Ask Someone Who Knows

If you thought that all conservatives were for peace and prosperity you would be wrong.

As I write these words Mark Levin is haranguing his audience about the threat that China poses.

According to Levin, the world has been taken over by the Chinese.

In our schools also. Try not to laugh.

Naturally, of course, Levin wants us to start taking names and kicking ass.

He’s upset that China is peacefully making inroads with many Third World nations around the globe by building ports and railroads.

Well, of course, the Chinese are making inroads with these all nations. The Third World certainly wasn’t going to get a good deal from our leaders who believe in exploitation.

A sane person would look at China’s policy and say: “Hey, why don’t we do what they’re doing?”

Of course, you know you’ll never hear that from our leaders. After all, they are masters of the universe.

Our leaders, if past experience is a guide to the future, will engage in some sort of nastiness toward China.

War is a good bet.

Or maybe a strategically placed bio-weapon that kills 500 million people.

Either option is an even better bet now that Mark Levin and his friends are playing the China card.

They do have one point though.

Countries like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines are US allies with deep ties to the United States.

You might say these allies were won with blood.

Moreover, countries like Taiwan were never Chinese to begin with.

Historically thousands of years ago, the country of Taiwan was populated by aboriginal Austronesians.

There is virtually zero commonality between the land now known as Taiwan and mainland China other than the opponents of Mao who escaped mainland China to settle there.

While those settlers were once Chinese, now they are not.

Now they are Taiwanese.

The United States has an obligation to support them fully.

The question is how to do this.

Since our current crop of bozos in charge have not a clue how to engage the Chinese constructively, perhaps it might be wise to consult a President from yesteryear.

That is the purpose of this article.

What I would like to know is how John Kennedy would approach this sticky problem that we have here today with China.

It’s pretty much the same problem that JFK and his colleagues faced over seventy years ago.

The consensus of many conservatives including John Kennedy many decades ago was that United States did not fully support the nationalist Chinese under Chiang Kai Shek.

So is that a clue that should guide our future action?

What would John Kennedy say?

What would John Kennedy do in a nuclear age?

There are no easy answers here.

Taiwan is not just a trading partner.

Taiwan is a vital link in the chain of islands that hems in China and controls the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Sea of Japan.

If one chain in the link is broken, vital US interests in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines are threatened.

Can the United States walk away from our Pacific partners without drastic economic consequence?


Since the United States cannot walk away, and since the Chinese are insistent on changing the balance of power, the only way this can be resolved peacefully is through peaceful power sharing.

The Chinese must be convinced that it is in their best interest to have the United States remain in alliance with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The United States as a maritime nation will provide the safety, security and unfettered access to the seas that China requires. In return the United States and its allies will cease and desist from interfering in the internal affairs of the Chinese in the form of spying, sabotage, boycotts or trade embargos. Nor will the United States impede the flow of vital oil and minerals into China.

It’s a fair trade.

It’s a plan that JFK would consider.

John Kennedy was a realist before he was an anti-communist.

He understood that a nuclear age does not permit rash behavior.

He also understood that we all breathe the same air and inhabit the same planet.

He would strive for creative compromise.

It was easy for his opponents on Cuba – the Military, the CIA, the Chicken Hawks – to call for an invasion.

His opponents weren’t on the hot seat.

Now they are.

The leaders of this New World Order now find themselves in a sticky situation.

Everything looks easier when you’re sitting on the sidelines.

They don’t know what to do.

Maybe they should ask the man that they assassinated.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

UBI: Universal Basic Income

What about universal basic income? How do you feel about that?

You better start thinking because billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg are in favor of it, and you know what that means.

When you start seeing Harvard-educated cult-members like Zuckerberg come out for nutty ideas like universal basic income, you better run for the hills. You also better educate yourself as to what it is that they’re talking about.

Obviously I’m not in favor of it.

Universal basic income is a scam to take more of your hard earned money and give it away to people who will squander it.

Universal basic income cannot work.

On a certain level it’s already been tried.

Years ago experimenters created an ideal world for mice in which all their needs were satisfied.

It was called mouse utopia. You can read about it here.

In short, unfettered access to food and water led to overcrowding which then led to all sorts of social ills such as isolation, aggression, lack of socialization, cannibalism, and high infant mortality rates.

The ideal world of mouse utopia failed miserably. The mouse population began to die off.

Why is that?

Why would that happen because you wouldn’t think it would happen.

It happened because the need to contribute meaningfully to one’s own prosperity is as important to that individual, whether it be human being or mouse, as is oxygen and food.

