Dark Forces

I think it’s only reasonable to explain how conspiracies exist.

Let me try to be a little bit more clear.

How is it possible for so many people to be involved in a conspiracy?

Somebody would talk, right?

Not if they don’t know that there is a conspiracy.

Every ruling oligarchy is ruled by an oligarchy that is ruled by an oligarchy. There is always an inner circle. In the Soviet Union the top of the inner circle was Joe Stalin.

He knew what was going to happen because he was the guy with the guns.

The United States is no different.

The guys at the top don’t always need to tell the truth to the people beneath them.

And it’s always possible to project a smiley face reason for why you are doing things.

Evil people almost never tell the real reason.

Many times the real reason is that the person on top wants to make a pile of money.

Since that won’t sell to people, a smiley face reason is offered.

If anybody should ask too many questions, a bribe can be offered in the form of more money. If the individual still won’t comply, they can be executed or put in a prison shut away from everybody.

Since everyone in the oligarchy benefits to some degree, not too many questions are asked.

It’s easier to not know the truth.

Remember, these members of the oligarchy, only want to be enriched.

They love money.

That’s why the vast majority of the oligarchy’s members went into politics. Now, if they went into politics in order to do noble things, they can be persuaded to think differently by the huge amount of money to be made there.

Never underestimate the power of money to open one’s eyes to new vistas and ways of thinking.

Before we go to much further, let’s see if we can use an example.

Let’s look at the invasions of various countries in the Middle East.

Where did these ideas come from.

They came from a heart of darkness.

They were envisioned by the top leadership of the oligarchy within the oligarchy of the United States.

I’m not talking about political leaders; I’m not talking about heads of corporations.

I’m talking about the ideas that float above them.

All these leaders of the oligarchy get together, and discuss issues within various think tanks and discussion groups. These exist within associations, foundations, academic organizations, social organizations and so on.

Over time a consensus is formed. The consensus and the thoughts live above us on a metaphysical plane.

There is no one person that you can point to that is the originator of the consensus.

Nevertheless, the consensus is a real thing.

In the case of the countries of the Middle East, the consensus states that these countries must be invaded in order to balkanize the Middle East. The consensus is unhappy with the current arrangement, because the consensus does not want to see a Middle Eastern state becomes so strong that it can escape US influence.

The consensus concludes that Saddam Hussein must go, that Assad in Syria must go, that Qaddafi in Libya must go.

The consensus, to protect its own sanity, hands off the mission to the CIA (it’s thug agency that works for them, not the American people) and says: Do it! Don’t tell me the details.

The CIA, which is a puppet and a pawn of the ruling elite, does just that.

The CIA can do this because they it is an organization not open to the public. And because the CIA is a thug organization, it can kill with impunity. Nobody within the CIA is going to talk because they are going to be executed if they do.

Not to worry though, because a smiley face will always be placed upon their deeds.

We are not over there to kill and to take over their assets. We were there to encourage democracy and freedom.

We are there to export our beautiful democracy.

Saddam Hussein is a bad guy who kills his own citizens. The fact that we put him there matters not at all.

We will just push to the darkest corners of our mind the pictures of Rummy and Bush shaking hands with Saddam.

To embellish our nobility, we will call this uprising that we promote in the Middle East (after 2010) the Arab Spring.

The term is of course Orwellian as no such Spring took place at all.

In reality, millions of citizens of the Middle East perished.

The CIA is critical in prosecuting these horrors.


What is the CIA?

Why does it exist?

What is the CIA‘s role in this world?

The CIA exists to acquire, store, maintain, manipulate, and disperse information.

We may think that the CIA is a cloak and dagger industry.

Yes, it is, but that is not its main function.

It’s primary preoccupation is information.

Knowing this helps you understand why the CIA has engaged in many of its activities such as MKUltra.

The acquisition of information. This involves not only traditional cloak and dagger activities, but also the use of drugs to extract information from people, and the torturing of people to acquire information.

The manipulation of information. This includes disinformation campaigns, propaganda campaigns, memory insertion programs.

The dispersal of information. This includes the insertion of CIA agents into news rooms, and the placement of former CIA agents into the media, people like William F Buckley and Tom Braden.

As you can see, our federal government, a Nazi regime to the core, spends a lot of time and concern with information.

The CIA has evolved into a hybrid of Nazi Germany’s SD (Sicherheitdienst), its Propaganda Ministry (Goebbels), and it’s Gestapo.

Dark forces exist there.


I hope this helps explain to some degree what is going on and how can no one be identified as members of the cabal.

In many respects, it’s similar to the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll is the good guy, and Mr. Hyde is the bad guy, the dark force in our inner self.

The two men live within one body.

The bad guy comes out at night. The good guy comes out in the morning. They do not know each other. They have never met.

One is the smiley face, the other is the angry face.

One is civilized, the other is uncivilized and amoral.

They represent the good and evil forces of humanity.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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