Noble California

All hail,  noble California.

So noble.

So pure.

So good.

So socially responsible.

What’s that company motto that came out of our noble overlords in Palo Alto so many years ago?

Ah, that’s it.  Do no evil.

That’s a laugher.

Forget about their willingness to spy on us.  Forget about their willingness to work side by side with the government when the government wants to get us; let’s talk about Ghana.


Yes, Ghana.

Ghana is where the world sends its e-waste.  Lots of it.

E-waste sounds so much better than trash, right?

There is a dump in Ghana of unspeakable horror.

It’s name is Agbogbloshie.

It is a toxic waste dump where America and many other countries send their computer junk once used.

It is a toxic stew of heavy metals where children and pregnant women work and live.

Here, take a look.

How much money would it take for the socially responsible billionaires in Palo Alto to get these people some decent concrete housing and water drainage?

Come to think of it, shouldn’t the Palo Alto billionaires be compelled to pay out of their own pockets to clean up this mess they are responsible for creating.

They talk a good game here.

They lecture us constantly about global warming and pollution.

Shouldn’t they put their money where their mouth is?

I think so.

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