General Powell’s America

Many years ago General Colin Powell showed up on Meet the Press to endorse Barack Obama for President of the United States.

As I watched the program it did not bother me much that Powell endorsed Barack Obama. After all that was his right.

Plus, I, along with every other conservative, with the exception of John McCain, had expected as much.

General Powell was never a fully committed conservative.

No, what bothered me about General Powell’s performance was the gratuitous shot he took it Sarah Palin.

He stated that Sarah Palin was unequivocally unqualified to be the President of the United States should John McCain be elected and then die in office.

I must say that I was enraged because Sarah Palin clearly possessed more executive experience  than did Barack Obama.

Sorry, liberals, the argument that Barack Obama supervised his staff at his Senate office won’t wash.

There’s a big difference between running a Senate office and running a state. There’s a big difference between running a Senate office and running a city.

Sarah Palin clearly had superior executive experience to Barack Obama in doing both.

In later years, though, I changed my opinion. I realized that General Powell had been correct.

Barack Obama clearly had superior experience when it came to running the country –  the country that Colin Powell envisioned.

That’s the point.

Many of us do not envision nor desire the country that Colin Powell and his buddies on the Council of Foreign Relations are prosecuting.

We don’t see America as a busybody, running around the globe, slowly strangling our republic with sticky webs of foreign intrigue.

We don’t thirst for large law firms like Sullivan and Cromwell who craft complex international agreements that favor the already too rich.

We don’t  reap orgasms when large defense contractors boarded by the rich slaughter millions of “barbarians” in the Middle East for the sole purpose of boosting stock share value.

We don’t cheer as the Fed, which the elites control, prints trillions to give to themselves in order to confirm their misguided vision of themselves as a modern-day Beowulf.

We don’t see a President as a lackey, cardboard cut-out propped up by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Empire is their manifesto.

We do not share that vision.

That’s the problem.

We’re innocent saps.

We see America as a republic whose leader’s first responsibility is to look out for its citizens – all of them.

We share the vision of JFK who desired America to be an enabler of nations not a bully.

We see a decent America where healthy families thrive.

We don’t want a polished legal con man as President.

We don’t want a President who takes his marching orders from a cabal of so-called wise men.

We want a President who has the spine to be decent, moral and fair.

In that event, Sarah Palin was and is eminently qualified to be President.


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