In short, we need to work. We need to feel as if we are here for a purpose and that we are fulfilling that purpose.

Universal basic income defeats that.

It diminishes our incentive.

It makes us angry just as a diminishment of food and oxygen makes us angry.

In an ideal world the poor who receive a universal basic income will use the extra income for education or as a bank to start a small business.

In the real world the poor will use the extra income for Netflix, HBO, trips to Vegas and Disneyland, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and activities that benefit Corporate America.

Yes, while some of the poor will inevitably use the extra money for necessary items, the vast majority of the money will go right into the hands of the rich.

Man is not noble, nor has he ever been such.

The universal basic income when implemented will prove that.

It will force human beings into a state of massive and constant reproduction.

Why? Because man will place his energies into those areas which maximize his presence over space and time. If this cannot be attained in the workplace, it will be attained through reproduction.

The population growth will be massive creating overcrowding and a strain on resources.

Infant mortality rates will skyrocket.

In time, the society will transform itself into a teeming mass of abject misery and poverty.

What you see in the worst ghetto of the United States will be reality for all citizens of the United States.

UBI is another utopian idea best suited for the waist bin.

What will work is a decentralized, competitive economy with fewer national corporations.

A decentralized, competitive economy can provide more meaningful jobs at better pay with less hassle than the current emerging corporate model.

An overly centralized corporate economy cannot do this because the leaders are too far divorced from the workers. They don’t view the workers as people but as tools to maximize their profits.

Eventually they will replace those human beings with robots that employee artificial intelligence thus, mistakenly, necessitating UBI.

This will only exacerbate our social ills.

The proper role of artificial intelligence in business is not to replace human beings, but to augment human beings where necessary.

A small businessman who enjoys a close working relationship with his staff understands this.

A corporate CEO because he is far removed from the actual workers he employs does not understand this.

Universal Basic Income?

Run away from it as fast as you possibly can.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Something to See

Well, I think you should look at this.

I think it’s important for you to know that racism and discrimination doesn’t just exist in the south, although you wouldn’t know that by watching main stream media.

Mainstream media loves to promote the myth that everyone who lives in the south is Bull Connor and everyone who lives in the north is Robert Gould Shaw (Glory).

Of course, you know that’s true, but it’s always nice to have some proof.

Trident Mortgage operates in the Philadelphia area. Trident Mortgage was accused of red lining. Redlining means that you don’t give loans to poor people, particularly poor black people in neighborhoods that are somewhat rundown.

Trident Mortgage also happens to be a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, yes, that Berkshire Hathaway that is run by Warren Buffett and Charles Munger.

Here are some of the tidbits that mainstream media didn’t talk about.

Trident – Complaint 2021 11 05

Racist or Discriminatory Emails and Photos Exchanged by Trident’s Lending Staff

52. From at least 2016 through 2018, Trident loan officers sent and received emails via their Trident email accounts containing racial slurs and racist content, some of which indicated an intention to avoid lending in majority-minority neighborhoods.

53. In several instances, loan officers or other Trident employees referred to properties in majority-minority areas as being in the “ghetto.” For example:

  1. A Trident mortgage loan officer emailed a Trident online lead coordinator regarding a consumer seeking prequalification, stating: “This one is in the ghetto. pass [sic] it along to ian. HAHAHAHAHHA kidding.”
  2. A Trident mortgage loan officer sent an email discussing a comparable property that was used in an appraisal, stating: “This comps [sic] street is like a ghetto and he knows it and if he doesn’t that’s even worse.”
  3. A Trident senior loan officer emailed another loan officer, stating: “talked to [agent]…. He said to stay away from sears street, its [sic] upper ghetto blocked off bad area just a heads up.”

54. On another occasion, a Trident assistant loan officer received a racist email entitled “Being White, reminder” from a Fox & Roach employee. The Trident employee forwarded that email to several others. Among other things, the email stated:

  1. “Proud to be White;”
  2. “You call me ‘White boy’, ‘Cracker’, ‘Honkey’, ‘Whitey’, ‘Caveman’… And that’s OK… But when I call you Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sandnigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink… You call me a racist.”
  3. “You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.”
  4. “There is nothing improper about this email… But let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on. I sadly don’t think many will.”

55. On another occasion, a Fox & Roach real estate agent forwarded an email to a Trident loan officer, entitled: “YOU KNOW WHEN YOU’RE IN THE HOOD.” The Trident loan officer forwarded the message to several others. The email contained several racist images and racial slurs, including:

a. A picture of a wheelbarrow filled with watermelons with a sign on the wheelbarrow that said, “Apply for a Credit Card Free Watermelon.”
b. A picture purporting to show a liquor store sign with the message “SORRY— CLOSED A NIGGER ROBBED US… AGAIN.”

