Ha Ha, Suckers

Applications for student loan forgiveness will no longer be accepted.


Sorry about that, suckered and scammed college grads, no more money for you.

Your money just got sent to Ukraine.

Why not?

The elites already made money off you by jacking up your college tuition.

Oh, yeah, baby. It was a sweetheart deal between the banks and the criminals who run the colleges.

The lending institutions agree to loan outrageous amounts of money, and the colleges agree to charge outrageous amounts of money.

Where does the money go?

  • Brand spanking new buildings that don’t need to be built. Buildings and their maintenance are expensive, baby. Not to worry, UTRGV, near where I live, births buildings like the Octamom. I am impressed though. With the snap of the fingers stadiums and Performance Arts Buildings fall out of the sky ready-made. They appear overnight.
  • Hi-tech gadgets that yield the illusion of learning. Blaise Pascal used a quill and ink. As did Isaac Newton. Somehow that was good enough.
  • Jacked up college president’s pay. The former President at Penn, Amy Gutmann, made a cool three million simoleons a year. That’s a lot of scratch. What did she do with all that money? Buy Phillies tickets? Oh, no, I’m sure deluxe box seats were written into her contract. Okay, maybe the Philadelphia Orchestra.
  • Silly amenities like rock-climbing walls.
  • Increased number of administrators for god knows what. Safe space administration? Service dog monitoring? Tucking students into bed at night?
  • Big time booty for lending institutions.

Who gives a fuck anyway?

The important thing is to make money.

And the money has been made. That’s why they don’t need you, Mr. Loan Suckeree.

There’s no money to be made in helping you out.

But there is money to be made in Ukraine.

Lots of it.

The gas resources are outstanding.

So is the farmland. I’m sure Farmer Gates wants in on that.

And that’s why the money is going to Ukraine and not you.

That’s what America is about now: Getting rich.

And staying rich.

Keeping you poor is part of the program.

That’s what the Harvard Cabal wants. You see, the more emaciated you are financially, the better it is for their eternal rule.

Oh, they wouldn’t do that, you exclaim. You’re paranoid, Archer.

Oh, yes they would do that. And they would do it in spades.

They are doing it.

If they cared about you, they wouldn’t have created the mess in the first place.

And if they doubly cared about you, they would allocate funds to help you.

A reasonable, rational person would understand that the strength of America lies in the strength of its people.

That’s not how they see it.

These motherfuckers have allied themselves with the creepy criminal elite in the United Kingdom.

And they are creepy.

That’s bad news for you.

The criminal elite in the United Kingdom haven’t given a shit about their own people for hundreds of years.

Our criminal elite here in the United States are new at the game, but they are learning fast.

They are not just stealing your money, they are giving you a lower quality product as well.

The education they now give is dumbed down with political correctness. They unequivocally celebrate international meddlers like Dwight Eisenhower, and racist exploitation artists like Winston Churchill.

They lie to you about Pearl Harbor and 911.

Don’t forget about JFK and 11/22.

They tell you that the Civil War was fought for slavery (BS. The Civil War like all wars was fought for money, power and control. Lincoln used emancipation of slaves as a weapon in the mid to late part of the war.).

True discussion deemed controversial is not permitted.

Certain questions may no longer be asked or broached.

You’re getting ripped off.

Big time.

You’re even lied to about Ukraine.

Putin isn’t the aggressor. The aggressor is our greedy elite who violated the agreement we made with the Russians that NATO would not be expanded after Germany was reunified.

That’s right, and after the US sponsored a coup that overthrew Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 so as to install our Nazi satrapy in Kiev, US puppets signed the Minsk Agteement which guaranteed safety for the Russians living in the Donbas.

The US and its puppets violated that agreement also. About 12,000 Ukrainian/Russians have died since the Minsk Agreements.

They died, because the US sponsored government in Ukraine shells them mercilessly.

That’s why we continue to send money to Ukraine.

Our greedy elite want that farmland. They want that oil and gas.

So the same government that saddled you with enormous debt, that won’t substantially help you out, will now send money that could help you out to Ukraine. And they will use the educational system that ripped you off to lie to you about Ukraine.

Isn’t that a howler?

