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If I had to come up with five things we could do to take down the New World Order, I would recommend the following.  Of course, I could hardly do better than the doctrine of Jesus Christ which was responsible for taking down the Roman Empire  – the original New World Order.


  1. Reaffirm individualism.  Walk away from collectivism as a panacea to solving the problems in your life.  Do not blame others or other groups for your problems.  Accept personal responsibility.
  2. Accept tolerance and forgiveness as a way of life.  Be charitable to other’s reasonable failings and try to give people a second chance. Refuse to follow the media’s call for someone to be fired for every faux pas that they find objectionable.
  3. Reject the maniacal love of money as a solution to your personal problems.
  4. Ask the clergy to stay in their lane.  Implore them to not enter the house of the politico but to ask the politico to enter the house of God.  Beg the clergy to stick to what they were trained to do:  To mend the wounded soul.
  5. Reject elitism and its ideology.  Reject the notion of the best and brightest.  Accept that great power rests within all peoples.   Reject the false ornaments, titles, awards, crowns and medals that elitism confers to connote superiority.


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A Bucket of Green Paint

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A few years ago I bought a beach house.

It was an old house.

I wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint.

All I had was a bucket of green paint.

So I went down to the home improvement store and bought some different brushes.

Each brush had different colored bristles for the different colors I wanted to use.

The colors I selected were fuchsia, orange, purple and yellow.

I was going to paint the four exterior walls different colors to give the house some zip.

I got all my different colored brushes together and placed them before my bucket of green paint.

Then I dipped them in and painted the house.

But when I did that, the colors came out green.

What the fuck did I do wrong?

I went down to another home improvement store and bought more brushes with different colored bristles – but made by a different company.

I figured that a different brand might do the trick, but when I tried it again, I got the same results.

The entire house came out green.

What the fuck is wrong with you, you might now be asking.

Are you that fucking stupid?  The color of the bristle doesn’t mean anything, fool.  You’re dipping the brushes in green paint.

It’s the paint, stupid.  The paint is green, you scream at me.

The color of the bristle means nothing.

Fair enough.

But if you think that, then why do you think that you can take Americans from all walks of life, poor and rich, black and white, man and woman, Jew and Arab and send them to Harvard and Yale and have them come out thinking with any color except the color of that particular school?


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Divide and Conquer



If it’s one thing the immoral elites are good at it’s knowing how to destroy their enemies.

The elites are immoral, sure, but they are also very, very smart.

Never underestimate them.

One of their favorite tactics is inserting one of their guys into your movement in order to hijack it.

The tactic is pretty simple. The immoral elite enters the movement and becomes a protégé of sorts. After a certain period of time, the elite moves away from the former leader, labels him as a nut job and thus hijacks the movement. He then promptly nudges the movement in alignment with what the elites want.

The elites have pulled this trick off time and again.

in my opinion this is what William F. Buckley did to the conservative movement in the 1950s and 60s.

He infiltrated a legitimate grass roots, down-home, populist movement of traditional Americans who believed in traditional values, Christian values, and fused their values into his persona thus labeling them as bigoted, elitist, uncaring, warmongers who always look after the rich.

What do you think?

Buckley comes off charming and witty during his interviews with guests. He is always courteous.

His questions are careful and deliberate.

Something seems not right though.

He either tries to defend the indefensible or he defends that which requires no defense – at least to the regular mom and pop conservative.

For example, why would you defend the US military’s firing and destruction of villages in Vietnam?

Why would you tell a blind guy that he had no right to be sailing on the ocean because he couldn’t see it?

As to defending that which requires no defense, why would you engage in a debate defending Joe McCarthy? To engage in the debate gives credence to his attackers. Debating whether you feel it was okay for Senator McCarthy to make his accusations is akin to taking up a debate on whether vanilla ice cream is tasty.

No decent supporter of Joe McCarthy would ask you to engage in such a debate.

In other words, why debate?

I would say the same to those on the left who feel that Joe McCarthy was in the wrong. Why would you debate that? You shouldn’t.

If what you say is not so it will crumble up like a leaf and blow away with the wind. If what you say is so, nothing will prevent it from manifesting itself.

