President Gavin Newsom

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Gavin Newsom, self-appointed President of the United States, stands at the border, personally handing out tickets of entry to immigrants from all over the world.

Train tracks enter from Mexico into California then turn east over the Sierra Nevadas to where they split into ten separate branches dumping out into various parts of the United States.

Jihadists, MS-13 gangsters and other baddies pour out of the trains as they arrive at their destination.

The President, Donald Trump, watches helplessly as “President Newsom” hands out tickets and goodie bags.

“Come on in,” President Newsom proclaims.  “California welcomes you.”

Behind “President Newsom”  we see the cities of California teeming in trash,  dirty drug needles and excrement-laden streets.  Homelessness abounds.  Wild gangs commit mayhem at will.

Standing next to President Newsom, peering over the high wall of their exclusive subdivision, are Rob Reiner, George Clooney, Bono, Joy Behar and Oprah Winfrey looking down upon us, talking down to us, telling us how jingoistic and racist we are.  Behind George Clooney is his personal jet upon which is written,” I live in Italy.”

John Roberts is there also, admiring the set of his newly purchased powdered French wig in his personal vanity mirror. “I am the muscular judge,” he speaks aloud in Shakespearean tones.  “Our founding fathers never intended for us to defend what we built.  Ah, the nobility of it all.  I shall invoke the Commerce Clause to destroy this fair land on this St. Crispin day.”

Brett Kavanaugh drinks a beer while scoping out the hot babes streaming across the border.

The deity himself, Barack Obama, admonishes the masses:  “Y-ya know folks, y-y-you didn’t build that, and y-y-you don’t like people who look like us.”

Ah, but we did build it, and no, it’s not your looks; it’s your elitist behavior and willingness to sell hardworking, law-abiding people down the river because you and your globalist buddies are too lazy to not fight wars and instead arrive at a peaceful society that works for all.  You, Señor Deity, and your newfound brother, George Bush, fucked the people of Central America via the CAFTA agreement which is why they are here at our border.  You and your friends made life miserable for these Central Americans by allowing US corporations to exploit them and pollute the environment which is why gangs are so prevalent there – and now here.  Duh.

Ocasio-Cortez ponders over her multiplication tables.  “Three times four equals fourteen? Damn, math is hard.”

Corporate CEOS, fresh back from inspecting their sweatshops in Indonesia, loan support to “President” Newsom.  They’d prefer to not travel to visit their sweatshops.  Better they exist in America.

Google executives, dressed as the Dalai Lama, to sanctify themselves after having closed down YouTube channels they don’t agree with, calmly project their creed of ‘Do No Evil” by humming, “Ohmmmmmmmm.”

Trump –  lying flat on his back, dressed only in a girdle and an orange wig – looks back at his supporters.

“I will be your voice,” he states meekly.

Trump’s followers, after watching with amazement, walk back into their houses to get their guns.

Welcome to the New World Order courtesy of our enlightened friends in California.


Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved.




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