I think so.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

How to Deal with Putin

I’ll tell you how to deal with Vladimir Putin. You treat him with respect which is what our leaders manifestly refused to do.

Obama called his country a JV nation. All of our presidents refused to include him when he asked to be included. Instead they expanded NATO into Russia’s sphere of influence when they promised they wouldn’t.

So once again, our leaders in the United States, Ivy League frauds for the most part, staring at their reflection in the mirror, created in the Ukraine another mess in which many people will die unnecessarily.

How do we get out of this mess?

Certainly not by sending more arms and pouring kerosene onto the fire.

Naturally, of course, our incompetent leaders desire this because they make money off war.

No, the solution is to encourage the Ukrainians to surrender in order to end the bloodshed.

They can’t win this fight, and they won’t win this fight. If the United States persists in arming Ukraine in order to prolong the war, Putin and the Russians will come down even harder on the Ukrainians and annihilate them.

This is an existential war for the Russians. If they are backed into a corner, they most certainly will use nuclear weapons. They unequivocally will not permit themselves to be enslaved to NATO and the west. That’s reality.

Our leaders live in a fantasy world. Vladimir Putin does not live in a fantasy world. He is not isolated. He is not syphilitic. He is an intelligent individual who is well read. He can speak multiple languages whereas our leaders can barely babble one. He was the judo champion of Leningrad. He plays sports. He actually reads books. Have you ever seen him handle a press conference? He can do it all by himself without a Teleprompter. He understands history.

He is not a gambler. He is not a person who makes rash decisions on his own. He has advisers that he consults. His advisers are not yes men; he welcomes opposing opinions.

The decision to enter Ukraine was not taken on a lark. Putin has the voluntary support of Russia’s elder statesmen. They play chess, and they play the game well.

Incidentally, how are the weapons going to get to the Ukrainians when the Russian style of fighting is to form a cauldron around each city?

The Russians have already disrupted the rail lines. This means that the principal way of getting arms in is by air.

If we attempt to airlift weapons in and it seems to be working, the Russians will put an end to that. They will have to create a no-fly zone that will increase the chance of a US plane being shot down.

This is probably what our leaders want as it will only escalate the crisis. This is not what we want. War does not benefit the people of the United States. War impoverishes the people of the United States.

The best way to help the people of Ukraine is to get them to surrender. The sooner the better.

We don’t want Vladimir Putin as our enemy. We want him as our friend.

That’s a sensible approach that a normal person would take.

Unfortunately our leaders are stone cold losers.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Max Boot: Chicken Hawk

I can’t resist in criticizing Ivy League frauds.

There is something about the pretentiousness of such a degree that activates me.

It’s part of my disturbed upbringing I suppose.

Enter Max Boot.

Max Boot is another Ivy League jackass who puts on a good act.

He’s an apologist for our modern day Caesars, and not surprisingly he has written for the empire’s top rags.

He’s another one of these guys who knows how to dress right, speak right and fold his hands in a controlled manner when he appears on television.

He speaks in measured tones.

It’s not surprising that people fawn all over him.

He used to have hair but now has none thus proving that hair, or the lack of, has no relation to intelligence, because he’s just as stupid now in supporting Ukraine as he was in supporting the invasion of Iraq.

We can’t blame him for his position on Iraq though because the vast majority of us supported the invasion of Iraq.

We were all caught up in the euphoria of 911.

We all believed the lies.

But times change.

The physicists have spoken. It’s quite obvious that jets could not have taken down the World Trade Center.

It was taken down by the cocksuckers in Corporate America who stood to make a fortune off never-ending war in the Middle East. They needed their Pearl Harbor.

Honest people see this.

Corporate cocksuckers like Max Boot refuse to see it.

He is not only intellectually dumb, he is morally dumb.

Now Max Boot sports a hat thus proving that hats do not confer intelligence.

Nor does a Yale degree.

Nor does being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations – a gang of thugs who agree to praise each other.

Max Boot clearly doesn’t get it.

The purpose of an education is to learn, to think, to learn how to think.

You are supposed to use that education to make for a better world.

The purpose of an education is not to secure a magic talisman that you put around your neck so as to fool people that you know what you’re talking about.

