Meet the Elites

There is always an elite group within an elite group.

And within that elite group, there is another elite group.

And within that elite group there is another elite group at the top.

Believe it, or not, the elites at the very top look down upon the elites at the bottom of the elite caste.

They view them as part-human and therefore tainted.

If the elites are divorced from the people, the elites within the elites within the elites are nowhere on the map.

You may have a few members of the lower caste of the elite group who strive to do the right thing, but their efforts will be thwarted by the elites at the very top.

No problems of importance to the common man will be solved as long as elitism is permitted to thrive.

The top crust of the elites think only of power and money in its naked form.

Any measure undertaken by the lower caste of elites, must in a hidden way make money for the top crust.

If there is a homeless program, it must make money for the elites.

If there is an immigration program, it must make money for the elites.

A few members of the lower caste of the elites may complain, but they will either not be listened to, or they will be marginalized.

These lower caste members will lose their first class ticket on the jet. You will never hear of them again on main stream media.

So, while there may be some good members of the elite caste, they are lower members of the caste – essentially clueless babes in the woods.

It’s a cult that requires years of indoctrination, no different than any other secret organization.

They are not going to just let anyone waltz into their inner circle.


So who are these people at the top?

Are they godless crazy individuals swarming within a wild bacchanalia of sex, orgy, and drugs?

Perhaps some members of the mid levels are mentally damaged, but it’s more likely that the top people are merely cold-calculating dismissive businessmen devoid of empathy and compassion addicted completely to money and power.

Whether they are real people or metaphysical manifestations of our collective greed is irrelevant.

The force is real.

It views itself as above humanity.

Humanity is an animal, no a tool, to be used for its pleasure – at its pleasure.

Where did it come from?

It’s always been there.

It has never been defeated.

It is a virus that infects the minds of men.

Moreover it is a virus that emanates from the minds of men.

As such, it can only be contained.

But with vigilance that will be enough.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Elite Schools

Elite schools yield elite results.

You can’t have elite schools and not expect elite results.

Elitism breeds elitism.

Of course it does. How could it be any other way?

If you send children to elite schools and then tell them that they are elite, they are going to prosecute their elitism.

They are going to award themselves large salaries.

They are going to rig the game so that they make billions of dollars.

They are going to polarize wealth.

Eventually, they will develop contempt for regular people.

They will lose all sense of noblesse oblige.

The result is what you see before you today in the United States.

It’s not rocket science.

If you send your children to elite schools, you will get elite results.

Your childrenwill lose the values that you impart into them and gain the values that the elite schools instill within them.

When they attend an elite school, they are joining a cult.

It is the cult of the best and brightest.

There at those elite schools they will meet important people. They will meet Brad Pitt. They will meet Tom Cruise. They will meet Tom Hanks. They will meet the captains of industry.

It is only natural that they will ask themselves. Why are they meeting these people and other people are not.

Well, the answer is because that’s the way the schools have things set up. It’s a cult, and they are indoctrinating your children to think of themselves as elites.

But that’s not what your child will conclude.

Your child will conclude that he is a cut above other people, that he or she is an elite.

Then, after many years, they will prosecute that vision ruthlessly upon the people.

They will increasingly not listen to other people.

Why should they? They are the elites. They are the smartest guys in the room.

They will then continue to perpetuate the beliefs of their cult in the media.

They will continue to make movies in which every genius is a Harvard or MIT graduate disregarding the fact that Albert Einstein went to a third-tier university, that Steve Jobs went to Reed College, and that Thomas Edison was homeschooled by his mother.

If they are in a position of power within the radio and television industry, they will subconsciously select members of their own cult to be the principal broadcasters.

Those biased radio and television broadcasters will never seriously point out the flaws of members of their own cult.

They will gloss over their mistakes. They will call them mistakes that anybody would have made. They will call them unforeseen mistakes.

If there is a scandal involving those elites, they will do a limbo dance and a French minuet around the truth.

The result will be that these elite leaders will never be held accountable. They will always escape justice.

The result will be a calamity for you.

More dangerous than that, though is that these broadcasters, by favoring graduates of elite schools, will slowly indoctrinate you into thinking that these people are the best and brightest.

The results will suggest otherwise.

This is where we stand in the United States of America.

We have leaders overwhelmingly from elite schools, who have been ruling us for the last 70 years.

They’ve created problems that are unbelievable.

You couldn’t imagine these problems when I was a boy just 60 years ago.

But here we are with runaway homelessness, runaway addiction, school shootings every day. massive polarization of wealth, teen, suicides, escalating, uncontrollable immigration on our southern border.

