Helping Our Friends

What can we do to help our friends in Mexico?

What can we do to stem the drug violence that has ravaged this nation?

One Mexican President, Calderon, tried playing tough.

But he wasn’t tough enough.

Another, AMLO, the current President, is trying to play nice guy.

But he’s not nice enough.

His program of “hugs not bullets” is not working.

The hugs that he gives the people are not enough to dissuade them from entering the drug trade.

So, what can be done?

Given the continued leadership of our greedy, power hungry, unenlightened elite in the United States and Mexico, which does nothing to help the people in Mexico, but rather profits off the drug trade, probably nothing can be done.

These Ivy League educated imbeciles care only about themselves, their reflection in the mirror, and the amount of money in their bank accounts.

So nothing will be done.

But what should be done?

To solve this problem, carrots and sticks are required.

It’s not a matter of choosing one or the other. Both must be employed.

Citizens must be given a true stake in the game to dissuade them from entering the drug trade.

They must also be given a true disincentive from participating in this destructive area of endeavor.

The carrots are obvious. Real jobs with real living wages must be offered.

The sticks are not so readily agreed upon.

The penalty of death must be imposed for those individuals who traffic in narcotics.

Those concerted underminers of society who deal in drugs are waging war against the citizens of Mexico and the United States.

They are destabilizing Mexico.

There is no difference between these drug cartels and a foreign invading force.

The members of these drug cartels may not wear uniforms, but they are as dangerous as enemy soldiers who do.

These drug dealers must be identified and executed on site just as you do in a military campaign.

By dealing drugs, these cartel members forfeit their rights as citizens.

They enjoy no rights.

The towns and cities which give succor and support to the drug dealers are equal game.

There is no other way.

Just as cities in the American South were ravaged by Sherman during the great Civil War, so must these cities and towns receive a similar wrath.

War must always be taken to the people in order to defeat them.

There is no other way.


Archer Crosley

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