Max Boot is a warmonger. He believes that we should support the people of Ukraine.

Well, let me correct that. He believes that you should support the people of Ukraine by sending your children over there to fight a war that will be lost.

Hey, he’s not that old. Maybe he can’t shoot a gun, but there’s no reason why he can’t pitch in and carry the ammo from one room to the next for the shooters.

Older people certainly are essential in fighting a war. They can do a lot of things.

They can prepare the food for the soldiers.

They can help bury the dead.

They can function as an effective civilian resistance.

I think he should go for it.

Go Max go!

Go Max go!

Go Max go!

I absolutely unequivocally insist that federal marshals pick him up today and escort him to the nearest Ukrainian war theater.

Maybe the reality of war will shake some common sense into his useless mind.

Bullets zinging by your head gives a whole new meaning to war. It’s not an arm chair exercise anymore.

That’s precisely the experience that Max Boot needs to understand. When he enters the Ukrainian battlefields he will come to understand reality.


Here is reality.

Russia will win this war. Ukraine will lose this war.

Lies don’t win wars.

We live in a moral universe.

America was wrong. NATO was wrong.

Russia is right.

America is not always the good guy.

You have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em..

When playing chess, you need to resign when it is clear that you are beaten.

You have to live to fight another day.

Bye bye, Max.

Go get a real education.

You’re beaten.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Quivering Lump of Gelatin

When we don’t hold tricksters accountable for their crimes, the tricks have a way of coming back on us.

And so for decades Americans sat back, partied wild, drank grog, and feasted on pheasant while the CIA made lives miserable for others around the globe.

There was scarcely a country that did not feel or does not feel today our leader’s malevolence.

El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua (hey, I’m not even out of our own quadri-sphere) all felt the love that the American CIA had to offfer.

The CIA did it at the behest of Corporate America.

Wall Street titans fatten their wallets on Third World slave labor, and we the citizens get cheaper bananas and sugar.

Let’s not forget about Levis courtesy of the slaves in Haiti.

Our CIA and the thugs they prop up will gladly murder any poor soul who dare asks for more than six dollars a day.

This isn’t the club I signed up for.

I doubt it’s the club my parents and grandparents signed up for.

We thought we were living in a republic.

We thought we were the good guys.

Unfortunately our country has become a runaway train of deceit.

And now those lies and deceptions are coming back upon the people of the United States of America through rampant immigration, drugs and crime.

The connection between CIA activities and these social ills is of course hidden from you by main stream media.

Mindless pseudo-solutions like walls, increased security, and tamperproof visas are offered up.

Causes are never discussed.

Our leadership now lies with impunity not only in our part of the sphere but on the other side of the pond.

We saw this during the Middle East crisis in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.

We saw this during the pandemic.

And now we see it with Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

Our leadership flat out lies.

And it gets away with it.

It gets away with it because Americans are too busy having a good time to bother with the lies that are gradually poisoning American society.

Besides lies feel good. Lies are generally emotion-based and feed into our emotional desire to feel morally superior to others.

We Americans didn’t invent virtue signaling, but surely we have mastered the art.

“Those Russian barbarians are murdering innocent children. I’ll give twenty-five dollars to the relief effort while screaming and yelling for Team America. I’ll fully support the warmongers on CNN and Fox who support Corporate America supplying Stinger missiles to the Ukraine. I promise never to understand that promoting constant warfare abroad benefits Corporate America while robbing ordinary Americans of education, social services, and healthcare. I furthermore agree to never investigate the atrocities that the United States commits against people in Yemen and other countries in the Middle East. I pledge with all my heart to turn off my brain and become a quivering lump of gelatin in an electric field swaying back and forth to the heartbeat of whatever emotional blather is pumped out by main stream media.”

Americans don’t want to know the truth.

They don’t want to know.

They prefer to be entertained.

It’s too difficult to pick up a book and read.

And so they don’t, and our leaders know that.

Because our leaders know that, they don’t bother to change the history books that make a shamble of their lies. They don’t need to waste their time doing that.

Book burnings are so quaint.

Nowadays the government through its fascist collaborators at Facebook and YouTube de-platforms those who dare utter the truth to too large an audience.

