OMG! Others Can See My Bitcoin Transactions! SFW!

OMG, Bitcoin doesn’t have privacy!

Quick, ring the fire bell!

Lack of privacy is the latest broadside attack against Bitcoin.

Moment of Awareness Statement: I think the government and the criminal elite do understand why regular people desire Bitcoin.

I think the rich who have hijacked our government do understand why regular people desire Bitcoin.

They know full well the threat that Bitcoin poses to them.

Everyone needs a protection against inflation and government mismanagement, even the honest rich.

The latest and most recurring attack on Bitcoin is that it’s not really private.

Because it’s not private, the wealthy elite argue, the government can now immediately know what you’re spending your money on.

No shit, Sherlock.

And, umm, yes, I did eat at Bobby’s Barbecue last week.


I don’t give a flying fuck if you know that I ate there because a) I’m not a criminal, and b) I haven’t done anything wrong. But, even if I had done something wrong, I understand that my true salvation lies within the truth, not in “getting away with it.”

Perhaps the rich care about hiding their financial chicanery, but most regular people do not.

Regular people don’t care about hiding their finances; they don’t care because they’re not doing anything illegal.

They aren’t sequestering stolen loot in Panama.

In addition to that most transactions have been recorded for decades now as people have increasingly used credit cards to buy everything at their local Targets and Walmarts.

If the government really wants to know if there was a local “commie” meeting at Bobby’s Barbecue, they already have the ability to cooperate with their puppets at the credit card companies to gather information to prove that ten “commies” were eating there at the same time.

You go, girl!

Early adopters of Bitcoin couldn’t care less if the government knows that they bought a can of shaving cream last Sunday.

Bitcoin adopters are willing to trade financial anonymity for security in the money supply.

That’s why Bitcoin is becoming popular.

Bitcoin is being adopted because regular people are tired of governments inflating the currency artificially while awarding the bulk of it to wealthy families who build bombs, incendiary devices and lots of other stuff that’s used to kill people.

Bitcoin didn’t accelerate in value because the government decreased the amount of Bitcoin which is the opposite of what happens in regular currency.

Bitcoin accelerated in value because people recognized the benefits of Bitcoin. What occurred was increased demand in the face of a controlled supply of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a political statement as well as an economic statement.

People are saying to the government: You don’t have any right to manufacture money and give it selectively to people who have paid you off. You don’t have the right to steal our money.

The criminal rich, who love anonymity, and who prefer to steal money from regular people through their government cronies and government puppets, continue to not listen to the desires of the people.

Ultimately, as the centuries go by the regular people will win.

It is a moral good that people be able to protect them selves from thievery.

The rich who have acquired their money legitimately should recognize this as well.

The current system of privately owned anonymous cash isn’t working.

There exists too much counterfeiting of money both illegally and legally.

Too much effort is expended on catching the illegal counterfeiters, and no effort is spent on catching the legal counterfeiters in the government.

Bitcoin adopters are stating that this must stop.

The wealthy elite who are making their money legitimately and not through government chicanery should welcome Bitcoin as well.

Yes, we will have to give up a bit of privacy, but we are doing that already.

Honest people should have no fear of Bitcoin.

OMG! Others Can See My Bitcoin Transactions!

So Fucking What!


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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