Jack and Lee 9

I am an organized man, but I am also a brooding and lonely man.

I love humanity, and I hate humanity.

I am normal, and yet I am not normal.

I can fit in, and yet I cannot fit in.

There are two people living with in me – a product of a disrupted childhood.

Today I am depressed, very depressed.

I wanted great things for my life, fabulous things.

Time is running out for me.

The years are flying away.

I’ve struggled for peace and serenity.

I see others with money and love.  I have only my work.

Had I not two people  coexisting inside me I might have killed myself.

Oh, it’s easy to get out of a bad mood.

I just count my blessings.

I begin with the simple things – the easy chores of the day.

If I awaken in the morning without falling, that’s one positive.

If I brush my teeth and do a good job, that’s two positives.

If I make myself breakfast, that’s three positives.

It works every time.

I forget about my solitude.  My spirit freshens.

I’m ready for a new day at the office.

A killer needs his spirit right.



Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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