Jack and Lee 10

You see, my bosses didn’t like John Kennedy’s vision.

I’m sure there was a little jealousy of JFK – after all he was good looking and they were not – but primarily it was a business decision.

They just didn’t like his vision.

And after the Cuban missile crisis, and JFK’s “No Invasion” policy of Cuba, that was the final straw.  His goose was cooked.

Oh sure, I had been given my mission well before hand.

It was a contingency sort of deal.  Just in case.  We couldn’t predict the future.

I began recruiting Lee back in 1962 shortly after the Bay of Pigs.

I sat around for a few months thinking how I should do this.  I had to visit Dallas first, though, to get the lay of the land.

Preparation is everything.

I beat you all of you to Dealey Plaza.  Ha ha.

I was the first.

I love being first.

It’s always been part of my persona.

I have to win.

I don’t always win, but I have to win.

As a kid, if me and my friends were walking somewhere, let’s say to a store, I had to suddenly jump out ahead and touch the building first – like a sneak attack.

I just have to win.

Now, in an honest game like a sporting event where it’s dependent upon talent I couldn’t always win, and that’s because I wasn’t talented in sports.

I still wanted to win, though, and I was a vicious competitor.

I must admit I was a very poor sport when I lost.

I hate to lose, but I had to learn to accept that others were more talented.

I had to learn to not take it to heart. Losing did not make me a loser.

I had to commit myself to preparation.  

I knew that I could not win on talent. I also knew that my minimal brain dysfunction was a hindrance. I therefore needed to double-prepare. What would take others five hours would take me ten. What would take others two days would take me four.

So when I was given the mission,  I went to Dallas to prepare.

I could have selected other cities, sure.  And I did think extensively about that.

I always think to exhaustion.

So why Dallas?




Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction based upon real events.


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