One More Nail in America’s Coffin

They say that you can’t put a celebrity in jail in America.

It’s pretty much true.

Only a starstruck Kardashian-esque jury of Gwyneth Paltrow loving twits could have voted for Johnny Depp yesterday.

Only a pack of brain-addled serfs who breathlessly hang on every single tweet in the Taylor Swift-Kanye West Twitter feud could have ruled for Johnny Depp.

These cowed cretins on the jury were clearly incapable of following the judge’s guidelines.

The guidelines were eloquently stated by Amber Heard’s attorney. First on the list: were Amber Heard’s statements untrue?

They were not.

If you are thinking by now that I don’t like the jury’s decision, you are right.

I don’t like the decision they made because it’s not the right decision.

Moreover, by making this decision, the jury has sentenced Johnny Depp to death. Johnny Depp will be dead within five years. There, I said it. I will go on the record.

Johnny Depp’s victory is a Pyrrhic victory. The jury had an opportunity to give him the wake-up call he so richly deserves. Instead, the jury validated his bullying. They reinforced his god-like status in which he can and does intimidate people into bending to his will.

Consequently, he will continue the same level of drug abuse. He will undoubtedly acquire another “10” to be at his side. He needs that trophy wife to heal his inner pain. This new trophy wife will in time, like the others, grow tired of his abuse. In response he will consume more and more drugs until he kills himself. Like Elvis he will be found dead hunched over a toilet.

Was Amber Heard the victim of abuse? Most assuredly she was. There was plenty of video and audio evidence detailing his behavior.

You have pictures. You have audio. You have video.

You have a former girlfriend, Ellen Barkin, who detailed his jealous ways. Ms. Barkin stated that he was a drug-head who was prone to violence. He threw a wine bottle at her and her friends.

You have hardcore evidence of him trashing a hotel room when he was dating Kate Moss.

Nevertheless, the low IQ jury felt that it would be a shame for a major celebrity to lose, so they voted for him to win.

They must’ve been swayed by his children, their mother, and all of Johnny Depp’s puppets who had a vested interest in seeing him win.

Why would his kids want to see Amber Heard scoop up all of daddy’s millions? That’s less money for them.

Why would any of his loyal slaves betray him knowing that they would never work in Hollywood again?

Yes, Hollywood does work like that. Years ago, Cliff Robertson told the truth about David Begelman, and the result was that Cliff Robertson did not work for decades.

Cowards hide behind children. Johnny Depp hid behind his children.

To think that his actions in the famous cabinet-slamming video did not play out in the Depp household many times when his children were young is not viable.

To think that all his former girlfriends left him amicably without ever suffering one iota of his abuse is not viable.

This man has serious drug addiction issues. To think that he was a kind, pleasant person while totally wasted is not viable when you consider the anger that must be latent within him, a deep-seated anger generated by the love he never received from his mother.

What is more likely is that Mr. Depp, after having been jetted into superstardom, into the Elvis orbit, gradually descended into an isolated, drug-addled state of paranoid megalomania in which he was the king and his sycophants were his slaves.

During the now famous penthouse incident in which Amber Heard was allegedly slapped, Mr. Depp walks into Penthouse Five and says to one of his guests in reference to his wife: Get your bitch out of here.

Who gets away with talking to somebody like that? A person who is accustomed to having people obey his every command without question. Yes, Johnny. Sure, Johnny. Anything for you, Johnny.

In this small incident, Johnny Depp reveals the monster that is within him. And it is within him regardless whether ten thousand celebrities testify to what a lovely person he is.

I’m sure he is a nice person; but that doesn’t mean that the monster doesn’t exist. Mr. Depp hides the dark monster as best he can. Occasionally it does break out in public.

Where he can’t hide the monster is when the doors to the public close.

This is the monster that Amber Heard saw. This is the monster that Johnny himself acknowledged.

It doesn’t matter in the course of their relationship whether Amber Heard hurled even one insult at Johnny Depp. The trial was not whether Amber Heard was abusive to Johnny Depp. The trial was about whether Amber Heard lied when she said that she was a victim of abuse.

She was.

You can’t fix stupid.

What this jury decision tells us is that America is now fully populated by brain-addled celebrity-loving slaves. They are slaves because they believe that celebrities are entitled to a different level of justice.

Amber Heard lost because she was a lesser celebrity than Johnny Depp. In the Hollywood caste system, and now in America’s caste system, as foisted upon us by our ruling elite, Amber Heard occupied a lesser position in the hierarchy of elites.

Clearly the intellectually emaciated jury had been trained to believe that mega-superstars are more valuable people than up and coming stars.

Why is this bad for America?

It’s bad for America because the underlying pillar of this decision is that some people are more worthy than others; and because they are more worthy, in this case because of their celebrity status, they are to be afforded special privileges in a court of law.

Justice is supposed to be blind.

Justice can never be blind in a society that believes in movers and shakers, superstars, VIPs, so-called important people, and Ivy League know-nothings.

It’s one more nail in America’s coffin.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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