56. On another occasion, a Fox & Roach real estate agent forwarded an email to a Trident loan officer and a Trident assistant loan officer with a subject line, “Quick Hide Kit For Illegals.” The email contained a video entitled, “Wetback-Quick Hide.” The video depicted a man hiding himself in an expandable metal tube.

57. In 2019, Trident lending staff circulated a photo via email showing Trident’s Senior Vice President and General Sales Manager, whose responsibilities included hiring and overseeing loan officers, posing with others in front of a Confederate flag. Upon learning of this photo, Trident took no disciplinary action against this Senior Vice President or the lending employees who circulated the photo.

These excerpts come from the following court document:

Now, isn’t it only fair that Warren Buffett and Charles Munger be brought before the apology police given that everyone else who utters a slur has to walk the same gauntlet?

Of course, Warren Buffett and Charles Munger are Ivy League graduates and media darlings. That’s why main stream media doesn’t talk about it.

That’s precisely why I am posting it here.

Of course, racism in the north is no surprise to those of us who have lived in both north and the south. Those of us who have lived in both places also know full well that racism is far more virulent in the north. What you see here at Trident Mortgage is the real deal. This is the world I grew up in. This is what people in the north are indoctrinated to on a daily basis.

When I was a boy the word “digger” was used every day of the week. We grew up repeating rhymes like: “Eeny, meeny, minie, moe, catch a digger by the toe.”

My stepfather had so many names for black people, I was astounded.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Do the Right Thing

Try to be a good leader when you are in charge.

Certainly don’t be our current leaders.

Our current leaders are afraid of admitting a weakness.

A good leader must never be afraid of weaknesses.

Admitting your weakness is a strength.

A good example of leadership is John Kennedy.

During one press conference he was asked why the United States was behind the Soviets in the space race.

He didn’t run away from the issue and try to pretend that we weren’t behind.

He didn’t do what Joe Biden is doing now and try to deny that we are in a recession when we so obviously are.

No, John Kennedy admitted that we were behind, stated that it was frustrating, and vowed that we were going to work on the problem.

That’s what you want out of a leader.

You want a leader who is not afraid to admit that things aren’t going well.


Why do we want a leader who is not afraid to admit the truth when things aren’t going well?

Because admitting the truth spurs people to help you.

That’s what you want.

If you put up a false front and say, “Nope, there are no problems here,” then a lot of people will think that is so.

On the other hand, if you admit that you are deficient in a particular area, and that you need help, that spurs people to want to help you.

You want to energize people who may have the ability to help you.

Putting on a false front doesn’t help you, it hurts you.

Never be afraid to admit that you don’t know something, or that you’re behind in a particular area.

Always admit the truth.

The truth is always your friend.

Unfortunately, there are too many leaders who are into the perception game in life.

They try to put up a false front about their own success.

This is always a grave mistake.

Do what is right, not necessarily what makes you look good.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Versailles Must Be Destroyed

For the people of France to enjoy any sense of prosperity, the Palace at Versailles must be destroyed.

All of it.

Indeed, for Americans and people around the world to enjoy any sense of prosperity Versailles must be destroyed.

Versailles, of course, was built by the Sun Pig, Louis XIV.

The Sun Pig was a thug who cared not one wit about the people he called his subjects.

Many workers died for the Sun Pig’s arrogant dream.


One mother, who lost her son while working at Versailles, dared to denounce the king for what he was – a thug more focused on his own glory than the needs of the people.

The Sun Pig had her whipped.

You applaud this woman’s flagellation when you visit Versailles and admire the wealthy and splendor in the Hall of Mirrors.

In reality, when you visit Versailles you are whipping yourself.

The curation of this stolen wealth, this so-called heritage, is essential to the power of the modern state.

It is the fuel behind its tyranny.

Enormous effort and money has been expended to purchase and bottle up this wealth.

The wealth is your heritage that has been stolen from you.

This is true of Versailles; it is true elsewhere.

Who was the Sun Pig?

He was a thug with an army who ruthlessly robbed and pillaged his way to his position.

How many hundreds of thousands did he kill for his own glory?

Along the way he confiscated the wealth of peasants and bottled it up for himself.

