Conspiracies, Accountability, and Thresholds

I do believe that there is a conspiracy in the United States that works to keep us down.

But it’s not a conspiracy in the way we think of conspiracies.

It’s not hidden.

It’s right there out in the open for everyone to see.

And you too can be a member of that conspiracy.

Our elites are always looking for a few good men. They don’t care about your religious denomination, your skin color, or where you come from.

Join up!

This open elite conspiracy not only does not hide, they openly publish their intentions and thought processes in their various publications.

Foreign Affairs is one such publication. There are many others.

The thing is this, you can’t actually point to any one specific person, or organization, and say: Aha! That’s the one guy who is leading the conspiracy.

It doesn’t work like that.

These participants in this conspiracy work like the cells in your brain.

They store information, they communicate information.

They communicate information through their various think tanks, organizations, social organizations, trade meetings, and so forth.

Just as the cells of your brain have no particular leader, so does this open conspiracy have no one particular leader.

Who are you as a person? What one cell in your brain is the leader?

It’s not easy to point to any one cell, because there is no cell that is the leader.

And yet there is definitely a “you” within your body that does make decisions.

How does this come about?

Out of the communication between the cells of your body a consensus is formed, and that consensus is you.

The same goes for the open conspiracy that rules the United States.

This open conspiracy has a good side, and it has a bad side.

We can use the metaphor of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Or we can use the metaphor expressed in the Life of Pi.

Pi is obviously Dr. Jekyll.

Richard Parker, the tiger, is the brutal beast that lives within us. He is Mr. Hyde.

The two are strangers in the night. They don’t know each other, but they are vaguely aware of each other’s existence.

Richard Parker is a beast as is Mr. Hyde.

They will ruthlessly kill in order to survive. They are not moral creatures, nor do they have qualms.

When survival is necessary or perceived to be necessary, Richard Parker will appear as will Mr. Hyde. They will do what they have to do and then walk away without looking back.

This is so for us as individual human beings, and it is so for our country.

In a sense, we are all part of not only Dr. Jekyll, but Mr. Hyde as well.

We all contribute to the dark side of our national character, even though we may not want to admit it. We just contribute to varying degrees.

We bury our dark deeds and even darker desires. We allow Richard Parker to go back into the jungle.

On the national stage, Richard Parker and Mr. Hyde are best represented by the dark intelligence forces that we don’t want to talk about too much.

That would be the CIA.

Dr. Jekyll on the national stage is a congenial individual who smiles, partakes of wine and Brie at cocktail parties, dresses up in a nice suit , and waxes eloquently about the nobility of our Constitution.

Dr. Jekyll is not anyone particular individual but coalition of all the positive thoughts we have about the world and ourselves.

Standing next to him, often hidden from view, is Mr. Hyde. He is a coalition of all the negative thoughts we have about the world and ourselves

Mr. Hyde is generally a frightened creature who operates out of survival.

He will kill ruthlessly when he feels threatened.

In the national discussion of events, we debate openly what is best for us and our survival. A consensus results which produces both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde along with Pi and Richard Parker.

If we ourselves are governed by fear and distrust, Mr. Hyde and Richard Parker will prevail.

They will do what they have to do.

The result will be endless war, endless homelessness, endless violence, and endless subjugation of the American people.

The dark side will be hidden from us as Richard Parker disappears into the thick jungle.

We prefer not to know too much and ask too many questions about Mr. Hyde or Richard Parker.

We don’t want to know about our dirty secrets and the dark side of our humanity.

That part of us is deeply buried.

We make up lovely stories to shield ourselves from pain.

We Americans tell ourselves myths such as:

America is always the good guy. America is a positive force for the world. America needs to tame the barbarian beast. Americans have it better than other cultures of the world. The reason other countries are weak is because their people are corrupt and intellectually weak. It is America’s destiny to control the world.

These are the lies we tell ourselves to sanitize our dirty deeds.

It would be too much pain for Dr. Jekyll to realize that he is Dr. Hyde after all.


When a consensus of what to do is formed through various think tanks and organizations, the body politic implements solutions.

If these solutions do not work, another consensus of what to do is formed, and the body politic, or the consensus hands the problem off to Mr. Hyde, in this case, the CIA.

Just do it! Mr. Hyde is instructed. Just get it done!

Don’t tell us the details.

For a brief fleeting second, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde meet each other, but not in a brightly lit place where they can get to know each other.

Dr. Jekyll is not wanting to get his hands dirty, and Mr. Hyde is too afraid to come out in the light.


When does your brain move into action? When does it send out impulses to the muscles of the legs?

What cell makes that decision?

When you want to get up in the morning, but instead lay there for a while, who or what cell makes that decision for you to suddenly kick your legs up in the air and get up?

There is no one cell. It’s a cumulative effect from many cells that must surpass a threshold, after which you biologically move into an action.

Suddenly your up and moving.

That is how conspiracies work. Yes, of course, there are people who have to tell people to do things, but it’s not as if those people thought the idea up on their own. They have to be impacted by many other people.


In the case of John Kennedy, many of his critics discussed openly with their friends and their dissatisfaction with him.

Gradually, a consensus grew within the various business communities, the mob, the importers, the greedy pigs at Freeport Sulphur, the people from Israel, and so forth that Kennedy had to go.

The consensus grew to a critical level, that information was listened to by Allen Dulles and his top men at the CIA.

How did they know when to spring into action?

The same way you spring into action when you get up in the morning

A critical threshold, was surpassed.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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