And that’s the way it is.

Consequently the joke is on you, the average American.

Your republic slips away right in front of your eyes.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

No End to War

Why can we not have an end to war?

Why will war always be with us?

Principally because a) men have the freedom to choose poorly, b) there is no absolute correlation between wealth and intelligence, c) wealth accumulation is often a sickness that clouds wise decision making, and d) wealthy people make the decision to go to war.

This leads us to the leadership of the United States of America today.

What we have ruling America today are wealthy people, addicted to wealth, blinded by greed, enamored with war, who choose to make poor decisions that will ultimately harm them and ourselves.

Our current leaders are unable to temper their greed.

Their greed has blinded them.

The war in the Ukraine is of their doing.

America owns that war and the resultant destruction.

The war can end tomorrow.

Our wealthy who control the leadership in Ukraine can make a deal with Vladimir Putin tonight.

Here is the deal.

Ukraine will be divided into two parts by the Dnieper river.

The western part, West Ukraine, will join NATO. The eastern part, East Ukraine, will be controlled by ethnic Russians. It will not join NATO, nor will it ever join NATO.

East Ukraine will become the buffer zone between NATO and Russia.

This is the smart compromise.

This is the compromise that a prudent decision maker would make.

Our leaders are not prudent.

They are blinded by their greed and the false delusional beliefs they have about themselves.

We live in a Kim Jong-Un society.

Our leaders believe that they are infallible living gods who are entitled to rule all that exists before them.

The world belongs to them, and that’s it.

They love conquest, and they love the war in the process.

War makes them money whether they win the war or not.

If they lose the war, they go on to fight another. And another.

Our leaders win either way.

Leaders never pay for their crimes until we kill them.

Until that day comes, we suffer and live through interminable war.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Sane Leader

Vladimir Putin is being portrayed by the media as an out of control, bellicose, mentally unstable, senile, perhaps syphilitic, paranoid loner who has made a critical mistake in implementing an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

It suits the narrative of Corporate America well.

There he is sitting at a long desk far away from the other participants. Why, clearly he is afraid of being assassinated.

I doubt it.

My observations lead me to conclude that Vladimir Putin is a totally rational, totally sane, totally connected individual who thinks extremely carefully about the moves he makes upon the world chess board.

Rather than being a loner, I suspect he has assembled a team of seasoned, intelligent students of world affairs whom he consults and listens to regularly.

Rather than be impulsive, he is careful and reluctant to make a rash move.

Whatever his plan is in Ukraine, he knows what he’s doing.

The media would have you believe that he was caught off balance by the sanctions and the cutoff from the SWIFT banking system.

I doubt it.

Chess is practically a national sport in Russia.

It makes more sense to me that Putin and his team have thought through their invasion of Ukraine twenty-five moves ahead of where they are.

I would bet that they have more than enough reserves to handle sanctions and a shut down of the SWIFT banking system.

Moreover the SWIFT banking system is not the only system out there for transferring funds from one bank to another.

Yet the media is already portraying everyday Russians as being ravaged by the sanctions. This was being reported nearly a week ago, almost one week after the invasion began.

Are you kidding me?

Complementing this narrative, the media has also reported that the Russian soldiers are young people barely in their teens.

We are being told that Vladimir Putin can’t find able-bodied soldiers for his invasion, only young dupes pressed into service beyond their will.

The media is making Russia the equivalent of war weary and war devastated Nazi Germany in 1945 where Hitler was impressing 15 year olds into service.

Russia is in no such position.

It is nowhere close to being able to not provide able-bodied soldiers.

Russia only has 150,000 troops in Ukraine.

It is a nation of 145 million people, 3/4 the size of the United States during Vietnam.

At that time the United States had 500,000 troops in Vietnam halfway around the world.

Russia can easily handle this invasion.

The Ukraine is right on Russia’s doorstep.

Of course, none of this is thought out or presented by our media. In fact, a false narrative of Russia being devastated only one week into the campaign is being presented.

Yesterday the Ukrainians claimed that they had already killed 11,000 Russian troops.

What insanity is this?

That a country one fifth the size of Russia, with relatively no investment in military compared to Russia, can take out 11,000 Russian troops in a week is flat out ridiculous.