The same can be said of our leaders here in the United States. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Harvard Pigs have performed the same task here in America. They steal your money and purchase items like the Gutenberg Bible which they sequester away for themselves in the Widener Library. At Yale, the Yale Pigs bottle up the wealth of the world and place it in the Beinecke library.

It’s not for you; it’s for the elites.

It exists to justify and sustain their power.

This bottling up of wealth not only exists for books but for photographs as well. The Ivy League pigs are busy buying up picture archives of your history that was made by you, that belongs to you. Of course, they will permit you to license a photo for a steep price. This immoral accumulation of perpetual ownership is codified and cemented into law by corrupt Ivy League poli-pigs and judicia-hogs.

It’s not alway easy to see why this accumulation and control of past wealth aids the elites in justifying their rule.

I mean, who cares who owns a bunch of old books, right?

Well, it’s as important as a leader owning and wearing a crown.

Controlling the legacy of the nation is important.

It’s akin to being tapped on the shoulder by the previous leader.

Every conquering civilization has gone to great lengths to acquire the symbols, Gods and traditions of the rulers preceding them.

Because you place value in this wealth, rulers do.

They control your mind with art, music, your God, your traditions.

At the Louvre in Paris sits the Mona Lisa. Millions of people line up each year to view it. Why? They line up because they have been programmed to believe that the Mona Lisa is the finest painting ever painted.

Oh, really? And why is that? Who decided that? It was decided by the curators and art historians who are controlled by the elites.

People have also been programmed to believe Leonardo da Vinci is a genius. Perhaps people believe that viewing a genius makes them a genius. But who decided that Leonardo was the ultimate genius? Why, it was the professors and art historians who owe their patronage to the elites.

Therefore, if I control the art that controls your mind, I control you.

Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if our leaders were good people, but they’re not.

Countless examples can be given to demonstrate that our leaders couldn’t care less about us. Yet, we cannot overthrow them. Why is that? Why can’t we overthrow leaders who fail to serve us?

My gosh, we can’t even get out of the box to start a revolution. So what is the problem here?

The problem is that our leaders, who own our legacy and our heritage, have taken the mantel from Leonardo da Vinci’s shoulders and placed it upon theirs.

“You see,” they proclaim, “we are the successors to Leonardo da Vinci. We are the geniuses in society.”

And the people buy it – lock, stock, and barrel.

Thus Versailles and the need of the elites to preserve it.

Versailles exists to keep you in a state of perpetual servitude.

Thus the need to destroy it.

Now some of you will say that, no, we must keep Versailles, that it is too beautiful, that is a reminder of our heritage, or that we must remind ourselves never to engage in building something so frivolous again.

Perhaps you think it is an appendix of sorts, something we need to keep around, for old times sake, to remind us of where we came from.

Well, it’s an awfully big appendix, and the appendix has a way of getting infected and threatening the life of the body.

I will argue that the downside of Versailles outweighs any beauty it might possess.

Versaille is not dead. It is still very much used by the power establishment to assert its control over the people.

Versailles wasn’t just built by Louis as a beautiful place to display art. No, Versailles was employed to control and indoctrinate the nobles who were a threat to Louis.

These days is used to indoctrinate you.

Hours upon hours of a noble’s time were wasted on learning and obeying the rules of ettiquette. The purpose of Versailles was to glorify Louis. Mundane events such as his rising in the morning, or his eating of daily meals were theatrical events that nobles were compelled to watch.

Today the government of France and the governments of the European Union use Versailles as a showcase of power to make important treaties.

Because you have been indoctrinated into that scheme of power through your visitation of Versailles, through your education about Versailles, you implicitly and subconsciously accede to the power of Versailles.

You have heard of the Treaty of Versailles which was a colossal disaster. You may not have heard of the Treaty of Amsterdam which will prove to be an equally colossal disaster.

Both these treaties were signed at Versailles.

A rotten seed cannot produce good fruit, and the seed of Versailles is rotten.

Versailles itself is rotten.

The palatial estate screams out arrogance and conceit.

Versailles is not just a pretty venue for photo opportunities.

It’s criminality, arrogance, paternalism, obliviousness, and cruelty seep out from the gleaming mirrors to invade and corrupt the human souls that reside there, and do business there.

In that respect Versailles is a malignancy lying in wait for the next King Louis to arise.

For true human liberty and prosperity to be achieved, Versailles must be destroyed.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Bond Market

It took me a lifetime, but I think I figured out the bond market.

I’m going to use the term bond as a generic term to describe all bonds whether they are long term or short term. Obviously short term bonds would be two year treasures. Long-term bonds would be ten year and thirty year treasuries.

