Starve the Virus

Elitism is a dangerous virus.

It is a virus more powerful than COVID-19, more deadly than Ebola, more contagious than smallpox.

These latter viruses only kill people and tribes.

Elitism kills entire civilizations.

Elitism is the far more powerful killer.

Not one problem can be solved in the United States, or in any other similarly afflicted nation, unless the virus of elitism is defeated.

Not one.

It was elitism itself that hijacked the governing machinery of the United States that redirected that governing machinery to institute policies that favored the elites financially, legally, governmentally.

Therefore any individual or private attempt to counteract the government’s corrupt policies will be met with an attack by that corrupted government.

The attempt will be shut down.

When the people ask why such a good idea is being put down, niceties, and legalisms will be employed. Perhaps, even the integrity of the Constitution will be nobly expressed.

The poor – in evermore massive numbers – whose minds are controlled by the wealthy elite – will go along.

A long enduring suffering will ensue.

The middle class, particularly the upper middle class will suffer in silence.

And bitterness.

While the people suffer, greater corruption leading to more misery will take place.

There is only one antidote to this great problem.

A reprogramming, and a reorientation of people’s minds, is in order.

We can begin with the elite schools.

Elite schools are not only schools of higher learning, they are schools of indoctrination into elite society.

As long as they are fed, bright, intelligent people, the elites will grow stronger. You will grow weaker and society’s problems will increase in size.

Is this because your child will necessarily become a bad person? Not at all. As young people, not in the know, they will be used by the older experienced elites to do even greater damage to our world.

You must unequivocally stop feeding these schools. You must encourage your intelligent child to not attend these schools.

We can talk and talk all day about how the elite schools do not represent the best and brightest, and wewill not get anywhere in solving the problem.

We can talk all day about there being more smart people outside the elite schools by sheer volume, and we will not get anywhere in solving the problem.

We can talk all day about how the elites have subtly programmed you your entire life into believing that elite schools are the best and brightest by cleverly implanting characters, supposed geniuses, in their movies, who hail from Harvard, or MIT (never a regular school), and we will not get anywhere in solving the problem.

We can talk all day about how the New York Times programs you into believing that the elite schools are the best and brightest by announcing the wedding plans and birth announcements of Harvard graduates, and we will not get anywhere in solving the problem.

We can talk all day about how our main stream media constantly regales us with the events of the Hasty Pudding Club in an effort to program you into believing that elite schools represent the best and brightest, and and we will not get anywhere in solving the problem.

Actions speak louder than words.

Of course, it’s important to talk about why elite schools don’t represent the best and the brightest.

We should mention that there are plenty of smart people who were brought up not to believe in elite schools. We can also relate that there are plenty of smart people who never cared about being number one or two in their class. Let’s not forget that many students in high school were too traumatized with social problems in their family to even begin to to do well in tests. And what about late bloomers?

So, it’s easy to say that the so-called supremacy of elite schools is illusory when we make the broad statement that they represent the best and the brightest.

Each and everyone of us have met roofers, bricklayers, plumbers, and plenty of other blue-collar people who were extremely intelligent.

And yet all these stories and experiences aren’t going to matter a bit if people persist in feeding these elite schools with their smart kids.

As long as elite schools are able to take intelligent people and indoctrinate them into their cult, we don’t have a chance at having a decent society that solves problems for regular people.

Elite schools yield elite results.

The elite schools are ultimately owned and financed by who else?


And at the heart of the elites, at its core, is the virus of elitism.

This isn’t your typical virus. Yes, it’s comprised of DNA and a protective shell to carry the DNA, but it’s not your typical physical DNA as we know it.

This DNA is an idea that is embedded deeply into the psyche of people as it has been there for thousands of years.

This DNA states that people endowed with a so-called superior intelligence, position of high social standing, or exceptional wealth are entitled to transcend humanity, rule humanity, and reap exorbitant rewards off humanity in perpetuity.