If Russia were losing 11,000 troops a week, they would’ve flattened the Ukraine by now.

Nevertheless, it is what it is.

The danger of this narrative is that the people who put out this narrative, even though it is false, begin to believe their own bullshit.

They go further by stating that Russians only need to look across the border at the democracy in Ukraine and glumly wonder why they can’t have a democracy too.

We are then shown scenes of protests and riots not only in Ukraine, but in Russia as well.

Clearly a syphylitic and out of touch Putin has hijacked the nation into impulsively attacking Ukraine.

Russians, according to the lies, clearly want democracy, not the thug Vladimir Putin who has killed his way to the top, unlike our Presidents in the United States who would never resort to killing anyone.

Moreover, according to the propagandists in our national media, Russia is teetering on the edge.

This is a dangerously incorrect narrative.

It’s dangerous because it invites our state department, CIA, and media knuckleheads like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin into a false sense of confidence.

Already, these people are being goaded into thinking that a little bit of effort by the United States will topple the Russian army and Vladimir Putin.

Anthony Blinken, our secretary of state, is talking with Poland, a NATO member about Poland flying jets into the Ukraine to help the Ukrainians.

I can’t think of a worse idea.

Let’s hope that the Poles have more common sense than the knuckleheads who lead our country.

The Russians are not going to give up the Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin and his team are not going to allow NATO to own the Ukraine.

For them it’s a matter of life and death.

If NATO owns the Ukraine, Russia will become a permanent vassal state to the United States and NATO.

Too much of Russia’s economy depends upon the sale of oil and gas to to the west, fully 60%.

If NATO owns the Ukraine, there will be no need for Russian oil and gas.

Consequently, Russia will fight for the Ukraine to the death.

This will become an existential war for them.

If the Poles attack Russian troops, Russia will respond in kind. They will take all of the Ukraine, and, if they have to, roll into Poland.

It’s a clear shot from Russia into Poland.

They call that terrain through the Ukraine the Eurasian Steppe, which is a flat grassland with few obstacles.

The Ukraine already sits on the eastern border of Poland.

It is not in Poland’s interest for the Russian bear to be sitting on its border.

It’s much wiser for Poland to accept what Vladimir Putin seems to be offering.

Vladimir Putin could have easily flattened Kiev by now had he wanted to. He could have easily moved his troops extensively beyond the Dnieper River.

He has slowed down his attack and his convoys, and not because of Ukrainian resistance.

Clearly he desires a negotiated settlement.

What he wants is the territory east of the Dnieper river where he can set up the buffer state of East Ukraine.

The United States and NATO would be wise to read the tea leaves correctly and not believe their own bullshit.

Putin and the Russians are far from finished.

Take the compromise.

It’s a sane compromise coming from a sane leader.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Hawks

If If it’s one thing our media is good at, it’s riling everybody up for war while not fully explaining what’s going on. The reason why the media does that is because the media is owned by Corporate America, and Corporate America makes a lot of money off war.

The media portrays Vladimir Putin as a killer, and I have no doubt that he is. But our presidents in the United States have been rumored to be killers also. Lyndon Johnson had a hatchet man named Mac Wallace. The Clintons have been implicated as killers by conservatives for decades.

The media also portrays Vladimir Putin as a crook. Well, how about Lyndon Johnson? He practically wrote the book on figuring out ways to get a little extra cash. LBJ was very crafty. You didn’t have to give him a pile of cash; he just asked you to buy advertising on his radio station.

What else does the media do? It doesn’t tell you the truth.

When it comes to the Ukraine, the United States through NATO provoked the Russians to attack by encroaching upon the Russian sphere of influence. We would respond in kind if either China or Russia formed a strategic military alliance with either Mexico or Canada.

The sad thing here is that the United States encouraged Ukrainians to stand up to Russia and Vladimir Putin knowing full well that Russia was going to invade and crush them.

So why did the United States do this? They did it because our country is not the republic that we think it is. Our country has unfortunately been hijacked by Corporate America which is largely controlled by this Harvard Cabal which is greedy beyond comprehension. They need a justification to build up the military even more. They don’t need an actual war to occur; the fear of war is just as profitable.

