A War of Nothingness

The war in Ukraine is a war of nothingness.

It was created by the oligarchs for the oligarchs.

No fruit will come out of this war.

The inflation and higher energy costs occurring within the countries of Europe was entirely avoidable.

Here in America, money will now go to Ukraine – instead of fixing homelessness.

Why is this?

Is Russia a threat to our national security?

Absolutely not.

Ever since I was a little boy and before, our leaders have programmed us to believe that Russia is a threat to our existence.

The programming was so pervasive and bad that Hollywood made a movie entitled: The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.

We were told that Russia was an expansionist empire whose goal was to destroy us.

As it turns out it is America that is the expansionist empire.

We are the ones tear-assing all over the globe in the name of peace, security – and western prosperity, of course.

We are the nation that spends close to $1 trillion on defense and war.

Yet what good has come of this for the American people?

Polarization of wealth is at an all-time high.

Homelessness abounds.

Vast parts of our inner cities lie in ruins.

There is no decent healthcare system in the United States that can provide affordable healthcare for average people.

It’s a greed-based system where an EpiPen that should cost $50 now costs up to $700.

We don’t even have a good rail system that can effectively transport masses of people in case of an emergency.

Our leaders don’t give a fuck about us.

Case in point: $100 billion for Ukraine, and very little for student debt relief and homelessness.

It’s a national disgrace.

The war in Ukraine is intended to make the wealthy even wealthier.

The people of Ukraine will be the big losers in this.

They will borrow hundreds of billions of dollars and still lose this war.

Then they will be forced to pay the money back to the United States, to the IMF, to other western nations.

They won’t have the money.

What will ensue in the Ukraine is a penny-pinching austerity that will last generations.

Because they won’t have the money to pay back their debts, they will be compelled in time to sell off vital national assets.

Who is not going to be hurt?


Russia won’t be hurting at all.

In fact, the people in the recently annexed territories of Ukraine, who are now part of Russia, will thrive.

The difference will be like night and day.

The difference will be like East Germany and West Germany.

The difference will be like Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Everywhere in the world that the United States goes, poverty follows.

Haiti, Indonesia, and the Philippines are prime examples.

Throw in the countries of Central America to boot.

You make a deal with our leaders in the United States, you lose.

All of these countries have an extremely wealthy upper class allied with our leaders in the United States of America.

They rule over a sea of poverty in their native countries.

That’s what will happen with Ukraine.

And as Ukraine becomes impoverished, so will the people of the United States of America.

The funding of Ukraine now is just an appetizer.

Trillions will follow – all to the detriment of the people of United States of America.

The only people who will benefit off this are the wealthy elite.

As I say, it is a war of nothingness.


Archer Crosley

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