And yet, in all of this, no one in the main stream media has seriously asked the question: maybe our elite leaders don’t have the right stuff. Maybe we need to have regular people try to solve the problem.

Think about it.

We live in a Kim Jong-un society with infallible leaders.

They can do no wrong, yet society is collapsing about them.

So what do we do? What is the solution?

We must take the long term solution which paradoxically will be the short term solution.

We must withdraw our support from these elite schools.

We must shut them down.

The best way to shut them down is to not send our children to these schools.

The individual, not the school, must reign supreme.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Necessity of the Oligarchy

About a year ago, I was ranting and raving to my friend Garry about the Harvard oligarchy that is running the United States.

Garry feebly defended the oligarchy by stating that every civilization has an oligarchy.

That may be true, I responded, but this oligarchy has no sense of noblesse oblige.

An oligarchy that has no sense of noblesse oblige feathers its own nest and engages in tyranny upon the rest of the people.

Nevertheless, Garry’s comment spurred me to think about whether the Harvard oligarchy is necessary to the United States of America.

Do we need the Harvard oligarchy (and by extension the Harvard graduate)? Let’s face it, Harvard exists to train the officers of Corporate America. Harvard does not exist to train, pipefitters and bricklayers.

So, do we need any oligarchy? Do we need the Harvard graduate?

Can a country function without an oligarchy?

I believe so, and that is the purpose of this discussion.

This discussion may be somewhat rambling, but I will begin with Sarah Palin.

Back in 2008, Sir Colin Powell got on television and told us that Sarah Palin was unequivocally unqualified to be President of the United States should John McCain be elected and then die in office.

Amazingly, Sir Colin said nothing when Kamala Harris was running for vice-President, and yes, Colin Powell was still alive and capable of contributing an opinion.

Back in 2008, I was enraged when Colin Powell made that assessment. Not only did I think she was qualified, I thought she was more qualified than Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin was not only the mayor of Willow, Alaska, she was also the governor of Alaska.

As the years went by though I realized that Sir Colin was correct: Sarah Palin was unequivocally unqualified to be President of the United States – within the context of America being an empire, within the context of the America that Sir Colin imagined for us.

But that is the point.

Sarah Palin is unequivocally qualified to be President of the United States within the context of America being the Republic that we the regular people envision.

And within that context, Barack Obama was unequivocally unqualified to be the President of the United States.

He had no managerial skills whatsoever. He had always been a professor, or a senator or representative. Being a representative is not the same thing as being a governor or mayor.

Believe it or not, I have heard the argument in favor of Barack Obama that he was running his staff at his congressional office.

Please, don’t make me laugh.

Do you get it Barack Obama?

Do you get it Sir Colin living in the afterlife?

We don’t share the same vision that you do for America.

Let me be clear: we don’t believe in America the Empire. We believe in America the Republic. Furthermore, we believe that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Sarah Palin is unequivocally qualified to run America the Republic.

America the Republic doesn’t need Ivy League trained lawyer tricksters to fuck people out of their money and dignity.

America the Republic doesn’t wage war around the globe so that Ivy League self-servers can loot billions of dollars from the national treasury.

America the Republic doesn’t believe in exploitation.

America the Republic believes in a small limited government that works for the people of the United States and no one else.

America the Republic believes that the bills that are pushed through Congress should be specific, to the point, and written on one page of paper.

There are no omnibus bills.

In fact, America the Republic believes in the block grant system that Richard Nixon tried to introduce in which the massive federal bureaucracy can be replaced by the local bureaucracy that is more apt in making decisions for the specific needs of the people who live in that locality.

This was opposed by congressional hacks, who wanted to be able to pompously proclaim to their citizens that they were the ones who brought the new VA hospital to their locality. Having local politicians make those decisions would cut the congressional fuckhead out of his or her glory.

Assigning block grants is the way to go. The bills become simpler and more manageable. You don’t need to write an omnibus bill that creates tens of thousands of goodies and pork.

In this manner, Congressman can read and decipher the bill unlike today where bills are 3000 page dinosaurs that are chock-filled with secret back room deals.

America the Republic believes in a level playing field between big corporations and small individuals.

America the Republic does not permit corporations to lobby – because a corporation is not a person.

Individuals may lobby, but never a corporation.

Similarly, corporate heads can be sued for the malfeasance of the corporation.

And, corporations can be shut down, regardless of their size if persistent malfeasance is noted.

Adios, Jamie Dimon.

A corporation is not a person. It is not a person because a person generally dies after 80 years of age. Corporations on the other hand may live for hundreds of years.

Furthermore, a corporation has no sense of shame.

