Religion and War

Religion is a great thing.

There’s a lot of value in it.

There’s also a lot of bullshit.

The main thing that’s wrong with religion is that people don’t even know why they’re in it.

They’re in it because their parents shanghaied them into that religion when they were little children.

They were a child; they had no choice.

Their parents told them: This is where you’re going, this is what you’re going to believe, and we’re not taking any answer-back.

It was compulsory.

Back in the day, if you challenged your parents you got spanked.

You believe what you believe not necessarily because it’s the best thing to believe, but because your parents browbeat and propagandized you into that religion.

So what we have today are millions of people walking around as true believers, thinking that their religion is the greatest thing since apple pie, and the only reason they believe it is because a) their parents told them so, and b) they never had the time, guts, nor inclination to question it.

Why don’t the majority people have the guts to question their religion?

They don’t have the guts to question it because they don’t want to question it.

They don’t want to question it because they fear being ostracized by their family and their friends, or that they will go to hell if they do.

And because they don’t question their religion we live in a world that is less workable than it could be.

There are only a small percentage of the people who have the courage, the guts and the desire to question a religion, to adopt a new religion, or move outside of it.

Consequently, if you are a rebel, if you have the guts to move to a different faith, you can see that religious wars are stupid.

Unfortunately, you are in the minority.

Compounding the misery is that the politicians use religion in order to sanctify the wars.

The politicians understand that it’s very difficult to sell war on the evidence. Of course it’s difficult. That’s because almost all wars are fought for money. Regular people want to know why we can’t just share. Leaders and politicians aren’t in the habit of sharing. That’s because there is something wrong with them. They have a medical problem.

So what they do is sell war through the irrationality of religion.

God approves of this war.

By fighting this war, they say, you are defeating the infidel.

That’s an easy sell. Linking God and war is one of their magic tricks.

And that’s why you see so many reverends, ministers, imams, and priests cozying up to the politicians, engaging them at prayer breakfasts.

What a joke that is!

Those prayer breakfast exist to sanctify war.

So if you’re living in war, or a constant state of war, which we currently do, which the Romans did, which the British did, you now know why.

You were browbeaten and propagandized into your religion. Furthermore, you were taught that your religion was the one true religion, and that everyone else’s was a mortal threat to your security.

Thus war.

Thus big bucks for our crummy leaders and their puppet-masters in Corporate America.


Archer Crosley

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