Slow-Walking Brexit

If we look at Brexit today, we see that the situation is bogged down by the Irish Border. At least that is what the “leaders” want people to believe.

Jargon such as “backstop” is bandied about.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, states, “Nobody said Brexit would be easy.”

Actually, Madame Prime Minister, Brexit is quite easy when you want to do it.

You put your right foot first, then your left. The body will follow.

Of course, if you drag your feet while resorting to silly buzzwords like “backstop” you’ll be able to fool the people that real work is being done.

While you are dragging your feet you can say things like: “Good people are working very hard on this thorny issue.”

Yes, we in the United States have seen this trick this before. Say, do you leaders get together and share ideas?

Some years ago, when the talk in the United States was all about restraining the budget – none of that quaint talk anymore – some bozo in the United States Senate thought of the buzzword sequestration. If the Senators couldn’t agree what to cut, the Senate would go into “sequestration.”

What a howler that was.

Of course, nothing happened, but the public was fooled. There’s nothing like a good buzzword to make the public think that something real and substantive is going on.

The game, of course, is to delay, delay and delay.

Until what?

Until the British economy collapses?

The people voted to get out because the economy wasn’t working for them. That’s the true message of the referendum.

The Remainers don’t get that message. They don’t even push for an alternative arrangement with the EU. To them the EU was okay as it was. Of course it was when you live in the City of London.

That should show you how insensitive they are to the plight of the people.

To the Remainers, the message of the referendum was that they didn’t get out their vote. So they play games.

They push for another vote; they state that the Leavers are stupid and jingoistic (maybe so, but a vote is a vote). And when that doesn’t work, they create a bogeyman in the form of the Irish border.

Oh, my gosh, the Irish Border. What will we ever do?

I’ll tell you what you do.

You do what the people told you to do, Ms. May: Leave.

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