People have a sense of shame. As such, they fear ostracism from society when they are caught committing malfeasance.a corporation never feel fears ostracism from society because they have no sense of shame.

Legally, an individual who commits malfeasance is sent to jail. If the individual cries before the judge that this will adversely affect his family, the judge says the same thing to you, rightfully, that your parents said to you when they punched you as a child. They said to you: You should’ve thought of that before you committed the crime.

The modern day judge never has the guts to shut down the corporation . Instead a fine is deemed satisfactory, and this is looked upon as a good thing. by the pussy cat-lackeys on CNBC.

America the Republic sticks up for the small guy.

America the Republic embraces the words of Ayn Rand in her novel Anthem.

That novel embraces the supremacy of individual freedom.

America the Republic does not believe in rigid orthodoxies.

America the Republic does not play favorites.

Harvard and other Ivy League institutions are the antithesis of Anthem.

Harvard believes in elite classes of people who populate our oligarchy. They will make the decisions, and political correctness ushered in by the Harvard Cartel’s lackey Bill Clinton, Harvard graduate, now mandates people to obey.

Harvard will limit your speech.

In doing so, Harvard opposes everything that the Founding Fathers believed in.

Free speech is free speech. Politically correct speech is limited in speech.

Limited speech is what the Harvard oppressor believes in.

So, in summary, is the Harvard graduate necessary?


Indeed, the Harvard graduate is ruinous to the American dream.

The Founding Fathers distrusted corporations.

They limited their scope, and the number of years within which they could operate. The chief operating officers of the corporation could be sued.

The Founding Fathers did not come exclusively from Harvard University. In fact, the principal heroes of the American republic graduated from other institutions.

Nowadays non-Ivy League graduates are dismissed from being eligible for the Supreme Court. They are branded as intellectual lightweights.

Arlen Specter, the bagman for the ruling elite, the man who came up with a magic bullet theory for the Kennedy assassination, admitted as much in so many words when he voted to dismiss Harriet Meyers, and appointee by George Bush, 43.

As recently as 1949-1050, only five years before I was born, there existed a healthy mix of non-Harvard graduates on the Supreme Court.

Why, however, did we survive?

Increasingly, the Harvard cartel has put its death grip on the machinery of our government.

This is not a good thing.

The Harvard graduate has proved himself to be clearly an elitist who wages war against other cultures of the world.

Other cultures are just as valuable, and just as valid as is ours.

It is not our job to export our beautiful democracy – which is in reality a shamocracy – to the barbarian beast.

These, Ivy League bozos, lead by Harvard University, have no respect for other countries,

Moreover, they have no respect for us an individuals; after all, they are living Gods.

The problem is this: People who ride high on their horse get knocked off.

We are paying now for Harvard, and we will pay extensively for Harvard arrogance if their reign of terror and tyranny is allowed to continue.

So, is the Harvard graduate necessary?

Unequivocally not.

These arrogant, clueless buffoons will lead us to our ruination.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Not Wanting To Know

It’s important to explain why collective punishment is necessary for Harvard University and all its graduates.

I can easily see where some of you might think that there are good Harvard graduates, and that it’s unfair to punish all Harvard graduates for the crimes of a few.

If you think that, you are wrong.

I’m not going to mince words, or try to convince with softening statements. I’m not going to sneakily try to nudge you over to my way of thinking.

I’m not going to say, “Hey, I can see your point of view, but have you ever thought of this?”

In short, the good Harvard graduate acts as the smiley face for the evil Harvard graduates who are doing great harm to the United States of America and the world.

It doesn’t matter if they are unwitting bedfellows.

It is the good Harvard graduate who acts as a shield for the bad ones.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t know that they are being used.

The crime of the German people was not that they knew that the Nazis were slaughtering the Jews. The crime of the German people was that they did not want to know.

The German people actively shut their eyes to the possibility of what was happening.

They did not want to know.

By their willing and active silence, they validated the Nazi regime.

The same goes for the good Harvard graduate.

You don’t need a degree from Harvard, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, to see that the Harvard Cartel is in charge of the United States.

You can see clearly the effects of the poor leadership of the Harvard Cartel.

You can see the runaway homelessness, the nonstop war, the rampant drug abuse, the runaway immigration, the destruction of the black community, the mass shootings, and many other problems.

These problems have been with us, and growing, for sometime now.

These problems are not recent events that have sprung up within the last two years.

You would have to be brain-dead to not conclude that if the Harvard Cartel cannot solve these problems, it is because they do not want to solve these problems.

The Cartel, supposedly comprised of intelligent people, dance around the issues while applying ineffective Band-Aids.

