Max Boot: Chicken Hawk

I can’t resist in criticizing Ivy League frauds.

There is something about the pretentiousness of such a degree that activates me.

It’s part of my disturbed upbringing I suppose.

Enter Max Boot.

Max Boot is another Ivy League jackass who puts on a good act.

He’s an apologist for our modern day Caesars, and not surprisingly he has written for the empire’s top rags.

He’s another one of these guys who knows how to dress right, speak right and fold his hands in a controlled manner when he appears on television.

He speaks in measured tones.

It’s not surprising that people fawn all over him.

He used to have hair but now has none thus proving that hair, or the lack of, has no relation to intelligence, because he’s just as stupid now in supporting Ukraine as he was in supporting the invasion of Iraq.

We can’t blame him for his position on Iraq though because the vast majority of us supported the invasion of Iraq.

We were all caught up in the euphoria of 911.

We all believed the lies.

But times change.

The physicists have spoken. It’s quite obvious that jets could not have taken down the World Trade Center.

It was taken down by the cocksuckers in Corporate America who stood to make a fortune off never-ending war in the Middle East. They needed their Pearl Harbor.

Honest people see this.

Corporate cocksuckers like Max Boot refuse to see it.

He is not only intellectually dumb, he is morally dumb.

Now Max Boot sports a hat thus proving that hats do not confer intelligence.

Nor does a Yale degree.

Nor does being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations – a gang of thugs who agree to praise each other.

Max Boot clearly doesn’t get it.

The purpose of an education is to learn, to think, to learn how to think.

You are supposed to use that education to make for a better world.

The purpose of an education is not to secure a magic talisman that you put around your neck so as to fool people that you know what you’re talking about.

Max Boot is a warmonger. He believes that we should support the people of Ukraine.

Well, let me correct that. He believes that you should support the people of Ukraine by sending your children over there to fight a war that will be lost.

Hey, he’s not that old. Maybe he can’t shoot a gun, but there’s no reason why he can’t pitch in and carry the ammo from one room to the next for the shooters.

Older people certainly are essential in fighting a war. They can do a lot of things.

They can prepare the food for the soldiers.

They can help bury the dead.

They can function as an effective civilian resistance.

I think he should go for it.

Go Max go!

Go Max go!

Go Max go!

I absolutely unequivocally insist that federal marshals pick him up today and escort him to the nearest Ukrainian war theater.

Maybe the reality of war will shake some common sense into his useless mind.

Bullets zinging by your head gives a whole new meaning to war. It’s not an arm chair exercise anymore.

That’s precisely the experience that Max Boot needs to understand. When he enters the Ukrainian battlefields he will come to understand reality.


Here is reality.

Russia will win this war. Ukraine will lose this war.

Lies don’t win wars.

We live in a moral universe.

America was wrong. NATO was wrong.

Russia is right.

America is not always the good guy.

You have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em..

When playing chess, you need to resign when it is clear that you are beaten.

You have to live to fight another day.

Bye bye, Max.

Go get a real education.

You’re beaten.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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