How to Sell

If you want to be a great actor, you have to commit.

Commitment is the key to success. 

There can be no wavering if you want to make it to the top.

Wavering is tantamount to death.

People need to have faith in you.

Imagine if a chair was unsteady.  

Imagine if that chair teetered when you sat upon it.  

Why, you’d get another one.

For you to sit  in a chair you must accept its stability.  

You do this so often you forget that you make this assumption.

People must feel the same about you.

They have to accept you as stable.

They need to know that you’re the real thing, not a cheap imitation of someone else.

To achieve stability, you have to be believable.

To achieve believability, you must believe in yourself.

The best way to achieve that is to be yourself.

A great actor is quiet in his soul.

A great actor isn’t afraid of himself.

A great actor doesn’t try to be somebody else.

A great actor essentially plays himself playing someone else.

Mickey Rooney, the actor, said that he could teach anyone to be an actor by asking them to accept their individuality.

What he is asking you to do is not be afraid of yourself.

You have to accept yourself, the good, the bad and ugly.

Don’t be afraid of your defects.  

It is those defects that make you you.

It is those defects that give you a rounded three-dimensionality.

Now, some people aren’t going to like you.

Too bad

A great actor understands that he or she can not be all things to all people.

A great actor says, so what.

A great actor says, go see another play.

Let it be, baby.  

That is the key to selling.

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