The Diversity Scam

Why was Amanda Gorman chosen to speak at Joe Biden’s Inauguration? Why did Harvard place her there?

She was placed there by Harvard University in order to send a message; and the message is that Joe Biden is diverse in contrast to the Republicans who are not diverse.

Her presence is also a message to minorities that the Democratic Party is your party and that the Republican party is not your party.

But is the Biden Presidency diverse?

And is Amanda Gorman black?

For that matter, is Joe Biden white?

Think about that for a moment while I ask some other questions.

Is Mitt Romney white?

Is Donald Trump white?

Is Van Jones black?

How about Oprah Winfrey? Is she black?

The answer to all these questions is no.

These people have no color at all.

Now maybe they started out as black or white when they were young, but that’s not what they are now. All these people lost their native color when they ascended into the stratosphere of the rich and famous.

They also lost whatever religion they possessed in their earlier life.

All these people fly in the ether above us in Valhalla. They have no connection to us. They are immune to the pressures of daily life. They have no clue as to what is going on in regular people’s lives.

Additionally, they are owned by Corporate America, and Corporate America is owned and run by Harvard University.

Harvard University, as the top dog of the Ivy League, lies at the core of this rotten Corporate America.

Something happens to these people when they either attend an Ivy League school or when they sell their soul to the Ivy League.

They become corrupted.

Gradually they are indoctrinated into the halls of power. They are given perks. They may fly on Air Force One. They may be given a private tour of the White House, or perhaps an invitation to a state dinner.

Like Kanye West, they may even enjoy a personal sit-down with the President.

The money they make is beyond normal people’s comprehension.

Little by little their minds change.

They lose their color, their religion, and their soul.

Just look at Garth Brooks.

In time they come to worship the secular God, and in this country the archbishop of that secular God is Harvard University.

These rich and famous do what Harvard tells them to do, or else.

You either overtly play ball with Harvard’s game, or you falsely play the other side and lead people down fruitless pathways and blind alleys.

So when you see people who are ostensibly of different color in the Biden administration, what you are seeing is an illusion.

The same could be said for the Republicans and all who benefit off the national agenda, or who are attached to the Corporate Party which rules us.

These people are invisible ghosts who like a chameleon take on the color they require that day.

It’s a racket where they win and we lose.

Amanda Gorman is not black just as Mitt Romney is not white.

Amanda Gorman has no more connection with black people than Mitt Romney has with me as a white man.

I didn’t attend an Ivy League school; I’m not worth millions of dollars; and I’ve never received a newsletter from George Bush or Mitt Romney that says: Here’s what’s going down against people of color this week.

I am definitely not in the loop.

I have no connection whatsoever with white people in power. Likewise, minorities have no connection whatsoever to Kamala Harris or Amanda Gorman.

The people in the halls of power are all of the same non-color and non-religion. There is no diversity there at all. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they are of a class of people unlike us.

I call them Neo-Romans. Pagans they are who worship money and power.

Their goal is to create false divisions between regular people in order to distract us from the true scam that they are conducting against us.

They rape us; they rob us; they award themselves fantastic sums of money through foreign wars, banking scams, stock market scams and now healthcare scams.

Now, if perchance you might think that this is a good thing that these people don’t see each other as white or black, think again.

These people are not of the color blindness that MLK was referring to.

They see colors all right – our color be it white or black; and they see that color as a bad thing, which is why they punish us.

As colorless people they are the ultimate bigots.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Silicon God of Harvard

We have talked about Harvard being a danger to the citizens of the United States of America and the inhabitants and species of the world.

Now, let us talk about why Harvard is a danger.

Let us talk about why Harvard will destroy the world and us with it.

In a nutshell the people who control Harvard are under the delusion that the world can be perfected and that Harvard is the institution to accomplish this perfection.

Let’s tackle both points.

Number one, the world cannot be perfected.

We live in an imperfect world. The root of this imperfect world lies in our molecular structure.

We are carbon-based organisms, all of us.

