A New Nation

What can be done to fix Brexit?

It stands between a rock and a hard place.

Donald Tusk has spoken; he was quite intransigent.

His intransigence makes the case Nigel Farage has patiently tried to explain for years now – that Brussels is a tyrant.

Since there will be no compromise from the bullies in Brussels, Britain must choose between acquiescence or liberty. It’s never an easy choice.

Stay pat on fourteen or take a hit.

There are no guarantees in life.

Britain stands at a crossroads like no other.

Leave means leave. Leave means no security within the existing union.

It’s always a scary choice.

Now is not the time to be timid. What is required now is a bold stroke by a bold leader.

Ironically Brexit has forced open a sticking point in Brexit that could be used as a means to an end.

That sticking point, of course, is Northern Island which has always been a sore point between the British and Irish.

Rather than view it as an obstacle an enlightened leader could use it as a means to solve a problem.

Northern Ireland, of course, is Irish, not British, and should be part of Ireland. Yet an Ireland separate from Britain is, like Britain, too weak alone to withstand the tyranny of Brussels.

An open border or a closed border would only lead to conflict as one side would inevitably become more prosperous than the other.

In short Britain and Ireland need each other as they always have.

For better or worse, nature has chained them together at the hip.

What Britain and Ireland can do is forge a new nation with the five regional states of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland giving each a fair amount of substantive home rule – which is what they want.

The United Kingdom would cease to exist.

Northern Ireland would be its own boss within a greater union.

The British would thus leave Northern Ireland for good.

What the British would ask of the Irish is simply this: You join us in leaving the European Union.

We all jump together, or none of us jumps at all.

And why you may ask would the Irish join; the Irish economy is doing great, right?

Not as well as you might think.

The Irish economy works for the information and finance sectors. There are still many people left behind.

When Britain finally does leave the EU, the lot of the common man in Britain will boom. Human capital will move east and goods will flow west.

Britain will boom and Ireland will suffer.

The EU will demand a hard border between the two Irelands, but the Irish will know better that they are better off with Britain than standing alone, like Greece, at the mercy of Brussels.

What should we call this new nation?

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