Regime Change Rishi

So what was Liz Truss’s resignation all about?

As an American who is not exposed to British affairs all day long, I was somewhat mystified.

Why were the markets roiled over her policies?

I thought her energy cap for the poor was good. I thought her tax cuts for high earners making 160,000 pounds and up was good.

I don’t see people making 160,000 pounds as rich people who have the money to purchase yachts and mansions around the world.

There’s certainly not in Johnny Depp territory. Johnny Depp can afford to buy entire villages in France.

So what gives?

Liz Truss graduated from Oxford. She was certainly in the club.

Or so I thought.

Why would the power elite be upset with her?

Well, it sure wasn’t because of the policies.

It is now clear to me.

I was listening to Mike Graham’s show on Talk TV.

A caller, a native Brit, called in to inform the listeners that Truss’s apparent successor Rishi Sunak was a billionaire.

I immediately began to research him on Wikipedia.

Well, he’s not quite a billionaire yet. But he by virtue of marrying his wife is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Not only that.

He graduated from Oxford and Stanford, and he worked at Goldman Sachs.

So there you have it, he’s another Goldman Sachs jerk off placed in a high position of power.

I’ll bet you the power elite are salivating today.

What a winner for them.

They were the ones who created the bond crisis through their speculative investments and their compliant paid-off main stream media, which was able to spread the fear amongst other bond traders, and they’re the ones who will be the chief beneficiary of the regime change in the United Kingdom.

This is a dark day for the United Kingdom.

It’s also an enlightening day, because if you can’t see now that the game is rigged against regular people, you’ll never be able to see it.

Wait and see what happens now.

Another great crisis is sure to ensue which will put more money in the hands of big banks and big corporations.

A new round of money printing will begin which will make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Corporations are getting an erection.

No bond market will be roiled now.

The specters of money printing and inflation will disappear now that the power elite have their man in charge.

Oh, but conspiracies can’t happen.



Archer Crosley

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