That’s why you see warmongers like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin going ballistic over what Vladimir Putin is doing. Whether they know it or not, they work for Corporate America. In fact almost everybody in mainstream media works for Corporate America.

Anyone who benefits off the national agenda, right or left, works for Corporate America.

Hannity and Levin are the pit bulls for the military. They yell, they scream. They peddle in emotion.

They love war. They want you to put your brain aside and fight.

They claim that the Ukraine is in America’s best interests. I doubt that. Empires usually don’t benefit anyone except the rich. Empires don’t even benefit the citizens who live within that empire.

Why should we be an enemy of Russia anyway? What did they do in the past 30 years to earn our enmity? We were the ones who went into the Middle East and killed a million people. We were the ones who went into Vietnam and killed two to four million people. We even helped Suharto kill a million Indonesians in the mid-1960s. Why weren’t we sanctioned? Why are the Russians being sanctioned? They’re third rate pikers when it comes to our standards of killing. First, of course, are the British who killed tens of millions of people for the glory of their empire.

I used to believe in the nonsense of Russia the evil empire. Back in the 1990s I would freely expound to anyone who would listen what I thought. Then one day an elderly African-American doctor took me aside and explained to me that Russia was not some backwater filled with ogres. He explained that Russia was an extremely cultured civilization that has given rise to famous artists, authors, musicians, academics and sports figures throughout history. Your periodic table in chemistry was discovered by a Russian. I had to admit that he was right. Gradually I changed my thinking.

Russia is not our enemy. Vladimir Putin is not our enemy. Our enemy is within. Our enemy is the Harvard Cabal which creates this artificial conflict in order to build up the military so that they can steal money from us. As long as we permit this cabal to lead us into war, we make ourselves poorer.

There was absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have worked with Vladimir Putin years ago. None whatsoever. That we didn’t is an indictment of our leaders.

Our leaders cannot be trusted by anyone, not by ourselves, and certainly not by the people of Ukraine. The people of the Ukraine are going to find out the hard way. You the average American will also.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Who Started the Conflict

Who started the conflict in Ukraine?

The United States.

The greedy Harvard Cabal that has hijacked the American Republic has once again created the conditions for their favorite economic enterprise: War.

A smart leader prevents war.

A smart leader keeps his hand steady on the rudder and avoids rocky waters.

The morally blind traitors in the Harvard Cabal create war.

War makes then money.

They love war.

Regardless of their posturing and their sanctimonious sanctions, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are making money through back channels by supplying the Russian war machine.

These fools who lead us are hopelessly incapable of waging peace.

It isn’t that difficult to do.

It’s not as if peace isn’t going to make them any money.

There are plenty of dollars to be made through peace.

So much of American infrastructure needs to be rebuilt.

Dams need to be reinforced.

Crumbling bridges need to be rebuilt.

Polluted waterways need to be cleaned up.

Crumbling inner cities desperately need investment.

New concepts need to be constructed.

We need high speed rail between major cities.

That’s a lot of rail.

There’s not enough money for corporations in that?

It would’ve been very simple for the Harvard Cabal to reach out to Vladimir Putin and ask him to join the team.

Why should we make an enemy of Russia?

What’s the point of that?

And specifically what has Russia done in the last 30 years to warrant such enmity?

It was the United States that went into the Middle East and killed close to a million people.

And that’s a conservative estimate.

If anyone should’ve been sanctioned it was the United States of America.

Come to think of it, why do other nations in the world not sanction the United States when it steps out of line?

Why is it always the Russians who are sanctioned?

Well, of course, we know why.

The Harvard Cabal needs an enemy in order to justify the military industrial complex.

That’s what it’s all about for these guys: Making money through war.

They need Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin makes them money.

That’s the sad state of affairs in the United States of America and the world.

America is engaging upon a wicked course of action no different than that of the Roman Empire and Great Britain.

If we aren’t willing to stand up and stop it, then it will be the end of us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

What Will Putin Do

Why is Vladimir Putin correct in invading Ukraine, and what will he do?

To answer these questions, we have to ask the rhetorical question: What is his job, and what would you do if you had his job?

Vladimir Putin‘s job is not to look after the best interest of the American people.