I want you to think of the bond market as a bank, a safe place to put your money when you’re scared or when things aren’t working out correctly.

Or you can think of the bond market as the person you should’ve married but didn’t. You didn’t marry the bond market because you didn’t find her attractive. Instead, you went for the super-attractive gold-digging bitch.

And you got burned.

Maybe this has happened to you several times.

It happens because nobody gets an erection over the bond market.

The bond market is where you put your money when you’re on the ropes, or when you’re afraid.

That’s what the bond market is: a giant bank of money that lies in wait for when the bull market in stocks comes around again.

For the most part, the bond market is a pretty boring place. There’s not much action there.

What really moves the bond market is when the stock market is plunging and people are running in fear.

When that happens, investors pour their money into long-term treasuries as opposed to short-term treasuries. That is principally because, before the bear market begins, long-term treasuries pay better than short term treasuries.

When the bear market begins to arrive, when the specter of recession looms, when the Fed is raising interest rates, irrational fear sets in and investors flood out of the stock market.

As that happens, and as money flows into the bond market, there is greater demand for bonds. This raises the price for bonds and correspondingly lowers the yield of those bonds.

That’s okay because investors will happily accept a 1 to 2% return in the bond market rather than a major loss in the stock market.

While money is flowing in from the stock market, investors are also flooding out of short-term bonds into long-term bonds. They are doing so because long-term bonds in a pre-bear market still have a higher yield.

This has the effect, through greater demand, of raising the price of long term bonds and lowering the price of short term bonds.

This has a corresponding effect of lowering the yield of long-term bonds and raising the yield of short term bonds.

At some point the short-term bonds will give a greater yield then the long-term bonds.

This is called bond yield inversion.

Supposedly it signals a looming recession.

I will go you one further. The bond yield inversion is not a predictor, but a consequence of fear, inflation, recession, and all bad things that can happen.

In other words, the bond yield inversion is occurring because of fear.

The bond yield inversion is a barometer of fear.

This does not necessarily mean that things are going to get worse, but that things are likely to get worse.

Historically a bond yield inversion has portended a recession.

The point I want to make is that it’s not bond yield inversion that is causing the problem, but fear.

If the Fed recognizes fear as the root cause and acts accordingly, then a recession can be forestalled.

You forestall a recession by raising interest rates.

When the Fed raises interest rates, it tightens money, stems inflation, fleshes out the Ponzi schemers, and forces borrowers to think twice and cut once.

When the Fed raises interest rates, investors turn away from the cowboy atmosphere that is the stock market and move their money into safe investments.

These moves by the Fed, promote growth in the bond market and restore faith in the economy.

As I said before, think of the bond market as a big bank of safety, not glamorous, but secure.

Now, what happens if the Fed doesn’t raise interest rates?

If the Fed becomes scared and views rising interest rates as an enemy instead of the healing salve that it is, then the economy will only grow worse.

Fear will entrench itself, inflation will grow, consumer confidence will drop, purchasing will decrease, and even more money will flow out of the stock market. Stock market prices will drop precipitously thus causing panic.

Complete faith will be lost in the stock market. Fortunes and portfolios will be rubbed out overnight. It will become almost impossible for companies to raise funds through stock securities.

Very quickly the economy will grind to a snail’s pace.

A full-blown depression will ensue.

Of course, this is usually the consequence of years of profligate spending.

These are the wages of sin.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Sex, Drugs and Hollywood Celebrities

A recent discussion on Quora centered around Jack Nicholson and his wild parties on Mulholland Drive when he was a younger man.

Apparently at these parties there was sex and drugs to be found in every room of the house.

I remarked that Jack Nicholson and others in Hollywood were the straw that broke the camel’s back for many young people who were living on the edge.

I argued that he was a poor role model that helped transform America into the sex and drug crazed culture that it is.

How many of these people would have led productive lives instead of becoming drug addicts, I wondered.

Furthermore, I added, since it was at Jack Nicholson‘s house that Roman Polanski engaged in illegal activity with a minor, perhaps Jack Nicholson should’ve been charged as an accessory before the fact for creating an “anything goes” environment that might have contributed to such an act.

Another individual on Quora remarked that he was glad that Jack Nicholson was able to lead the life that he could, that it wasn’t Jack Nicholson‘s responsibility to be a role model for anyone.

I disagree.

It doesn’t matter whether Jack Nicholson wanted to be a role model or not; when you aspire to be a movie star, and then do become a movie star, you accept that responsibility as a role model whether you like it or not.

