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Steve King is heralded as a bigot by the media.

They want you to pick up your Frankenstein torch and storm the castle.

Forget about your own bigotry.

Representative King, from Iowa, has made and continues to make remarks favoring white supremacy.  And he favors candidates who are considered “right wingers” by the left.

You as a passive viewer are expected to ask no questions and become enraged.

You are to destroy Steve King in your mind.

This kind of nonsense goes on all over the world, even in China.

This is precisely the silly game the elites want you to play, and the best way to respond is to accept yourself as an individual accountable to no one but your self.

Refuse to identify yourself as white, black or any other color including polka dot.

Accept people as individuals and reframe the media’s pet “racial” issues as disputes between individuals.

Steve King says the things he does because he himself has been suckered into playing this game.

He sees Christian values under attack by Hollywood and the left, and rather than making a simple defense of those issues, he gets roped into a “us versus them” yell-match.

Perhaps he sees people of color as the enemy.  Or maybe he thinks it’s the Jews who are root off all evil.  I don’t know what is in his mind.  I don’t think he knows what’s in his mind.

I think he is angry and confused, like so many people, about the deterioration of America from what he feels was once a decent nation.

He is not alone in his frustration.

Many, many people who are baby boomers are dismayed about America’s descent.   They are struggling for answers.

Never mind that the decency was a delusion when you factor in the CIA’s nastiness that was hidden from the average American.

Delusions are real forces; and people want real answers to their real delusions.

The easy answer is to blame it on a group of people.

Aha, that’s it.  Things were great until we let you people in.

But that is a false pathway.

The world is not divided into White versus Black, Jew versus Arab, or any type of silly conflict that our media presents.

The media loves a sporting match, don’t you know?

That’s why they promote it.

Sport makes them money.

Unfortunately, the world does not come this pure.

The world is not divided up in the way the media promotes.

The world is divided into good and evil – those who treat people well, and those who treat people poorly.

There is good and bad in every group of people.

Victor E. Frankl, a Holocaust survivor, noted as much in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning.

His experience taught him that in his concentration camp there were bad Jews and good Germans.

Does that upset you?

It’s the truth.


Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved





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