Heaven Help Us!

As I started reading this story, I was planning to post it on Facebook with my usual diatribe against Harvard University. I was going to caption it with:  Thank you, Harvard.  Or, Thank You, Leaders.  I held off because I figured readers of this post might get tired of me constantly haranguing against our phony leaders who come from the Ivy League.  As I neared the end of the article, I asked out loud:  Who is the mayor of this crazy city, Phoenix?  So I did a search and discovered her name:  Kate Gallego.   She’s a graduate of Harvard University She is also  a graduate of the phony Wharton School, a part of the University of Pennsylvania – founded by Benjamin Franklin whose policy of “Imitate Jesus” is inimical to Wharton School professors. 

Why should I have been surprised?  It states on her Wikipedia page that her husband is Ruben Gallego. I had no idea who he was, so I searched him. He is also a graduate of Harvard University.  Well, I thought, maybe Kate Gallego just got into office. Maybe she hasn’t had the time to make any changes. Not so. She came into power in 2019.  

This is going to be the future of our country unless people stop electing these Ivy League bozos. This is going to be the future of our country unless parents adamantly put their foot down and tell their children that under no circumstances will they attend Harvard or any Ivy League school.

Now, you would think Kate Gallego might be different; after all, her husband is Hispanic.  Maybe he opened her eyes as to what it’s like to be oppressed or downtrodden.  

Not a chance.

It has long been known that Ivy League attendees cease becoming sympathetic to their ethnic or racial group people when they attend these Ivy League institutions. What happens is that these attendees become indoctrinated and acculturated into the ruling class. After their schooling they have more in common with the wealthy elite than they do with the people from which they came.  Indeed that is the principal reason schools like Harvard seek minorities – Harvard’s desire not to represent the needs of minorities, but to control them.  White people, having been in the majority, long ago knew that they as white people were being sold down the river.  

Things are going to get worse. The unenlightened Michael Bloomberg, a Harvard graduate, has funded the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. It’s a fellowship of sorts designed to teach prospective mayors of mid-sized cities like McAllen how to run a government.   Heaven help us!  What you are going to see are a flood of people coming back to local areas all around the country with a Harvard degree in their hand. The people who have been programmed into believing that Harvard represents the best and the brightest will vote for these bozos.  The final result will be calamity.

Harvard is a greedy school whose focus is on elitism and wealth accumulation. Harvard’s modus operandi and goals run directly against the American experiment which is rooted in egalitarianism -not elitism. Harvard basks in its elite status. When Harvard celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, Derek Bok, the big cheese at Harvard, invited Prince Charles as one of the event’s keynote speakers.  Prince Charles? I thought we fought a revolutionary war. Say, doesn’t revolutionary mean new ideas, not old ones.

Harvard brags about its Rhodes Scholars; yet Cecil Rhodes – an elitist, greedy Brit notable for oppressing the people of Africa – was a flaming bigot who believed in the superiority of the white race. The goal of the Rhodes Scholarship was to rope America back into the British Empire.  In that respect, Cecil Rhodes has succeeded wildly as America increasingly resembles 1850s Dickensian England.  Think Oliver Twist.  Is that the future you want?  

Count me out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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