Aaron Judge and Legacy

Soon Aaron Judge will break Roger Maris’s home run record for the Yankees.

Some are touting it as the real record for home runs in a season – 62.

They believe that Barry Bonds is not the true owner of the major league record for home runs in a season – 73 – because he was allegedly doing steroids.

They are wrong.

Barry Bonds is the legitimate owner of the major league record for home runs in a season on two levels.

First, the executives of Major League Baseball looked the other way during the steroid era. They knew that the players were doing steroids; they didn’t want to know that the players were doing steroids. They looked the other way because they liked the attendance records that the home runs were bringing in.

By looking the other way, by saying nothing, they gave approval to the use of steroids. By their silence they legitimized steroids. They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

The fathers of Major League Baseball would like you to forget their role in the steroid era. They denounce players like Barry Bonds, and they now try to walk away from him and the other steroid users.

They bar them from the Hall of Fame through their sycophantic baseball writers.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. They don’t get to do that.

By saying nothing about the steroids, they hopped in bed with Barry Bonds (and the others) and legitimized their use.

Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with steroids in professional sports. If we are going to allow players to improve their vision with contact lenses, then steroids are just as legitimate.

If we are going to allow players to get ACL repairs and UCL reconstructions, then steroids are just as legitimate.

One set of cells in the human body does not have special rights over another set of cells.

If I am a baseball player who has excellent vision but average muscle strength, why am I not allowed to pump up my muscles to the level of Mickey Mantle?

Why is a poor-sighted player with natural muscular strength allowed to improve his vision, but another player with perfect vision is not allowed to improve his muscles through steroids?

Why does one set of cells in the body have greater privileges than another?

If we’re going to dismiss Barry Bonds’s record, then we have to dismiss all of Mickey Mantle’s records. From what I’ve been able to read Mickey Mantle would get loaded and drunk the night before the game, then he would take uppers before the game began.

Well, my friend those uppers are performance enhancing drugs. For that reason we have to throw out all of Mickey Mantle’s records.

Mickey Mantle cheated.

Is that what you want me to say?

I didn’t think so.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rob Strikes Again

As I have stated several times before, Rob Manfred will ruin baseball.

His latest announcement, and I assume venture, will be to institute automated calling of strike and balls by 2024.

That’s right, the judgment of the home plate umpire when it comes to the calling of strikes and balls will be eliminated.

A computer will do that for us. The results will be relayed to the umpire who will then weakly signal strike or ball.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who will be happy with this.

Players reportedly will be happy with this.

Fans reportedly will be happy with this.

Not me. It’s the first step on a slippery slope. Why have umpires at all? Why don’t we automate everything?

Say, does it necessarily follow that you should use technology just because you have it?

Must everything be perfect?

Must everything be improved upon?

Rob Manfred, as a dutiful graduate from Harvard University will once again prosecute Harvard University’s Third Reich ideology of perfection upon society.

Will it work?

Can man be perfected?

Does man desire to be perfected?

Is it a good idea to perfect man?

Time will be the ultimate judge here, but I think not.

In the case of baseball, automating of strikes and  balls is another step in removing humanity from the game.

The roadblock here is that we are all fundamentally human.

As such we all naturally gravitate toward imperfection in our lives in order to relax.

That’s why we like quirky singers and quirky actors. They don’t follow the rules.

They are different.

Our human minds become frustrated with too much order, logic and symmetry.

Logic, order, and symmetry place too much demand upon our fragile minds.

Imperfection in life relaxes us just as jazz music relaxes us. Jazz is an imperfect mishmash of notes that take irregularly irregular directions.

A Jackson Pollock painting relaxes us in a similar way.  We don’t have to think when we look at a Jackson Pollock painting.  That relaxation makes the painting more interesting and valuable to us.

Baseball is another form of entertainment.

We like baseball, at least most of us do, because it puts us at ease.

It’s a chance to get away from the rules of the regular world.

Even though we may not be fully cognizant of such, we go to a baseball game to see the irregularly irregular things that can happen.

We’re not just looking for a victory but also spectacular plays and spectacular screw-ups.

It is those screwups that are often more fun to watch than the spectacular plays.

We love it when the manager races out and screams in the umpire’s face.

We love it when a red-faced Aaron Boone gets ejected.

We die inside when a player lets a ball get through his legs.

We cringe when an outfielder drops a catchable fly ball.

