They Picked the Wrong Flag

CMA Fest has banned Confederare Flag imagery.

Don’t make me laugh so hard.

The Confederate flag issue is a bogus issue that is created and fostered by the criminal elite who reside in Cambridge Massachusetts, principally the society destroyers at Harvard, who need to climb higher on their horse in order to feel good about themselves.

They need to feel better than you because of the racist criminality they have committed against black people.

The murderers at Harvard have killed more black folk than the South ever killed.

The murderers at Harvard have destroyed more black lives than the South could have committed in ten thousand years.

They have done so because they lead the Harvard Cabal which rules the nation. See prior articles for a definition as to who comprises the Harvard Cabal. In short, you don’t have to be a graduate from Harvard. The Harvard Cabal is comprised of thousands upon thousands of elite school graduates (and a smattering of puppets and bootlickers from outside the Ivy League) who dominate government, corporations, associations, foundations, media, entertainment, sports leagues, and other organizations.

The number of black lives that Harvard has destroyed through violence, drugs, the corporate prison racket, and abortion is staggering beyond anyone’s imagination.

The welfare plantation racket is infinitely more devastating to the mental health of black folk in the inner city than the plantations in the South ever were.

This is obvious to anyone who has a pair of eyes.

And yet, the number one issue for the Harvard-controlled media is the Confederate flag.

How about Harvard‘s flag?

Harvard drives the welfare system to excess. Harvard keeps the abortion racket going. Harvard trains the officers who run the corporate prison racket in which young black men agree to be guarded by white men in rural areas so that white guys in Corporate America can reap a fortune by building and supplying prisons. Harvard outsources jobs from the inner city. Harvard promotes the ‘defund the police’ movement. Harvard espouses critical race theory. Harvard encourages the nonstop race hustling that has gone on for the past seventy years (Amanda Gorman is Harvard’s latest installment). Moreover, Harvard supplies our government with all the greedy elite a corrupt government could possibly desire.

It’s going to get worse with Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. There will be no shortage of suckers and dupes from small cities who will suck Harvard’s cock for a quarter. These newly anointed fellows from Harvard will thoroughly cement Harvard’s death grip upon America. It will become impossible to even make small changes within your locality which goes against Harvard’s corporate tyranny.

Do you need more?

Harvard clowns run our government, a government that refuses to give the people of Central America a stake in the game.

Had the people in Central America a stake in the game, had they a real voice in their government, had they possessed economic prosperity, they would have shut down the drug industry in a heartbeat. It is that drug industry which pumps life-destroying drugs into the inner-city, which keeps the black man enmeshed within a sea of devastation.

Unfortunately, giving people in Central America a say in their government isn’t in the best interest of the criminal elite who run our country. They make money off sweat shops, strip mining, and environmental pollution.

Harvard also keeps the black man down by recruiting black people to betray their own people. It is these race hustlers – these Quislings who Malcolm X warned black people about – who keep black folk focused on rage. They keep black people focused on reparations and handouts instead of enterprise, jobs and well-paying jobs at that.

Harvard will never permit high-tariff zones in the inner city which forbid Harvard-trained slave-masters from selling their cheap products freshly imported from their Asian sweat shops.

High-tariff zones in the inner city would give black people an opportunity to do for themselves what no one else will permit them to do.

This was the dream of Marcus Garvey, a man who Harvard ignores. He wanted to form a black corporation, owned by black people, staffed by black people, employing black people, to do for the black man what the white man wouldn’t do.

Don’t think for a second that Marcus Garvey didn’t cross Harvard’s radar. They promptly pumped out the white man’s black man, WEB Du Bois, a Harvard dandy, who promptly nudged black people down the path of begging, fighting, and killing. All of this could’ve been prevented by free black enterprise. Ah, but there was no money in that for Harvard.

And so Marcus Garvey was shipped off to London while other black enterprisers like Booker T. Washington were conveniently ignored by the media that Harvard increasingly came to control. Many decades later, a man named Malcolm X stood up and spoke about black self-sufficiency; and for that, he was murdered.

Giving black folk in the inner city the opportunity to build independent businesses free of the intrusion of corporate sweatshops and evil Harvard stormtroopers is the way to go. High-tariff zones can accomplish that.

High tariff zones protect people. High tariff zones give people an opportunity to be self-sufficient.

This Harvard will never permit.

Harvard prefers a rentier society with Harvard trained hucksters in charge of the public housing, the Medicaid programs, the food stamps, and all the other garbage that Harvard slumlords are peddling.

We don’t need to denounce the Confederate flag. We need to denounce the Harvard flag.

It is Harvard’s flag that needs to be removed from society along with the entire university.

The sooner Harvard is gone, the better it is for us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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