They have applied these Band-Aids in different disguises for decades. Their solutions never address the core problem.

The core problem is the economic disempowerment that the Harvard Cartel engineered against local communities across the nation.

In a nutshell, well-paying jobs were replaced with low-paying jobs through outsourcing.

When the American family is economically compromised, all sorts of social, ills, arise: divorce, physical abuse, child, abuse, sexual abuse, mental problems, vandalism, crime, rampant, drug abuse.

Solving the problem would reverse the engine and take money away from the Harvard Cartel.

That’s right, these problems serve the monetary and political interests of the Harvard Cartel.

The good Harvard graduate does not want to recognize this.

He does not even want to entertain the possibility that there is an evil segment coming out of the Harvard University that is responsible for these problems.

Now, everything that I say, here applies to the other Ivy League institutions and those institutions in the new Ivy League which have gained Ivy status.

Remember, you don’t have to be a graduate of Harvard to be in the Harvard Cartel. It’s called the Harvard Cartel because Harvard is the spiritual leader of the the Harvard Cartel and by extension Criminal Corporate America.

Criminal Corporate America – which includes our major corporations, Congress, the presidency, the Supreme Court, major foundations, associations, NGOs, sports leagues, major media, radio, television, movies, print media – is heavily populated at the upper levels by members of the Harvard Cartel and its members who are principally, but not solely, graduates of Harvard and other Ivy League institutions and New Ivy League institutions.

These graduates don’t want to know.

They don’t want to know because knowing such would force them to recognize that they are part of a criminal enterprise.

Forcing them to recognize that they are part of a criminal enterprise would put them in a moral dilemma which their minds cannot countenance.

Do they speak up and risk all the perks that the Harvard Cartel has to offer?

(And there are a lot of perks. Harvard Cartel members have a first class seat on the jet.)

Or do they stay quiet and announce themselves to the world as a moral coward?

That’s a lose lose choice, which is why it’s better not to come to that moral dilemma.

Not wanting to know is a protective reflex which protects the well-being of the organism.

By not wanting to know, the Harvard graduate can preserve all the perks of the empire for himself.

He is not at risk.

Or so he or she thinks.

Unfortunately, not wanting to know, especially in the face of crime, is an immoral and criminal act.

And it must be punished.

You see it’s not collective punishment to punish the good Harvard graduate for the crimes of the evil Harvard graduate.

It’s not collective punishment because those good Harvard graduates have also committed a crime.

They did not want to know.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Divide and Conquer

What should be the proper conservative response to Dylan Mulvaney, the trans activist?

I ask this because many stars who cater to conservatives have criticized companies, such as Anheuser-Busch, who support Dylan Mulvaney.

Kid Rock recently shot up a six-pack of Bud Light.

That will get people’s attention, but will it answer the question?

What should be the proper conservative response?

Well, to begin with – and it’s always best to begin in the beginning – we should ask questions, not take action. Measure twice, cut once.

What do we mean by conservative?

A conservative generally is defined as an individual who wishes to preserve an existing order or set of principles.

In contrast, a liberal is generally defined as an individual who wishes to be open to new ideas.

But which principles and which ideas are we talking about?

Are we talking about religious principles and ideas, or are we talking about constitutional principles and ideas.

If we’re talking about constitutional principles and ideas, then conservatives should embrace the idea that Dylan Mulvaney has every right to voice her opinion. As an individual Dylan Mulvaney enjoys all the rights to the Constitution that you do, as do the advertisers at Anheuser-Busch.

If we are talking about religious principles, then again conservatives should embrace the idea that Dylan Mulaney has every right to voice her opinion, as do the advertisers at Anheuser-Busch. Tolerance is the first rule of Christianity.

Other words for tolerance are charity and love.

This does not mean that conservatives must embrace trans behavior, or trans activism.

What it does mean though is that conservatives should quietly tolerate Dylan Mulvaney’s right to be trans and a trans activist.

And her right – and Anheuser-Busch’s right – to promote beer.

Consequently, conservatives should remain quiet and not engage in a fight.

This is particularly so because it is these side issues which are preventing conservatives (and liberals) from making a real change in the United States of America.

These side issues are a distraction.

Moreover the fight gives these issues life they would not otherwise enjoy.

This is what the elites want.

Elise wants conservatives and liberals to be fighting over these minor issues.

Divide and conquer is the credo of Caesar.

When people are fighting over minor issues, they fail to agree to attack the real issues. What are the real issues?

The real issues are the constant wars that our elites fight. These wars rob wealth from the middle class.