Carbon, in contrast to silicon, is a weak element with respect to rigidity and reliability.

Silicon is the choice of the computer. Our computers are silicon based. They offer to we carbon-based organisms what we cannot achieve – speed and reliability.

Carbon cannot do this. Carbon is weak. Carbon is shifty.

Carbon bends.

Not silicon.

Silicon is unyielding and true. Silicon adds two and two and comes up with the same result every single time.

Not so carbon.

Carbon bends.

Carbon lies.

Carbon deceives.

Yes, we are shifty motherfuckers.

And we break down as we work. We cry, bleed and vomit.

We may even shit on the floor.

But in spite of all that, we generally do not break.

The flexibility that gives us the downside of unreliability also yields the upside of durability under stress.

While we bend under stress, we generally do not break.

Silicon is different.

Silicon must be protected from stress.

Silicon does not do well under stress.

Silicon is brittle.

Silicon breaks.

Silicon shatters.

Silicon lacks the flexibility to adjust to a changing world.

Because we live in an open universe, and not a chessboard, or a Go board, because we move through the heavens and experience new events and new magnetic fields, in order to survive we must have the flexibility to adjust.

Silicon does not possess this flexibility.

As we move closer to a world that is dominated by silicon, where computers dominate human life and prevent human life from adjusting to new circumstances, we lose a valuable tool that aids us in our survival.

Attempting to perfect the world thus leads to the destruction of the world.

Compounding the problem is that Harvard, our ruler, does not understand this. Harvard is enamored with and entrapped by its newfound toy the computer.

This is point number two.

Harvard loves silicon. Harvard has sex with silicon. Harvard worships silicon.

The purity of silicon has seduced Harvard, bewitched Harvard; and so Harvard has embraced this false, intolerant god and elevated it.

Silicon and what it represents, the perfection of the human race and the world we inhabit, is Harvard’s deity.

Silicon chips are pure. Silicon chips endure. Silicon chips produce nice clean computer screens with sharp graphics and clean surfaces, so unlike those imperfect carbon-based humans who are ugly, flawed and imperfect.

Silicon and its perfect children are the dream of the Fuhrer and the Third Reich, the cult that did not die in Germany but, in the manner of Count Dracula, transported and transmogrified itself like a bat to its new home at Harvard University.

Silicon is the root, basis and mother nourisher of the Harvard cult.

And Harvard is a cult.

This cult has become all powerful.

Harvard has now cemented its supremacy in all areas of endeavor and all institutions within the United States of America.

It now sees itself and its members as immortal and invulnerable. Social Darwinists they are, they now sit smugly on their silicon throne in Cambridge.

Like the poor leaders they are, they listen to no one outside their cult.

If you have ever spoken to a Harvard demigod, you know.

There is no convincing them.

They do not respond when mortals speak. They talk through them as if they did not exist or count.

This is one of their hallmarks.

If you speak too loudly, they will rid you of your existence before them.


Yet we carbon-based humans are part of this world too, and if we are not listened to, how can the Harvard demigod respond appropriately to our needs.

The Harvard demigod cannot.

Because we live closest to the environment which supports our existence, because we possess local knowledge which the Harvard demigod does not, the world can only deteriorate if our voices are not heard.

The world can only become more imperfect.

This increasing imperfection angers the Harvard demigod, who responds by ridding the world of those imperfect carbon-based humans who dare to speak out against him.

In turn the world slowly dies.

And thus the perfect world that the Harvard demigod envisions grows more distant from him.

There is no escaping this collapse.

We are going down by the head.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


BS Incorporated

The following headline comes from Hollywood Life.

Ireland Baldwin, 25, Poses In Nothing But Thigh High Boots & Looks Like Her Supermodel Mom, Kim Basinger

Tell me whats wrong with this title.

Whats wrong with this title is that there are no supermodels in America.

Nor are there any superstars.

We have models; we have stars.

What we dont have are supermodels and superstars.

Now, the Third Reich has supermodels and superstars, but here in America, or at least in the America I grew up in, we have none of those.

