Meet the Elites

There is always an elite group within an elite group.

And within that elite group, there is another elite group.

And within that elite group there is another elite group at the top.

Believe it, or not, the elites at the very top look down upon the elites at the bottom of the elite caste.

They view them as part-human and therefore tainted.

If the elites are divorced from the people, the elites within the elites within the elites are nowhere on the map.

You may have a few members of the lower caste of the elite group who strive to do the right thing, but their efforts will be thwarted by the elites at the very top.

No problems of importance to the common man will be solved as long as elitism is permitted to thrive.

The top crust of the elites think only of power and money in its naked form.

Any measure undertaken by the lower caste of elites, must in a hidden way make money for the top crust.

If there is a homeless program, it must make money for the elites.

If there is an immigration program, it must make money for the elites.

A few members of the lower caste of the elites may complain, but they will either not be listened to, or they will be marginalized.

These lower caste members will lose their first class ticket on the jet. You will never hear of them again on main stream media.

So, while there may be some good members of the elite caste, they are lower members of the caste – essentially clueless babes in the woods.

It’s a cult that requires years of indoctrination, no different than any other secret organization.

They are not going to just let anyone waltz into their inner circle.


So who are these people at the top?

Are they godless crazy individuals swarming within a wild bacchanalia of sex, orgy, and drugs?

Perhaps some members of the mid levels are mentally damaged, but it’s more likely that the top people are merely cold-calculating dismissive businessmen devoid of empathy and compassion addicted completely to money and power.

Whether they are real people or metaphysical manifestations of our collective greed is irrelevant.

The force is real.

It views itself as above humanity.

Humanity is an animal, no a tool, to be used for its pleasure – at its pleasure.

Where did it come from?

It’s always been there.

It has never been defeated.

It is a virus that infects the minds of men.

Moreover it is a virus that emanates from the minds of men.

As such, it can only be contained.

But with vigilance that will be enough.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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