That’s part of the job.

You enjoy even greater responsibility in a day and age where our media has become more centralized and under the control of relatively few individuals.

And that is precisely what happened as our nation evolved in the past century.

The elites consolidated their death grip upon the media, and they set out with a vengeance to destroy the moral base of the people of the United States of America.

Morality, you see, which owes obedience to a higher power such as God, is an obstacle, to the imposition of ethics, a quasi-legal code, whose rules the elites will decide.

Thus the drive to eliminate the moral base of the nation.

This was accomplished though celebrity influencers.

The sexual revolution that occurred in the 1960s and subsequent decades in America was not an accident.

It was not homegrown.

It did not begin with the people and grow upwards.

It was the powers that be who control the Hollywood celebrities who engineered the sexual revolution.

The 1950s were very tame in America. That was to change in the 1960s.

This is when shows first began to express sexual innuendo. There was hardly an episode of Johnny Carson‘s Tonight Show that did not contain such titillating fare.

Johnny Carson was instrumental in mainstreaming people like Hugh Hefner. Recently in the past year, Hugh Hefner was reported by one of his lovers to have had sex with dogs – real dogs.

Big surprise.

Prior to the 1960s, sex was a verboten subject on television and in movies. You couldn’t even hint that a husband and wife shared one bed. The couple had to sleep in separate beds.

The 1960s ushered in an “anything goes” type of programming.

It’s not surprising that magazines like Playboy thrived. Playboy was the first. This was soon followed by magazines such as Penthouse and Hustler which were more over the top when it came to nudity and sexuality.

While this might seem to be an enlightened, healthy approach to sex, one could fairly argue that the sexual revolution ushered in a state of permissiveness that hurt many people living on the edge financially and spiritually speaking.

Some people went too far.

One cartoon that was featured regularly in Hustler magazine was entitled Chester the Molester.

Many people at the time thought it was funny.

I don’t see it that way. 

I see it as encouraging bad behavior amongst people living on the fringes. It gave them license to engage in immoral activity.

Magazines like Hustler helped give rise to the legitimizing of the pornography industry.

Prior to the 1960s, adult bookstores were kept quiet and not spoken about. They were there, but they weren’t there.

As the decades progressed into the next century, pornography became mainstreamed.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the United States who do not come from good families. Many of these families are financially hurting.

Financial stress upon the family produces divorce and separation. This in turn produces a lot of angry children who are looking to channel their anger. These young people are extremely susceptible to bad influences.

Young adolescents are undergoing tremendous psychosexual growth when they experience this familial stress.

If you throw pornography into the mix, that child will be affected by that pornography. That child’s mind will be altered.

You as an adult may form an opinion about pornography; in contrast, pornography forms an opinion within your child.

I will argue that much of the social ills that we have today with pedophilia have their roots in the sexual revolution being imposed upon young troubled adolescents as they were undergoing rapid psychosexual development.

Pornography twists the mind.

Not only does pornography twist the mind, illegal drugs have their effects as well.

I have personally seen how illegal drugs destroyed my step-brother Stevie, who was hurting immensely after his parent’s divorce.

I myself had my sexual development affected by the pornography that I was exposed to as a youth. The father of a friend of mine was a big collector of pornography. My friend and I would sneak in and view his sex magazines. As I grew a little older in my adolescence, another boy brought over what were called smokers – low grade pornographic films. Many of the boys gathered around to watch these.

The people in these smokers were not like the beautiful people you see in pornographic films you see today; the guys were usually super-hairy and not very attractive.

At any rate, I mean remember being somewhat frightened by these movies and images; and looking back on my life now and my ability to not get close to people – I’m an asexual – I feel my sexual development was affected by this pornography.

Like my step-brother, Stevie, I was suffering also. My father died when I was thirteen making my mind ripe for being adversely affected by poor forces of influence.

I didn’t suffer from drugs; my experience was different. As I say, I was an asexual.

The experience is different for many people.

If you view many mass murderers, you will often find, if you dig deep into their history, a broken home. I wouldn’t be surprised if many pedophiles came from a broken home. I have read that Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents went through an acrimonious divorce when he was young. Kevin Spacey’s brother states that Kevin was brutally molested by his father when he was young.

A culture of sex and drugs exploits those people who come from those broken homes.

This is the culture that people like Jack Nicholson, Hugh Hefner, Larry Flint, and Bob Guccioni were aiding and abetting.

The sexual revolution didn’t do any favors for young people who were exposed to it.