The spectacular screwups additionally give us the opportunity to scream at the players and umpires.

Throw the bum out!

Drop dead, you loser!

Automating the calling of strikes and balls helps remove those spectacular screwups and thus make the game less interesting.

Baseball will become more boring and more predictable.

Say, I have an idea. As long as we are transforming baseball so that the calling of balls and strikes is perfect, why don’t we do the same for players as well?

As long as we were getting tired of umpires making mistakes, why don’t we have a baseball game where baseball players don’t make mistakes.

Why don’t we automate the players as well?

Wouldn’t it be more enjoyable if we had players who never made errors in  throwing or catching the ball?

Do you get my drift?

Imagine a baseball world where no third baseman ever overthrew the first baseman’s head.

Imagine a baseball world where no pitcher ever threw a wild pitch.

And as long as we are automating perfection in players, through either CGI, or soon to be coming cyborgs, why don’t we have the pitchers throw 102 mph fastballs on every single pitch?

Why should we stop with the umpire?

Indeed, we shouldn’t even begin.

So then why do it?

What does Major League Baseball get out of automating balls and strikes?

I can assure you that nothing happens in this society anymore unless it profits Harvard University and the greedy elite who run things around here.

What Harvard University gains is an endgame far more subtle:  The submission of humanity to algorithms and silicon-based computers.

This in turn leads to your submission to Harvard University as it is Harvard University and their lackeys who control the algorithms and software that control the automated calling of strikes and balls.

Beating you down from a million directions is key to continuing their economic oppression upon you.

That’s what Harvard gets out of it: More money and more power for the greedy elite.

Automating of balls and strikes also gives Harvard the opportunity to indoctrinate you into a world of mandatory perfection and the submission to it. Forget about what a human being might think; our algorithm is supreme; our algorithm is infallible.

Such submission helps engender a further sense of helplessness you have about your life.

You become adjusted to the idea of not being in control of your life, of accepting things the way they are, of not fighting back.

That  not fighting back, that lack of resistance, will in turn weaken you and transform you into a helpless serf for a thousand years and more.

Automating balls and strikes is just one brick in a greater plan to defeat you.

You may not think of it that way. You may think automating the calling of balls and strikes is just a way to improve a baseball game.

That’s precisely what Harvard wants you to think.

Harvard runs the Third Reich that was transported from Nazi Germany into America after WWII. The Third Reich under Josef Goebbels had firm control of sports and entertainment. If they instituted a policy, it was to cement the power of the state and the Nazi party.

Harvard is no different.

These people have a reason for everything.

They’re incredibly smart, but incredibly immoral.

They’re pagans.

Bye, bye, baseball.

Bye, bye, America.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Trevor Bauer

Once again, Rob Manfred marches forward to put another nail in the coffin of American baseball.

The recent Trevor Bauer decision proves it.

Trevor Bauer, as you may know, has been accused of engaging in extremely rough sex by at least three women.

This sex according to the women, caused untoward damage to their bodies. They say that he committed these injuries while they were unconscious.

Trevor Bauer, denies these accusations vociferously.

In his video blog, he offers forward quite a convincing argument against one of his accusers.

Another one of his accuser’s accusations apparently weren’t deemed worthy to be contested in a court of law.

Trevor Bauer has not been convicted of anything in a court of law.

Consensual rough sex is not a crime.

Nevertheless, MLB has suspended him for a whopping two years.

Trevor Bauer will undoubtedly appeal the decision, but he will most likely lose.

What he needs to do is file a backbreaking lawsuit against MLB.

This has been done before.

Curt Flood had the guts to challenge the reserve clause, and he won.

Of course, Trevor Bauer’s case is not the same, but he should file the lawsuit anyway.

He should file the lawsuit because MLB is treating him unfairly by denying him due process and his livelihood.

MLB will state that Trevor Bauer deserves to be suspended because of the taint upon his character. They will argue that this taint casts a dark shadow over MLB.

The problem with that argument is that the taint is a vapor.

The taint is not real because he has not been convicted in a court of law.

The taint is created by the accuser, then magnified by the woke crowd who control the media.

It is a vapor.

It does not exist until Trevor Bauer is convicted.

If MLB can do this to Trevor Bauer, they can do this to anyone for any reason.

Maybe your favorite player was accused of spanking his child in a department store, and maybe that violates the sensibilities of Rob Manfred and the woke crowd.

Maybe your favorite player will be suspended three months for that incident.

How does that strike you?

What we are experiencing with Trevor Bauer is a nightmare equivalent to the best short story that Franz Kafka ever wrote.

What MLB is trying to promote by suspending Trevor Bauer is an imaginary, sugarcoated Walt Disney version of what they think baseball should be.

Their version is in no way consistent with the American way.

In America, we believe in giving people their day in court.

We believe in fairness.

What MLB is promoting is not fair.

In promoting this false vision of baseball, Rob Manfred does a disservice to baseball itself.

He is not protecting the game; he is destroying the game.

He is destroying the game because people can see the unfairness that is transpiring before them.

They can see that Trevor Bauer and his rights under the Constitution are being sacrificed for the profits of the owners and the other players.

And they will slowly walk away from that game.

Baseball didn’t get to be the American pastime by accident. It got that way because intuitively Americans recognized it as the fairest of all sports. Each team gets the same number of opportunities at bat.

MLB is denying Trevor Bauer his time at bat.

How much is fairness worth to you?

How much money is your Bill of Rights worth?

Not much in Rob Manfred’s world.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Baseball is Finished

I’ve told you before that Rob Manfred will ruin baseball.

It’s not a question of if but when.

Next year the San Diego Padres will place advertising on their uniforms.

They plan to advertise for Motorola.

I can’t think of a worse idea.

I view a baseball stadium as a church, a temple.

To me it is a sacrosanct refuge in a horrible world.

It is a quiet place where I can relax my mind, refresh my spirit.

The less noise there is, the happier I am.

I don’t need waving towels, dancing mascots, or blaring rock music.

Don’t we get plenty of the latter in our cars and houses?

If I want crass advertising, I’ll go to a NASCAR event.

Not only would I ban advertising on player uniforms, I would ban advertising on the field itself.

Advertising sends a destructive message to the baseball players, the owners, and to ourselves.

It tells us that all that counts is a buck.

Life must be more than that.

Young children must learn that honor comes before wealth.

I find it difficult to state that truth in another way that would be more meaningful.

We used to name our stadiums after veterans or people who did honorable things. Now we name them after soft drinks and cell phone companies.

I’m waiting for Oreo Cookie Yards.

What will happen if Rob Manfred prevails?

He will get a bump in the viewership, for sure.

ESPN media toadies will proclaim Manfred a genius.

After a short spate the hip crowd that is there for the glitz and the glamour will become bored and begin to move away.

Manfred will panic and institute new stunts to keep the Kardashian crowd from leaving.

Perhaps there will me a home run derby In the middle of 7th inning?

Baseball’s hard-core base will gradually drift away.

In time Manfred or his successor will run out of tricks. The Kardashian crowd will move onto the next vapid and fatuous stunt that tickles their fancy.

By that time the hard-core base will have left completely.

When that day comes baseball will die.

This future is certain if Rob Manfred is permitted to rule baseball.

It can be no other way.

This is what Harvard University has done to the world. This is why Harvard University must be shut down.

It is a university devoid of and antithetical to Christianity.

It focuses itself only on pagan wealth and power.

That is all it and its graduates care about.

It is a cult of money, power and almighty market share.

Sadly, this vision will fail, and baseball will fail with it.

What must be done?

Baseball must stick to its roots. Rather than move forward, it must move backward.

Remove the designated hitter.

Ban interleague play.

Strengthen division rivalries by increasing the number of intra-divisional games.

Ban all appeals. If the umpire says that the player is out, the player is out. What the umpire says goes. The umpire may not resort to electronic replay.

If the replay shows that the umpire is wrong, the umpire is right and the video is wrong. In this manner imperfection and humanity can be reinstituted into the game.

No rules must be passed to speed up the game. No measures must be instituted to appease the impetuous. If the crowd grows weary, they don’t belong there in the first place.

Fewer, not more, teams must be permitted to pass to the playoffs. The regular season must mean something. What’s the point of playing the seasonal games if everyone makes the playoffs? If you don’t win your division, you don’t make the playoffs.

Currently there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball allocated amongst 6 divisions.

Return to two divisions in each of the two leagues.

The top team in each division will play for the league championship. The league champions will play for the World Series championship.

Decrease the size of the stadium and its capacity to accommodate the shrinking fan base. Give more seat room and leg room to the fans, and bring them closer to the game. Improve the amenities. Get rid of the upper decks. Create more standing-sitting areas with big screen televisions.

Improve the television experience by allowing viewers to select which view they want to watch the game with. Currently fans are given the same old tiresome view from centerfield. Why not watch the game from the third base side or the first base side, or any other type of view?

Reduce the ticket prices to levels manageable to the working class. Pay the players what is affordable. Create a tighter three-tiered system of pay based upon value added to the team with uniform league-wide min and max limits imposed upon each level.

The goal is to prevent city hopping and excessive player reimbursement. High salaries with extended contracts decrease player incentive and therefore performance.

Fan loyalty and attendance will be higher if better players are retained.

That’s how you make baseball relevant again.

Naturally, Rob Manfred will do the opposite.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Baseball Belongs to You

So what do you think about the tomahawk chop in Atlanta?

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball has weighed in on this issue.

Danger, Will Robinson.

Baseball belongs to you.

What do you think?

Is the tomahawk chop insulting to Native Americans? Has there ever been one Native American who has fallen into a state of anxiety and depression because the citizens of Atlanta were engaging in the tomahawk chop?

Have any Native Americans been admitted to your local behavioral center center with a diagnosis of logo-gesture anxiety?

It’s difficult for me to believe that a Native American would be any more aggrieved by the tomahawk chop then I would be if people engaged in a forward sword thrust which my ancestors most certainly engaged in when killing each other.

There is no issue.

It’s a bogus issue brought up by the elites to socially reengineer society, to take all the fun out of your life, to make you heel to their command.

They snap their fingers. and you bark.

They couldn’t give two flips about Native Americans. And they proved it when they broke every treaty with them and slaughtered them.

Remember, the people who are in power today were put in power by the people who were put in power by the people who were put in power by the people were put in power back in the day.

They are all cut out of the same cloth from one generation to the next.

If you’ll notice, nobody said a damn word about Minnesota fans dressing up with Viking helmets.

During the Cowboys game today against Minnesota, there was no outrage at all when a sports personality blew that giant cattle horn to begin the game.

Isn’t that disrespectful to current day Norwegians and Swedes?

You see, our elites pick and choose what they want to be outraged about.

How about the Boston Celtics?

Why aren’t we getting rid of their name?

What’s the difference between a Celtic and an Indian?

They both came out of the woods.

In fact, we all came out of the woods if you go back far enough.

Well, you see, when you start talking about the Boston Celtics, why then you’re getting a little bit too close to the power center where the elites live.

Now, those elites who live in Cambridge, they love their Celtics. They aren’t going to give up their name. Nor their leprechaun.

That’s their name. That’s their logo. It’s your name that’s the offensive one. It’s your logo that is punishing people.

That’s the game they play.

When they aren’t ruining sports, when they aren’t making your life miserable, when they aren’t telling you what to eat and what words may be spoken, they are barking down the house in which you live.

Where you live is urban sprawl that is desecrating the environment.

Where they live has always been there.

From the beginning of time.

Your house destroyed what was once a lovely meadow.

Their house has always been there.

Except when it wasn’t there.

In fact, their house is only there because those noble elites who talk down to you slaughtered the Pequot Indians in the early 1600s.

But that’s okay because that happened then. And they have conveniently moved their transgressions into a part of the brain that they refuse to acknowledge.

What’s important is what’s going on now. And what’s going on now is that the citizens of Atlanta are demeaning Indians by engaging in a tomahawk chop.

Forget about the stolen lands. Forget about the broken treaties. Forget about the induced genocide by cooping Indians up on reservations.

What’s important is the tomahawk chop.

Harvard graduate, Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball says he supports the citizens of Atlanta.

I don’t believe that for a second.

Rob Manfred is an agent of the empire who in time will destroy baseball. He will walk down every avenue he can to inject politics into sports.

He takes his orders from the elites. If he is conciliating, it is only because he fears the immense power of the people who want to maintain their traditions and who have greater common sense than he does.

Still, he is a dangerous man.

By even discussing the issue, he puts the issue on the front burner.

Axiom: It doesn’t belong there at all.

As a matter fact, Rob Manfred has no authority at all to dictate anything in baseball.

Like his Ivy League predecessors, he’s a court jester, a village idiot, a babbling dunce.

It’s your sport, not his.

It doesn’t belong to him. It doesn’t belong to Bart Giamatti. It doesn’t belong to Bowie Kuhn. It doesn’t belong to Harvard University. It doesn’t belong to the Ivy League.

It’s your sport.

Baseball belongs to you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Ruining Baseball

I told you before that Rob Manfred would ruin the game of baseball.

It’s only a question of how quickly he can ruin it.

Let’s see how long it takes.

The latest effort by MLB is to test market home run derby as a means to end games more rapidly.

Rob and his buddies apparently don’t like extra innings.

Most likely they did a financial analysis and discovered that extra innings weren’t maximizing profits efficiently.

So, to increase market share, to make the game supposedly more interesting, and of course to make more money, they will test market home run derby in the minor leagues to see how well it works.

I can guarantee that they will conclude that it does work.

They’ve already made up their mind.

Too bad.

Too bad for us.

It’s too bad for us because short term gain and long-term loss are often too compatible.

Home run derby will do to baseball what three-pointers and dunks have done for basketball – make the game boring and less team-oriented.

In an attempt to make basketball more appealing, the NBA ruined the game.

When you’ve seen one dunk, you’ve seen them all.

When you’ve seen one three-pointer you’ve seen them all.


Rob Manfred will do the same for baseball.

This is what happens when you put a master of the universe in charge of baseball.

Rob Manfred is, of course, a Harvard graduate.

As such he has been indoctrinated by our idiotic superstar culture to believe that he is superior to the rest of us, and so he will now look to fulfill the prophecy that society has set for him.

Forget about keeping your hand on the rudder and running a steady ship; that’s for chumps and losers.

Say, why does baseball need to increase market share anyway? And if baseball’s market share, is falling, so what?

Maybe a better approach would be to downsize the salaries, downsize the number of teams, downsize the size of the new stadiums, keep the game the same, and wait patiently for the day when society readjusts itself back to the great game that baseball is.

Isn’t that what life is, a giant circadian rhythm? Don’t we sleep at night? Don’t we all need a little downtime?

Isn’t life a giant roller coaster with ups and downs?

Don’t valleys go with mountains?

When you try to change your game to fit the mass market, which is fickle and disloyal, you lose your loyal base. Then you lose it all.

Home run derby will contribute to the demise of Major League Baseball – when it arrives – and it most likely will.

Never underestimate the power of a Harvard graduate. They have the Harvard machine behind them. It’s very difficult to beat these people.

Rob Manfred is just an officer of that machine.

Just as Harvard has made a wreck of the United States in every area of endeavor you can possibly imagine, Harvard will ruin baseball.

There is no stopping it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rob Manfred, Puppet

Well, I knew Rob Manfred, being a Harvard graduate, would ruin baseball. I just thought it would take him longer than this.

There’s no place for politics in sports.


Apparently Rob Manfred, the dopey commissioner of MLB, doesn’t think so.

Rob Manfred, as you may know, recently made the decision to move the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta because he and his elites don’t approve of the Georgia voting law.

Well, who gives a fuck what Rob Manfred thinks of the Georgia voting law?

And why is the Georgia voting law any of Rob Manfred’s business?

Indeed why does Major League Baseball care about the Georgia voting law?

Does Major League Baseball care about any of the other various policies in various states across the nation?

Should they?

It’s not Major League Baseball‘s job to care about how any state conducts its business or its voting practice.

It’s not Rob Manfred’s job either.

We have elected leaders to do that. Do you remember that quaint concept known as representative democracy?

Are we to replace that now with the whims of corporate titans who are now either controlled or heavily influenced by a politically correct Harvard University?

Make no mistake about it, Harvard is behind this.

Harvard leads the way.

Do you know what Major League Baseball‘s job is?

Ticket on the clue train: it’s not to follow Harvard..

Its job is to entertain us.

Its job is to relieve us from the pressures of daily life for three short hours.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to cause us more pain.

Major League Baseball‘s job is not to raise our consciousness.

Our consciousness is raised enough already.

We already live in a world of shit.

We already know how the real world works.

We don’t need a motherfucker like Rob Manfred to tell us how horrible the world is.

We already know.

But, what else could you expect from a Harvard graduate?

If you ever needed any proof that Harvard University is controlling the strings, that Harvard University is the master puppet master in re-engineering our society, you just got a lesson in it yesterday, when Rob “Motherfucker” Manfred, Harvard graduate, decided to enter the world of politics.

Baseball is finished.

Thank you Harvard University.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved