King Louis, the Pagan Ape

You understand, of course, that we live in a fake democracy. It’s important that you understand that what you think doesn’t matter.

I state this not to disillusion you, but to enlighten you, to enable you to not spend your life in frustration as I did.

Our country is run by King Louis of France.

That’s right. King Louis never died. The Sun King’s brutal system of rule was merely modified.

It works like this.

Instead of one King Louis, we now have a group of people called Harvard that functions as King Louis.

Instead of the nobles who work under King Louis we now have groups of people called Ivy League (and new Ivy League) institutions that work with King Louis to rape the citizenry for their own benefit.

You are now a serf in their feudal system.

You live on their lands.

You are a renter. Yeah.

What King Louis says goes.

The other nobles will defer to King Louis’s rule lest King Louis kick their ass.

If King Louis wants to feed you, he will feed you.

If King Louis wants to starve you, he will starve you.

It will be his choice.

And that’s the way it works.

There is little nobility to humanity.

A pagan alpha-male gorilla, King Louis, rules our country.

We are no better than the apes.

The Senate and House, the Presidency, and the Judiciary, the traditional three branches of government, are puppets of King Louis.

They do King Louis’s bidding.

They work for King Louis, not you.

These institutions are now a sham.

The sooner you understand this, the better off you will be.

You won’t get angry because you will know the truth.

You will stop wasting time figuring out why things are the way they are.

You will cease wasting time watching Sean Hannity or Anderson Cooper complain about things.

You will be a realist.

Living in a fantasy world will only bring you pain.

Living in the real world frees you up.

This is the real world.

You live in a sham of a democracy. There is no republic.

Your vote does not count.

Let the truth set you free.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Betraying America

You are a traitor to America if you gush over Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton is a murderer, a murderer of humanity.

She’s an elitist.

She’s symbolizes everything that is wrong with Great Britain and the world.

Our media presenters who fawn over her and everything that she wears are traitors to you and the people who sacrificed their lives in the Revolutionary War.

I get it; it’s only fashion.

I don’t give a damn.

Every time these hosts focus on the royal family they lend importance to these people, and the people she represents.

These hosts and presenters bow and curtsy before the royals, and ask you to do the same.

They send a hidden message to the public: These people are important, and you are not.

The efforts of these hosts and presenters are not harmless or unintentional. They are put up to it by the people who own the networks.

These wealthy brutes who have hijacked America desire an elitist society just like Great Britain.

They’re angry that we don’t have a peerage system in the United States.

If they could, they would give themselves titles and make you bow and curtsy before their betters – which, of course, in their minds, is them.

Many centuries ago we fought a Revolutionary War in which many Americans died.

These Americans fought this war in order to create and maintain a world in which regular citizens count.

How long should their sacrifice count for?

Do we put term limits on that?

To answer this question, let me pose a question to you.

Suppose that your child fought in a war in which he or she died. How long would you like their sacrifice to count for?

I am willing to bet that you are now saying to yourself: “Forever. I want immortality for my child.”

And so it is for the parents, brothers, and sisters of those people who died in the Revolutionary War.

They want their family member’s sacrifice to be eternal.

They aren’t interested in backsliding into the world of monarchy that our wealthy elites are so obviously enamored with.

They aren’t interested in that at all.

So then why do we permit the wealthy elite who control the networks and mass media in our country to get away with gushing over a royal family that has done absolutely nothing for the freedom of anyone anywhere on Planet Earth in the last 500 years.

Great Britain raped the world.

Let us count the ways, and this may take some time.

Let’s begin with Queen Victoria, possibly the biggest mass murderer the world has ever seen. Queen Victoria and her henchmen, people like Cecil Rhodes, the bigot, for whom the Rhodes scholarship is named, was responsible for the death of tens of millions of people.

In India, Britain mismanaged farming and food provision such that tens of millions of people died through various famines over the centuries.

As people from India died, crops that could have saved many people were exported. The British looked the other way while stating that the people of India had brought this calamity upon themselves by overpopulating.

The racist, Winston Churchill, always a favorite of our elites here, called the people of India a beastly people.

When Queen Victoria was not starving people to death through mismanagement, she was enslaving illiterate Indian people on her slave plantations around the world. Great Britain tricked these people through illiteracy. These people signed contracts to work on British slave plantations with their thumbprint. Great Britain worked them to death. That’s why you can find people of Indian extraction on South Pacific islands and in South America.

Queen Victoria ran the opium wars in China. The Chinese refer to the years from 1850 to 1950, when Mao came into power, as the 100 years of shame.

These wars were fought because the Chinese did not want to purchase any of the shitty pots and pans that were coming out of industrial Britain. The British however wanted to buy the silks and teas from China. Because there was a net trade imbalance and British Sterling was flowing out of the country, the Queen Murderess and Royal Drug Dealer decided to import opium into China, which was, not surprisingly, illegal. The Chinese resisted and the British waged war against the Chinese. The British won.

So much for free trade.

Scum like Warren Delano, FDR’s grandfather, cashed in on illegal imports of opium to China. That’s how mama’s boy Franklin, a Harvard graduate, came into his money.

While Vickie wasn’t shaming the Chinese, she was busy starving the Irish.

Millions of people died in the Irish potato famine, but it was unnecessary because there were other crops available to feed the Irish. The Irish potato blight only affected potatoes. The remaining crops were shipped out.

Do you see a pattern here?

Victoria’s henchmen said that the Irish had brought on their own demise because they had overpopulated. They believed that God’s hidden hand was correcting the problem.

Of course, the British have always brutalized the Irish; and when the Irish rebelled, the British shipped them down to their penal colonies in Australia and Van Dieman’s Land, which was renamed Tasmania. That’s how Australia was founded and established.

So you see it wasn’t just brown people who the British killed; they were equal opportunity oppressors.

Cecil Rhodes was one of those oppressors. His special place was South Africa. There he rigged the joint in favor of the white man and was able to take control of the world’s diamond supply. He murdered a lot of people to do it.

Before dying at an early age, he was able to endow the Rhodes Scholarship which is a tool that Great Britain uses to rope the dupes of the world into Britain’s criminal enterprise. Not surprisingly, Harvard University, Great Britain’s beachhead in the United States, loves the Rhodes Scholarship. Why not? Harvard’s allegiance is to elitism. Harvard loves Oxford. Harvard loves the royal family. In fact, Harvard invited Prince Charles to its 350th anniversary back in 1986.

Britain continued its criminality into the 20th century in Africa. Yes, Victoria Hitler lived that long. Her reign of terror lasted from 1837 to 1901.

The British began arriving in greater force in Kenya in the early 1900s. Soon they took over the place. They awarded themselves a disproportionate share of the fertile lands. Through clever legal chicanery and force they transformed the native tribes into becoming paid laborers, slaves really, on their plantations. This resulted in the Mau Mau rebellion in the 1950s.

This behavior, this naughtiness, is not the American way. This is not what our revolutionary forefathers fought for.

And I’m pretty sure they knew what they were fighting for. They didn’t come over here from an oppressive Britain in order to re-create the system they escaped from.

Maybe their elitist leaders did, but this is not what your regular soldier fought for.

America was always a different type of place, and your ancestors recognized this when they got here.

Many of your ancestors came over here through indentured servitude, just the kind of system that the British would invent. The British love slavery and class systems. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the founding of America. That funny thing was the American Indian.

The American Indian didn’t believe in elitism, and it didn’t take too long until your newly arriving immigrant realized this. Consequently, many of these new immigrants chose to live with the Indians. There they could live as free people. Plus, the continent was wide open. There were plenty of places to go to escape an oppressive class system.

Freedom and egalitarianism gradually took hold and developed the American character.

In short, we are not British; we are Americans. We are fundamentally different from the British. We may speak the same language, but we are not the same.

This may explain why many British who come to the United States still can’t get the Queen out of their system.

They love the monarchy. They have been beaten down their entire lives to believe in a class system, to believe that some people are better than others.

But we Americans are different. We do not believe in a class system. We believe that all people are entitled to equal treatment.

This is what your forefathers fought for in the Revolutionary War, and their sacrifice was not intended to be on a term contract.

The men who died wanted their sacrifice to be eternal, as would you if you sacrificed your life for freedom.

Their fellow Americans at the time felt the same way.

They feel the same way today in spirit, and that spirit is there with you in those graveyards in your community.

Those men who died knew what the royal family was all about. They knew what the peerage system was all about. They knew that the deck was stacked against them.

And they also knew that they had an opportunity to change things.

Consequently they developed traditions that were handed down to you. One of those traditions was the idea that we do not bend our knee to anyone, nor do we lower our flag.

This is why American leaders do not bow down to foreign dignitaries.

This is why Americans do not dip our flag at Olympic ceremonies.

