Line Up, People. The Queen Will Now Beat You One Last Time.

People are lining up in huge numbers to view the Queen.

This story is a testament to the power of the state to control peoples minds into believing the lie that they are inferior.

This is what you get when you have a monarchy that is able to beat people into submission over centuries. This is the principal reason why people came to the United States of America.

They came in the droves by the way. They couldn’t get out of England fast enough.

Now, in looking at this long line of people, you would think things would be pretty good in the United Kingdom. Hardly. The people are suffering much more than people in the United States. Their inflation is easily running at 10% per year, and they pay a lot more money at the gas pump.

What exists in the United Kingdom today is a codependency between the ruling class that agrees to beat the lower classes into submission while the lower classes agree to be beaten into submission. It’s very much like a battered wife syndrome.

Look closely because this is what your elites here in the United States have in mind for you. In fact, it already exists. The rich and wealthy don’t pay for their crimes in the United States. They are above the law. They take their cue from the royal family which doesn’t pay for its crimes either.

Was Prince Andrew brought to justice? No. He had sex with underage girls. Apparently that wasn’t a problem for the Queen.

You see, the Queen was not some nice lady. She was the chief symbol of a malignant elitism that is killing the United Kingdom and the United States. Her son will continue to carry that torch.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Destroying the Monarchy

Dear Sirs,

I wish you would let us Americans in on the fight to abolish the monarchy. We have as much to gain in abolishing this monarchy as do you. Please don’t forget that our ancestors fled England because of this oppressive monarchy.

I was able to trace my mother’s roots back one thousand years in English history. I wonder how many of my mother’s ancestors were tortured in the Tower of London by those brutal monarchs. I wonder how many were starved to death by them. I wonder how many of my ancestors died in their useless wars.

I’d like to contribute more than just money. I’ve done quite a bit of reading in my life on a variety of subjects, and I think I can offer some good advice on how to take these monarchs down.

My day job is In Pediatrics. My job is to give children and parents practical advice in order to make their lives more productive. Consequently, I have to read a lot and think a lot about how things work. That’s what I’ve done my entire life.

I’ve spent much free time studying history and in particular elitism. I’ve never liked the elites, and I’ve always been fascinated as to how they think and how they got to where they are. I’ve also spent a lot of time in thinking how they can be taken down. How can we take the strut out of these people? What kind of world do we want to see when these elites are taken down? What kind of demands can we put upon them and ourselves?

Elitism is a virus that man has never been able to contain. It is a virus more vicious then smallpox, Ebola virus, or COVID-19.

It seems as if the virus of elitism will never go away. Consequently it may be that our best approach is to immunize ourselves against elitism through education.

Children in the United States used to receive such an immunization in elementary school. I wonder if this immunization exists today.

I think not. I think our corporations have invested much money in corrupting the educational system.

Corporations are even more powerful today than when I was a boy. There’s been much consolidation of corporate power here in the United States. I am sure the same process has been going on in the United Kingdom. The two nations seem to mirror each other.

As I stated in a previous letter, the royal family and the system of peerage is the organizing influence around which Criminal Corporate Britain and increasingly Criminal Corporate America revolve. When we remove that organizing influence, life will improve for the regular person. It will improve because the power of corporations will decrease.

How are we going to remove that organizing influence? How will we remove the royal family?

We don’t have the money. We don’t have the guns. We may not even have the smarts. So what can we do?

Let’s begin with what won’t work. The elites have invested much energy in convincing us that passive, nonviolent, resistance will work.

The elites are terrified of violent overthrow, so they have invested great sums of money in the Gandhi myth.

Let’s be clear. Gandhi did not force the British to leave India. It was Adolf Hitler who bankrupted the British empire which forced the British to leave India.

It is an attractive myth to believe that one can convince the poor to rise up against the rich.

It will not happen.

It will not happen because a state of codependency exists between the wealthy and the poor.

The titled nobility agree to beat the poor into submission, and the poor agree to be beaten into submission.

The poor take their orders from the nobility, not from the dissatisfied middle class.

What we have today is a war between the middle class and the union of wealthy and poor.

The middle class is being attacked from both sides.

The poor place their faith in the wealthy who they believe are protecting them.

They see the wealthy as far more intelligent than those educated people from the middle class.

Consequently the wealthy own the poor.

This may be mystifying to those middle-class people who desire to abolish the monarchy. Indeed, these members of the “Not My King” movement now find themselves being arrested by policemen who make far less money than they do.

Most likely this is frustrating and mystifying to those who wish to abolish the monarchy. “Why are you supporting the king,” they cry out to the policemen. “You have nothing in your life. The monarch has given you nothing.”

The behavior of the police is no mystery at all. The wealthy own the minds of the poor.

Consequently, there will be no grass roots movement that will defeat the wealthy. It cannot happen. It will not happen.

