Trevor Bauer

Once again, Rob Manfred marches forward to put another nail in the coffin of American baseball.

The recent Trevor Bauer decision proves it.

Trevor Bauer, as you may know, has been accused of engaging in extremely rough sex by at least three women.

This sex according to the women, caused untoward damage to their bodies. They say that he committed these injuries while they were unconscious.

Trevor Bauer, denies these accusations vociferously.

In his video blog, he offers forward quite a convincing argument against one of his accusers.

Another one of his accuser’s accusations apparently weren’t deemed worthy to be contested in a court of law.

Trevor Bauer has not been convicted of anything in a court of law.

Consensual rough sex is not a crime.

Nevertheless, MLB has suspended him for a whopping two years.

Trevor Bauer will undoubtedly appeal the decision, but he will most likely lose.

What he needs to do is file a backbreaking lawsuit against MLB.

This has been done before.

Curt Flood had the guts to challenge the reserve clause, and he won.

Of course, Trevor Bauer’s case is not the same, but he should file the lawsuit anyway.

He should file the lawsuit because MLB is treating him unfairly by denying him due process and his livelihood.

MLB will state that Trevor Bauer deserves to be suspended because of the taint upon his character. They will argue that this taint casts a dark shadow over MLB.

The problem with that argument is that the taint is a vapor.

The taint is not real because he has not been convicted in a court of law.

The taint is created by the accuser, then magnified by the woke crowd who control the media.

It is a vapor.

It does not exist until Trevor Bauer is convicted.

If MLB can do this to Trevor Bauer, they can do this to anyone for any reason.

Maybe your favorite player was accused of spanking his child in a department store, and maybe that violates the sensibilities of Rob Manfred and the woke crowd.

Maybe your favorite player will be suspended three months for that incident.

How does that strike you?

What we are experiencing with Trevor Bauer is a nightmare equivalent to the best short story that Franz Kafka ever wrote.

What MLB is trying to promote by suspending Trevor Bauer is an imaginary, sugarcoated Walt Disney version of what they think baseball should be.

Their version is in no way consistent with the American way.

In America, we believe in giving people their day in court.

We believe in fairness.

What MLB is promoting is not fair.

In promoting this false vision of baseball, Rob Manfred does a disservice to baseball itself.

He is not protecting the game; he is destroying the game.

He is destroying the game because people can see the unfairness that is transpiring before them.

They can see that Trevor Bauer and his rights under the Constitution are being sacrificed for the profits of the owners and the other players.

And they will slowly walk away from that game.

Baseball didn’t get to be the American pastime by accident. It got that way because intuitively Americans recognized it as the fairest of all sports. Each team gets the same number of opportunities at bat.

MLB is denying Trevor Bauer his time at bat.

How much is fairness worth to you?

How much money is your Bill of Rights worth?

Not much in Rob Manfred’s world.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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