The Pacific Dump

Who’s going to clean up that Sargasso Sea of trash that lies out there in the Pacific Ocean?

Well, how about the billionaires who created it?

People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Paul Allen, Steve Ballmer, Mark Cuban, Howard Schultz and many others were leaders of the Corporate America that created that trash.

Why shouldn’t we make them clean up their own mess?

We should, and we should do it at their expense meaning it should come out of their personal pockets.

The Federal government can set up an exchange program whereby their stocks and bonds are cashed in to pay for the clean up.

All of it.

And to make sure they don’t try to make that money back on future services, we’ll cap their wealth at what they now own minus what they pay for the cleanup.

The people of the world should not pay one thin dime, not one red cent to clean it up.

The only way to incentivize businessmen to be responsible is to light a fire under their asses.

We didn’t choose to use plastic soda bottles.

The billionaires who sit on the board of Coca Cola did.

We didn’t choose to use unnecessary hard shell plastic packaging so as to prevent theft while showcasing their product.

They did.

We didn’t choose to use plastic straws, cups, lids and stirrers at Starbucks and other coffee establishments.

They did.

We didn’t choose to dole out those totally unusable plastic ketchup, mustard and mayo packets by the billions at fast-food joints.  By the way, those things bother me most of all.  The majority of them seem to end up squished on a parking lot.

They did.

We didn’t choose to use plastic bags at the supermarkets when paper alternatives (with handles) were available and superior.

They did.

We didn’t choose to use Styrofoam packing when shipping computers and electronic items.

They did.

They did all this to maximize their profits.

They did it because they are sick fucks.

They are financial cancer cells; and being so, they arbitrarily chose to fuck the environment in order to put one more dime in their bank account.

Well, they can take those dimes out and clean up the mess they created.

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