Yet time and again, Buckley invites guests to debate silly points.

I admit he is entertaining, yet as a small town conservative, I don’t want someone who claims to represent me to argue silly points or defend things which should not be defended at all.

Doing so makes me look stupid, uncaring and cruel.

It also tags me as a rich guy, untrue, who only cares about rich people.

For decades, William F Buckley was the image presented to Americans of a typical conservative.

Is it to anyone’s surprise that people on the left despised conservatives?

Is to anyone’s surprise that people in the media regularly mocked conservatives?

Buckley’s presence made it difficult for conservatives to gain sustainable majorities that could push through substantive transformative legislation in Congress.

How could this possibly occur when your party is perceived as being for the rich who believe in trickle down economics?

To bolster their ranks all the Democrats had to do was to point to William F. Buckley, a rich guy with a fancy accent and fancy words.

Add in some rich guys like Nelson Rockefeller, George Herbert Walker Bush, Mitt Romney and any number of well-heeled members from the University club, and, presto, new voters for the Democratic Party.

Thus under Buckley’s deft guidance, the Republican Party came to be known as the party of the rich.

And because of this, the rich gravitated toward the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Money was seen as a solution.

It was futile as a conservative to try to explain to regular Americans that conservative values such as individualism would engender trickle up, not trickle down, economics.

Try explaining that point as Ann Richards remarks that George Herbert Walker Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

In reality, George Bush wasn’t the only one born with a silver foot in his mouth.

William F. Buckley started the trend.

Of course, that was the whole point.

Buckley was placed in the conservative movement and Republican Party to control it. Now, it’s not necessary that a person who accomplishes such a task is fully cognizant of what he or she is doing. The elites only need to promote that particular individual who suits their needs.

In the case of Buckley though, a rich guy, a Yale guy, a CIA guy, a member of the elite, an oil guy, a crony capitalist, a member of Skull and Bones, I would say he was in on it.

I would say he was fully aware of what he was doing.

He was just another globalist who believes that the ends justifies the means.

What is Justice?

I’ve been thinking a lot about justice today and what it is.

Media elites talk all the time about justice.  Defendants talk about justice after the trial is over.  If they win, they say justice was served; if they lose, they say that justice was not served.

What is justice?  Is justice a result, or is it a process?

Justice is a process.

As long as the process is fair and level, we can honestly say that justice was served whether we win or lose.

But if the process is not level, if one side is given an unfair advantage, then it is fair to say that justice has not been served.

We Americans believe in fair play.

We don’t like it when one side is treated differently than the other.

We apply this standard not only to what goes on in an individual case between two parties but to the body of cases as well.

We desire that all people abide by the same rules.

That’s why Lady Justice wears a blindfold.

Justice –  fair play and even application of the rules  – must apply whether you are white or black, rich or poor.

Justice must also apply when considering one’s political status.

We want to see even application of the rules whether you are a political heavyweight or just a regular person.

So how is justice working out in America today?

Is our system of justice the best it can be?

Well, when it comes to justice being blind to the politically connected, not very well at all.

While Michael Cohen goes to jail for three years, Hillary Clinton is never investigated at all.

While Paul Manafort goes to jail, Jeffrey Epstein has his case swept under the rug.  There were too many skeletons in that case, I imagine.

Lady Justice may be theoretically blind, but Americans have their eyes wide open.

They see what is going on.

They watch as the elites protect themselves and go after those who dare to question their illusory supremacy.

Take note, Washington elites.

Life is a big hockey game that comes with a referee.

As long as the referee calls the game fairly, the players will stay calm and play the game in a clean, orderly manner.

But if the referee does not call the game appropriately, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

They will begin to dispense street-side justice.

The results are never pretty.

Shut Them Down

For the good of the country and the world, Harvard and Yale must be shut down.

Why not?

We shut down criminals.

We shut down companies that engage in rampant fraud.

Why shouldn’t Harvard and Yale be held accountable?

They should be.

The problem with these schools is that they promote elitism.

Their near exclusive control of our media and government potentiates that elitism.

The graduates from these schools feel, exercise and expect the twin towers of entitlement and invulnerability.

They believe it is their right to rule, not unlike the divine right of kings; and they expect invulnerability for their actions, not unlike sovereign immunity.

We pay the price just as our ancestors paid the price only a few hundred years ago, which is why they came here to America – to escape elitists and elitist institutions like Harvard and Yale.

The arrogance of these graduates is stupefying.

One classic example is everyone’s favorite punching bag – Robert S. McNamara, Harvard graduate.

That he is a punching bag is well-deserved.

We always knew that Robert McNamara was a doofus for his terrible prosecution of the Vietnam war, but at the time of the Vietnam war many of us never really felt he was a war criminal. We just thought he was stupid, which he was.

Soldiers of course knew that Bob was a war criminal.

As time passed, soldiers were able to write books and tell their stories.  

That was bad news for Bob.

As more time passed and the Internet was developed, soldiers were able to tell their stories on video and have them be accessed through YouTube.

That was double bad news for Bob.

For now we have conclusive proof that Robert McNamara was a war criminal.

No, I’m not talking about the murder and mayhem that was committed against the Vietnamese, although that is important. I am talking about a more wicked project which reveals what Harvard University did to Robert McNamara and its graduates, what  Yale University did and does to its graduates.

Robert McNamara instituted a project called Project 100,000. In order to beef up the number of men who could be sent to Vietnam, Robert McNamara mandated the military to accept and train men who were mentally disadvantaged to serve in combat situations.

Their death rate was three times higher than the average soldier.  These men could not understand the concept of lobbing a grenade into the air in an arc in order to hit a distant target.  Many of these men were a danger to the other combatants and were punished and ridiculed for their slow thinking.

Robert McNamara sent these boys to their death.  He knew they weren’t capable of being effective soldiers, but he did it anyway.

I can’t think of a more heinous act.  

It’s no different than what the Nazis did to the mentally impaired when they gassed them.

To his dying day Robert McNamara could neither see nor accept the immorality of this crime.

He was an entitled fool from a foolish institution that to this day can not accept responsibility for the harm they have caused this nation.

Harvard University made Robert McNamara what he was. 

Robert McNamara wasn’t born bad; he was made bad.

Harvard inculcated in him a sense of entitlement and invulnerability which resulted in his decision to effectively murder men who could not protect themselves.

Which is why Harvard and Yale and the rest of these institutions have earned the punishment of being shut down.

Now, some of you may think I am being unfair.

You may think I’m generalizing.

You pound your fist upon the table and talk about the “good” people who go there and the tremendous work ethic they have.  Perhaps your son or daughter or even yourself went there.

You have a good argument.

Here’s my counter:  We’re not talking about you, your son or your daughter. You can keep your job.  We’re talking about the university.

Harvard and Yale position themselves in the public mind as “elite” schools.  They let be it known through their propaganda and ruthless self-referral that if you go there, you will be given the keys to the kingdom.  That’s why people go there.

A school that engages in this behavior has to be held accountable for the results that this behavior produces.

These schools are not just schools where information is transferred; they are malicious connection networks that have done great harm to society – and more harm than good.

Look around you, Einstein.

There is scarcely a field of endeavor that has not been destroyed by these elitists.

Through their domination of Corporate America they polluted the Pacific Ocean with their plastic crap.

Through their greed they promoted trade agreements such as CAFTA and NATA which decimated America, Mexico and the countries of Central America.

Through outsourcing they crushed the economic engine in the rust belt that made for strong families, strong citizens.  They did it to pump up their stock options.  Now, the rust belt sits awash in the midst of an opioid crisis.

Through their  casual neglect they fostered  a housing bubble that ultimately crashed to cause the Great Recession of 2008.

To stimulate the economy they created war as an economic program.  War is now official policy in the United States, and this official policy has killed 500,000 in Iraq, 400,000 in Syria and few hundred thousand between Afghanistan and Libya.  These are conservative estimates.

To finance theses wars, our elites piled debt upon debt upon the American people, debt better spent on a crumbling American infrastructure.

The worst is yet to come.

These Caligulas sit by and eat grapes as a far greater threat is allowed to brew.

Its name is Fukushima.  Our leaders have not been doing the right thing by us when it comes to this pending disaster.

If a major earthquake hits the Fukushima area in Japan, it will be curtains for all wildlife in the Pacific Ocean.  Ultimately it will prove to be catastrophic for us as well.

A responsible leader would have already figured out a way to contain the problem.

A responsible leader would have figured out ways to soak up and neutralize – not box up and store –  existing radiation with natural substances.

Our leaders who come from elite institutions do nothing.  They are occupied with self-celebration.

Harvard and Yale need to be shut down.

So does the rest of the Ivy League.

Their buildings, books, libraries and infrastructure needs to stripped and auctioned off.  Doing so is just because it was one of  their Ivy League graduates  – Michael Milken, Wharton School – who enabled Corporate America to strip American factories bare through junk bond financing.

Their endowments which run into the billions can be repatriated back to the American people to help clean up the toxic waste they have left behind in the Pacific Ocean and the devastated families they left behind in the heartland of America through passage of misguided treaties such as NAFTA.

Who pushed through NAFTA, by the way?  I’m glad you asked.

Yale graduate Bill Clinton and Harvard graduate Al Gore.

I rest my case.

The Best and Brightest?

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the basis of your educational system, the almighty GPA, and the SAT, is damaged goods.

These metrics don’t cull out the best and brightest, and they discriminate against you.

These metrics are constructed by elites to select students who think like the elites.

These metrics falsely assume that everyone cares about getting a 4.0 average; not everyone does. Nor does everyone care about getting a top score in the SAT.

These metrics falsely assume that intelligent people don’t freak out on tests; many do.

These metrics falsely assume that a person’s MQ – moral quotient – is not important. It is.

These metrics falsely assume that all students view learning in the same way; not everyone does.

Some students view learning as an exercise in memorization.  Others view learning as gaining a symmetry to the material being presented; they are more interested in whether a body of knowledge is internally consistent; they want to know why things are the way they are.  These students will not perform as well on traditional tests.

These metrics falsely assume that everyone gets the same opportunity to get a top grade.

Unfortunately this is not so.   The rich, unable to accept that their children may not be gifted, pressure teachers to allow their children to resubmit projects for which they fairly received a lower grade.

These metrics falsely assume that everyone is living a happy life in a happy home; many are not.  Their scores will reflect that.

Now, if only the elites understood this as they maniacally snatch up every student possessing a 4.0 average, we’d be able to safeguard ourselves.

But they don’t.

Your elite schools who furnish your leaders believe in the supremacy of the GPA and SAT.

Not only do they believe in the supremacy of numbers to grade people – it’s in their Nazi blood – they believe they have culled out the best and brightest; and they believe that these Masters of the Universe, culled out at seventeen years of age, are forever to be the only people to sit in positions of power in the world.

Which is why you see so many Harvard, Yale and Ivy League graduates as Fortune 500 CEOs, Senators, Presidents and Supreme Court justices.

As George Carlin used to say: It’s a club, and you’re not in it.

In truth, this club is not the best and brightest; and they are overrepresented in our institutions.

This is dangerous for it produces academic inbreeding which produces poor results.

First things first.  There are more talented people outside these elite schools then inside these schools because of sheer numbers.

Millions are graduated from regular schools every year. The number of people that are graduated from Ivy League and like-minded schools are minuscule in comparison.  These elite schools only graduate about 2.5 to 5 percent of all graduating students.

So are we willing to state that all elite school graduates are smarter than all graduates from regular schools?  Even the top of the class at regular schools?

The powers that be seem to think so because they can’t think of anyone outside the Ivy League to put on the Supreme Court.

So let’s examine the ability of the Ivy League to cull out all elite students.  Let’s ask some questions:

What about those students who had no desire to go to an elite school?

What about those students who were late bloomers?

What about those students who could not go because they had to take care of a sick family member?

What about those students who do not approve of the concept of an elite university?

What about those students who were brought up to believe that the individual was important than the school?

These are quite a few things to think about before you start believing that Harvard represents the best and brightest.

They do not.

They are outnumbered and have been for centuries.

Their supremacy is an illusion.

Their supremacy is propaganda designed by the elites to serve the elites – to control the mass of humanity by their graduates who are steeped in politically correct dogma.

This dangerous propaganda has resulted in academic inbreeding.

The people in charge are academically defective in their thinking; and their defective thinking has resulted in the catastrophes that have taken place domestically and abroad.

The Money You Make

Suppose we pay pediatricians $5 million for every appendicitis they pick up and send to a surgeon.

Suppose we pay surgeons $10 million for taking the appendix out.

What do you think of that?  Does this seem reasonable?

Can’t we justify this because a life has been saved?

I’m willing to bet that you are saying no.  Indeed, it would be righteous for you to protest this pay scheme.

We don’t pay pediatricians this amount of money. We consider it price gouging.

Furthermore, if we paid pediatricians this kind of money, why then anyone could justify an outrageous salary.  After all, we don’t pay policemen outrageous amounts of money. We don’t pay firemen outrageous  amounts of money. They save lives as well.

Teachers do an important job.   They save lives by guiding small children down the right pathway.  Why don’t we pay them $5 million per annum?

We don’t because society throughout time has agreed to put reasonable limits on what people can make.

We control things, especially for essential services.

Why do these rules not apply to Palo Alto?  Especially since their “job” has come to be seen as essential.

For the past thirty-five years we have permitted “geniuses” from Palo Alto to become multi-billionaires.

Why?  What outrageous value do they add to society that justifies this wealth?

The only reason they are wealthy is because we as a society have permitted it.  Or because the powers-that-be have been paid off to look the other way.

Enabling politicians to look the other way is one of the problems we get when we allow a particular group of people to make too much money.   People with too much money can’t seem to resist the temptation to game the system in order to make more. Soon enough, the making of money becomes a sickness.

We saw this with the Fords and Rockefellers who set up all kinds of think tanks and lobbying efforts in order to feather their own nest.

We see it today in Palo Alto and those businesses that are integrated into internet technology.

In short, they have become financial cancer cells.  Like a malignancy they have woven their way into our government and daily lives.

They convince school districts to pay for expensive tablets that children use for games; they influence Congress to oppose net neutrality that threatens smaller voices; they violate the Constitution by arbitrarily shutting down the free speech of voices that disagree with them.

They have too much money for their own good and for ours as well.

We need to get that money back.

Just as the victims of Bernie Madoff got their money back, we need to get our money back.  We have been grossly overcharged for the computer services we have paid for in the past thirty-five years.

The basics of computer information technology was developed by professors working for academia which we the people paid for.  The materials that went into the computer are by no means close to the amount of money that we paid.

What these people charged was egregious.

We’ve been ripped off, and we continue to be ripped off.

Their money needs to be confiscated. 

The amount of money they can charge for future services needs to be controlled just like we do for everyone else.

Why do we have to accept controlled pay, but they do not?

Why are they different?

They’re not.

We need to limit their own power for their good and our good.

The Phony Wars in the Middle East

The wars of the Middle East are phony.

The conflict between Israel and Iran is phony; it is an artificial conflict produced, supported and agreed upon by the phony leaders who govern each country. They agree to this lie so as to make themselves more necessary and relevant to their respective peoples. “See here,” they say, “those people are going to annihilate us. That is why we must buy weapons, jets and bombs.” The people are then duped into building up a military that serves the interests of the international corporations, owned by the elites, who are chief beneficiaries of such a conflict.

The ordinary Jew is no threat to the ordinary Muslim. Nor is the ordinary Muslim a threat to the ordinary Jew.  Indeed, when you look at the embryological development of religions, Islam and Judaism are brothers of sorts.

Both Israel and Iran know full well that Israel enjoys the full support of the Unites States government. Why would Tehran launch a nuclear strike against Tel Aviv knowing full well that such a strike would be its last action on planet Earth? It wouldn’t and it won’t.

Israel knows as much.

The leaders of both countries are puppets of the international elites who finance phony conflicts in order to extract money from ordinary people. It is the ordinary people who finance the lavish lifestyles the elites have grown accustomed to. It is the ordinary people who purchase their jets, yachts and homes around the globe. There is always a better home to be built and a new generation of elites to be serviced.