Vladimir Putin‘s job is to look after the best interest of the Russian people.

That’s why he is in power. If he hadn’t responded to the needs of his people, he would’ve been forcibly thrown out of office along time ago.

Any government regardless of its form that does not respond to the needs of the people will soon be deposed.

Vladimir Putin is not a stupid guy. Unlike our leaders, he’s not a cardboard cutout or a comedy act. He’s very well read. He’s smart, and he seems interested in a wide variety of subject matters.

He understands full well that any leader who does not look after the needs of the people will soon be thrown out of power.

Accepting that, what’s in the best interest of the Russian people?

Is it in the best interest of the Russian people to be isolated from the rest of Europe?

That’s the position that the United States and NATO put the Russian people in. The United States and NATO kept encroaching upon Russia, right up to its border.

Apparently, the United States doesn’t want Russia to have any trade relations with NATO nations.

Why would that be in the best interest of the Russian people?

Why would the Russians not want to sell oil and gas to Germany and other European nations?

How will this benefit Russia?

If Russia cannot sell oil and gas to European nations, then Russia becomes a poor country.

If Russia cannot have good trade relations with European nations, then Russia becomes a slave state to the United States.

Why would Russia want to accept a second class ticket on the airplane?

Why would Russians not want to travel first class like the United States and European nations?

Answer: They do.

Russians want to enjoy the same privileges that citizens of the United States enjoy.

As leader of Russia, it’s Vladimir Putin’s job to recognize that and respond to that.

And that is what he has done.

That is why he is correct in invading Ukraine.

He will invade Ukraine and stop the encroachment of the United States upon its territory.

Vladimir Putin will create the buffer zone between Russia and NATO.

He will set up a barrier and say: No more.

My guess is that he will stop at the Dnieper river and go no further. If he has gone beyond the Dnieper River, it is only a bargaining position, a dog bone, a concession chip he can toss back to the West.

Is he interested in pushing Russian hegemony up to the borders of NATO nations?

I do not think so, as doing so would complicate his mission and open it up to failure.

I also do not think he wants to go door to door through any more cities than he needs to.

He’s not interested in having Russian soldiers be killed unnecessarily.

This war will be over very quickly if the United States does not get involved to any substantial degree.

The Dnieper river is the best natural boundary to separate eastern and western Ukraine.

It’s the easiest way to defend the buffer zone which will be eastern Ukraine.

Eventually, Putin will tell Ukrainians who don’t want to live under Russian rule to move across the river.

He will set up a Russian vassal state in what is now eastern Ukraine.

Then he will tell western Ukraine to get the hell out of town and do whatever it wants. If they want to join NATO and become a beggar nation, go for it.

At this time he doesn’t give one flip about western Ukraine.

As a student of history, he also understands that he does not have anywhere near the strength of the West.

He sees himself as a Hannibal type figure, an opponent of modern-day Rome.

Unlike Hannibal, Putin has the benefit of history. He understands that Hannibal had no chance against Rome. While it was possible for Hannibal to eke out a victory or two, Hannibal was always at a disadvantage because Rome had so many allies and friends.

The western nations in a traditional war could crush Russia.

The western nations in a traditional war could do to Russia what Rome did to Carthage.

It’s not that Russians aren’t smart; it’s that the West has too many men.

In short, Vladimir Putin is outnumbered, and he knows it.

This is why Vladimir Putin takes calculated strategic moves upon the world stage.

He knows that he’s at a disadvantage.

This is why he waited until the opportune moment to move into Syria, which he successfully did.

The man does not make movements on a whim.

He carefully thinks out his ideas and plans.

I can assure you that he has carefully thought out this invasion.

He understands exactly what he wants to do.

And what he wants to do is ensure that the Russian people have a seat at the table in the future.

He wants Russians to prosper and not be a vassal state of the United States and NATO.

He has seen how the United States treats dependent nations around the globe.

The United States treats dependent nations horribly.

That’s not what he wants for the Russian people, and that is why he is correct in invading Ukraine.

He will take a half loaf of bread and slowly build Russia’s hegemony.

It’s a new Russia, not Stalin’s Russia.

And that will be a good thing for us here in America. The world needs a counterweight to American aggression around the world.

