.

They’re biologically sick.

One of their big scams is to create war.

When there’s war, there’s plenty of need to make stuff to fight the war.

Hence the conflict with Vladimir Putin.

Our leaders could’ve easily worked with Vladimir Putin.

But they didn’t.

They didn’t because for them there’s no money in peace.

In peacetime, we win.

In peacetime, they lose.

Hence the conflict with Putin.

That’s what it’s all about, baby.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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