War is now official policy in the Middle East.

Why be friends when there is so much money to be made through war?

Peace requires effort. Peace requires thought. Peace invites competition.

On the other hand, war is easy money; and the financial cancer cells, who threaten to destroy our world, know it.

Woody Allen and You

Of course you must know by now that Woody Allen married the adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, of his former wife, Mia Farrow.

But what if I told you that you were responsible for what he did? Would you be outraged?

Contain yourself and listen.

Putting aside the other allegations against him, what Woody Allen did is the hallmark of a self-absorbed, so-called “genius” who evidently felt that the ethics and mores of modern society did not apply to him. Most people would say to themselves, “Who cares if I fell in love with my wife’s adopted daughter? Buck up, eat the pain and find someone else.”

That Woody Allen did not can be attributed directly to the idea he has of himself. For decades now, he has been part of a self-anointed New York clique that self-promotes itself through its cronies in the press, writers like Daphne Merkin, as people who are to be talked about. In their minds, they are geniuses floating above us at 30,000 feet, above the constraints of mere mortals.

This illusion has been drummed into your mind millions of times in your lifetime through media outlets such as Time, Newsweek, People, US, CBS, NBC, ABC and many others.

You have come to accept the supremacy of this “elite” New York cabal. After all, no one is talking about you – which is the point. If these outlets talked about you, then you would be one of them, not who you are supposed to be in their minds – one of the sheep who are expected to accept their supremacy.

You know these people. Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, Anna Wintour (and her notorious glare) are just a few members. Phillip Roth, Truman Capote, Elizabeth Taylor and the entire Studio 54 crowd were from a prior generation. They are constantly slammed down your throat.

But they are not uniquely talented. Their greatness is illusory, and they exist for the elites to rule you.

In fact, for every Woody Allen you know about, there are hundreds of Woody Allens you don’t know about and never will. Woody Allen is who he is because the ruling elite selected him and invited him in. But it wasn’t because he had exclusive talent, although he was deluded into believing such as were you.

In truth, there is is a nuclear arsenal of talent in the United States and the world that goes untapped because of the indoctrination you receive every day.

Woody Allen is important; you are not.

So if Woody Allen engages in behavior that upsets you, it is because you gave him permission to do so.

Phony Awards, Phony Titles

One of the things that you as an American must comprehend if we are to ever get our country back from the elites who hijacked it away from us is that your elites are no more important than you.

Let me put it this way: The man who runs the corner convenience store is no less important than the President of the United States. And I don’t mean that to make a speech; I mean it, and so did the Founding Fathers.

In fact the success of the country is predicated on that belief which is embodied in the words: We the People.

Those Founding Fathers must have been pretty smart; you know, they could have begun the Constitution by choosing any other words, but they felt it was important to use THOSE words to illustrate to you who they felt was most important.

Now, your elites have been indoctrinating you fairly heavily since birth to believe the opposite. They bestow upon themselves phony awards, phony scholarships and phony titles. They give themselves Oscars, Peabody awards, Pulitzer prizes, Nobel prizes and such. They award themselves Rhodes Scholarships, Fulbright scholarships and many other so-called plums. Let’s not forget the ambassadorships and other government titles.

You as one of the non-recipients of such a title or award are expected to kneel down into a co-dependent relationship with this false nobility. You are expected to be one of the little people while they will be your lord who will tell you how to think. They may even beat you which you will be programmed to expect.

After all they are the big shots, and you are a nothing.

Now, this indoctrination has been taking place in your mind since you were born, so it will take much effort to deprogram yourself.

What will save this country is you first heaving off the shackles of this indoctrination. By you doing so, you feel strong enough to stand on your own. You feel less need to allow a committee or organization to speak for you. This is important for all your national committees and associations have been hijacked by the elites.

All of them.

This is why they no longer speak for you. This is why they have sold you down the river into slavery.

These elites are clever; they know how to speak with the right buzzwords and the right body language. They specialize in manipulating a meeting to achieve their goal which is heads they win and tails you lose.

But it is your country, and you count too.

You are just as important as the President of the United States.