The real issues are the healthcare system that fails to provide adequate and affordable healthcare insurance for average middle-class people.

The real issues are the run-away inflation in the United States fueled by a lackey Fed, college chums of the immoral ruling elite.

The real issues are the massive immigration on our southern border caused by our elites’ corporate raping of the people of Central America.

The real issues are the massive polarization of wealth in society caused by outsourcing of jobs and corporate greed.

The real issues are the skyrocketing homelessness in our major cities.

As long as Americans are fighting over Dylan Mulvaney, they will never be able to solve real problems.

Consequently, conservatives should quietly tolerate Dylan Mulvaney while not engaging in a fight.

It is a loser’s game to do so.

Shooting a six pack of Bud Light is theater designed to amuse – not solve problems.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Asleep at the Wheel

I must admit that I was asleep at the wheel for most of my young adult life.

I don’t think I was stupid, although I most certainly was; it’s just that I was more focused on getting through college and medical school than in paying close attention to world affairs.

I remember watching the talking heads discuss issues on Sunday morning talk shows. The experts bandied out words and phrases such as detente and mutual assured destruction, but these terms were passing strangers in the night.

They were visitors who had stopped into the motel of my mind for the evening; they were there for a cup of coffee.

In the morning they were gone.

I was hopelessly naïve.

I actually believed that anyone could grow up to be President of the United States.

I believed in the Constitution of the United States.

I still do.

It’s too bad that our leaders do not.

For if they did, the people of United States might have a chance in this world.

They might actually have a say so in what goes on in their country.

But they do not.

Your country, my country, is not ruled by us.

It is ruled by an uncaring oligarchy – the Harvard Cartel.

Like Caligula of old, the Cartel cares principally for itself, its members, and their bank accounts.

They puff themselves up with meaningless awards while homelessness abounds in our inner cities. cities.

Many of you would like to know what will happen in the future.

Will we go to war in Ukraine?

Will the banking sector collapse?

Will the stock market boom?

What about cryptocurrency?

Will it collapse? Or will it soar?

What factors will determine what happens?

My jaded eyes, and my experience in life, has taught me this: Whatever happens will happen because the ruling elite, the Harvard Cartel, has decided that it will happen.

There is no way of predicting what they will do.

If they want us to go to war with Ukraine, it will happen.

If they don’t want us to go to war with Ukraine, it will not happen.

Likewise with the stock market and cryptocurrency.

If they want cryptocurrency to collapse, that is exactly what will happen

If they don’t want it to happen, then it won’t happen.

Yes, they have that kind of power.

Not only do they control the government, they control the minds of men.

Yes, yes, yes, I know, you are an intelligent person who has free will to make your own decisions.

Maybe you know many people who think like you, and you know for sure things that will happen.

I can assure you that you are in the minority. And, you are making a critical mistake by thinking that just because you think that it will happen that it will happen.

You’re wrong.

What happens will have nothing to do with what you think.

I don’t care if you have 30 million people on your side, what happens will happen because the ruling elite says it will happen.

They control the minds of men.

You may have thirty million people who think like you, but the ruling elite control the minds of hundreds of millions of people in the United States.

I don’t care if you have 100% of the truth on your side.

The ruling elite can promote a lie in the minds of hundreds of millions of people and defeat you with two hands behind their back.

It won’t even be a contest.

If the entire country seems to be against the war in Ukraine, our elite only need to create a false flag in which 25,000 Americans lose their lives at the hands of the Russians (of course), and you will have American intervention in Ukraine overnight.

If our ruling elite want the stock market to boom tomorrow, they can do it.

They can manufacture an artificial boom, and then use their media to promote that happy times are here again.

The masses will dutifully follow.

You won’t be able to do anything about that because you are a minnow, and they are a whale.

And whales tend to win.

You are along for the ride.

You are outnumbered.

But all is not lost. There are things that you can do.

You can choose to lead a moral life.

You can choose not to spend all your time on TikTok.

You can choose to devote more of your life to scholarship.

You can treat your friends and family with greater consideration.

You can choose not to eat corporate foods that make you obese.

You can lesson the amount of time that you permit mainstream media to lie to you.

You can begin voting for candidates who are regular people, who do not owe their livelihood to the Harvard Cartel.

You can write a letter to the pigs at Levi Strauss, and ask them why they are exploiting the people of Haiti, who only make five dollars a day – max.

You can choose to not send your children to Harvard university.

You can choose to donate $25 to a charity.

You can do many, many things that will make a difference in your life.

And making a difference in your life will ultimately impact what happens in Ukraine, what happens in the stock market.

One individual can change the world, but to do so you must focus on yourself.