The Third Reich loved super people. That was one of the prime features of the Third Reich.

The Third Reich desired to have a master race that ruled over the world.

Our elites here, big supporters of the Third Reich, thought that was a pretty neat idea.

They loved the idea so much they decided to bring it over here.

Thats why you see terms like supermodel and superstar.

These terms didnt exist when I was a little boy.

It took a while for the elites to start imposing that kind of nonsense upon the people here in America.

The elites do it with a specific purpose.

If they can get you to buy in to the fact that there are people who are in a class above you, they can use those people, those celebrities to herd you into the cattle pens of the opinion that they, the elites, desire.

Thats it.

Thats why these superstars exist.

Oh, of course, they also exist to make lots of money for the elites.

Thats why you buy the junk that the celebrities peddle.

Thats why you go to their movies. Thats why you buy their recordings. Thats why you read their books.

You don’t watch their movies or buy their music because they have any more talent than the guy or gal in your local neighborhood.

There are plenty of people in your local area who are just as talented, but you don’t buy any of those peoples works because you have been programmed to believe that they are mortal like you.

Likewise you have been programmed to believe that these superstars are a cut above you, immortal, unlike you.

They are not.

You have been duped into believing such.

Your mind has been programmed to believe in the superiority of these people as surely as the people of North Korea have been programmed to believe in the superiority and immortality of Kim Jong-un.

To make sure you believe it, the elites give these celebrities all sorts of phony awards that the elites control.

These are the dog biscuits of empire.

You have been programmed.

Programmed people obey.

You have been brainwashed.

Brainwashed people obey.

Decent republics do not require blind obedience.

Blind obedience is a feature of the Third Reich.

There are no superstars in a decent republic. There are no supermodels in a decent republic.

Only in a tyrannical Third Reich are there superstars and supermodels.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Seccession is all the talk right now. You hear it on Glenn Beck’s show; you read it it on the Internet.

What should be done?

It’s a serious business, made more serious by the weak Supreme Court justices who didn’t have the spine to take up a legitimate beef that the state of Texas had with other states who it felt had enabled a fraudulent Presidential election.

The media not surprisingly supported the fraudulent election by endlessly repeating the word baseless whenever a citizen spoke up about the lack of integrity in the election.

The media, fervent followers of Joseph Goebbels that they are, sincerely believes that saying something makes it so.

Of course they would believe this; they’ve been getting away with it for years.

Baseless, they screamed. Show us the evidence, they charged.

Mayor Giuliani complied with hours upon hours of testimony by average Americans who came forward to tell stories of fraud.

Show us the evidence, the media countered.

Feckless pseudo-Republicans like Mitt Romney joined in and supported the media lie.

Baseless, they screamed. Trump is a sore loser.

Blah, blah, blah.

The time for talk is over.

There is no more room for talk.

If the people who oppose the election of Joe Biden allow this election to stand, then nothing else is relevant.

There is no point to participation in government when legal recourse is denied.

All that remains is action or submission.

If the aggrieved parties will not stand up now, when will they stand up?

Submission on the other hand is death.

Glenn Beck raises the subject of secession. He asks aloud whether we the secessionists have enough grievances to secede.

He then goes on to compare our situation to that of the Founding Fathers in 1776 and implies that we do not have enough grievances.

Glenn Beck (Yale) is wrong in two ways. First, as to whether we have enough grievances, let’s review our grievances.

The useless Vietnam war of the 1960s, the stagflation of the 1970s, the Savings and Loan debacle of the 1980s, the outsourcing of jobs to China commencing in the 1980s, the .com bubble collapse of the 1990s, the endless wars in the Middle East commencing in the early 2000s, the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, the OxyContin crisis of the 2000s, the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

Let’s not forget the sweeping under the rug of Hillary Clinton’s financial shenanigans in Haiti, the killing of Jeffrey Epstein in prison, the murder of Seth Rich, and the imprisonment of Julian Assange and the subsequent denial of his basic right to a speedy trial.

