Awards Shows

What do you get out of an awards show?

Suppose I told you that award shows aren’t for you, but for the elites. What would you say?

It’s true. Awards shows exist for the elites to control you.

Here’s how it’s done.

Awards shows gradually inculcate people into a superstar culture where you invest your ego into the superstar.

The superstar then becomes a demigod, a tool of the elites, a valuable social influencer to move you into the cattle pens of opinion that our elites will decide for you whether that be war, or lockdowns.

As the elites are setting up these awards shows, as they are implementing Savior Syndrome through their monotonous superhero movies, as they are strapping the American family financially, they are creating a sense of helplessness, dependence and despair within the American worker.

That American worker gradually becomes dependent upon the elites.

They begin to invest their own self-worth into the superstar – not themselves.

Self-reliance and confidence is lost.

When the superstar wins an award, they win; when the superstar loses, they lose.

The masses who are indoctrinated into this nonsense then become putty in the hands of the elites.

When the next pandemic hits, the superstar – within whom the masses have invested their ego – will then call for social distancing, flattening the curve, and staying at home.

Which the masses will faithfully engage in.

They don’t understand why they’re doing it, but they will do it

By staying at home, by socially distancing, they work against small businesses – who can’t possibly comply with the nonsensical restrictions that Corporate America – and their college chums in government – have imposed upon the population.

Many of the small businesses will shut down; this will be good for the big corporations. Now, even more people will go to Olive Garden.

Big corporations never have to worry because they will receive infinite bailouts. Too big to fail, ya know.

This will edge our society further toward a more centralized, oligarchy-controlled economy, which is not good for you.

Basically, it’s fascism.

This will mean less flexibility for the country.

It will mean fewer choices.

It will result in shortages like we see now.

These award shows are not an accident.

There are part of a greater plan.

What do you get out of it anyway when Taylor Swift wins an award?

What does that do for you?

Does someone put a thousand bucks into your bank account?

You get nothing out of it except a cheap and fleeting vicarious thrill.

What do you lose? Your well-paying job, your kids to drugs, and your dignity,

Think about it.

Knowing this, leads us to understand what we have to do when we take these Ivy League pagans out of power.

No awards shows.

No awards. Period.

My gosh, how many of these awards ceremonies do we need? They are ubiquitous.

No superhero movies. Good, they are terrible anyway. There is a lot of bling, lots of side shots of teams of superstars walking forward in slow motion, lots of chaotic fighting – and not one brain cell’s worth of creative plot.

No celebrity activists. Double good. We don’t want poorly informed celebrity activists (woke puppets of the fascist agenda ) influencing our elected representatives. That’s why we have elections. Our leaders are supposed to listen to us, not to celebrity activists, like Jay Z. (If you will remember, during the George Floyd riots, the starstruck mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, took time out of his busy day to listen to that noted sociologist – Jay Z.

No social influencing.

An actor can make his movie, then disappear into a quiet life – just like everyone else.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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