This is why we stand for the national anthem.

Not surprisingly, our media hosts and presenters, who are controlled by the wealthy elite, have no problem when Americans perform these acts.

Kneeling for the national anthem? Bowing down before the queen? Gushing over Kate Middleton?

Your ancestors would be ashamed of you.

That is not the country they fought for.

When you perform these acts of servitude, you betray them and everything they fought for.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Queen

Many think of the Queen of England as a figurehead, someone without power. If she was without power, why do the wealthy elite in Great Britain defend her to the hilt? Is she a novelty act, and amusing anachronism? Hardly. She is essential to criminal Corporate Britain’s existence. Without her, their scam begins to unravel.

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse is a regional chain of movie houses within the state of Texas.

They exhibit movies.

They were recently forced into bankruptcy by the downturn in business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help them out of a crisis, they turned to Altamont Capital.

This is one way in which the elites are going to take over our country.

They create this “crisis” pandemic which they did make worse by hyping up the fear.

Then when these regional to small operators go out of business or are forced into bankruptcy, their buddies who own these hedge funds and capital groups swoop in and buy up these companies for peanuts.

I have tried to warn people about the danger of these so-called prestigious schools.

Well, Altamont Capital which is buying Alamo Drafthouse is led by Kristin Johnson from Stanford and Pete Meyerdirk from Harvard.

This speaks volumes to me and reinforces the message I now give to parents which is to not send your children to these so-called prestigious schools.

When you send your children to these schools, they become changed.

They forget about where they came from.

They start viewing themselves as an elite group of people evolved beyond the rest of us.

They become obsessed with money and making money to the impoverishment of everybody.

I once again beg parents to not send your children to these schools.

We cannot win this battle against Corporate America as long as parents are enthralled with the idea of their children being members of a ruling cartel principally populated by graduates of these so-called prestigious schools.

Parents: If your children are smart, it’s because they came from their smart parents – you – and their upbringing. These so-called prestigious schools do not make them smarter. These schools only make things worse for the rest of us.

Every smart child that does join the cartel makes the elite cartel stronger and us weaker.

Every child that does not join the cartel makes us stronger and the elite cartel weaker.

We don’t need Alamo Drafthouse being run by elitists in California. We need local people in the state of Texas, connected to the local community, to be running Alamo Drafthouse.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard’s Lack of Shame

Why isn’t Harvard University ashamed of itself?

Currently there are about 20,000 students enrolled in Harvard University. There are 6,000 undergraduate students and 14,000 graduate students. The number fluctuates from year to year, but those numbers are close enough.

On the other hand, the total number of students in America’s colleges runs about 20 million people.

So why are so many Harvard university students in positions of leadership in the United States of America?

The number of smart students outside Harvard University is much larger than the number of smart students within Harvard University.

Let me explain why.

If we take the top 1% of the 20 million students outside Harvard University, we arrive at a number of 200,000 students.

If we take 10% of the top 1% we arrive at a number of 20,000 students.

Do you get the drift here? Do I seriously have to spell this out?

There are more smart students outside Harvard than inside Harvard.

Why then does Harvard University have a disproportionate share of its graduates in leadership positions?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because Harvard University has gamed the system in their favor.

They have fixed the roulette wheel at the casino.

So why isn’t Harvard ashamed?

If I went to a school that had such a huge disproportionate share of graduates in leadership positions, I would be embarrassed.

I would be ashamed.

I would be ashamed because I would know that I got there not through my own merit but because the system is rigged in my favor.

So why isn’t Harvard ashamed?

Can Harvard be shamed?

Probably not.

Should Harvard be shamed?

I think so.

For practical reasons Harvard should be ashamed because it’s not a good idea to stack all your major institutions with graduates from a particular school.

The reason you do not want to stack your institutions with graduates from a particular school is because those graduates will think very similarly.

There is a fake diversity at Harvard.

Actually, there is no diversity at all.

Now, of course, Harvard claims to have diversity, but the diversity is false.

The diversity is false because where you come from in life matters little; what counts is the school you attended.

I don’t care if Harvard accepts an aborigine from the Brazilian rainforest; if that aborigine goes to Harvard, he or she will go through the Harvard meat grinder and come out as a Harvard burger.

In other words, he’s going to think the same way as every other Harvard graduate when it comes to the big issues. He is also going to toe the line when it comes to Harvard‘s misguided desire to dominate the world.

Spare me the bullshit.