As an American empire will not benefit regular Americans, the American empire must be stopped.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Is The Russian Invasion of Ukraine a Good Thing

Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine a bad thing or a good thing?

Currently, you have every so-called media expert in the world lamenting the invasion of Ukraine.

Why should they?

Maybe the invasion of Ukraine is a good thing.

It can be a good thing.

The stronger Russia is, the better it is for regular people in the United States, and the better it is for the people in the Ukraine.

The people in the Ukraine will no longer be living under the illusion that the United States is their friend. This is a good thing for them as the United States has never been a friend to anyone. Just ask the people in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and Syria. You can also ask the people in the Philippines, Central America, Haiti, Cuba, Iran, Indonesia and just about any other country of the world.

That’s because the United States exploits other nations.

Exploitation is a bad thing for the people of the United States as exploitation runs contrary to the principles of Christianity.

Hence, the stronger Russia is, the better it is for regular people in the United States.

Ditto with respect to China.

The stronger China is, the better it is for regular people in the United States.

The stronger the European Union is, the better it is for regular people in the United States.

When other regions of the world are strong, the better it is for us.

When you help others, you help yourself.

Any force that can put the brakes on the global killing machine that the Harvard Cabal has produced in the world today is a good thing.

We shouldn’t believe that a stronger Russia or a stronger China is bad for us.

It certainly is worse for the war economy.

It certainly is worse for our global elites who hail from Harvard University.

But we have nothing in common with these bums who hail from Harvard.

In fact they don’t even like us.

They showed conclusively that they don’t like us through their inability to produce anything that will improve the quality of our lives over the last 70 years.

What have they given us? They – led by Mitt Romney, Bain capital, Carl Icahn and Michael Milken – traded in our well-paying jobs for tattoos, nonstop gambling, celebrity culture, cheap gossip, a corporate prison racket, devastated cities and drugs.

They also gave nonstop business-mergering and over-centralization that has yielded a non-competitive marketplace that produces poor quality goods at a more expensive price.

What have they not given us? A viable competitive healthcare marketplace which can deliver affordable healthcare for all.

What else have they not given us? A mass transit system of high-speed rail between major cities that can save us time and money.

It seems logical to believe then that anything that can hurt the Harvard Cabal, greedy warmongers all, would be a good thing for us.

A strong Russia, a strong China, and a strong European Union can act as a break on the global killing machine that the Harvard Cabal has prosecuted.

That’s a good thing.

Empires are bad.

Empire slayers are good.

Don’t be disheartened that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. This could be the best thing that ever happened to us.

It was Vladimir Putin who put an end to the war in Syria. It was the United States who provoked that civil war in Syria.

That’s right. Our CIA under the control of the Harvard Cabal provoked that debacle that was responsible for 400,000 dead and millions of fleeing refugees.

Do you remember the killing fields in Aleppo?

There was no end in sight to that killing until Vladimir Putin stepped in.

When he stepped in, the killing stopped. It stopped on a dime.

Did the phony Nobel Prize committee recognize Vladimir Putin?

That phony committee gives out Nobel Prizes like candy to American Presidents, yet Vladimir Putin prevented tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of deaths that surely would have occurred if the United States had continued its excursion in Syria.

If Vladimir Putin is successful in the Ukraine, there is a good chance we could see greater stability in the world.

The world desperately needs a counterweight to the United States and our criminal corporate elite.

Of course, never underestimate the evil Harvard Cabal. Already they are engineering our government to steal billions in the form of aid to the Ukraine.

They will give that aid to themselves.

Foreign aid, if you are not aware, is nothing more than corporate welfare. The money we give to foreign governments is given only with the caveat that those foreign governments purchase goods off US corporations.

For well over 80 to 90 years, Corporate America has been piling up the national debt in order to award itself money under the guise of helping other nations.

It has been a never ending raping of the American people.

Vladimir Putin, if he can rebuild Soviet hegemony, can help put an end to that raping.

We must stop the expansion of the American empire. We must stop foreign aid as we know it. We must stop the Harvard Cabal.

Don’t join the boobs on television who universally condemn Vladimir Putin. He may be doing a good thing.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved