Brett Kavanaugh: Unqualified

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

He is not qualified to be voted upon.

He will, of course, deny and continue too deny the allegations made against him.

He will do so because he knows there is most likely no way to prove the allegations made against him thirty-five years ago.

At least he thinks.

But there is one piece of evidence he can not escape which comes to us in two words: Renate Alumnius.

Renate refers to Renate Dolphin Schroeder an acquaintance of Judge Kavanaugh and several of his friends at Georgetown Prep.

Indeed, Judge Kavanaugh and several of his classmates presented that seemingly cryptic message beneath their yearbook pictures.

But the message is not cryptic at all, and it reveals volumes about the men who wrote it.

What these men, and Judge Kavanaugh, did was present to the community in perpetuity their regard for Renate Dolphin Schroeder.

And they did so when they were sober with plenty of time to think.

They openly denounced and humiliated her. They in essence called her a cheap slut, and they wanted the world to know that they had “done” her.

I suppose these men could explain that Renate tutored them in Spanish, but that explanation would be weak.

These men were clearly referring to sex.

Judge Kavanaugh had no sensitivity for the feelings of Renate Dolphin Schroeder.

With a clear mind, he damaged her reputation.

He had no sense that what he was doing was wrong.

He had no ability to forecast the ramifications of his decisions.

Now, of course, one might argue, he was young and stupid when he did this.

We have all done stupid things, perhaps not on this level; but for sure we’ve all done things we regret.

That said, we’re not applying to be on the Supreme Court.

What we expect of a Supreme Court Justice is a person who has a unique sensitivity to not just the law but the feelings of human beings.

A great judge must be smart, wise and also empathetic.

He must also have an uncommon innate ability to sense the ramifications of his choices, for his decisions affect people, people like Renate Dolphin Schroeder.

Judge Kavanaugh does not have these qualities.

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