It is a false pathway to believe that the poor will be convinced through words to attack their benefactors, the wealthy.

What will convince the poor is action.

The poor are the foot soldiers that the wealthy use against the middle class.

Once that is understood clearly, then the solution presents itself.

Armies must be attacked. The enemy must be taken head on and defeated.

There must be no concerted effort to get together amongst the members of the team who desire to abolish the monarchy.

There must be no lists and no meetings.

Only individual efforts conducted by individuals will be successful.

Individuals must take it upon themselves to go after the people who they can get close to.

If you don’t know one of these pro-monarchy puppets, make no attempt to go after them.

Each individual must choose their own modus operandi. There can be no schools and no external assistance.

No advance notification to the press or list of demands should be made. A simple calling card after the fact will suffice: Not my King.

Let the King figure out what it means.

It is a war.

The wealthy elite hide behind their vast armies of co-opted oppressors, enforcers, media puppets and cheerleaders.

These are the people who must be attacked – ruthlessly, unequivocally, and without prejudice.

The message must be clear to them: Support the monarchy and you will die.

I can assure you that the ruling elite will treat you in this manner.

Pussyfooting around will only gain you your death.

This is the way of man. There is no escaping it.

I fully understand that this goes against your nature. You were raised in a Christian household. You were raised to not kill. You were raised to be kind to each other.

Unfortunately for you you’re dealing with a cancer called elitism that is dead set on killing you.

It’s either you or them.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Letter to the Republic Campaign of the UK

This letter was posted upon a YouTube site that the Republic Campaign runs out of the UK. The Republic Campaign is opposed to the monarchy.

Dear Sirs:

I admire you for speaking out. I don’t think that the authorities will allow you to substantively challenge the monarchy in a peaceful way, but I think you are brave in speaking out.

It’s important for young British minds to understand what the monarchy truly is. The monarchy is the glue that holds Criminal Corporate Britain together. The monarchy and the system of peerage is the focal point, the rallying point around which corporate Britain revolves. It has been that way for centuries.

You have your work cut out for you. You have to re-educate young British minds. The authorities will never permit you to do this within the school system. It will have to be done by word of mouth from house to house. They will censor your YouTube channels. They will censor your posts on Facebook. There is too much at stake for them to not do so.

Young British minds have to be told about the crimes of the British Empire. You have to deconstruct the hagiography that has been built up around frauds like Winston Churchill.  The programming is pervasive and goes deep into your movies and television shows.  It goes deep into the music industry as well. Look at people like Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. They grew up as middle-class people who were crapped upon by the British upper class. Why would they seek any honors from that criminal sort?  Both these men, like eager puppies, readily lapped up the dog biscuits of empire.  They sold their souls to the elites for a few bucks.  Now they are part of the system that oppresses you.

Your fight in the United Kingdom is our fight in the United States also. We have people in the United States who are enthralled with the monarchy. Just the other day Tucker Carlson called the British Empire benign. Hardly. Talk to the people of Kenya and India about that.  The British Empire starved millions to death in India, Bengal, and Ireland. Then they blamed it on the people for breeding like rabbits. Knave Winston Dunghill was one of those voices.

Our leaders in the United States have cozied up to your monarchial upper class and have copied them. We Americans have perfected British brutality.  Our leaders here have killed 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 people in Vietnam, 500,000 in Iraq, 500,000 in Syria, 200,000 between Afghanistan and Libya. They sponsored a war in Yemen that has killed conservatively 100,000 people.  We are not even talking about the millions of people who were forced to live as refugees in tents.

Sorry, I forgot about the walking wounded and the people afflicted with PTSD.

There is nothing benign about our American empire. We do not support democracy. We do not make people’s lives better. Indeed we prop up thugs by the dozens to run and maintain our sweatshops. Here’s a list, CNBC cocksuckers: Marcos, the Shah, Trujillo, Somoza, Diem, Suharto, Machado, Torrijos, Noriega, Armas, Zia, Pinochet, and any President of Colombia. The list goes on; the hits keep on coming.

We ensure that Haiti remain impoverished so that Levi Strauss can maintain its sweatshops. There the workers fight to make five dollars a day.

There is nothing pleasant about our American empire.

Likewise, there was and is nothing benign about the British Empire. It killed millions around the globe and subjugated millions more.  It forced the Chinese to purchase opium.

Unfortunately young British school children are not taught about these crimes. They are fed fantasies about obese slobs like Churchill. Here in the USA, MIT fuckers like Joe “Society Destroyer” Kiernan lounge around the CNBC coffee table and reflect casually upon the “wisdom” of Dunghill and what he had to say about a particular situation – as if anyone should listen to a murderer like Knave Winston.