Starve this virus.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Why Stats Fail in Sports, and Why AI Will Fail Us

I should not even have to write this.

But I will.

Using stats to run a team in basketball or baseball does not work.

It does not work because players are not islands to themselves. Their individual stats are products of the players around them.

To give a quick example, Michael Jordan was a product of Scottie Pippin (and others). And visa versa.

If you take Michael Jordan out of that equation and place him somewhere else, the result will not be the same.

Teams particularly the Philadelphia 76ers think that you can manufacture a team by statistics.

They think you can take a James Harden from here, a Joel Embiid, from there a Tyrese Maxey from still over there and come up with a great team.

Well how did that work out for the past two years?

Not well.

Can you paint a masterpiece using paint by numbers?

Did Picasso paint that way?

Can you analyze all the great painters, look for commonalities and then derive the ideal painter and the manufacture him a la Frankenstein,

That’s what Dr. Frankenstein did. He assembled a monster out of parts.

He placed together parts from different people, and these parts had no organic connection to each other.

This is what the Philly Sixers have been doing for several years now.

And the results are in.

It doesn’t work.

What the Sixers have assembled is a collection of very good players who do not complement each other.

A good team fits together like Gleason and Carney, Abbott and Costello. You can separate them but the synergy goes far beyond their individual talents.

Statistics can’t account for this.

It can not because the very essence of statistics is to isolate items for study while removing other variables.

We want to know about Jordan. If we include Pippin, we are not knowing Jordan. We are knowing Jordan and Pippin.

The problem with that is that other teams aren’t hiring Jordan and Pippin; they just want Jordan.

But if a team did want Jordan and Pippin, they would then be isolated on just that combo.

They are still losing synergy between the Jordan-Pippin combo and the other members of the team.

And so it keeps going.


AI will fail.

AI will fail because inherently AI is based upon mathematical regularity, orderliness, linearity and of course algorithms.

The basis of this ultimately is the impregnated binary structure of the computer.

AI can not and will not take the intuitive loop to think outside what is provided to it.

Intuition is not based upon what is logical. Intuition is based upon what is not logical.

Any perceived dramatic insights achieved by AI will be rehashed options thought to be undiscovered but in reality cold meals from a time ago.

The bases of AI are algorithms and mass data.

Mass data if it is to only include statistical data is the other problem for reasons explained above.

The algorithm though is the main problem. It forces one into a stultifying and often labyrinthine maze of structured choices that force one to consider a before b, then b before c, rather than think about all at the same time.

Moreover, the algorithm forces you to choose one path or the other. But what if true intelligence chooses both pathways?

This maze of structured choices is overcome by raw computing speed, a feat humans do not ordinarily achieve.

That’s why we use computers. We set them up so that we can do things that we can’t do. But that doesn’t mean that computers can do everything better than us. One of the reasons we are so slow as human beings is because we do not use structured algorithms when we think. Our brains do not work as computers.

If our brains didn’t work as computers, we wouldn’t be able to have achieved the intuitive insights that have allowed us to progress.

Let’s look at Darwin’s theory of evolution. That seems like a logical starting place.

Could AI in any of it forms arrive at the theory of evolution? Would AI be able to churn out millions of conceptual models of life, test them out, then arrive at the correct one.

Looking at the problem, one would think: Sure! It seems logical.

Well, of course it seems logical. That’s because we already accept it.

But could it do it?

It can not because intuition requires a leap outside the logic of the day.

It requires that you bridge two events that currently have no recognized logical connection.

There is no logical connection between the arm of a man and the fin of a fish.

It is only Darwin’s – and now our theory – that unites the two.

Hence, AI will not add new insights, only an improved version of what we have now.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Target the Conservative

If you are a conservative, you should support Target’s, LGBQT promotion.

You shouldn’t walk away from it.

Here’s why?

Gay people are people also, and as such they deserve all the rights and privileges that you do.

Our Constitution guarantees it.

