AI and Implementation

Why will AI never be fully implemented?

AI takes all the information that exists in the past and uses that information to solve problems.

Given that, AI should be able to look at historical world events for the past several thousands of years, combine that data with its knowledge of the root causes of war, and then develop a course of action to prevent world war.

Theoretically, then, we should have less war in the future.

This will never happen.

There isn’t an ice cube’s chance in hot coffee that AI will be implemented nor work in that situation.

Governments that are controlled by the wealthy pig elite will never use AI for this purpose.

Why would they do that?

If anyone tries to implement a methodology, which would promote peace based upon AI, that person will be slaughtered on the spot.

All sorts of excuses will be made as to why we are not implementing AI for this specific purpose.

As to why, we are not implementing AI for the prevention of war, that will never be discussed.

Every attempt to implement AI for the prevention of war will be stalled.

Flimsy excuses will be offered as to why it’s not being implemented.

Finally, tragically, the implementation of AI will be attempted weakly decade after decade – with many poor Band-Aids.

This is akin to the half-hearted, impotent measures our elites attempt in trying to reform voting.

Fixing our corrupt voting system is recognized as something that needs to be done but is never accomplished.

How is it possible for the bank to keep track of all your banking data with complete precision, and yet somehow we can’t employ that in voting.

I’ve had banking and credit card accounts, and all sorts of financial accounts, which include notes and loans.

Everyone of these banks covering hundreds of thousands of transactions for me personally has never been inaccurate by so much as a penny.

I imagine your experience is the same.

So why can’t we apply the technology and security of the online banking system with voting.

Because the politicians want corrupt voting.

They need that corrupt voting in order to steal elections so as to put their Harvard motherfuckers in power.

Similarly, AI will never be fully enabled to prevent war.

Consequently, it will never work.

It will never work because there’s too much money at stake.

Our elites are robbing trillions from the American citizen.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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