Free and open sex may seem like an enlightened idea for mature adults; it is not an enlightened idea for young children and troubled adolescents who are developing.

That is why I posed the question: How many young children living on the edge have had their lives destroyed by sex and drugs when they otherwise would have invested their time and energy into studying, working, and being a productive citizen?

A lot.


Archer Crosley

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The Pagan’s Shame

What is shameful about the United States of America is how far our country has drifted away from Christianity.

I’m talking about our leaders of course.

Everything about them speaks of Rome and paganism.

They clearly worship power and money.

They consider themselves the movers and shakers.

They display contempt for average Americans by not providing basic services for them in the manner that the people desire.

Americans deserve to have a healthcare system that is competitive, decentralized, customized, responsive, affordable, and available to all the citizens.

Our authorities couldn’t care less.

Instead our leaders cater to the wealthy elite who make vast sums of money off war and exploitation.

Our State Department and CIA are geared towards just those activities: war and exploitation.

Christianity does not believe in war. Christianity believes in peace.

Christianity does not believe in exploitation. Christianity believes in enabling others and doing onto others as we would have others doing to us.

Would Jesus believe in false flags?

Would Jesus believe in blowing up one or many of our ships and killing men in the process so as to blame it on the enemy?

Our leaders do.

Operation Northwoods was a idea that was proposed to John Kennedy by Admiral Lyman Leinmitzer back in the early 60s.

In essence, the United States would fake an attack on American citizens in Miami so as to blame it on Cuba. This would then be used as justification for attacking Cuba.

We were lucky that John Kennedy rejected that idea.

His rejection of that idea was just another straw on the camel’s back that led to his assassination.

While John Kennedy may have had qualms about engagement in such activity, Corporate America did not.

False flags are a big part of the modus operandi of our leaders these days. False flags have played a big part in getting Americans to go along with the shenanigans of our ruling class.

Gee, would Jesus believe in such a course of action?

Would Jesus believe in killing 2,000 people at Pearl Harbor in order to justify a larger war?

Perhaps history would have turned out different if FDR and Henry Stimson had been living there.

Would Jesus believe in killing 3,000 people at the World Trade Center in order to justify a mass invasion of the Middle East?

I guess his preaching on that very subject must’ve been buried in the gospels.

I certainly didn’t learn it.

Now, you either believe in Jesus as a philosopher and as a practical leader, or you do not.

Jesus was not only a philosopher, he was an economist, a self-help guru, and a sage for practical every day living.

Why should we walk away from that?

Our leaders currently believe that we have to be tough because the other guys are tough.

Are the other guys the tough guys?

I’m not sure about that. We seem to be the ones all over the world attacking everybody.

But let’s say that it is the case. Let’s say that it is the case where we are under threat from malicious malfeasors who wish to do us harm.

Where does it say that we have to engage in their activities in order to prevent them from hurting us?

Doesn’t evil generally defeat itself?

And have our actions of maliciousness been effective?

Have Americans benefited from the evil behavior of our leaders?

We can count the crises easily.

Savings and Loan scandal. bubble. Subprime mortgage crisis. COVID-19 shutdowns. Inflation crisis. Endless wars.

There are many more.

The important point is that everyone of these crises could’ve been prevented with good leadership.

We don’t have good leadership.

A good leader practices Christianity and looks after the citizenry, not himself, first.

Or so they think.

They don’t look after their citizens first because they are enchanted with their reflection in the mirror and their position as a billionaire whose name will be talked about for 10,000 years.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Helping Our Friends

What can we do to help our friends in Mexico?

What can we do to stem the drug violence that has ravaged this nation?

One Mexican President, Calderon, tried playing tough.

But he wasn’t tough enough.

Another, AMLO, the current President, is trying to play nice guy.

But he’s not nice enough.

His program of “hugs not bullets” is not working.

The hugs that he gives the people are not enough to dissuade them from entering the drug trade.

So, what can be done?

Given the continued leadership of our greedy, power hungry, unenlightened elite in the United States and Mexico, which does nothing to help the people in Mexico, but rather profits off the drug trade, probably nothing can be done.

These Ivy League educated imbeciles care only about themselves, their reflection in the mirror, and the amount of money in their bank accounts.

So nothing will be done.

But what should be done?

To solve this problem, carrots and sticks are required.

It’s not a matter of choosing one or the other. Both must be employed.

Citizens must be given a true stake in the game to dissuade them from entering the drug trade.

They must also be given a true disincentive from participating in this destructive area of endeavor.

The carrots are obvious. Real jobs with real living wages must be offered.