Protecting the Constitution is a conservative value.

Just as you would want to be included, gay people should be included also.

In everything.

Look, it’s not as if gay people make up 90% of the population.

At most LGBQT comprise 3 to 7% of the population.

And it’s not as if Target is turning the whole store into a gay propaganda campaign.

What’s the big deal in just walking by without saying anything.

The campaign is not going to be up there year-round.

Certainly, the majority of the population can tolerate a small percentage of the population having their day in the sun.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Knocking down displays and refusing to shop at Target because Target wants to recognize a small segment of the population that has been traditionally abused and beaten up is a sign of a smaller man.

The bigger man can accept dissent.

The bigger man can accept a few insults.

In addition to that, it goes against the American way to exclude people.

It goes against American way to not stick up for the little guy.

It goes against the American way to not respect the rights of everyone.

If this argument does not resonate with you, then I would ask you to think about the time in your life when you’ve been standing outside the fence looking in.

Think about the times when you’ve been excluded.

How did it feel?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Elite Schools

Why do elite schools not work?

Why do elite schools produce elite results which work against us?

Because we are emotional creatures first. We are intellectual creatures second.

This is the way that evolution has formed us.

You wouldn’t think that elite schools would work against us, would you?

You would think that elite schools would produce all sorts of great science and technology, which would ultimately benefit mankind.

But that has not been the case, has it?

One only has to look around to see the calamity that has resulted in the United States.

Runaway homelessness, nonstop,l immigration, abounding drug use, increased suicides, rising depression, pollution on demand, you name it.

Let’s not forget about the mass shootings on an almost daily basis now.

These events were not nearly in significance when I was a boy, when elite schools did not have a stranglehold on society.

So why is this occurring?

It is occurring because we are emotional creatures first.

The emotional side of us takes grip of the fact that we went to an elite school and then prosecutes the desire to be a living God upon the people.

Our leaders become Kim Jong-un.

The intellectual side of our being which understands that that when you help others, you help yourself falls by the wayside.

Noble arguments dissipate when elite schools are put in place.

When you take a young man or woman who is 17 years of age and send them to elite school and tell them that they are a master of the universe, they are going to believe it.

They are then going to prosecute that vision upon humanity.


The result is what you see today.

Taking down elites schools will not decrease the quality of life for the people in the United States.

On the other hand, taking down, the elite schools will increase the quality of life life.

Yes, technology may move at a slower pace.

It doesn’t matter.

The new technology that is invented today by the elites is used to dominate us,

It is used against us.

A lesser amount of technology combined with less domination will improve the quality of life for ourselves.

This can only occur if these elite schools are taken down.

To take down these elite schools, we need to dismantle the whole structure of elitism that is built into our educational system.

This includes getting rid of gifted and talented classes in high school school.

There is no good fruit in these programs.

They are the first pathways to destruction..

Take down these elite schools now.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Bitcoin, Max Keiser and the Future

Everything you hear Max Keiser say about Bitcoin is true. And yet …

MaxKeiser is wrong about Bitcoin.

How can rhat be?

Because Max Keiser did not take the device of Frank Giustra.

Because Max Keiser underestimates our elites.

In the famous debate between Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra, Frank Giustra tried to express to Michael Saylor a very important point.

Essentially what he said, was this: if you think the elites in this country, and the world, are going to let you come in with Bitcoin, and throw a wet blanket on their fiat currency party, you’ve got another thing coming.

And Frank Gjusta was right. And still is.

Our elites can stop Bitcoin its tracks, and they will stop Bitcoin in its tracks if they feel Bitcoin is a threat to their fiat currency.

If they have to, our elites will go around the world and destroy every single server.

If they have to, our elites will scorch the earth.

If they have to, our elites will blow up the world.

They will do it, and they will do it in spades.

They will do it because our elites are addicted to power.

They will sacrifice everyone and everything in order to retain that power.

They will not give it up.

They would rather sit in a blown up world, and have power than yield ounce of power in a world that was totally intact.

You can bet on it.

The most important mistake that regular people make is underestimating the ruthlessness of our elites.

They are totally ruthless.

They will do anything they have to do to retain that power.

And if Bitcoin should get in their way, they will destroy it.

Lock, stock and barrel

Take it to the bank and bet on it.

Now, it just so happens that it’s possible that our elites may invest in Bitcoin, and decide to keep it around.

But, if Bitcoin goes up, is because they want Bitcoin to go up,.

It will have nothing to do with hash rates and what regular people want.

Know this: the elites own the minds of the poor.

Therefore, the elites can perpetuate fear, uncertainty, and doubt, in the minds of the poor.

The elites have the power to suppress Bitcoin for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever into 100 quadrillion eternitys, and they will do it if they have to.

That’s where Max Keiser is wrong.

He has been making predictions that Bitcoin will go to 400,000, 500,000 and above.

Well, maybe it will,

But if it goes up, it will be because the elites want it to go up, it will have nothing to do with us.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Meet the Elites

There is always an elite group within an elite group.

And within that elite group, there is another elite group.

And within that elite group there is another elite group at the top.

Believe it, or not, the elites at the very top look down upon the elites at the bottom of the elite caste.

They view them as part-human and therefore tainted.

If the elites are divorced from the people, the elites within the elites within the elites are nowhere on the map.

You may have a few members of the lower caste of the elite group who strive to do the right thing, but their efforts will be thwarted by the elites at the very top.

No problems of importance to the common man will be solved as long as elitism is permitted to thrive.

The top crust of the elites think only of power and money in its naked form.

Any measure undertaken by the lower caste of elites, must in a hidden way make money for the top crust.

If there is a homeless program, it must make money for the elites.

If there is an immigration program, it must make money for the elites.

A few members of the lower caste of the elites may complain, but they will either not be listened to, or they will be marginalized.

These lower caste members will lose their first class ticket on the jet. You will never hear of them again on main stream media.

So, while there may be some good members of the elite caste, they are lower members of the caste – essentially clueless babes in the woods.

It’s a cult that requires years of indoctrination, no different than any other secret organization.

They are not going to just let anyone waltz into their inner circle.


So who are these people at the top?

Are they godless crazy individuals swarming within a wild bacchanalia of sex, orgy, and drugs?

Perhaps some members of the mid levels are mentally damaged, but it’s more likely that the top people are merely cold-calculating dismissive businessmen devoid of empathy and compassion addicted completely to money and power.

Whether they are real people or metaphysical manifestations of our collective greed is irrelevant.

The force is real.

It views itself as above humanity.

Humanity is an animal, no a tool, to be used for its pleasure – at its pleasure.

Where did it come from?

It’s always been there.

It has never been defeated.

It is a virus that infects the minds of men.

Moreover it is a virus that emanates from the minds of men.

As such, it can only be contained.

But with vigilance that will be enough.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Homeless Genocide?

Well, my dad told me when I was about 10 years old that the only purpose of a socialist government was to wage war.

Of course, he was talking about physical wars, but he should’ve mentioned that socialist governments also like to fight wars that are abstract as well.

And, he could’ve added t for good measure that socialist governments like to kill people.

The homeless are a perfect example.

Hey, the government has got a pretty good racket going with the homeless people, don’t they?

I mean, why take all these abandoned buildings downtown and make homeless shelters and institutions out of themwhen you can just leave homeless out on the street where they are sure to die quicker?

That’s what our governments do.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what kinds of things you need to do to fix homelessness.

You have abandoned buildings. You have a certain sector of the homeless population that is not on drugs and that is able to care for the people who can’t care for themselves. Those people need jobs. You certainly have drug addicts who are totally incapable of caring for themselves. And you have mentally unstable people who certainly need structured living.

So what’s the problem here?