Too many people in the United Kingdom believe that the monarchy is populated by smiling, powerless doofuses and  screw ups. Knave Andrew is the poster boy for this sales pitch. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The monarchy is much more powerful than that. It is powerful because Criminal Corporate Britain revolves around that monarchy. The monarchy is the organizing influence of corporate criminality in Britain and the world.

Our leadership in the United States, once horrified by the crimes of the British Crown and well-aware of the writings of Thomas Paine, now are co-opted puppets of the Harvard Cabal which sucks the royal cock of England.

It’s not enough for people to just donate money, then walk away. They must obligate themselves to be a soldier and tell people the truth.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Lights in Buckingham Palace

It’s time to turn the lights out, folks – not in your house, of course, but in Buckingham palace.

As the media goes nuts over the death of Queen Elizabeth, let’s talk about why the monarchy should be abolished.

Absolutely it should be abolished.

The monarchy is a threat to regular working people not only in Great Britain but around the world.

It’s important to remember what the monarchy is.

It’s also important to remember that the monarchy is not a benign institution.

It never was.

What the monarchy represents is a focal point, a rallying point, for Criminal Corporate Britain.

Don’t kid yourself that the British Empire is dead. It is far from dead. The British Commonwealth run by Criminal Corporate Britain is huge. It controls a lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of land.

The royal family is the tip of the iceberg of the peerage system which allows Criminal Corporate Britain to consolidate its efforts to dominate the people of the world and Great Britain.

The people of Great Britain have been beaten down into a bloody pulp over the centuries by their own empire.

Empire does not benefit even the citizens of its home base. Empire only benefits pigs like Mr. Darcy.

Do you know what the number one issue is today for the people of Great Britain?


They can’t get the energy they need because they have a government that intentionally suppresses the production of that energy.

The lights are going off in their houses.

They’re sitting on an ocean of oil, but they can not get it.

Don’t kid yourself if you think that the monarchy is not instrumental in the suppression of that energy.

The monarchy is about elitism.

The monarchy says: I am better than you. I deserve better than you. You will work for me. You will suffer for me.

For many centuries now, the British people have been willing to subject themselves to this nonsense.

For many centuries the American people were able to resist that.

Now, in our country the clowns from Harvard and the Ivy League cozy up to these monarchists in Great Britain.

What the motherfuckers at Harvard want to do is re-institute some sort of elitist, quasi-monarchial system here in the United States with Ivy League motherfuckers in charge of everything.

Harvard allies itself with the monarchy.

Harvard allies itself with monarchial institutions.

Harvard loves Oxford.

Harvard loves the Rhodes scholarship.

Don’t kid yourself if you believe that the monarchy is not a danger to you.

As long as that monarchy exists, the motherfuckers at Corporate America, dominated by Harvard and Oxford motherfuckers will continue to suppress you.

Just today Tucker Carlson defended the monarchy.

What a disgrace.

He talked about how benign the British empire was.

Who is he kidding?

The British empire under Victoria the whore starved tens of millions of people from India to death. It wasn’t locusts and drought that caused that carnage.

The whore Victoria tricked Indian people with a thumbprint to work her slave plantations around the globe. That’s why there are people of Indian extraction in Guyana and Fiji. Now you know how they got there. After Great Britain so nobly banned African slavery, they went out and established a different form of slavery. The pigs in the British upper class worked these people to death.

The whore Victoria brutalized the people of Africa.

Criminal Corporate Britain under the whore Victoria created the Irish potato famine then blamed the deaths on the Irish for populating like rabbits.

Winston Dunghill said the same thing regarding Bengal many years later. He blamed the Bengali famine on the people for populating like rabbits.

The whore Victoria fought the opium wars which enslaved the people of China resulting in the one-hundred years of shame. In a nutshell, they forced the Chinese to buy opium. That’s right, the British were drug smugglers. It wasn’t just them; it was also American scum who begot future Presidents here in the United States. That’s how mama’s boy Franklin Roosevelt came into his money. His grandfather, Warren Delano, was a drug smuggler of opium.

The monarchical usurpers of Great Britain work through their traitorous moles at Harvard University today to establish an entrenched, entitled and paternalistic system of rulers in America today.

There was and is nothing benign about the British empire.

What you see in the movie, play and book Oliver Twist is the way it was. That’s how your newly arriving American ancestors lived in the old country.

Your ancestors couldn’t leave Great Britain fast enough.

The smiling queen is a beguiling ruse to entice you into thinking that the monarchy is your friend.

The sun never set on the British empire and it never rose on the slums of London.

The submission of the psych of the British people is complete. They are so cowed by the monarchy, they cannot even see the damage it has done to their own souls.

They starve and live in the dark because of that monarchy.

Only when that monarchy, the peerage system, and the elitist institutions which support it are incinerated into dust in Great Britain and around the globe will people even begin to live in prosperity.

