The Idaho Murders

I’m going to tell you what I wrote a few days ago before Brian Kohberger was arrested for the murder of the four Idaho students.


Have you been following the four students in Idaho who were stabbed to death this past November?

Do you have a theory as to who did it?

I do.

Since everyone else has an idea, I will offer my opinion just to put it on the record.

I don’t think what I’m saying is original. I’m sure other people have thought the same thing, but here goes.

I don’t think it was one person. I think there were at least two people, possibly four.

I am leaning toward four people.

I think these people were incels, involuntary celibates.

And I think they knew the people they killed.

I think they were in that house before.

I think they are most likely students.

And I think they were watching and waiting for their intended victims to come home.

That means they live nearby.

I don’t think it’s possible for one person to stab four people to death in one sitting.

It’s not easy to stab someone to death. Frequently, the person has to make multiple stabbing motions.

If there had only been one person doing the killing, the other party, not being stabbed, would be able to get out of the room or do some loud screaming, which would alert the people on the other floors.

For that reason, there had to be at least two people.

I don’t think it’s even possible for two people to stab four people to death.

This killing was premeditated and highly planned.

Why did they kill the four students?

Because the students represented everything that the killers were not.

The murdered students were socially adept, popular, and sexually active.

Moreover, they were happy people

The people who killed the students were most likely involuntary celibates, who were not socially skilled, not particularly popular, and definitely not socially active.

They didn’t understand who they were or why they were the way they were

They were two or four students who found each other

They shared their misery with each other, and their misery amplified.

One day one of them probably said to the others: We have to do something about this,

As to why they selected the four murdered students? They were convenient. They were nearby, and they knew them.

What the killers wanted was payback against God for making them the way they were.

And so they did it.


It’s difficult for me to believe that Brian Kohberger did this on his own. How is it possible to repeatedly stab one individual and not have the other people react?

How does he prevent the other people from reacting?

How does he know where the people are in the house?

How does is he know that there aren’t a few big burly guys also living in the house? How does he know who’s awake and who’s not?

To kill all the students on his own without them screaming he would’ve had to shoot them all with tranquilizer darts and then murder them.

Or he would have had to slip them drugs.

But if he had done that, they wouldn’t have had defensive wounds.

He had to have had help.

I suppose it’s possible that he could have been waiting in the house for them. He could have then murdered them sequentially. But that’s not what the police are saying.

At any rate, he had to have known the layout of the house. He had to have cased the house, or he knew someone who had.


Archer Crosley

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