Our Current Brand of Globalism

What’s wrong with our modern economics?

What’s wrong is that the vision of globalism that is commonly prosecuted by our elites is wrong.

The current brand is inefficient.

It’s a thinly disguised justification for sweatshop imperialism.

It doesn’t benefit anyone except the super rich.

Why barge materials and goods from continent to continent when each continent within reason has the materials necessary to manufacture its own goods?

Why does India need anyone? They have no shortage of fisheries, farmland, and mountains to extract ores.

Why does South America need anyone? They have no shortage of fisheries, farmland, and mountains to extract ores.

The same can be said for any other continent or subcontinent.

So where is the beef?

There isn’t any continent that doesn’t have oil, or farmland, or fisheries.

Given this reality, why are we barging materials all over the world?

We are doing so because the super rich want to exploit the Third World for cheap labor.

This is the only way that they can build and maintain their mansions around the globe.

In the United States today we currently have shortages of goods on the shelves.

We are told that finished goods are piling up on the docks of California.

Why should that be?

Why should we be importing these goods to begin with.

We have plenty of resources in the United States.

We have no shortage of lumber, oil or raw materials.

Nor do we have a shortage of manpower.

If we can’t make it on one continent, then we don’t deserve to make it at all.

The same can be said for the peoples on other continents.

Our current brand of globalism is flawed.

It’s inefficient.

And what is this nonsense about needing foreign investment in order to build up the economy?

Foreign investment is another tool of imperialism.

It’s just another landlord who charges high rent.

Often what Third World countries need is expertise and education.

A better option than paying rent is for the Third World country to charge rent.

The people of Jamaica will now charge you rent for mining bauxite.

The people in the Caribbean will now charge you rent for growing and refining sugar cane.

The people in Vietnam will now charge you rent for making textiles.

You will now pay rent for using our land.

You will now pay us dearly in rent for using our labor.

You will not own anything.

You will pay a licensing agreement for the harbors, the infrastructure, the works.

You will not own one building in our country.

You will not own one piece of land.

You will not own a tractor, a ship, or a truck.

You will not own so much as a pencil.

There will be no loans from you to us.

You will possess no equity in our country.

Bye bye.

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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