Through their immoral leadership the elites took away our lives, our savings, our houses, the value of our money, the unimpeachable nature of our Bill of Rights, and now our jobs and businesses. Is that not enough?

Second, the question of secession is false.

We are not seceding from anything.

It’s our country that has been surreptitiously stolen from us by the arrogant, avaricious fools from the Ivy League who are led by Harvard University.

The cowards on the Supreme Court are in large part Ivy League graduates. John Roberts is a Harvard fool. Bill Gates is an honorary Harvard fool. Anthony Fauci is a fool from Cornell. Chris Fredo Cuomo is a fool from Yale. Ditto to Anderson Vanderbilt. Fareed Zakaria, chief defender of Bill Gates, is a fool from Harvard. The leader of the Hearst Corporation, Steven Swartz, is a Harvard fool. Jeff Bezos is a Princeton fool. Mitt Romney is a Harvard fool. Chuck Schumer is a Harvard fool. Amy Klobuchar is a Yale fool. Ben Sasse is a Yale fool. Warren Buffett is a fool from the Wharton school. Bill and Hillary Clinton are Yale fools. Gerald Ford was a Yale fool. Barack Obama is a Harvard fool. Bush 41 was a Yale fool. Bush 43 is still a Yale fool. The list goes on and on.

Of course, it is not just people from the Ivy League who are hurting us. This immoral cartel has their wannabe puppets who will gladly suck Harvard’s cock for a nickel.

They are the society destroyers. All of them contributed to the demise of the American republic. They are the secessionists.

They seceded from the Constitution.

They seceded from the American republic that our Founding Fathers gifted us.

They seceded the day they in person or in spirit vouched for the honesty of this election.

Shame on them.

Gentlemen, fix your bayonets.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

We Are in Trouble

I am going to tell you why we are in trouble during the Biden administration. I’m going to tell you why a catastrophe is looming.

But before I do I want to emphasize the importance of Googling and searching all the people that you come across who occupy positions of power.

In this piece I have done much of that for you.

The point is to illustrate how heavy an influence our so-called elite institutions have on the governance of our country.

To allow a few people from a few institutions to have so much influence is a mistake because most of us do not attend these institutions. These institutions are elitist and they do not reflect the needs of regular people.

The people who attend these schools move into an alien sphere and in so doing isolate themselves from us socially, politically, economically.

They don’t understand our needs.

In many cases they look down upon us.

They don’t see us as equals.

Additionally, it is a bad idea to have a preponderance of people in any institution who come from a handful of universities. It’s not a good idea because doing so produces intellectual inbreeding. In other words everybody thinks the same.

Here is a current list of Biden’s men and women.

Neera Tanden: UCLA, Yale

Brian Deese: Middlebury College, Yale

John Kerry: Yale, Boston College

Avril Haines: Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, The University of Chicago

Jake Sullivan: Yale, Oxford

Alejandro Mayorkas: UC Berkeley, Loyola Marymount

Janet Yellen: Brown, Yale

Ron Klain: Harvard, Georgetown

Tom Vilsack: Hamilton College, Albany Law School

Martha Fudge: OSU, Cleveland State University

Lloyd Austin: USMA, Auburn, Webster

Linda Thomas Greenfield: LSU, University of Wisconsin

Do you see a trend here?

This is bad for us because these people attended these schools because they wanted to be part of an elite class. They revealed who they were the day they matriculated at these schools. They said to themselves: “I want to be part of an elite class.” They buy into this bullshit.

The constant programming from our media and our society that they are of an elite class propels them to ensure that they are a member of the elite class. What ensues are results that cement themselves as legends in their own minds. They strive to accomplish greatness for the sake of their own legacy. They continue to enrich themselves while letting the rest of us eat cake.

We don’t need leaders who try to accomplish great things. What we need are leaders who put one foot in front of the other, keep their hand steady on the rudder and try to fix the small things that are in front of them.

As I mentioned before, the next ten years are going to be extremely rough. These kind of leaders are going to make it even rougher.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Cults, Death and Destruction

It’s sad what is happening in America today with regard to the COVID-19 crisis, but it’s not surprising.

Why should we expect this government to win a war?

Our country, its institutions and, of course, its government have been overly centralized with power concentrated firmly in the hands of a few people who graduate from a few so-called elite institutions.

This has resulted in an inbreeding of thought.

Inbreeding brings about a lack of flexibility and a rigidity in thinking.

In other words our leaders can’t think outside the box.

They’re dinosaurs. Slow of mind, slow of foot.

Attendant with this over-centralization of power is a heavy indoctrination of the American people into believing that the people who graduate from these elite institutions, and we’re talking about schools like Harvard, are the best and the brightest and the best people capable of solving any problem.

Unfortunately, this indoctrination is false.

The results speak for themselves.

As of today we have 259,000 people dead of the coronavirus with the end nowhere in sight.

To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, Barton Fink: What do you need? A roadmap?

It really isn’t all that tough to fix the COVID-19 crisis. We could’ve been over this crisis already had our leaders not succumbed to a doctrine foisted upon them by one of their fellow cult members from the Ivy League.

The lockdown and the basis behind it, comes from the mind of Robert J. Glass and his daughter Laura.

Robert J. Glass attended Cornell.

Well, there you have it. That’s all you need to know to understand what’s going on.

At the bottom of many of our catastrophes in America over the past one hundred years have been nutty doctrines from nutty Ivy League people.

Because of the mindless indoctrination of the people of the United States, because of the inbreeding that goes on within the Ivy League thought centers and the minds of Ivy League people, when one of these Ivy League clowns comes up with an idea, the rest of the Ivy Leaguers generally fall in line.

The rest of the rabble willingly go along because they’ve been told that the Ivy League represents the best and the brightest.

Why do most Ivy League people go along?

They go along because the vast majority of them attended that Ivy League school so that they could receive the keys to the kingdom.

They revealed themselves the day they matriculated at their Ivy League school.

They’re weak.

They didn’t want to hack it out in the wilderness on their own.

What these schools implicitly teach is that to get along you go along. If you follow the rules, if you go with the program, you advance up the ladder. Don’t ask any questions. Don’t rock the boat.

And they don’t.

That’s what you have going on in America today.

Most of the leaders in our government and Corporate America who hold influential positions come from the Ivy League. The Ivy League exists to train the officers of Corporate America.

Corporate America includes big business, think tanks, the big Ivy League schools, NGOs, national associations, sports leagues, big entertainment, Hollywood, big foundations and the big banks.

That’s a lot of power.

Of course these people are going to go along to get along. They’ve done it their entire lives.

Plus they want those corporate board seats that pay $200,000 grand per annum for sitting on their ass.

Why would we expect them to change now?

As a matter fact they can’t change.

They certainly can’t listen to anyone who doesn’t come from their Ivy League clique.

To do so would be to admit that they aren’t the best and the brightest. This would be unthinkable, especially to the hard core members of the cult.

Now of course we know they aren’t the best and the brightest, but unfortunately they think they are.

In their minds they are living gods. In that respect they aren’t much different than Kim Jong-Un, Adolf Hitler or Emperor Hirohito.

The heavy propaganda that Americans receive reinforces the elites’ belief in their superiority and invulnerability.

This is bad news for us.

It means that we are in for a miserable 10 to 15 years.

Generally, these cults, which is what these Ivy League people are ensconced within, don’t go down easily. They usually drag the nation down with them.

Two peoples come to mind. The Germans and the Japanese in 1945.

Both countries believed in the cult of their leader.

Both countries went down hard.

We need to prevent that.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Nazis in our Midst

As I’ve stated many times before, Bill Gates is not an educated man.

Neither are any of the leaders of Google or other Palo Alto software companies.

They are very narrowly educated individuals.

I doubt they are widely read.

They reveal their limited knowledge by the policies that they pursue and by the censorship that they engage in.

Their goal is to implement their flawed Marxo-fascist paradigm before their time is through on earth.

This is why the COVID-19 crisis exists.

These elites hate cars, urban sprawl, people wasting energy, Las Vegas, and creature comforts except when it applies to them.

Did I forget to mention NASCAR?

Elites have always believed in a world of limited resources.

To ensure that there are plenty of goodies for them, they must take them away from you.

Their method of doing that is to glamorize equality while demonizing freedom.

They will encourage you, the American, to reach for a total state of equality in the United States.

In this way they can make things equally impoverished for everyone – except them.

This will save the environment for themselves.

Rivers, mountains, beautiful scenery exist for them, not you.

Nothing must spoil their beautiful view.

Elites and their compliant puppets become unsettled when they see urban sprawl creeping up the side of a mountain or into a picturesque valley.

They sneer and complain that those classless people are spoiling the environment.

What they conveniently forget is that their house sits in what was once a pristine valley, field, or side of a mountain.

Martha’s Vineyard five centuries ago had no houses.

But their house is okay; they’re different.

You are one of the rabble.

And so they must get you to think that way. They must get you to think that you are one of the mob, not worthy of having individual benefits.

To achieve their goal, they must stamp out as much individuality as possible.

If they can create more impoverished people who are dependent upon the government, so much the better for them. These new serfs will then be dependent upon what they, the elites who control the government, decree.

These serfs will then help the elites bend you to the will of the elites, otherwise known as the common good.

To complement this conformity, the elites will control your speech as much as they possibly can.

That’s what political correctness is all about.

It’s okay to say this; it’s not okay to say that.

And, of course, it’s never okay to speak anything that the elites don’t agree with, especially with regard to global warming and the coronavirus.

That’s why Facebook, YouTube and Twitter censor speech that does not conform to the settled science and orthodoxy that the elites determined for you at one of their exclusive parties on the Hamptons.

Speaking of herd immunity is blasphemy.

To further encourage people to conform, the elites have implemented the facemask.

People look more alike when wearing a face mask.

Individuality is diminished.

The face mask is a Mao suit of sorts.

The facemask reinforces conformity.

This gives the elites an erection.

With the mask we tend to see each other less as individuals.

To make sure that people do not act as individuals, citizens are asked to report on their neighbors for the sake of the common good.

Public safety is paramount.

This Thanksgiving, government leaders are asking citizens to turn other citizens in to the authorities if they have more than ten people at their Thanksgiving day dinner.

This measure by the government is truly Orwellian.

Who said Robespierre was dead?

This measure enforces conformity while stamping out individuality.

In time, our Jacobin leaders may mandate generic clothing to identify you as one of the working class.

Mao tried this in Communist China.

If people look the same, think the same and speak the same, they are less likely to rebel.

Say, isn’t that a form of herd immunity?

Why of course it is, wise guy.

These measures will make it easier for the elites to implement their socialist programs in the United States of America.

This is their goal. And they’ve done a pretty decent job so far.

The COVID-19 crisis exists to further us toward that goal.

This is not to say that people are not dying of COVID-19; they are.

However, this crisis would have been over in six months had the elites permitted people to congregate as quickly as they possibly could.

With the death rate far less than 1% of the population, it makes sense to have people mingle as fast as they possibly can in order to shut the virus down through herd immunity.

That our leaders did not engage in this course of action serves as an indictment of them as leaders.

That our leaders did not engage in this course of action shows us what their true intentions are.

Our leaders are unrepentant, socialist, totalitarian Marxo-fascists who simply cannot get this man Karl Marx out of their head.

It will be our undoing, and theirs as well.

All totalitarian regimes ultimately grind themselves into dust.

Ours will be no exception.

Poverty will skyrocket. Pollution will skyrocket. Polarization of wealth will grow to the heavens above.

More and more people will die.

An intelligent, well read leader would understand this.

That our elites do not understand this reveals their lack of wisdom and their inability to run a popcorn stand let alone a nation.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Just yesterday I read an article in Politico by a national know it all, Quint Forgey, who criticized Scott Atlas because he asked the citizens of Michigan to defy their governor, Gretchen Whitmer, with regard to her coronavirus restrictions.

The author stated that Scott Atlas was no expert in infectious disease or epidemiology.

Well, my dear author, neither is Dr. Fauci or the assorted academic puppets who parrot Fauci’s nonsense.

Reality has proven Dr. Fauci to not be an expert in anything.

You don’t get to be an expert by graduating from an Ivy League School.

You don’t even get to be an expert by poring over statistical data.

You don’t get to be an expert by riding on Air Force One.

You don’t get to be an expert by receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

You don’t get to be an expert by being called an expert.

You don’t get to be an expert by going along with what the politicians want so that you can look good.

You get to be an expert by articulating truth and guiding people into a better place.

One thing we’ve learned from this coronavirus experience is that the experts are not experts at all.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that Dr. Fauci doesn’t understand the basic principles of immunology at all. Or maybe in this case, he doesn’t want to.

He certainly doesn’t understand epidemiology.

If he had, he would have protected those citizens in New York eight months ago.

He didn’t.

One of the basic precepts in epidemiology is to quarantine the sick. Another basic precept is to protect the vulnerable.

If he knew with certainty that the cold weather was going to produce more deaths now, why didn’t he articulate and act upon that eight months ago? Why didn’t he protect the citizens of New York by sending them down south for a few months? He could have accomplished that with minimal cost (less than 100 billion) in comparison to what it cost the nation to lock everyone down (trillions).

If he could not have done that, he could have emphasized the necessity of locking the most vulnerable down.

He also could have read about our experience in 1918 where at no time was a total lockdown utilized. That’s right, businesses stayed open albeit with staggered hours.

Instead Fauci asked people to stay at home and to wear face masks. He advocated these measures knowing that children for the most part weren’t going to die or have any serious illness due to the coronavirus.

A prudent epidemiologist would exploit that knowledge and use it to his or her advantage.

A prudent epidemiologist would have asked children to go back to school immediately in order to spread the coronavirus so as to create herd immunity so as to save people’s lives down the road.

A prudent working epidemiologist would have used care and concern before implementing crackpot theories from academia.

Dr. Fauci did none of this.

Dr. Fauci was the source of endless misinformation that has led us to where we are today.

Dr. Fauci is no expert at all.

No one should listen to Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci clings to his flawed definition of herd immunity as an end point at which no disease can be transmitted.

As stated previously in other articles, this is an excessively restrictive definition and not compatible with treating COVID-19 in a real world sense.

A prudent working epidemiologist would understand the pitfalls in a novel vaccine.

A prudent working epidemiologist would understand the problems that the nation faced in the 1950s and 60s with the development of the polio vaccine.

A prudent working epidemiologist would know the name Bernice Eddy and what she discovered with Cutter Labs.

A prudent epidemiologist would know of our experience with the Swine Flu vaccine in the 1970s.

A prudent epidemiologist would proceed forward with a project of guided herd immunity as a working common-sense physician defines herd immunity – as a gradual process that begins when the very first person infected with COVID-19 becomes immune.

This is what Scott Atlas advocates.

As do I.

As do many other working physicians.

That we have no fancy piece of paper or title should not count against us.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Take your reliance on the expertise of Dr. Fauci, Quint Forgey, and cram it up your ass.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Do you know why the king is able to control you?

He does it through credentials.

Credentials make mortal men into demigods to whom you will readily submit.

Of course, many of the credentials are phony. They are not degrees earned, but arbitrary awards bestowed.

Nobel prizes, Peabody awards, Pulitzer prizes, Academy awards, assignments to blue ribbon panels and committees are but a few.

The granddaddy of all is the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

They all run antithetical to Christianity and the philosophy of Jesus Christ who, as you may recall, renounced a crown. Additionally, Jesus accepted no awards from Caesar.

The king gives phony awards to people who go along with his corrupt program.

The receiving of the award further conditions people into going along with the king’s program.

That’s why you believe Dr. Fauci.

Dr. Fauci has plenty of awards.

It might be fair to say that Dr. Fauci has a separate house filled with awards.

Some of these awards aren’t even awards.

For example, the media, which not surprisingly belongs to the king, regularly refers to Dr. Fauci as the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

There’s no basis for this, of course.

There was never any contest to decide this.

I’ve never heard one doctor in Pediatrics refer to Dr. Fauci in this manner.

But there he is.

He’s received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

You see him regularly on television, which is another type of award.

You don’t appear on television regularly unless the king says so.

The king controls everything.

The king controls all perks and all awards.

These awards exist to program you.

The human mind is such that it will not except a mortal as a truth teller.

Human beings seek immortality through demigods.

Dr. Fauci is a demigod. He can say whatever he wants no matter how stupid it is, and you will believe it.

You will believe it because you’re too exhausted.

The king has kept you a little weak so that you won’t have the time or inclination to think.

You just want to get through the day.

Well, you will get through that day, and at the end of that day you will be a serf.

There is no need to worry; the king will throw you a dog treat for your obedience.

This will condition you to keep going along with the program.

It’s not magic; it’s science.

The king has thoroughly analyzed human psychology, and he knows you like the back of his hand.

He knows why you need demigods.

He knows why you will not accept the advice of mortals.

As a mortal human being who will die, you seek to extend your presence through time and space; you have a secret desire to be immortal.

The demigod, you believe, is that conduit to immortality.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

American Communism

Here’s today’s big surprise: our leaders are communists.

In fact, our leaders have been communists for a long, long time.

When Trump says that socialism will never come to United States, that’s a joke.

We’ve had socialism in the United States since 1932.

Where has Trump been living? He’s either oblivious, illiterate, unobservant, or stupid. Of course, he could be all four.

What does he think Social Security is?

What does he think Food Stamps are?

What does he think public housing is?

We have more government programs than any country out there. Our socialism puts other socialist countries to shame.

We have a government program for everything. We probably have a government program to subsidize ice cream.

Instituting socialism, collectivism, communism, pretty much the same in the real world, is the goal of our elites.

This is what Joe McCarthy stumbled onto in the early 1950s.

He got in the way of their party.

Because he got in the way of their party, they broke him.

Joe McCarthy pulled the curtain back and revealed who they were.

He came to see what he was up against.

It’s too bad that most Americans don’t understand what they’re up against.

Trump is part of that process.

Our leaders are very clever.

Fidel Castro would start insurrections against himself when he was the leader of Cuba.

That seems strange until you realize that Fidel would use those insurrections as a means to attract the type of people who would rise up against him.

Then he would be more able to round them up and incarcerate them.

A very clever man that Fidel Castro was.

Our elites are no different.

They set Trump up as an insurrection of sorts against their plan to institute totalitarianism in the United States.

Only in our case, they don’t arrest the insurgents, they entertainment them to death while doing nothing.

A dog with a bone neither barks nor bites.

The Romans did as much by offering bread and circus.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Trump is just a new dog practicing old tricks.

He has accomplished very little while in office.

Almost nothing.

He’s all talk and no walk. Instead of stating that socialism will never come to the United States, he would be better off by instituting programs that ensure that our country veer way from socialism.

He could have set up a competitive market place in healthcare. One of the reasons why health care insurance premiums are so high is because we have overcentralization in the healthcare industry. He could have decentralized the healthcare industry.

Actions speak louder than words.

Yet Trump did nothing, and does nothing.

One would be hard-pressed to find one substantial piece of legislation that Trump has instituted that fundamentally alters the relentless tide of socialism that has been manifest in the United States for the past 80 years.

Where is it?

It doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t exist because it’s not meant to exist.

Trump is one president in a long line of puppet-placeholders owned by Corporate America who exists to implement the elites’ plan for the American citizenry.

What is that plan?

Total control of your life through an oppressive communist regime that they, the elites, control – except this communist regime will be one in which they, not the state, will own all the property.

You’ll be a slave on their plantation.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved