Jack and Lee 4

Ruby RouteEvery step of the way in this caper has to be thought out and questioned assiduously.

I have to think ten ways at once.

It’s a giant Sudoku puzzle, baby.

What are the ramifications of each decision?

Assiduously. Assidus.  Asidere.  Ad-sidere.

Ad means next to.  Sidere means to sit.

Assiduously means to sit next to.

I need to know what words meant to the ancients who invented our words.

Knowing what they thought gets me closer to the truth. It makes me better at my job.

I become more assiduous when I sit closer to my work.

In the case of Jack Ruby, I needed to think out how I was going to signal him so that he could get there in time.

I could put him down at the Western Union office only 300 feet from the Dallas Police Department, but how do I choreograph the event?

Do I hang out near Captain Fritz’s office and telephone Jack just before the move?  Do I wait in the police garage and wait until the word comes down that Lee is to be moved?  If I wait near Captain Fritz’s office until the move, I have to get down to the side door by the alley to let Jack in.   Will I have the time?

Should I use an assistant?  No, that’s one more variable in the equation – one more person that can talk.

How about magic?

What would Harry do?  Harry Houdini, of course.

Suppose I position Jack near the green car well before Lee arrives, clear the vehicle, then go to the Western Union office posing as Jack?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

It’s no wonder I don’t have a life.



Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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