Just yesterday a guy who was managing a Vape shop in Tucker, Georgia freaked out because a customer walked in with a Donald Trump MAGA hat.

The video has gone viral.

The manager can be seen screaming and cursing at the customer. He refers to Trump as a racist among other things.

How would he know?

Well, he just does. He heard it from the media. The media told him that Trump was a racist.

The media says a lot of shit. That doesn’t make it so.

But every day we are willing to subject ourselves to what the media wants to sell us.

We pick and choose what we want to believe. We could easily believe that Trump is a nice guy. We could easily believe that Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.  There are plenty of people who will state such.

So why do we believe what we want to believe?  And why do we swallow the bullshit that the media sells?

We do so because we’re lazy, and we don’t want to work to find out what the truth might be in any situation.

We want to be lied to.

In many respects we are like the smalltime criminals that Henry Hill refers to in the movie Goodfellas. He says to his wife, “Karen, they’re schnooks. They want to get caught.”

Well we are no better. We are schnooks too.

We want to be lied to. We want to believe fantasy bullshit.

Doing so makes our life easy.

By believing the bullshit, we can escape reality and enter a fantasy world where we have no responsibility whatsoever.

It fits in nicely with the passivity the New World Order desires.

We can wrap ourselves up within the cocoon of bullshit that the media wraps around us.

It’s comfy and warm.

Why take responsibility when you can live the easy life?

It’s so much easier to get fired off at someone and scream than it is to do your job.

Doing so however comes at a price as this manager of the vape shop will soon discover.

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