Don’t be fooled by that smiling queen. Though she is dead her spirit lives on.

The lights will never go out in Buckingham palace.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Queen and her Dickensian Workshop

In the week of the Queens Jubilee, it might be important to mention a few things about Elizabeth Windsor.

This is intended for the people of the United Kingdom.

I don’t think you understand the damage the Queen does to you.

She is not a kindly monarch.

She and her family are not a pack of bumbling boobs, a gaggle of comedic public relations officers who can’t stop embarrassing themselves.

The Queen is a powerful instrument of the powers that be.

She, her family and her system of peerage is the glue that holds Criminal Corporate Britain together.

They are a rallying point, a focal point for Criminal Corporate Britain. They keep Criminal Corporate Britain together.

It is Criminal Corporate Britain that rapes you every day of the week through war, wasteful spending, and unnecessary government projects.

You do not profit from empire. You do not profit from Criminal Corporate Britain.

When the Queen is destroyed, Criminal Corporate Britain will be weakened, and that will be good for you.

What lifted you out of your Dickensian workhouse was that your great, great, great, (and possibly greater) grandparent’s brothers and sisters came to America to forge a New World independent of the usurpers in the royal family.

If America had not succeeded, you would still be living in that Dickensian work house.

The freedom and emancipation experienced by your ancestors’s brothers and sisters in America put pressure upon the kings of old. They reluctantly had to give your ancestors liberties in order to retain them in your country.

Naturally, this bothered the king and his criminal henchmen.

You know how full well how evil your leaders are.

You know full well how Boris Johnson reveled in Downing Street parties while keeping you in lockdown.

Our Independence Day is your Independence Day.

When our revolutionary soldiers smoked Lord Cornwallis into the Yorktown turf, you won.

When our revolutionary soldiers defeated King George at Yorktown, you won.

What that defeat represented was the realization and actualization that there existed no inherent superior intelligence or greatness within British nobility.

Your liberation today is being threatened today by our Harvard Cabal that is threatening to destroy everything that our founding fathers built for us and for you.

Our evil Harvard Cabal – American Quislings – work together with the Eton-Oxford-Rhodes Scholar criminal class in Great Britain.

They work through the financial centers of New York and London to re-create a neo-feudalist society where we are all renters.

The battleground today seems to be in America. America, centuries ago, did provide for opportunities that did not exist in your country. That’s why your ancestors brothers and sisters left to come here.

They didn’t leave to take a vacation.

When America was settled, the goal was to re-create the same society in America that existed in your country. What the King and his henchmen wanted was a social caste system where betters rules lessers.

It didn’t work out.

That hasn’t stopped our elite classes from trying to reverse those losses.

That’s what nonstop war is all about. That’s what empire is about. Your elites partnered up with our elites to steal money from all of us, to march around the globe and fight nonstop war.

The Ukraine war is the latest example.

It is a bogus war that exists for no purpose whatsoever except to give money to corporations in order to fight an imaginary enemy.

Billions are loaned out to Ukrainian thugs who work for our elitist crooks in London and New York. These Ukrainian thugs will steal the money and put it in secret offshore accounts controlled by our elitist crooks.

The Ukrainian people will be saddled with enormous debt that they cannot pay back. They will then have to sell off vital assets to our elitist crooks.

The people there will live in slavery and chronic austerity for centuries. To help solve the problem, and keep the problem going, our governments will give massive funding to the corporations that created the mess in the first place. This corporate welfare will dilute our share of the economic pie thus making us weaker.

As enormous amounts of money are spent to keep the conquered nation conquered, the Empire makes the citizens of the conquering nation weaker.

This is what nonstop war is all about. This is why your kings of old were always fighting wars. They weren’t stupid. They figured out that war made them wealthier.

How could the king possibly lose when the regular people were transferring their wealth to the king in order to fight the war.

The United States today is the chief prosecutor of war in the world. It employs your criminal class in its efforts.

Our goal here in the United States is to stop this ruling criminal class from fighting nonstop war.

If we fall, you fall.

If we fall, you will return to the Dickensian work house in all its horrors.

The Queen is an extension of that criminal corporate class that desires that you return to the Dickensian workhouse.

That society today we call neo-feudalism. It is a rentier society. There is no ownership or stake in the game for you.

There you will sit in a passive weakened state, forever kneeling before your betters.

The Queen and her royal parasites are the glue of Criminal Corporate Britain.

She must be destroyed.

She is not a kindly monarch.

She is your enemy.

Destroy her.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Prince of Privilege

What will happen with Prince Andrew?

Will he be dragged to America to answer questions with regard to Virginia Roberts and Jeffrey Epstein?

Don’t bet on it.

The Queen and the royal family are not just figureheads in Britain. They are the top of British nobility, and it is British nobility that is the glue that holds criminal Corporate Britain together.

