Evidence-Based Lies

As I’ve stated many times before, Harvard University is the enemy of our liberty and freedom.

It is also a threat to any reasonable quality of life. Examples are boundless. Today I will talk about evidence-based medicine.

Recently an article appeared in the British Medical Journal entitled: The Illusion of Evidence Based Medicine.

In a nutshell the authors argue that corporations have corrupted the professors and in turn their studies that evidence-based medicine promotes as truth.

As a pediatrician this is not surprising to me.

About a decade ago, cold medicines were being promoted by insurance companies, and the supporters of evidence-based medicine, as being useless to children.

Evidence-based medicine, the insurance companies claimed, proved that the cold medicines were not really working.

There was no shortage of puppets in academia who went along with this.

I found this confusing because moms had been telling me for decades that certain cold medicines worked. They would make comments like this: “Well, the medicine worked for a few days, then wore off.” This made sense to me as the body will in many cases acclimate to a medicine. Moreover, it told me that the medicine initially did have effectiveness.

Additionally, I had tried out many of these medicines myself over several decades. So I knew from first-hand experience that the medicines worked.

Nevertheless there was no shortage of academic puppets who were telling us that these cold medicines weren’t working in children.

Well, I asked myself, why wouldn’t they work? These cold medicines are working on basic cell receptors which are essential to life itself.

It would be inconceivable that babies would be born without these receptors.

I reluctantly concluded that evidence-based medicine was a sham that was being used by insurance companies in order to justify not paying for medicines. After all if the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for a medicine, it makes more money for itself and its executives.

To be honest, I never liked the term evidence-based medicine in the first place.

This term came into being more commonly in the 1990s after I had finished my training.

I took offense to it.

I asked myself: “What were we practicing before? Fantasy based medicine?”

Yes, it’s true there was a lot of quackery in the field of healthcare, but I did not notice much of this coming from regular doctors.

Even back in my training I remember doctors questioning many of the quack medicines that were being put out by Corporate America.

It seemed to me that the quackery was coming from Corporate America.

Medicines like Baby Percy should have been eliminated from supermarket shelves decades ago.

Yet, evidence-based medicine was not used at all to remove these products from being sold.

Evidence-based medicine was being used to remove valid medicines from the doctors prescribing arsenal.

What does that tell you?

Enter David Sackett.

David Sackett was a physician, Harvard trained, who was a prominent early pioneer of evidence-based medicine.

This is not surprising to me that he was trained at Harvard.

You wouldn’t have heard of the name David Sackett if he hadn’t gone to Harvard.

David Sackett wasn’t the pioneer of evidence-based medicine; Harvard University was the pioneer of evidence-based medicine.

David Sackett was merely the vehicle that Harvard University used.

If David Sackett was a small time doctor, non-Harvard trained, sitting out in the middle of nowhere, writing articles calling for the elimination of quack medicines on supermarket shelves, you would’ve never heard of him.

He would be like me, unheard of, not permitted to speak.

But he was permitted to speak. And that should tell you volumes.

Harvard is first and foremost an agent of the empire.

Harvard exists to promote the domination of the corporate wealthy elite over the world’s population.

That’s why Harvard exists.

Harvard accomplishes this by training and promoting the officers of Corporate America.

Implicit in this training is that such officers will promote corporate interests.

Perhaps David Sackett had good intentions when he attended Harvard.

Perhaps you have good intentions as you attend Harvard.

Well, let me tell you something, Mister. You aren’t going to change Harvard; Harvard is going to change you.

Whatever good idea or good intention you may have, Harvard will find a way to twist that and use it to further corporate interests.

This is the problem we face today.

We now live on Mr. Darcy’s slave plantation.

Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy.

Fuck Mr. Darcy.

Harvard works to promote corporate interests that work against us, our health and our welfare.

The university must be destroyed.

Debunking evidence-based medicine is a good start.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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