Isn’t it a matter of just ponying up the bucks, converting some buildings to mental institutions and homeless shelters, and employing those homeless who can work?

Wouldn’t cleaning up the neighborhood be good for the other businesses that surround these homeless encampments?

It sounds like a good idea to me, so what’s the problem?

The problem is that the people who run our government at the top make and save a lot of money off the homeless.

As do their crony capitalist friends in real estate who make a fortune renting temporary houses and apartments to the homeless.

As do the social workers and other support staff in that part of the government geared to managing the homeless.

And … the best thing about it for the government is that these people die off quicker.

You just milk them for what little you can, and then you let them die off.

Of course they die sooner. They are living out in the elements. Plus, there are no doors to lock, thus the murder rates of the homeless far outpaces the average murder rate of regular citizens who live inside a house.


It’s genocide in disguise.

The government doesn’t have to worry about Social Security for these people.

The government doesn’t have to worry about healthcare costs rising out of control.

Fuck healthcare for these people.

Healthcare is expensive.

Why, it’s a bonanza for the government and the crony capitalists.

There’s no need to build any buildings. You just designate a huge section of the city as the homeless zone.

You don’t have to pick up any trash. You really don’t have to have any police response time.

It’s beautiful.

Why, it’s a beautiful arrangement for the government.

Let’s go for it!


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Inflation and Deflation

There is a simple way to understand inflation and deflation.

What causes inflation?

Less productive people, decreased immigration, unbridled confidence, lack of fear, increased printing of money, low interest rates

What causes deflation?

More productive people, increased immigration, lack of confidence, increased fear, decreased printing of money, increased interest rates

These are general rules.

Of course, you have to balance these factors against each other in determining whether we will have overall inflation and deflation.

The ratio used for determining inflation is eco-available money divided by evo-available people (and their stuff).

If you have a fixed money supply, and you tell everybody to go home and sit around in front of the television, you will get inflation.

If you have a fixed money supply, and you tell everyone to go out and work their ass off, you’ll get deflation.

If you create fear, people are less willing to part with their money. That in turn shrinks the eco-available money supply. You get deflation.

If you eliminate fear, people are more willing to part with their money. That in turn increases the eco-available money supply. You get inflation.

Obviously increasing the money supply is an inflationary move. Obviously decreasing the money supply is a deflationary move.

Interest rates affect the money supply. Increasing interest rates decreases the money supply. That is a deflationary move.

Decreasing interest rates. Increase the money supply. That is an inflationary move.

Once you understand all these factors, it makes sense why our government is doing what it’s doing.

Our government is worried about inflation. They’re worried about inflation because they created the inflation. They don’t want you to know that.

So they are trying to fix inflation by increasing interest rates, allowing immigrants to flood over the border, and increasing fear in society.

Now, of course, they have been doing the latter two for a long, long time. They are going to continue to do it. And they will do it not only because they want to deceive you, but because rampant immigration and fear helps them.

Rampant immigration keeps wages low, and it keeps you fearful. Fearful people are less likely to rebel. They are in a weakened state, or so the elites reason.


Some of these measures create compensatory forces which operate within the context of the original measure.

For example. Lack of fear and unbridled confidence (inflationary moves) causes an increases in productivity which is a deflationary move. In this case, the tail does not wag the dog. This should not mean that an increase in productivity completely corrects the initial inflationary measures.

The converse is true. Total fear, and total lack of confidence (deflationary measures) cause a decrease in productivity, which is an inflationary move. Again, in this case, the tail does not wag dog. This should not mean that a decrease in productivity corrects or over-corrects the initial deflationary measures.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Immigration Again

Are you bored yet of the immigration problem?

How many shows do they need to do about this immigration problem before you go out of your mind?

You know, the same issue is going on in United Kingdom, don’t you?

Oh yeah, they’ve been talking about that problem for a long time too -almost as long as we have been talking about our integration problem.

So what’s the deal?

The deal is that our real leaders – the money – want this immigration.

So to the leaders of the United Kingdom.

They want the immigration because immigration is a deflationary move, which helps keep inflation in check – an inflation our leaders created in the first place by printing money like crazy for the past 20 years..

Massive immigration also helps keep wages low.

Corporate, America loves low wages..

Furthermore, massive immigration creates chaos in society.

Our elites love chaos because it keeps you off guard.

Anything they I can do to weaken you, they like.

You can debate all that, but what you can’t debate is that our leaders and our elites are doing absolutely nothing about massive immigration.

They don’t want to solve the problem.

They don’t want to solve the problem here in the United States.

They don’t want to solve the problem in the United Kingdom.





Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Your New Manual

This is for Wharton School graduates.

This is your new manual.

Take the last two years of your education, go a little north, walk to the top of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, and throw it off.

I’m going to teach you what you need to succeed in the business world.

First and foremost is empathy. You have to be able to get into someone else’s shoes and understand them. You have to feel their plight in life. When you feel their plight in life, it will transform your life. You won’t be so concerned about your trivial problems and all the junk and bling that society programs us to believe in. When you have empathy for people, you develop a sense of noblesse oblige. You say to yourself: There, but for the Grace of of God go I.

Two: the purpose of a business is not to make money or to turn a profit. The purpose of a business is to add value to other people’s lives. When you add value, the money will take care of itself. If you focus on accumulation of money, first, you may not be adding value to peoples lives especially if you’re cutting employees’ pay so that you can be able to buy a jet, a yacht, a new mansion, or extra funds that you can dole out philanthropically.

Three: Honesty is the best policy. Why would you want to get ahead and win the game by lying? What does that say about you? By lying you make a bold statement that you can’t make it unless you lie. When you lie and cheat, all you gain is the perception of being a champion. Comeuppance is sure to come.

Four: Strive for long-term esteem, not short term glorification. In the long view of history, the best and brightest are those who add value, not the ones who focus their efforts on their PR machine. Newton, Einstein and Darwin live in history because they added value to society.

Five: Forget about market share as growth is the ideology of a cancer cell. Focus instead on making your product better. Stand over your product, stare at it, and ask yourself: What do I need to do to make my product better and more useful to my client? How do I make my product essential to them?

Six: Eschew awards, plumb board seats, plaudits, and titles. Let your reward be the success of the fruit of your labors. Awards mute your competitive drive. Awards tickle your fancy and lead you to think you are more important than you really are.

Seven: Avoid financial tricks. Less competent players in any sport try clever tricks to substitute for their lack of hard work. This can be seen best on a tennis court where lesser trained talent attempt fancy spins and high lobs. Cotton candy is no substitute for meat and potatoes.

Eight: It is inefficient for you to collect massive wealth on the backs of the middle class and poor only to distribute that later in life through philanthropic efforts to those very same people who you ripped off.

Nine. A person’s financial condition is an important part of their overall value to society. Adding value to clients’ lives for exorbitant fees ends up being counterproductive, and that decreases the value of your client. For example, a physician in charging tens of thousands of dollars for his patient’s care, can paradoxically end up decreasing the value of his client’s life. We have a social covenant with each other to not rip each other off.

Ten: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It’s okay to help out a competitor when they are in desperate straits. Yes, it’s true, some people will betray you and stab you in the back later. But many more will be appreciative and extend a helping hand to you when you are in need.

Eleven: Mathematics and statistics, being invented by man for man and his environment, must rest within the context of man’s frail, fallible, yet whimsically intuitive nature. Mathematics and statistics must never serve as a carapace to confine man or your enterprise lest creativity die.

Twelve: Tolerance. A good executive has to take a lot of guff from his or her employees without snapping their heads off. A good executive must also be tolerant of his or her own mistakes. You are going to make big mistakes in life that are solely your fault. You have to accept your fallible humanity, and absolutely relieve yourself of the concept that you are a living God, who can do no wrong.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved