Jack and Lee 2

I liked Jack Ruby.  I really did.

He was a funny guy, not because he tried to be funny, but because he was – just by being himself.

Jack was passionate too.

I love passion in people.

When you see passion in people it’s because there’s a hurting person in there.

People are fragile.  

We adults are really just large kids who have learned a few social tricks.

We may be big, but we are still fragile.

Inside Jack was a hurt little boy.

He’d had a tough life in Chicago.

It toughened him up, but beyond the exterior, he was really a kid at heart.

He definitely had his soft spots.

He loved dogs; he couldn’t stand to see animals mistreated.

Human beings on the other hand were a different animal to Jack.

If they had to be thrown down the stairs, well, it had to be done.

So, yes, Jack could be tough on humans, but he could be kind also.

And loyal.

Jack was loyal to people.  

Even though he didn’t have the best mother, Jack was very loyal to his mom and dad.

After his dad died Jack wanted to recite memorial services at the Synagogue.

This is a tradition in the Jewish faith where one goes to Temple to pray for the dead.

Not all Jews do this today.

Jack wanted to, and he did.

It’s an undertaking.

Twice a day for eleven months Jack recited the prescribed prayers.

Everybody always wants to see the bad side in people.  

I like to look at their strengths.

I do that because I use these strengths to get what I want.

I knew Jack, and I knew right away that I could use him when I needed him.

He was a good soul.




Copyright 2019  Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved.

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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