This toeing of the line, plus the “club attitude” at Harvard is one of the reasons why our country is in such bad shape.

Harvard has cleverly weaseled its way into all our major institutions while propagandizing legions of idiots to follow their lead.

Because there is no diversity at Harvard University, its graduates aren’t up to the task when managing the United States of America.

This is why so many people are hurting.

That’s why we have so many problems in our country that have gone unattended for a long, long time.

The Harvard graduate feasts on pheasant and vichyssoise while the rest of America rots.

Of course, much of this is intentional.

Harvard desires Corporate America to dominate all areas of endeavor within the United States of America with themselves, the Harvard graduates, at the top of the heap.

Shouldn’t Harvard be embarrassed about that?

Shouldn’t Harvard feel shame?

Shouldn’t Harvard be shamed?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dog and Pony Show

There is no difference between Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer.

They are on the same team, and it’s not your team.

I don’t care what comes out of their mouth; they are not on your team.

I don’t care how pretty they talk; they are not on your team.

I don’t care if their media shills tell us how great they are; they are not on your team.

They are on the Harvard team. They are on the Ivy League team. They are on the elitist team.

They are both for foreign wars which makes their buddies a lot of money.

And they are both for an elitist oligarchy ruling over us in perpetuity.

The things that they fight over are minor issues such as transgender bathroom rights. On the big issues they are in total agreement. They use the social issues to divide us.

The social issues don’t even belong in the political realm. The social issues belong in the personal arena of battle.

Corporate America knows this and uses the social issues to divide us.

Neither of these Senators have done a damn thing for their respective constituents. What they have done is increase power for Corporate America.

They are on the same team, and it’s not your team.

As George Carlin said: It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

Years ago there was this show on CNN called Crossfire. Pat Buchanan would be on the right and Tom Braden would be on the left. Michael Kinsley would substitute for Tom Braden. Michael Kinsley was a Harvard graduate.

He was also a flaming liberal. He probably still is.

I also used to watch Michael Kinsley on William F. Buckley‘s Firing Line.

William F. Buckley was a conservative.

It seemed to me that Michael Kinsley was being mentored by William F. Buckley.

At the time I said to myself: What is this nonsense?

It occurred to be then that politics was just a giant dog and pony show.

William F. Buckley was a Yale graduate, and as I’ve said Michael Kinsley was a Harvard graduate.

What’s the matter here? Couldn’t Kinsley find a liberal to hang out with? Couldn’t Buckley find a conservative to mentor?

Why are they hanging out? Don’t they believe in what they say?

Why would Buckley help out a younger Kinsley?

That really bothered me.

It bothers me today.

Did Chuck Bednarik hang out with Frank Gifford?

Did Jesus Christ hang out with Caesar?

I doubt it.

If you fundamentally believe that someone’s vision is wrong, why would you help them out?

Michael Reagan, the presidents son, must’ve noticed the same thing.

Many years ago he did a YouTube video in which he held his arms up like an A-frame.

He said in so many words: My right arm is the Democratic Party, my left arm is the Republican Party. They prop each other up.

That’s the way it is.

It’s a giant dog and pony show with them against you.

Do you remember Bill Clinton palling around with George Herbert Walker Bush many years ago?

I thought those guys were enemies.

Some enemies they were.

We were taken for a ride.

We’re chumps.

At the end of the day Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer are going to be hanging out on Martha’s Vineyard drinking a Long Island.

What about you?

How does that Alpo taste?

Does it taste good?

Get used to it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Real Game of Thrones

Alexis Ohanian says that we are now living in a new world with regard to the stock market.

Alexis Ohanian is a founder of Reddit.

He is obviously pleased that his Redditors have made life miserable for the Wall Street elites.

So am I.

He thinks that this is the beginning of a revolution in Wall Street.

He is wrong.

The king never loses when you play the king’s game. This is only a temporary setback for the elites.

The elites will quickly figure out a solution to this problem. They have more money, and they have more political power. If they have to, they will kill their enemies – the Redditors.


Like Bill the Butcher, from Gangs of New York, they will festoon their bedchambers with the guts of Alexis Ohanian.

They will never forget this attack. They will destroy Reddit and then Alexis Ohanian.

Julian Assange thought he could beat them.

He didn’t.

Edward Snowden thought he could beat them.

He didn’t.

If Alexis Ohanian is to prevail, he must be vicious and complete. He must not compromise. He must launch an all out onslaught now.

The elites, the criminal cartel, will be vicious.

This is the way the elites work. They are the elites because they are willing to kill.

Our elites are vicious animals.

Unfortunately, this is the way humanity is.

There is no nobility to humanity.

And there never was.

Prior to World War I, the Germans were beating the pants off the British economically. To forestall that, the British declared war on Germany, and the rest is history. It was the British who provoked and instigated World War I. It will be no different with GameStop.

The elites will pull every dirty trick in the book to win.

Like the elitist British pigs who inhabited the City of London in the early 1900s, our elites don’t believe in honest competition.

If they have to, the elites will infiltrate massive amounts of cyber-people into the Redditor community In order to control them.

They will send in their natural leader types to lead the innocent Redditors astray.

They will use the CIA to disseminate disinformation.

They will use their massive computer programs, their quants, and the immoral motherfuckers at MIT to cheat the system.

No one’s going to take away their cash cow without a fight.

No one is going to fuck with their money.

No, there is a better and simpler way to beat Wall Street. Walk away from their rigged casino. That will freak them out. If everybody walked away from their con job, their stock market would plunge into the abyss.

This is how Christianity defeated the Roman empire.

What freaked the Romans out was this group of people that didn’t care about making a pile of money.

Unfortunately the Redditors do care about making money, and the elites will use that weakness to destroy them

That’s the way it works.

Ha ha, Alexis Ohanian, I chortle in your esophagus.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Diversity Scam

Why was Amanda Gorman chosen to speak at Joe Biden’s Inauguration? Why did Harvard place her there?

She was placed there by Harvard University in order to send a message; and the message is that Joe Biden is diverse in contrast to the Republicans who are not diverse.

Her presence is also a message to minorities that the Democratic Party is your party and that the Republican party is not your party.

But is the Biden Presidency diverse?

And is Amanda Gorman black?

For that matter, is Joe Biden white?

Think about that for a moment while I ask some other questions.

Is Mitt Romney white?

Is Donald Trump white?

Is Van Jones black?

How about Oprah Winfrey? Is she black?

The answer to all these questions is no.

These people have no color at all.

Now maybe they started out as black or white when they were young, but that’s not what they are now. All these people lost their native color when they ascended into the stratosphere of the rich and famous.

They also lost whatever religion they possessed in their earlier life.

All these people fly in the ether above us in Valhalla. They have no connection to us. They are immune to the pressures of daily life. They have no clue as to what is going on in regular people’s lives.

Additionally, they are owned by Corporate America, and Corporate America is owned and run by Harvard University.

Harvard University, as the top dog of the Ivy League, lies at the core of this rotten Corporate America.

Something happens to these people when they either attend an Ivy League school or when they sell their soul to the Ivy League.

They become corrupted.

Gradually they are indoctrinated into the halls of power. They are given perks. They may fly on Air Force One. They may be given a private tour of the White House, or perhaps an invitation to a state dinner.

Like Kanye West, they may even enjoy a personal sit-down with the President.

The money they make is beyond normal people’s comprehension.

Little by little their minds change.

They lose their color, their religion, and their soul.

Just look at Garth Brooks.

In time they come to worship the secular God, and in this country the archbishop of that secular God is Harvard University.

These rich and famous do what Harvard tells them to do, or else.

You either overtly play ball with Harvard’s game, or you falsely play the other side and lead people down fruitless pathways and blind alleys.

So when you see people who are ostensibly of different color in the Biden administration, what you are seeing is an illusion.

The same could be said for the Republicans and all who benefit off the national agenda, or who are attached to the Corporate Party which rules us.

These people are invisible ghosts who like a chameleon take on the color they require that day.

It’s a racket where they win and we lose.

Amanda Gorman is not black just as Mitt Romney is not white.

Amanda Gorman has no more connection with black people than Mitt Romney has with me as a white man.

I didn’t attend an Ivy League school; I’m not worth millions of dollars; and I’ve never received a newsletter from George Bush or Mitt Romney that says: Here’s what’s going down against people of color this week.

I am definitely not in the loop.

I have no connection whatsoever with white people in power. Likewise, minorities have no connection whatsoever to Kamala Harris or Amanda Gorman.

The people in the halls of power are all of the same non-color and non-religion. There is no diversity there at all. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they are of a class of people unlike us.

I call them Neo-Romans. Pagans they are who worship money and power.

Their goal is to create false divisions between regular people in order to distract us from the true scam that they are conducting against us.

They rape us; they rob us; they award themselves fantastic sums of money through foreign wars, banking scams, stock market scams and now healthcare scams.

Now, if perchance you might think that this is a good thing that these people don’t see each other as white or black, think again.

These people are not of the color blindness that MLK was referring to.

They see colors all right – our color be it white or black; and they see that color as a bad thing, which is why they punish us.

As colorless people they are the ultimate bigots.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Silicon God of Harvard

We have talked about Harvard being a danger to the citizens of the United States of America and the inhabitants and species of the world.

Now, let us talk about why Harvard is a danger.

Let us talk about why Harvard will destroy the world and us with it.

In a nutshell the people who control Harvard are under the delusion that the world can be perfected and that Harvard is the institution to accomplish this perfection.

Let’s tackle both points.

Number one, the world cannot be perfected.

We live in an imperfect world. The root of this imperfect world lies in our molecular structure.

We are carbon-based organisms, all of us.

Carbon, in contrast to silicon, is a weak element with respect to rigidity and reliability.

Silicon is the choice of the computer. Our computers are silicon based. They offer to we carbon-based organisms what we cannot achieve – speed and reliability.

Carbon cannot do this. Carbon is weak. Carbon is shifty.

Carbon bends.

Not silicon.

Silicon is unyielding and true. Silicon adds two and two and comes up with the same result every single time.

Not so carbon.

Carbon bends.

Carbon lies.

Carbon deceives.

Yes, we are shifty motherfuckers.

And we break down as we work. We cry, bleed and vomit.

We may even shit on the floor.

But in spite of all that, we generally do not break.

The flexibility that gives us the downside of unreliability also yields the upside of durability under stress.

While we bend under stress, we generally do not break.

Silicon is different.

Silicon must be protected from stress.

Silicon does not do well under stress.

Silicon is brittle.

Silicon breaks.

Silicon shatters.

Silicon lacks the flexibility to adjust to a changing world.

Because we live in an open universe, and not a chessboard, or a Go board, because we move through the heavens and experience new events and new magnetic fields, in order to survive we must have the flexibility to adjust.

Silicon does not possess this flexibility.

As we move closer to a world that is dominated by silicon, where computers dominate human life and prevent human life from adjusting to new circumstances, we lose a valuable tool that aids us in our survival.

Attempting to perfect the world thus leads to the destruction of the world.

Compounding the problem is that Harvard, our ruler, does not understand this. Harvard is enamored with and entrapped by its newfound toy the computer.

This is point number two.

Harvard loves silicon. Harvard has sex with silicon. Harvard worships silicon.

The purity of silicon has seduced Harvard, bewitched Harvard; and so Harvard has embraced this false, intolerant god and elevated it.

Silicon and what it represents, the perfection of the human race and the world we inhabit, is Harvard’s deity.

Silicon chips are pure. Silicon chips endure. Silicon chips produce nice clean computer screens with sharp graphics and clean surfaces, so unlike those imperfect carbon-based humans who are ugly, flawed and imperfect.

Silicon and its perfect children are the dream of the Fuhrer and the Third Reich, the cult that did not die in Germany but, in the manner of Count Dracula, transported and transmogrified itself like a bat to its new home at Harvard University.

Silicon is the root, basis and mother nourisher of the Harvard cult.

And Harvard is a cult.

This cult has become all powerful.

Harvard has now cemented its supremacy in all areas of endeavor and all institutions within the United States of America.

It now sees itself and its members as immortal and invulnerable. Social Darwinists they are, they now sit smugly on their silicon throne in Cambridge.

Like the poor leaders they are, they listen to no one outside their cult.

If you have ever spoken to a Harvard demigod, you know.

There is no convincing them.

They do not respond when mortals speak. They talk through them as if they did not exist or count.

This is one of their hallmarks.

If you speak too loudly, they will rid you of your existence before them.


Yet we carbon-based humans are part of this world too, and if we are not listened to, how can the Harvard demigod respond appropriately to our needs.

The Harvard demigod cannot.

Because we live closest to the environment which supports our existence, because we possess local knowledge which the Harvard demigod does not, the world can only deteriorate if our voices are not heard.

The world can only become more imperfect.

This increasing imperfection angers the Harvard demigod, who responds by ridding the world of those imperfect carbon-based humans who dare to speak out against him.

In turn the world slowly dies.

And thus the perfect world that the Harvard demigod envisions grows more distant from him.

There is no escaping this collapse.

We are going down by the head.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved