It’s a Wonderful EU

The EU succeeded in its first true test during the Syrian refugee crisis.

The purpose of the EU is to make money for rich corporate elites.

By permitting and enabling the United States to foment the Syrian and Libyan crises in the first place, the EU ensured that plenty of poor refugees would be ready to storm the gates.

Sheer brilliance.

Then by standing down and enabling these poor refugees to enter the EU, under the guise of compassion, the EU ensured that any regular citizens who might object to the corporate tyranny of the EU would be preoccupied with fighting off these mobs.

Again, sheer brilliance.

Only a genius could engineer a flood of poor immigrants hungry and ready to take jobs away from the EU’s existing citizens.

Only a genius could engineer a flood of poor immigrants hungry and ready to reap benefits from existing social programs thus laying greater burden upon the existing working classes who pay for it all.

But, it is important to note, member nations have sovereignty.

So says Radoslaw Sikorski, resident EU genius.

Member nations, he says, can hold a referendum to leave the EU.

Isn’t that nice to know?

The EU is a good idea because you have the sovereign right to leave it.

All the EU asks in order for you to join is to relinquish your right to make your own deals in trading in product, service or human capital (migration).

You give that up to a clueless retard.

You give that up to a shameless elitist who feasts on pheasant in Brussels.

How special.

You give up everything.

And what you get in return are fewer jobs and more poor immigrants who, by the way, do not speak your language.

But, important to note, you have the sovereign right to leave it.

Which Britain chose to do.

But now, this bully from Brussels, Mr. Sikorski, defiantly asks, as if he has caught Brits flat-footed: I’d like to know what Britain is now going to do?

Aha, he asks, you don’t have a plan, do you?

Well, I’m an American, and I can think of one thing to do:

Rebuild the fishing industry.

Whoever heard of an island nation that wasn’t permitted to fish?

I suppose you have to attend a fancy school like Oxford to develop that idea.

But it’s not only the fishing industry that needs to be reformed but all industries.

Britain must do for the British what no one else will.

To give that power to a corporation who has little connection to the people who live there is dangerous.

Doubly dangerous is giving that control to bureaucrats, puppets of Corporate Europe, who have no skin in the game.

Ask the Irish who died by the millions in the mid 1800s as ships filled with grains exited their ports.

A merchant has no country.

Neither do the puppets in Brussels who do the merchant’s bidding.

But, Mr. Sikorski protests, Brits don’t understand how the EU works. If only Brits understood the process, then they would be content.


If only Brits understood that the European Commission generally follows the recommendations of the Council of the European Union, then all would be fine and dandy.

And how are these members of the Council of the European Union elected?

And just who is this European Commission? How are they elected?

Oh, I see, they aren’t elected. They come from the same political class – I so badly want to say trash – controlled by the corporate money that rules each nation.

Then, these unelected elites, develop a policy, no doubt favorable to large corporations, that is sent down to the European Parliament for approval.

Sorry, Rad, but appoint and approve is not the same as elect.

But let’s not distract ourselves from the important issue which is not whether these officials are elected or not. The important issue and critical flaw in the EU is that law flows from the top down, not the bottom up.

This stands in stark contrast to how law emanates in the United States – and GB – where theoretically we take advantage of local knowledge to construct our law.

So, in the EU, what you get is a trickle down effect.

The people get to choose between Alpo or Ken-L Ration.

That’s dog food in America.

Yes, Mr. Sikorski, I think the British people do understand this.

That’s why they voted to leave, which, as you say, is their sovereign right.

As Larry Grayson would say, “Shut that door!”

Now, here’s hoping the Brits don’t get cold feet.

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