Ha Ha, Suckers

Applications for student loan forgiveness will no longer be accepted.


Sorry about that, suckered and scammed college grads, no more money for you.

Your money just got sent to Ukraine.

Why not?

The elites already made money off you by jacking up your college tuition.

Oh, yeah, baby. It was a sweetheart deal between the banks and the criminals who run the colleges.

The lending institutions agree to loan outrageous amounts of money, and the colleges agree to charge outrageous amounts of money.

Where does the money go?

  • Brand spanking new buildings that don’t need to be built. Buildings and their maintenance are expensive, baby. Not to worry, UTRGV, near where I live, births buildings like the Octamom. I am impressed though. With the snap of the fingers stadiums and Performance Arts Buildings fall out of the sky ready-made. They appear overnight.
  • Hi-tech gadgets that yield the illusion of learning. Blaise Pascal used a quill and ink. As did Isaac Newton. Somehow that was good enough.
  • Jacked up college president’s pay. The former President at Penn, Amy Gutmann, made a cool three million simoleons a year. That’s a lot of scratch. What did she do with all that money? Buy Phillies tickets? Oh, no, I’m sure deluxe box seats were written into her contract. Okay, maybe the Philadelphia Orchestra.
  • Silly amenities like rock-climbing walls.
  • Increased number of administrators for god knows what. Safe space administration? Service dog monitoring? Tucking students into bed at night?
  • Big time booty for lending institutions.

Who gives a fuck anyway?

The important thing is to make money.

And the money has been made. That’s why they don’t need you, Mr. Loan Suckeree.

There’s no money to be made in helping you out.

But there is money to be made in Ukraine.

Lots of it.

The gas resources are outstanding.

So is the farmland. I’m sure Farmer Gates wants in on that.

And that’s why the money is going to Ukraine and not you.

That’s what America is about now: Getting rich.

And staying rich.

Keeping you poor is part of the program.

That’s what the Harvard Cabal wants. You see, the more emaciated you are financially, the better it is for their eternal rule.

Oh, they wouldn’t do that, you exclaim. You’re paranoid, Archer.

Oh, yes they would do that. And they would do it in spades.

They are doing it.

If they cared about you, they wouldn’t have created the mess in the first place.

And if they doubly cared about you, they would allocate funds to help you.

A reasonable, rational person would understand that the strength of America lies in the strength of its people.

That’s not how they see it.

These motherfuckers have allied themselves with the creepy criminal elite in the United Kingdom.

And they are creepy.

That’s bad news for you.

The criminal elite in the United Kingdom haven’t given a shit about their own people for hundreds of years.

Our criminal elite here in the United States are new at the game, but they are learning fast.

They are not just stealing your money, they are giving you a lower quality product as well.

The education they now give is dumbed down with political correctness. They unequivocally celebrate international meddlers like Dwight Eisenhower, and racist exploitation artists like Winston Churchill.

They lie to you about Pearl Harbor and 911.

Don’t forget about JFK and 11/22.

They tell you that the Civil War was fought for slavery (BS. The Civil War like all wars was fought for money, power and control. Lincoln used emancipation of slaves as a weapon in the mid to late part of the war.).

True discussion deemed controversial is not permitted.

Certain questions may no longer be asked or broached.

You’re getting ripped off.

Big time.

You’re even lied to about Ukraine.

Putin isn’t the aggressor. The aggressor is our greedy elite who violated the agreement we made with the Russians that NATO would not be expanded after Germany was reunified.

That’s right, and after the US sponsored a coup that overthrew Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 so as to install our Nazi satrapy in Kiev, US puppets signed the Minsk Agteement which guaranteed safety for the Russians living in the Donbas.

The US and its puppets violated that agreement also. About 12,000 Ukrainian/Russians have died since the Minsk Agreements.

They died, because the US sponsored government in Ukraine shells them mercilessly.

That’s why we continue to send money to Ukraine.

Our greedy elite want that farmland. They want that oil and gas.

So the same government that saddled you with enormous debt, that won’t substantially help you out, will now send money that could help you out to Ukraine. And they will use the educational system that ripped you off to lie to you about Ukraine.

Isn’t that a howler?

I think so.


Archer Crosley

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