Britain raped the world and killed tens of millions of people with great efficiency over the past 500 years.

They starved millions of people in India and Ireland as they were exporting life-saving crops from those countries.

They ran slave plantations around the globe populated by illiterate Hindus who were tricked into indentured servitude with a thumbprint.

The British worked their slaves to death.

As they were raping India, the British were simultaneously raping China for 100 years.

They forced the Chinese people to consume opium.

Britain was able to do this because its criminal corporations worked together.

A house divided will fall.

Teams that work together win championships.

Divided teams lose.

Think of the royal family as a rallying point rather than people who make decisions.

The Queen, Prince Charles, and the rest of the parasitic scum don’t make any decisions with regard to how Britain runs.

They don’t have to.

They only need to exist.

Their function is to hold the the criminal corporate enterprise together.

They are the mother of all glues.

As such, any convictions of the royal family will seriously damage the adhesive that holds the criminal enterprise in focus.

To prevent that, Britain and the royal family will move heaven and earth to make sure that nothing happens to any one member of the royal family.

Consequently, you can expect nothing substantial to come of this investigation into Prince Andrew.

If they have to, the elites will conjure up a medically suspicious mental illness, lock him away on a remote estate under heavy guard, never to be seen again.

The elites cannot ask for anything less, for if a member of the royal family is convicted, then the machine begins to unravel.

Additionally, if regular folk in Britain, who have been beaten down for centuries into bowing before their betters, begin to see that the elites can be held accountable for their crimes, then they will begin to ask for more of the same.

Currently in Britain, like America, the rich never truly pay for their crimes.

The rich and privileged paying for their crimes?

That’s not a precedent the wealthy elite in Britain are willing to set.

Beyond that though, there’s an even greater reason and a greater motivation for the elites to not convict Prince Andrew.

If the royal family becomes unraveled, if Britain becomes unraveled, that unraveling also sucks power away from the elites in our country because the elites in our country, particularly the unenlightened at Harvard University, adore the royal family.

Britain and its nobility is their role model.

That’s their reason for being.

Indeed, our leaders at Harvard University are thirsting for the day when they can acquire titles of British nobility.

All that stuff you see in Pride and Prejudice with Mr. Darcy and his mansion – the Harvard elites eat that shit up. That’s what they want.

Therefore, the Harvard elite, who control this country, who have hijacked this country, will work together with British nobility to make sure that nothing substantial happens to Prince Andrew.

He’s the Prince of Privilege.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Beat It, Britain

We need to break off relations with Britain.

Our common language should not be a deterrent.

We are not British.

We do dishonor to our ancestors by maintaining these relations.

The British are not the type of people we should be modeling our country after.

We are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

The British are the source of the neo-feudalist impulse that is destroying our nation.

The British taught our elites many nasty tricks while bequeathing unseemly habits.

They taught our elites how to imperialize, how to exploit, how to humiliate, how to impoverish, how to spy, how to rob.

One might say that the British Empire never died but simply moved across the pond.

Currently our elites here in America are doing the same to us that the British elites did to their own people for so many centuries.

They are fucking us without our permission.

I believe the word is rape.

They say that the sun never set on the British Empire yet never rose on the slums of London.

We could say the same about the American Empire.

Examine the homelessness in our country.

Witness the unrelenting poverty which abounds in the inner city.

When you see poverty like that, it’s not an accident, and it’s not a moral failing.

Consistent poverty is engineered.

Our elites, who adore and admire British nobility, did this to their own citizens.

Our elites are sick.

They are ill just as as British nobility is ill.

The day will come when our American elites give themselves titles to formalize the confiscated wealth they enjoy.

That is their goal.

To prevent that, we must break off relations with Britain.

A better, though not perfect, friend and role model would be China.

China currently takes an approach to the world that will tear us asunder unless we change our ways.

Where our leaders employee guns, the Chinese supply butter.

Butter is the better option.

The Chinese offer the Third World an opportunity to escape poverty. They build railroads and ports for them.

What can the United States offer except sweat shops, polluted rivers, and broken down shacks?

A lot.

The United States and its elites can drop their misguided ways that they learned from the British and follow the vision of John Kennedy.

John Kennedy saw a different world.

John Kennedy saw a world where America partnered with poor countries to lift them out of poverty, creating friendships that would ultimately benefit the United States of America.

The unenlightened greedy elite comprised of people like Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles and many others, chiefly crass corporate pigs, gluttonous smelly slobs who fuck whores as they slam pork and beer into their guts, didn’t approve of John Kennedy’s vision.

In short, JFK fucked with their money.

The elites saw their future sweatshops disappearing. They didn’t like what was transpiring in the Caribbean, or in Southeast Asia.

Friendships? Forget about it.

When they killed John Kennedy, they carved up Indonesia’s vast mineral resources including the largest copper and gold mines in the world. The rest of Indonesia would be used as a sweatshop for tennis shirts and shoes.

The same could be said of many other countries including Haiti.

With John Kennedy gone, the United States could continue to rape Central America and other nations.

And this is what they did.

After all, American corporations needed latex, rubber, palm oil, and, of course, oil itself from Southeast Asia.

In time though, China took the best of what we in the west had to offer while rejecting the bad habits we had learned from the British.

The Chinese knew all too well of British exploitation as they themselves had been exploited by the British for over 100 years which they refer to as the 100 years of shame.

China now offers a better way. In many respects they offer the vision of John Kennedy.

What will America do?

America must change its ways.

America must disband the CIA which is nothing more than the SD and the SS combined. The CIA is the thug agency of the wealthy elite which plays dirty tricks upon the peoples of the world domestically and abroad.

We must also break off relations with Britain.

Britain, the bad parent that it was, must die.

When we break off relations with Britain, we remove ourselves from the influence of the pernicious class system which Britain prosecutes to this day.

We are not British. We are Americans. We were altered fundamentally through our contact, association and intermingling with the American Indian who led a more egalitarian existence.

The genie was let out of the bottle.

Open lands that the British could not dominate did the rest.

Freed of the British class system Americans could prosecute their unlimited talents.

In time regular Americans began to surpass peoples abroad who still toiled and suffered under British oppression.

This was a dangerous concept to the elites.

In time, Cecil Rhodes, the bigot, the oppressor, the murderer, set out to corral America back into the British fold. He accomplished this with his Rhodes scholarship in which unenlightened, foolish, greedy, Americans willingly joined the elite class in Britain to stamp out American freedom.

Cecil Rhodes succeeded remarkably well. His efforts were aided by Corporate America’s mainstream media which has placed Rhodes Scholars such as Bill Clinton upon a mighty pedestal.

The driving force behind Corporate America’s collaboration with Cecil Rhodes and the British Empire to stamp out the American experiment was, of course, Harvard University.

Make no mistake about it, Harvard loves the Rhodes scholarship. And when I say love, I mean l-o-v-e.

Say that real slow and draw it out long.

In that regard, Harvard is a traitor to American freedom.

Harvard embraces the royal family. When Harvard celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, they invited Prince Charles to be a speaker at the event.

Why should you be surprised that Harvard has led the way in destroying America over the past 75 years?

Harvard works for the British who still stand for oppression and exploitation.

When we say goodbye to Britain we will be doing ourselves a favor.

We should have nothing to do with them.





Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Oath of Renunciation

Why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Tucker Carlson presents himself as a defender of the common man.

So again, let me repeat the question: Why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Mark Steyn is a Canadian journalist who was educated in the UK.

He attended King Edward’s School, an elite school.

Recently, he was seen on Tucker Carlson’s show defending the constitutional monarchy that exists in the UK.

So why is he permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

Let me shift a little bit and ask you a question.

If your child died in a war for the United States of America, how long would you like their sacrifice to count for?

Would you like their sacrifice to count for 5 years, 10 years, 25 years?

I am willing to bet that you would prefer their sacrifice to count for eternity.

Let me buy you a ticket on the clue train. The mothers and fathers of men who died in the Revolutionary War feel the same way.

They wanted their child’s sacrifice to count forever also.

Those brave men fought for a better world.

They fought to defy the King of England who was an oppressor.

Why should their sacrifice count any less than the sacrifice of your children today?

In addition to that, our Founding Fathers risked their lives to fight King George.

They would’ve been hung by King George had they failed.

They went “all in” to create the meritocracy that made the United States the great country that it used to be.

Because Mark Steyn lives in New Hampshire, Mark Steyn is a beneficiary of that sacrifice.

He feasts and dines atop the graves of men who died to fight against a system that he embraces.

It was our elites’ decision to re-ally the United States with the elitist, feudalist, Dickensian era-loving pigs in the UK that began the slide of America back into the abyss.

Our modern elites renounced the Founding Fathers and decided to be roped into Cecil Rhodes’s bigoted, brutal Empire again.

Cecil Rhodes was a ruthless imperialist, one of Queen Victoria’s henchmen.

The Rhodes Scholarship was created by Cecil Rhodes to snare America back into the British Empire.

The British Empire was and still is a brutal empire which has terrorized the world.

The British Empire raped India, China, Africa, Ireland, and the United States of America.

Why would we want to go back there again?

Mark Steyn supports a British royal system which raped the world.

This is what your Founding Fathers fought against.

So again, I ask why is Mark Steyn permitted on Tucker Carlson’s show?

He shouldn’t be permitted on the show.

He should be required to sign an Oath of Renunciation directed to the Queen of England and the entire system of peerage which rapes the British people even today.

I will write that Oath of Renunciation now.

I, Mark Steyn, renounce the Queen. I recognize the errors of my ways. I recognize that I was wrong in attending school in the UK. I reject all elite schools. I reject Eton. I reject Oxford. I reject the London School of Economics. I reject Cecil Rhodes. I reject the Rhodes Scholarship. I recognize the British Empire for the evil, brutal empire that it was and is. I fully understand that the Queen of England is a rallying point for criminal Corporate Britain, and that criminal Corporate Britain raped the world, and does so today. I fully understand the Queen is not just a figurehead but an important focal point, the glue that keeps criminal Corporate Britain together. I hereby certify Queen Victoria as the world’s greatest mass murderer. I recognize Queen Victoria for the tramp, the whore, and the two buck slut that she was. I now see the errors of my ways. I freely state that I am not a subject of the Queen. She has no authority over me. I resolve to throw a milkshake in the Queen‘s face should I ever be in her presence. I extend the same courtesy to the royal family and to all lords, earls, dukes, barons and people of so-called titled importance. I reject their titles. I reject the wealth that they immorally accumulated. I am ashamed of my past obsequious deference to the Queen and her corrupt system of peerage. I hereby resolve to sabotage and destroy this oppressive system which continues to exploit and impoverish the peoples of the world.

Every British citizen in America should be required to openly recite and sign this oath.


The same goes for Canadians living in America who have clearly allied themselves with the immoral British Empire.

Mark Steyn should be thrown off Tucker Carlson’s show now.

His US citizenship or visa status must be revoked until he signs this Oath of Renunciation.

He’s another elitist posing as a voice for the common man. He wouldn’t be where he is if the elites truly felt he was a threat.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Betraying America

You are a traitor to America if you gush over Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton is a murderer, a murderer of humanity.

She’s an elitist.

She’s symbolizes everything that is wrong with Great Britain and the world.

Our media presenters who fawn over her and everything that she wears are traitors to you and the people who sacrificed their lives in the Revolutionary War.

I get it; it’s only fashion.

I don’t give a damn.

Every time these hosts focus on the royal family they lend importance to these people, and the people she represents.

These hosts and presenters bow and curtsy before the royals, and ask you to do the same.

They send a hidden message to the public: These people are important, and you are not.

The efforts of these hosts and presenters are not harmless or unintentional. They are put up to it by the people who own the networks.

These wealthy brutes who have hijacked America desire an elitist society just like Great Britain.

They’re angry that we don’t have a peerage system in the United States.

If they could, they would give themselves titles and make you bow and curtsy before their betters – which, of course, in their minds, is them.

Many centuries ago we fought a Revolutionary War in which many Americans died.

These Americans fought this war in order to create and maintain a world in which regular citizens count.

How long should their sacrifice count for?

Do we put term limits on that?

To answer this question, let me pose a question to you.

Suppose that your child fought in a war in which he or she died. How long would you like their sacrifice to count for?

I am willing to bet that you are now saying to yourself: “Forever. I want immortality for my child.”

And so it is for the parents, brothers, and sisters of those people who died in the Revolutionary War.

They want their family member’s sacrifice to be eternal.

They aren’t interested in backsliding into the world of monarchy that our wealthy elites are so obviously enamored with.

They aren’t interested in that at all.

So then why do we permit the wealthy elite who control the networks and mass media in our country to get away with gushing over a royal family that has done absolutely nothing for the freedom of anyone anywhere on Planet Earth in the last 500 years.

Great Britain raped the world.

Let us count the ways, and this may take some time.

Let’s begin with Queen Victoria, possibly the biggest mass murderer the world has ever seen. Queen Victoria and her henchmen, people like Cecil Rhodes, the bigot, for whom the Rhodes scholarship is named, was responsible for the death of tens of millions of people.

In India, Britain mismanaged farming and food provision such that tens of millions of people died through various famines over the centuries.

As people from India died, crops that could have saved many people were exported. The British looked the other way while stating that the people of India had brought this calamity upon themselves by overpopulating.

The racist, Winston Churchill, always a favorite of our elites here, called the people of India a beastly people.

When Queen Victoria was not starving people to death through mismanagement, she was enslaving illiterate Indian people on her slave plantations around the world. Great Britain tricked these people through illiteracy. These people signed contracts to work on British slave plantations with their thumbprint. Great Britain worked them to death. That’s why you can find people of Indian extraction on South Pacific islands and in South America.

Queen Victoria ran the opium wars in China. The Chinese refer to the years from 1850 to 1950, when Mao came into power, as the 100 years of shame.

These wars were fought because the Chinese did not want to purchase any of the shitty pots and pans that were coming out of industrial Britain. The British however wanted to buy the silks and teas from China. Because there was a net trade imbalance and British Sterling was flowing out of the country, the Queen Murderess and Royal Drug Dealer decided to import opium into China, which was, not surprisingly, illegal. The Chinese resisted and the British waged war against the Chinese. The British won.

So much for free trade.

Scum like Warren Delano, FDR’s grandfather, cashed in on illegal imports of opium to China. That’s how mama’s boy Franklin, a Harvard graduate, came into his money.

While Vickie wasn’t shaming the Chinese, she was busy starving the Irish.

Millions of people died in the Irish potato famine, but it was unnecessary because there were other crops available to feed the Irish. The Irish potato blight only affected potatoes. The remaining crops were shipped out.

Do you see a pattern here?

Victoria’s henchmen said that the Irish had brought on their own demise because they had overpopulated. They believed that God’s hidden hand was correcting the problem.

Of course, the British have always brutalized the Irish; and when the Irish rebelled, the British shipped them down to their penal colonies in Australia and Van Dieman’s Land, which was renamed Tasmania. That’s how Australia was founded and established.

So you see it wasn’t just brown people who the British killed; they were equal opportunity oppressors.

Cecil Rhodes was one of those oppressors. His special place was South Africa. There he rigged the joint in favor of the white man and was able to take control of the world’s diamond supply. He murdered a lot of people to do it.

Before dying at an early age, he was able to endow the Rhodes Scholarship which is a tool that Great Britain uses to rope the dupes of the world into Britain’s criminal enterprise. Not surprisingly, Harvard University, Great Britain’s beachhead in the United States, loves the Rhodes Scholarship. Why not? Harvard’s allegiance is to elitism. Harvard loves Oxford. Harvard loves the royal family. In fact, Harvard invited Prince Charles to its 350th anniversary back in 1986.

Britain continued its criminality into the 20th century in Africa. Yes, Victoria Hitler lived that long. Her reign of terror lasted from 1837 to 1901.

The British began arriving in greater force in Kenya in the early 1900s. Soon they took over the place. They awarded themselves a disproportionate share of the fertile lands. Through clever legal chicanery and force they transformed the native tribes into becoming paid laborers, slaves really, on their plantations. This resulted in the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s.

This behavior, this naughtiness, is not the American way. This is not what our revolutionary forefathers fought for.

And I’m pretty sure they knew what they were fighting for. They didn’t come over here from an oppressive Britain in order to re-create the system they escaped from.

Maybe their elitist leaders did, but this is not what your regular soldier fought for.

America was always a different type of place, and your ancestors recognized this when they got here.

Many of your ancestors came over here through indentured servitude, just the kind of system that the British would invent. The British love slavery and class systems. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the founding of America. That funny thing was the American Indian.

The American Indian didn’t believe in elitism, and it didn’t take too long until your newly arriving immigrant realized this. Consequently, many of these new immigrants chose to live with the Indians. There they could live as free people. Plus, the continent was wide open. There were plenty of places to go to escape an oppressive class system.

Freedom and egalitarianism gradually took hold and developed the American character.

In short, we are not British; we are Americans. We are fundamentally different from the British. We may speak the same language, but we are not the same.

This may explain why many British who come to the United States still can’t get the Queen out of their system.

They love the monarchy. They have been beaten down their entire lives to believe in a class system, to believe that some people are better than others.

But we Americans are different. We do not believe in a class system. We believe that all people are entitled to equal treatment.

This is what your forefathers fought for in the Revolutionary War, and their sacrifice was not intended to be on a term contract.

The men who died wanted their sacrifice to be eternal, as would you if you sacrificed your life for freedom.

Their fellow Americans at the time felt the same way.

They feel the same way today in spirit, and that spirit is there with you in those graveyards in your community.

Those men who died knew what the royal family was all about. They knew what the peerage system was all about. They knew that the deck was stacked against them.

And they also knew that they had an opportunity to change things.

Consequently they developed traditions that were handed down to you. One of those traditions was the idea that we do not bend our knee to anyone, nor do we lower our flag.

This is why American leaders do not bow down to foreign dignitaries.

This is why Americans do not dip our flag at Olympic ceremonies.

This is why we stand for the national anthem.

Not surprisingly, our media hosts and presenters, who are controlled by the wealthy elite, have no problem when Americans perform these acts.

Kneeling for the national anthem? Bowing down before the queen? Gushing over Kate Middleton?

Your ancestors would be ashamed of you.

That is not the country they fought for.

When you perform these acts of servitude, you betray them and everything they fought for.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Queen

Many think of the Queen of England as a figurehead, someone without power. If she was without power, why do the wealthy elite in Great Britain defend her to the hilt? Is she a novelty act, and amusing anachronism? Hardly. She is essential to criminal Corporate Britain’s existence. Without her, their scam begins to unravel.