The sticks are not so readily agreed upon.

The penalty of death must be imposed for those individuals who traffic in narcotics.

Those concerted underminers of society who deal in drugs are waging war against the citizens of Mexico and the United States.

They are destabilizing Mexico.

There is no difference between these drug cartels and a foreign invading force.

The members of these drug cartels may not wear uniforms, but they are as dangerous as enemy soldiers who do.

These drug dealers must be identified and executed on site just as you do in a military campaign.

By dealing drugs, these cartel members forfeit their rights as citizens.

They enjoy no rights.

The towns and cities which give succor and support to the drug dealers are equal game.

There is no other way.

Just as cities in the American South were ravaged by Sherman during the great Civil War, so must these cities and towns receive a similar wrath.

War must always be taken to the people in order to defeat them.

There is no other way.


Archer Crosley

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Play the Long Game

Don’t be a day trader.

Don’t try to figure out the stock market.

You can’t figure it out.

The only rule that seems to hold true is that the stock market goes up overtime.

If you try to time out the stock market in the short run on any stock or commodity, you run a greater risk of losing.

Forget about options. That’s pure casino gambling.

Don’t try to base your estimate of the stock market on what happens in the news either.

If interest rates go up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the stock market will go down.

The market may decide that interest rates didn’t go up as much as they thought they would, which is good news to the market.

You can say the same for earnings.

If a company has bad earnings, you would expect the market to go down for that particular stock, however the market might say well, “We see the earnings as better than we thought they would be. We thought the earnings would be far worse. “

The market plays these games all the time.

For that reason, don’t pay attention to what the news says.

Don’t pay any attention to what the analysts say either.

Do your own research.

Look at the income statement and balance sheet yourself.

You should also be investing in stocks that you personally use.

Today, the New York Times was talking about a company called Albemarle which is a big lithium producer.

You would think that this would be a good buy because the stock is off its high to a good degree.

As I was looking at the stock today, I asked myself: What the hell do I know about lithium?

Do I purchase raw lithium?

Do I know anything about the customer service at Albemarle?

Am I a chemist?

Do I work in the energy sector?

Does raw lithium affect my core business?

The answer to all these questions is no. I’m a pediatrician.

For these reasons I have no context to believe in this company in bad times. I’m a babe in the woods.

For that reason I’m going to jettison Albemarle quicker than you say Joseph Priestly.

Now, Albemarle might be a good investment for Kent Masters, the CEO.

But not me.

I’m going to invest in companies I use, know and have confidence in.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to bet the ranch. I’ll place a sizable chunk but hold at least 1/2 my allotment back in case the stock goes lower.

And when the stock goes lower, I will buy with confidence.

I still won’t bet everything though.

I’ll bet only the allotment I can afford to lose.

The goal is to play for the long run: decades.

You want to be one of those guys who everybody talks about. You want to be one of those guys who buys a stock in the early days.

The goal is to not sell your stock just because it goes up 75% or 100%.

What you want to do is keep that stock for decades so that it splits once, twice, thrice.

Play for the long run.

Pick stocks that you think will be around for 50 to 75 years.

For that reason you have to keep an eye out for stocks that YOU consider blue chips that you like and that you see other people liking.

These stocks have to have a little sex appeal.

Investors like sexy stocks just like they do sexy people.

I don’t get an erection over Albemarle. I might on Apple Computer.

If I buy and hold 2000 shares at $10 ($20,000)and it travels to 2000 shares at $100 ($200,000) then splits 4:1 back to 8000 shares at $25 ($200,000), I’m not going to sell.

I’m not going to sell because I’m going to be very reluctant to put $200,000 back into the market. I will say to myself: Oh no, that’s too much.

But if I leave it in, I won’t be thinking that I’m investing $200,000 because I only put in $20,000 to begin with.

Do you see the difference?

If I leave that $200,000 in play, when that stock rises another four fold, I’ve got myself $800,000.

At that point, I still won’t take it out. I’ll leave it in and wait for another four fold rise for a cool 3.2 million.

That’s how you are going to get wealthy.

The reason why people don’t do this is because they feel obligated to take the money out when the stock makes a little bit of gain. And they don’t wanna put the money back because they think it’s too much money to put back.

Or they get bored. Or they see somebody making a pile of money somewhere else. So they take it out.

Be one of the smarter ones. Buy and hold, and forget all the sexy day trading that will get you nowhere.

In summary, with daytrading you will never be able to time the market. You will never be able to outfigure the market.

Be a winner, not a chump.


Archer Crosley

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