Forget about these pricks in the government.

Forget about the press and the Harvard Cartel.

They don’t care about you at all.

You’re not going against Jesus by thinking such.

In fact, Jesus would approve of you walking away from the ruling class.

Render unto me what is mine, says Jesus; render unto Caesar what is Caesars.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Elitism Begins in the Cradle

Parents are now sending their kids to Russian math camps.

These math camps are based upon a Russian method of teaching math that was developed during the Cold War.

Supposedly they teach critical thinking.


Parents are even hiring personal tutors so that they can give their kids a leg up in getting into an Ivy League school.

Talk about poor thinking and wrong values.

This is a real problem for us. We have parents who are engineering their kids to work as adults when they might be better off outside being kids playing games like hide and seek. There is a lot of value in allowing kids to be kids.

Okay, so you have engineered your child to become a de-socialized mathematics automaton. And how will that help the rest of us?

Your child will do okay. Your child will join the club and be able to make hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe. But how does that help the homeless which have grown ever greater in numbers since the Ivy League has put its death grip upon the nation.

There was a time in the United States when not all your institutions were dominated by Harvard and the Ivy League. You can go back 75 years and see a time in the Supreme Court when justices came from regular schools. Nowadays, almost all your Supreme Court justices come from the Ivy League.

How about President of the United States? Sure, you may get an anomaly from time to time like Biden, but the recent trend is for them to come from the Ivy League. Is the United States better off because of it?


Most of your major corporations have leaders who now come extensively from the Ivy League. And yet, America is being torn apart by the large corporations.

Major corporations and their leaders, perhaps educated in Russian math camps where they teach critical thinking, now mindlessly march to the drum beat of critical race theory, and the need to conquer Russian aggression in Ukraine.

They even take the time out of their busy day to place a message of support for Ukraine on their various websites. Really? I was looking to purchase some pralines.

So how does an Ivy League education help the rest of us?

It doesn’t.

And it hasn’t.

In the old days, not too long ago, it was the individual that counted. Nowadays, there is less emphasis on the individual and more emphasis on the institution from which you graduate. That is not a good thing.

In fact it’s a bad idea.

It’s a bad idea because its graduates are less inclined to be beholden to their own personal morality than to the ideology of the Ivy League institutions, which are most decidedly elitist.

What we need as leaders are people who have a sense of humanity and normality, who are connected to the rest of us. When they are connected to us, and when they have a sense of humanity, then they can more easily solve the problems that regular people have.

What we are getting now are de-socialized automatons who look after their own personal wealth first. They view themselves as a cut above the rest of us. They have lost connectivity with us, and the results are what you see before you.

Abounding homelessness, nonstop war, nonstop illegal immigration, drug abuse out of control, complete destruction of the black community in the inner city, gang violence on demand, the lack of a comprehensive, affordable healthcare financing mechanism for regular working people.

This is what you get when you send your eight year old to math camps instead of letting them socialize and play hide and seek like a normal kid.

Hey, but it’s okay.

Their politically correct parents are carful to point out that their Russian math camps have nothing to do with the evil Vladimir Putin and the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Well … as long as you denounce Putin.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Punch Him In The Guts

Why do you talk about Aldous Huxley?

Why do you talk about Julian Huxley?

Because you’ve been programmed to do so.

You’ve been programmed by the powers that be that these men are important people to be talked about.

I reject Aldous Huxley.

I reject Julian Huxley.

I reject the entire Huxley family.

Who died and made them boss?

I reject Oxford.

I reject Great Britain.

I reject the UK’s peerage.

I reject the royal family. I reject the elites and their supposed authority to tell us who is important and who is not important.

I reject the blubbering fat slob, Winston Churchill.

I reject Harvard University, the new King Louis, the new cocksucker in chief.

You are just as important as they are.

They are not to be talked about.

I reject William Shakespeare.

I reject all British blowhard poets and writers.

I reject John Keats.

I reject – and resent – them being slammed down our throats without our permission.

Most of all, and let me emphasize again: I reject William Shakespeare.

How long will Shakespeare keep abusing us?

How long must people grit their teeth as professors who are controlled by the powers that be cram 16th century Elizabethan English down their throats.

I reject all this authority.

These people have only been talked about because the elites cram it into our brains.

These so-called great men are a lie.

They are a lie that exists to cement the power of the elites over our minds.

This person is important. That person is not important.

Say the elites: We are the guardians of truth. We are the elites. You are not one of us. You are nothing. You will obey us.

Fuck you, New Yorker magazine.

Fuck you, New York Times.

Fuck you, Newsweek Magazine.

Fuck you, Anna Wintour.

Fuck Vogue.

You have zero authority to foist your silly opinions upon us as to who and what is important.

Aldous Huxley is a fraud.

No, he’s a commodity.

No, he’s an instrument, a tool of the elites.

He’s just a name that is dropped in there to intimidate you, to make you think that they, the elites, the guardians of fake truth, are important and you are not.

Quit speaking about Aldous Huxley.

Your poverty is directly correlated to the power of the blunt instrument known as Aldous Huxley that is wielded against your head, day, after day, month, after month, year after year.

“Ah, yes,” speaks the professor, “as Huxley noted in Brave New World, blah blah blah blah … blah blah blah blah, blah blah … and furthermore … blah blah blah blah blah blah … when I visited England and spoke to Huxley’s historian … and now, if you excuse me, I have to prepare for my meeting with the President … thank you, thank you … we should all get behind the President’s plan to support Ukraine against Russian aggression … and don’t forget to wear your mask outside especially when speeding along on a bicycle at 20 miles an hour … blah blah blah blah blah blah … superspreader event …. blah blah blah …”

Announce Aldous Huxley to the world as a fraud.

Punch him in the guts.

Again, and again, and again.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Celebrity Puppets

Why are celebrities puppets?

They didn’t used to be.

Some always were, but many weren’t.

With the advent of television and radio in the past century, the United States increasingly became centralized.

Schools like Harvard began to “nationalize” themselves.

Harvard and the Harvard cabal grew stronger.

So did the mainstream media itself.

It didn’t start off that way.

Television, radio stations and newspapers were largely local operations that increasingly became consolidated as the decades rolled by.

Local operators were principally focused on making money, not an engineering society.

It was possible for a individual from nowhere named Elvis Presley to grow organically.

Plus, Elvis never felt the “need” to tell us what we should think about abortion or gay marriage.

He was too busy singing songs for the sake of our enjoyment

That’s less possible now.

As television grew up, so did the realization that television could be a powerful tool in manipulating people.

The celebrity became an instrumental tool in that manipulation.

Fifty to seventy-five years ago you saw celebrities who went their own way in voicing their own opinions.

Lots of celebrities spoke out against the Vietnam war even though Corporate America was in favor of the Vietnam war.

Nowadays, you almost never see a celebrity who goes against what Corporate America desires.

The Vietnam war was an important watershed moment in producing this shift.

It was the people of the United States who shut down the Vietnam war.

The celebrities were extremely important in moving the people.

Corporate America took notice.

They said to themselves at the higher levels where the owners of these corporations meet: This is never gonna happen again. We are going to not only own the media, but the social influencers as well. And we are going to own them lock stock and barrel.

Soon after the Vietnam war, Corporate America led by the Harvard cabal launched into high gear into consolidating the media on all levels.

You saw the rise of Clear Channel.

You saw the invasion of Corporate America into media organizations that were traditionally standalone operations.

General Electric became the owner of NBC.

This was a dangerous trend.

It’s still is.

We are now in a state of America where Corporate America and the media are the same.

The media is not just the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the major networks.

The media involves film, radio, television, sports, music, music venues, internet, books, magazines and newspapers at all levels.

Corporate America controls it all. They also control these so-called avant-garde media publications that pose as revolutionary, countercultural voices.

These would be these so-called hip publications with hip names like Daily Beast, Vox, and Buzzfeed.

With this vast control Corporate America has immense power to influence the American people.

It also has the power to make and break people who aspire to be celebrities.

You’ve heard of the saying that was spoken in Hollywood years ago: You’ll never work in this town again?

Well, this statement is more true than it ever was.

If you don’t go along with what Corporate America wants, you’re out.

If you do go along, you can make hundreds of millions of dollars.

Which celebrity is going to jeopardize an income like that?

Which celebrity given jets and fabulous houses is going to jeopardize that standing?

Not too many.

The Dixie Chicks spoke up against George Bush’s war in Iraq many years ago, and they were excommunicated.

Cornel West spoke up in defense of the Palestinians, and he was denied tenure at Harvard.

James Woods spoke out for conservative issues, and he was marginalized.

Jeffrey Sachs speaks out against the American empire, and he will be marginalized.

This is where we are.

Celebrity control by Corporate America was on display during the recent pandemic.

I don’t remember one major celebrity speaking out against the measures of Dr. Fauci.

Not one.

To a man they all parroted the government propaganda to shelter at home, socially distance, and flatten the curve.

And that is what happened.

The wealthy elite own the minds of the poor, and these wealthy elite are growing in strength.

You can thank your celebrity puppet for that.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

You Made Your Bed

Dear Harvard graduate,

It’s not my fault that you went to Harvard.

You did that on your own.

You became seduced.

You became seduced by greatness.

You didn’t even know that you were being seduced.

You didn’t know because the seduction began when you were a small child.

You were roped into believing in the greatness of men.

As were we all.

You were regaled by the media of the supposed greatness of people like FDR, Eisenhower, Churchhill, and so forth.

Of course, they weren’t great men. They were robbers of people’s potential. They were puppets of the empire, and their true goal was to gain money and wealth for the powerful elite.

They did not stand up for the common man. Indeed, they compromised the common man through war and foreign exploitation.

These are the people who are talked about.

You wanted to be one of those people, and because you are smart, it was only natural that you could be one of them too.

To achieve this end, our society conditioned you to believe in the greatness of Harvard University and its ability to mold great men.

This is how you became seduced.

You wanted to be one of the people who are talked about.

You made a deal with the devil.

To be fair, you didn’t know that you made a deal with the devil. You were only seventeen years at the time.

But you did.

You went to Harvard, and the grooming stepped up a notch.

You began to meet important people at Harvard. Famous actors stopped by at the Hasty Pudding Club.

Maybe Tom Cruise. Maybe Brad Pitt.

Prominent politicians gave guest lectures.

Your professors personally knew the so-called movers and shakers in society.

Perhaps, you were even invited to parties and soirées where royalty was present.

Hey look, there is Prince William.

Gradually, gradually, gradually the Harvard machine indoctrinated you.

They roped you into the cult.

When you got married, an announcement was made in the New York Times. Then when you had a baby, that announcement was made as well.

The Sulzberger clan (the publishers of the NYT) are part of the Harvard machine. They engage in deep propaganda, so deep that you don’t even know you’re being propagandized.

Your name in the New York Times! Just think of it!

Why, you must be important! Why, you must be better than other people! Why, you must be a demigod!

Why, why, why you must even be God’s representative on Earth!

That’s a heavy experience.

When you went to apply for a job, large corporations took notice. The big guys coveted you.

You were put on the fast track, and you didn’t even know it.

Of course, you were doing it yourself, you convinced yourself.

How could it have been any other way, you reasoned.

When you wanted to write a book, it was a piece of cake for you to get an agent and a hearing with a major publishing house.

That’s what the Harvard machine can do for you.

It’s not just a school; it’s a connection network.

It’s not my fault that this happened to you.

It is my problem though.

And it’s your problem as well.

It’s your problem because you think that because you went on to Harvard, that you are going to be invited into the true power structure of the United States and by extension the world.

But you’re not.

The true power structure is only going to give you a taste of power.

For that taste of power, they are going to use you in their money making rackets.

If you are a politician, they will humiliate you, then, if they decide to do so, toss you away into the wastebasket.

Have you heard of the Rothschilds?

They are a very wealthy family, and they have a lot of power in the world.

One branch of the family lives in the United Kingdom.

According to Evelyn de Rothschild, the Rothschilds are not part of British aristocracy. Their family is too new. They have only been in England for a few hundred years. There are families who have been there eight hundred years.

How about your family, Mr. And Ms. Harvard graduate?

You came from regular people, didn’t you?

Do you seriously think that American aristocracy is going to let you run the place?

Think again.

Think of all the Harvard Cabal graduates who have been thrown under the bus by the ruling elite.

Bill Clinton, Scooter Libby, Henry Cisneros, and more.

How about Alexander Acosta? He was the lawyer who was working on the Jeffrey Epstein case in Florida. He was the one who got Jeffrey Epstein off on a light sentence.

Alexander Acosta’s political career is over. He couldn’t win a race for dog catcher in a one-man town.

I’m sure he wanted to go far in politics.

He’s not going to go far. He’s another guy who joined the cabal thinking that he was going to be in the power structure.

They used him.

I’m sure the cabal will take care of him in some way, but, alas, his name is ruined.

Is that what you want, Mr. and Ms. Harvard graduate?

Well, sorry to tell you, it doesn’t matter what you want anymore. That’s what you signed up for.

By now, you have already received many of the perks that the cabal can offer, and one of these days the cabal may ask you for a favor.

Here is my advice to you: if you want to retain your privileges, if you want to keep your first class ticket on the jet, you damn well better do what they tell you to do.

If you don’t do what they tell you to do, you’re going to find out just how important that cabal was to your success.

And it won’t be pretty for you.

That’s the reality. That’s what you bought into.

That’s the way it works.

You made your bed, you sleep in it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved